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Mark UPDATE: Notes On Obama’s Activities


April 5, 2009

The ‘exact’ transcripts are not available. They did play the first one on CNN at 11AM today. Obama gave a long speech in Prague on nuclear stockpile reductions by all holders of these and detailed the importance of this and non-proliferation of those weapons to all the nations on the planet.

Near the end of his comments he threw in a couple of subtle sentences in which he posed a question to his ‘audience’ to consider that there ‘might be others out there who would like to assist us’ and then suggested that they would probably be reluctant to directly contact us to offer their help because we treat all beyond our planet as hostile by pointing all our weapons at them. So maybe we should reconsider our policies about strangers and be more open to consider how all might benefit from possible exchanges of perspectives.

We went to CNN around 12Noon and they had ‘snipped’ those comments from the speech archives.

Today, there was a closed emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the North Korean Rocket launch which successfully achieved lift-off and second stage ignition but which then overflew Northern Japanese territory and dropped into the Pacific Ocean.\

No one launched against the missile although it was tracked by US Warships equipped with Aegis radar systems.

During the closed door session two surprises occurred. First of all a new(to us) technology of ‘2 way holographic projection’ allowed Barack Obama to remain in Europe and still ‘attend’ and interact. That shocked the members who planned to craft a ‘hawk’ response to the North Korean launch, etc while Obama was out of the country…to further the right wing’s wishes.

Obama’s ‘presence’ short circuited that.

Secondly, St Germain appeared and addressed the whole assembly and severely castigated them, for first: Denying Kim an invitation to the G20 meetings. SG pointed out that this desperately poor and small nation was starving and isolated due to our bullying actions and rhetoric and should immediately be given needed help to feed the starving people; receive needed medicines and relief and NO longer excluded from deliberations that impact it’s peoples. He was doing the only thing he had power to do to express his anger.

St Germain made it very clear that he expects to see an immediate end to this behavior by all concerned/involved.

We received this report directly from the King of Swords. He then said: “Don’t expect to EVER see this made public as these ones’ egos couldn’t handle it.

He also said that all were ‘white-faced’/pale after SG’s blast…including Obama.

A new mindset is now being placed squarely in front of all present and they were told: I expect you to do ALL that it takes to implement these changes forthwith.

So Palm Sunday had some surprises and Easter week now commences.


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  1. Faction4 says:

    I couldn’t find the sentences in Obama’s speech. Watched and listenen to all uncut material from his speech in Prague. He did not mention ET’s!

    Explain it to us, Mark…

    Read Alfred Webre’s new article on this subject: Videotape evidence confirms that Barack Obama does not refer to extraterrestrials or UFOs in Prague.

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