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Mark on Xenon gas…


Sir, could you please tell us about Xenon being pumped into the Atmosphere?  I feel things are as Mother sez coming FULL CIRCLE!  Soon. VERY soon, No Dates, No Nukes, No Pandemic!  I’m sorry to bother you.  I wish your Triune well!

All good things,

The Xenon gas was the critical life gas–in a 1:3 ratio with Helium–that was destroyed during the nuclear wars thousands of years ago. Without that gas and it’s co-factors our higher abilities shut down and we fell in conscious awareness to our present dumbed-down state.

With this precious gas being restored now, through several processes including CMEs from the Sun impacting the Photon belt; ionizing and raining more of this super-substance into our environment, we will have all our abilities restored.

It is that powerful.

A drop placed on an open wound will stop the process; heal the wound and its deeper organ connections, and close it so well that it will appear as if it had never happened.

A plant receiving atomized particles of this can grow a whole new fruit bearing tree from a seed in 48 hours. some of these seeds were stored in the capstones of the pyramids for this time. They also are kept on the ships for after GF landings to help us restore life and nutrient rich and nutritious fruits and vegetables to restart our organic food supplies. These seeds can be grown on any surface–even asphalt.

No disease can exist when sufficient amounts of Xenon-helium are present. This has begun and will continue as the internal cellular and DNA responds to its presence and the magic moves to its critical mass where it will activate the super glands and fully awaken us to our full potentials.

I highly recommend it.

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