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Mark on Why Chemtrails are Still Being Seeded


Question:  If so many of ‘the dark ones’ have left the bldg., then who is still continuously spraying the chemtrails?

Answer: Even though the ‘souls’ are gone, the vehicles still have all their programs and memories running and are unaware of their change in status. Like an old movie you have in a can and then–after the actors are all long since gone–put it back on the projector, it’s like the actors never left.

The difference is that the souls are departed and the King has the remote control for all the projectors and when he gets the nod from Mother, St Germain, Ashtar, and Lady Master Nada to press the button and all the circuits cease to function.

Doing that before it’s appropriate would send shock waves through the planet and that would not help the situation. Mother has said: This will be done seamlessly…with Love!

It’s then called Announcement time!

Hope that helps to explain that the ‘play’ must go on until ‘recess’ is sounded.

However, if you notice, you’ll see that most of the ‘c’trails are shooting blanks, instead of the toxic stuff they were using before…and the Sylphs and Zephrys are cleaning up pretty quickly.

Nothing is as it appears to be.


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  1. Nebula says:

    Chemtrails are manmade, those who live by airports
    see this unmarked planes stuffing white power
    fly in the sky and pollute it day and night, no one has
    left yet, its humans doing it, government poisoning our sky to make us sick through viruses and lungs polluttans.
    No one but humans do those terrible tings to other humans.


    • Nebula says:

      Chmtrials are man made, they try to hid our sun
      the sun is important for plants and human bones
      health, they hide the sun with the pretend of global
      warming, the biggest scam many still believe in, nothing
      but a military scam, money making viruses used on humans
      spraid by chemtrails, money makers by the greedy ones.
      Chemtrails are the cause of new virus every year, the cause of asthma, the cause of headackes, the cause of many other horrible things and the only beneficiaries are
      the insurances companies, they use the money from people
      suffering for many black projects and other evil doings.


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