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Mark on Feeling Overloaded…


Mother Sekhmet mentioned this in part 2 of the last conference call regarding people not being able to sleep. And this happens to me sometimes…brain working like the hard drive of a computer. Then I feel as though I have to “pull away” from it and “blam” I’m suddenly awake and sort of in a frenzy for a few seconds.

Makes me think of “the Borg” in the Deep Space Nine series.I’ve been pondering this now for a bit, and never got a chance to ask….sometimes I feel as though I’m plugged into a computer. During dream time my brain feels like it’s being defragmented or something.

Mother said: “Sometimes in the night work you may have to just say “Guys, give me a break! The body needs to rest.” And then you will rest. Yet sometimes how you do it is, you say ‘Aw, come on, you can plug me into auto pilot.’ And the brain is plugged into the mainframe of these amino-acid computers while the body rests. It can be done. Gotta just figure out how to ask for what you want.”

Question is: What the heck is happening? Downloading or what???

Mark: Everything you can’t imagine and yet you are in-charge of through your guides, teachers, counselors and advisers all supporting YOUR plan for YOUR ascension path.

They know exactly what you need to accomplish and how to get you there with optimum efficiency and mostly while you are ‘sleeping’.

Your high Self worked with you before you came in to determine what was critical to get you up to speed in time for the grand reunion. All of these analogies are more or less true and there are always more levels to everything.

That which is YOU on all the higher levels is truly a Master and knows all your history…far better than you, yet is totally loving you and wanting the best for you.

All of the above are YOU! Not some Borg, synthetic program controlled by a tyrant. Nonetheless, you have emotional, physical and mental bodies that cause a lot of anxiety when it comes to change.

You have the right to say: Time Out! I’m burnt out and need to unplug the body which is having to integrate all these high frequencies coming through 24/7. You can get pretty fried and there’s nothing like some uninterrupted down time(dead sleep).

I’ve had to ask for a return to 115 Volts instead of 440 volts that is trippy and can exhaust your physical where your skin crawls with electricity and your brain feels like end-of-the-month, all-cycles-happening-at-once overload.

Your higher team doesn’t have those issues so they always have quite a plateload of processes teed up for ‘night-work’.

You will find that this will clear amazingly well after our Announcement, and then you’ll say: If I had known it would get this good I’d have asked for even more to be accomplished during my nightwork.

We are becoming more and more conscious of how much is being brought into our patterns to process. Do what you feel reverences where you’re at on any given night. Don’t worry about others.

You’ll get the knack of tricks that will handle the buzz!

Be kind and gentle with yourself. You’re worth it!


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