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Mark on Mission and Ascension…



I have some clarification questions on NESARA.

Are the people in the programs getting money AND NESARA funds? Or just one or the other?

It was mentioned by Tara in your conference call that people that aren’t spiritually evolved enough will be put on another planet to evolve. Will we know if these people are gone? Would I just one day not be able to contact you, for example, if I wasn’t to ascend? Maybe someone wouldn’t be able to contact their significant other? Or will they just forget altogether?

Are all starseeds and indigo and crystal children going to ascend or do they have to choose as well?



As your DNA upgrades your remembrance of who you are and your history/mission, you will remember everything. So these questions and any answers are a little like putting the cart before the horse. Just pay attention to your own intuition and watch it grow, then you’ll KNOW the answers.

The whole subject of the 78 Programs is really only of concern to those in those programs, which closed on 12/31/1999. Those investors in those programs before the cutoff date will be Administrators of project funds of substantial amounts and responsibilities, with each one having different instructions which only will go to those in that specific program.

All the rest of us only need pay attention to instructions we personally receive. Details vary. Every time we say anything on this subject people get all emotionally up or down and we don’t want to feed that reaction when there is nothing we can do or say that will change those situations.

As to the NON-program folks, we are all included in the details which will result in our getting $10Million, each.
That’s all that is important.

We can not tell anyone their specific decision as a soul. That is private and is only going to be determined by your own highself. No one can wheel, deal or whine and change anything.

Basically, if you want to Ascend and you follow your internal guidance in whatever form that comes–as it certainly will–you will ascend.

Then you’ll have conscious access to your abilities and preferences as to future path possibilities and can consciously express your preferences. It’s that simple. Nothing is outside of you. It’s all within.

Most of the ones you cite chose a long time ago and that is why they are here now, to finalize their preparation. That means they have already chosen and will ascend as they follow their internal instructions which will become clearer and clearer as this year progresses, and especially as the ships’ decloak and boost our awareness a full half step.

All this is coming very, very soon. Just chill and trust that it’s already handled.

You can not visualize that moment until you are there, even though it’s already happened on higher levels, which is where your soul resides and functions from. Remember, NOTHING that is loved is ever lost. All time is simultaneous, not linear. So if you want to be with your soul-partners, you will. We’ll talk more about this after we get the arrests, Announcement and decloakings.


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