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Mark: UPDATE and on Messages from Matthew…


“Many civilizations’ evolutionary journey from third to fourth density spans thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of your calendar years. Earth’s starting point was only 70 years ago, and the myriad changes since then that are propelling her into fourth[& 5th] density will be completed by the end of your year [MarkH: 2009–] 2012. With everything in acceleration, which includes your sense of “time” passing faster and faster, you are almost there!  Earth’s ascension has been at a uniquely phenomenal speed, without precedence in this universe!”

“In offering hope, optimism and encouragement, we have assured you that there will be no nuclear war or drastic changes in Earth’s land and sea masses; and during the transitional period leading to 2012, there will be an end worldwide to all that is harmful, from environmental destruction to vaccines, low-frequency wavelengths, unjust laws and all other kinds of pernicious controls.”

[Matthew’s Message, 4/10/09 (brackets added by MarkH)]

Let’s review some of the most important events of the last two weeks.

Barack Obama signed Executive Orders rescinding Bush Administration Orders going back 8 years. One of the most significant results is that evidence previously protected from scrutiny now can come forward.

In addition, Obama rescinded coverups of galactic presence and, through Leon Paneta and Dr Stephen Bassett, feverishly are working out exactly what can be said now and shortly to the public about GF presence and involvement in our affairs.

He also–in cooperation with St Germain, Lady Master Nada, King of Swords, Ashtar Command–is shuffling 2-3 hats–as these final moments of Matrix illusion are lifted.

KOS has asked us to tell you all about the Committee of 300. We did that. You now know that these are the ones controlling everything on this planet…until 2 weeks ago…when President Obama began his European & G20 engagements.

Mother Sekhmet whispered into KOS’ ear that she had delivered the final ultimatum to the 13 Illuminati families/Committee of 300 members just before the G20 meetings. As the G20’s positions became known, the line was crossed, and they were all removed…and replaced with holograms. So the meeting of the G20 began with a ‘Royal hologram engagement.’ Can you wrap your arms or minds around that?

As Obama moved around solid holograms appeared behind or in front of him among the leaders. He even made some subtle remarks in Prague about reconsidering our closed mindedness to strangers in our galaxy. Several independent sources have stepped forward–sans recordings–and verified that he did in fact make those remarks in Prague.

Nonetheless, that posting has continued to raise hackles and is not done yet. While he was in Turkey 8 more attempts on his life were made…one in person…and handled by KOS.

As the President returned to this country, we received information from the King of Swords to the effect that not only is the Committee of 300 now a solid holographic production, but that many of their minions are too. To understand the significance of THAT, we remind you that Patrick Fitzgerald had 75,000 indictments ready to serve…a couple of weeks ago…and that number is undoubtedly continuing to increase.

The latest suggestion is that many, if not all, of those are now expressing in the same format as the 300. I hope you catch my drift?

Today is Good Friday 4/10 and Sunday is Easter 4/12, at which time–per Kuthumi’s message of today–we will undergo our final 13th Chakra initiation and beginning activation.

When Mother Sekhmet stated that we are moving at Light Speed and beyond, she wasn’t just whistling Dixie.

Keeping the above in mind as you look at Congressional or Administration deliberations or actions on various matters, remember that most of those proposing and ‘disposing’ are already physical holograms. So you perhaps can see how Obama can be so certain of his direction. He knows all this! And so does Michelle.

In the twinkling of an eye–when the public arrests of 9/11 War Criminals are aired and made–it will be a form of closure for the general public. The War Crimes trials in the Hague will indeed take over those responsibilities, as these ones are both International and Intergalactic Criminals and not solely U.S. Criminals.

Obama knows that Lady Master Nada is in overall charge of both our country and the World Court, as well as representing the Solar Tribunal and being our NESARA Paymaster who will announce that on TV…as soon as the word is given to put the Whistleblowers on TV, and make the formal arrests.

Millions of negative reptilians have been removed from this planet over the last 9 years. With these current ‘substitutions’ numbering up to around 100,000, the Cabal is truly decapitated.

What you are watching on TV and elsewhere are ‘Computer Generated Images’ (CGIs). They talk, look, and have all the memories of the originals, without the soul essence/spiritual consciousness.

No Dates; No Nukes; No Catastrophic Earth Changes; No Stasis; No moving to the Inner Earth; and, No Three Days of Darkness will occur. All viable timelines are being merged into this one…out to 175 Million years in the future. All non-viable ones are being erased and the essence from those will become available to all of us for co-creative use as we upshift to 5D fully-conscious awareness and abilities.

I was guided to say, earlier today, that as we continue these changes of the next 48 hours, the air will be so charged that you could “cut it with an Electric Blue-White chain-saw”. I believe that refers to AA Michael/Excaliber’s role in the current activities.

As soon as I send this update I will be sending out Jan Chapman’s Transcript of Mother Sekhmet’s comments from last night. You might want to read that and refer back to the above for cross-referencing. As the arrests are made, KOS will be able to finally tell everyone that the Ashtar Command has been a part of our forces for a long time and our success has therefore been assured.

We have NEVER been where we are in this moment. Do not look back and do not look forward. Each breath, thought, feeling or action is potent beyond anything we have ever experienced in 3D on this planet. Do your best to stay grounded and centered, and keep lifting your vision to use both your heart and your mind.

Choose the vision of the Cup being half full not half empty and you will see magic moving through your life and all your affairs.

In two day,s there will be no going back, as our 13th Crystalline Chakra initiation will be completed. Rejoice, a new perceptual landscape, seen with emerging inner sensing, will begin to appear.

Might as well enjoy this Cosmic Easter/Astarte Event by Cracking out of our Cosmic Egg shell.


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