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Mark on Impact of G20 Holdouts on NESARA


[Mark is responding to a question about how many G20 countries signed onto NESARA and whether the fact that there are holdouts would have an impact on events between now and Easter and on NESARA going forward.]

First: Only 8 of the G20 have indicated their readiness to sign onto NESARA support. Two: China and Russia are ‘considering a review’ of their position with a tilt towards signing on.

Everything involved has some impact on everything else; however, NOTHING can stop either NESARA’s Announcement nor our DNA activations which are indeed, very powerfully going forward between now and Easter Sunday.

“Case in Point”: Tonight an out-of-state friend, who is headed for Egypt, drove in and we joined with two others in meditation around 9PM. It became obvious that my friend was having some anxiety about the importance of her trip. So, responding to that, I was surprised to find that I was shown several beings who would be present in Egypt, on higher dimensional levels, to assist her.

The on-going DNA changes activated and I found myself bi-locating to that location in Giza and saw and felt those present and understood the significance to her of this visit.

This is quite exceptional behavior for me. I knew instantly that this is a result of these upgrades which are affecting us all.

Others present also experienced upgrade evidences, visually and energetically. We were all placed into a bubble of high energy and were taken up to the New Jerusalem as a singular group experience. Ashtar was involved and so was Mother Sekhmet and others.

This was quite different than looking out and experiencing a vision; we were all bilocated to the ship and then to Giza. It took quite awhile after we came back for the energy to dissipate.

I drove home in an energy haze and will shortly be giving up and going to bed as more will happen then, I know.

This was a very nagual experience of multi-dimensional overlaps and simultaneity. As Carlos Castenada wrote:

“A warrior acts as if he knows what he is doing, when in effect he knows nothing.”

I love the joy of surprises such as this! You just go with it and enjoy ‘hanging ten’…and knowing you are ‘in-service’…without an agenda.

Mark Huber

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