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Mark on the Stock Market Rise…


Question: As I’m sure you are aware, the stock market went up significantly today and the DJIA Index is now over 8,000.  Do you see it going up further or going back down dramatically?

Mark: I would have to go for a trend that will come to terms with hedge funds and other toxic assets [primarily derivatives] being marked to market…and ‘sold’ or written off. That spells a big downer. It’s a time bomb whose wick is too short for comfort.

St Germain is the one who is calling the shots. Mother said tonight: “The only thing left is…Removals!” At the same time we were uplifted by 8-10 of the G20 expressing willingness to sign on to NESARA…with Russia and China being the two undergoing internal ‘adjustments/harmonizations’ in their policies towards NESARA.

I take these clues as indicating that the ‘recalcitrant 10′ will be experiencing ‘moving blues’ as that tap on the shoulder from the ‘transporters’ arrives.

She seemed to indicate that 4/15 is an important watershed in the end game.

St Germain did whisper in Obama’s ear to talk to the Chinese and Russian heads and then ‘magic’ seemed to happen. “Alchemy” is SG’s trademark ability.

Don’t bet on a straight line in either direction. Some good news or hopeful phrases from the G20 agreement ‘details’ could bring volatility to the traders. $1Trillion is NOT enough when we know that toxic assets amount to $2000 Trillion.

We don’t know what Obama/GF’s real strategy is. If they do bring 10 of the 20 aboard, that would be a good thing as we need as much consensus/backing from these large population countries if we are to have cooperation in manifesting NESARA’s benefits rapidly.

So: Derivatives are still the 800 lb Gorilla on the World Economic landscape.

We have been given too many hints that hedge funds would be allowed/forced to stop their massaging of these dead derivative portfolios.

The worthlessness of FRNs in international portfolios as of 3/31 is a Hydrogen bomb that has to hit Wall Street quickly.

Would you want to own them?

Mark Huber

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