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Mark on the Pre-Announcement Clean-Up…


Solid Holograms and The Illuminati

I believe some people here (and probably, case-in-point also) have been complaining that replacing the Illuminati and their minions with solid holograms has been interfering with our free will. I thought that too. But it just dawned on me a few days ago that I have been telling God, the positive ETs, and the Ascended Masters for the past few years (and kind of angrily, actually) that the Illuminati are never going to give up their power willingly, and that they would have to be removed by force. So I asked them to remove them, and not give them any more chances. Maybe this is the best way to remove them, who knows?

Which brings me to another thing: If the Illuminati and their underlings are indeed being replaced with solid holograms, what difference does it make for us here on Earth? If the holograms have the same policies, beliefs, and actions of the originals, it doesn’t really accomplish anything.


Mark: As in so many of the current events, there are many levels involved in ending this drama. On the one hand we have on-going indictments–beyond the 75,000 indictments revealed 3-4 weeks ago–here in the US.

There are also international indictments that continue to be referred to the World Court and which will be the basis for War Crimes Trials of Illuminati heads and minions in the very near future.

In addition, these ones are also Intergalactic Criminals who have broken into this time-space continuum a very long time ago and who will end up facing justice here but also by the Solar Tribunal which has already reviewed their entire soul records of behavior demonstrated in many other venues.

Those whose entire soul records show more than 51% negative and uncorrected patterns will be subject to adjudication beyond levels of local jurisdiction. These ones are most likely to have their entire soul matrix erased as an act of compassionate mercy because the other options would subject them to millions of years of karmic experiences with little to no likelihood of improvement.

All other ones whose soul records show 51% overall positive progress will receive various rehabilitative options, most of which will send them to other venues where they can try again during the next 25,626 year cycle and then be re-evaluated for advancement.

A certain percentage have gotten the message and have requested help to come forward and demonstrate their change of hats–from black to white–and testify and allow a probationary period of corrective monitoring while demonstrating their new path’s alignment with the needed changes in behavior.

Another segment have already been tried and given 25-year sentences, which they are serving in various European facilities.

Now, as to the value of replacing the originals with holograms, it allows a single point of ‘existence control’ by the King of Swords who can terminate all of them in an instant without swat teams and military actions of the usual kind.

It also allows a brief period of continuity of appearance that is allowing the Galactic Federation the opportunity to identify their secret cohorts and associates’ networks for final purging when the mass arrests take place in the near future.

It is difficult to describe the multi-dimensional layers and levels that all have to align before the ‘plug is pulled’ and the curtain comes down. it is happening and quickly.

Just 3 weeks ago all of the Committee of 300 were originals and so were their minions and co-opted associates. That has all changed and the Ashtar Command and KOS’ men have been opening up many sealed tunnels and levels of warrens and hideouts of the reptilian dragons.

That is an ongoing process that will culminate in the removal of the Old Dragons who have been undisturbed and operating behind the scenes for millions of years.

These are not 3D beings. They have many abilities and can morph into temporary appearances in several dimensions.

They have complex networks through which they exert control over many areas of our lives and institutions. Their numbers have been drastically reduced–by over 100 million– over the last 9 years since 2000, and Mother Sekhmet has indicated that the few remaining are being subjected to the same vibratory upshifts as all of us.

The difference is that it is becoming intolerably painful to those with a closed heart and as their warrens are flushed with positive light they have no option but to come out and up where they will be removed. No one and no thing can resist the upshifting waves of vibration raising all particles of matter and spirit on this planet.

Finally, the correct venue for War Crimes is the World Court headed by Lady Master Nada who is also President of the Solar Tribunal and who also is over-seeing our country’s cleansing of these ones.

Not Obama! It isn’t in his job description. Through Patrick Fitzgerald, all the indictments, investigations of all the indicted ones have continued. Lady Master Nada has ‘chosen/appointed’ Patrick as her Asst Special Prosecutor.

Almost all of the Bush cabal are named in those indictments, along with their associates throughout the world. Their arrests for 9/11 planning and execution War Crimes is imminent. That ends the silence on what has been happening beneath the surface for many years, and will result in the Announcement of NESARA and the removal to the correct venue of all of these at the same time.

Europe has different laws which allow all these to be tried as a group. This will not be a long and drawn-out process, unlike the way it would be if held in this country.

As these arrests occur, the banks will be closed for two weeks to purge their staffs and equipment of corrupted people and software so that they can reopen as US Treasury Banks and so that your funds will all be safe to access and all transactions will be transparent and criminal-free going forward.

Our Rainbow funds and the Gold/Silver/platinum backing them is already here and the new currency is in the banks awaiting the word to exchange the Federal Reserve Notes for US Treasury Notes and Gold Certificates.

Your safety is an absolute necessity for you to receive large amounts of funds and not be in danger when conducting business and projects.

I’m repeating some information that has already been posted so as to paint a picture of a very careful and completely successful accounting of all issues involved throughout the world. NESARA will start here and then flow around the world to all countries.

Galactic presence is a key–not yet fully made public–that will accompany the Arrests, Announcements and other simultaneous actions. Be assured that every possibility has been factored into this solution and process which is the prelude to our return to full consciousness awareness.

This is the year these changes in governance take place, and we finally get to greet our star-families openly. Most of them are our future selves come back to show us we made it.

It will be a very grand surprise and a magnificent celebration as we begin to work along side of each other to ascend the whole planet. The final pieces are falling into place now.

By the time we hear our Announcement, most actions and changes will already have occurred. The decloakings of star-craft over every major area on the planet will raise everyone’s vibration and awareness a half-step, and you won’t want to miss what that provides.


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