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Mark on Channels and the Times



I was a little taken aback when I read Tara’s comments about Sheldon Nidle during yesterdays conference call. They were surprisingly stern.

But then today I read Sheldon’s channeling from “April 14th” and I was dumbstruck by the following comments he made.

Excerpts as follows:

“This uncertainty is delaying the deliveries and causing some frustration among our delivery teams”.
“All is now ready. The only thing gumming up the works is the rearguard activities of the remaining cabal diehards”.

Full channeling here:

If  I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was Casper talking!

Could you share some insight with us about this? Until now, I thought he was in the same league as other mainstream channels.

The question then is, where is the parallel between F1/F2 disinformation here on earth and spiritual disinformation (if this is what we would call this)?

He of all people must understand the implications and dangers of what he is doing? Did this take place out of the blue and he suddenly veered of the common path?



As you know we on GRT have chosen — as much as possible — to avoid or try not to feed disagreements between channels/sources.

I removed the name cited from the transcript before sending it out, for the above reason. The King of Swords and others in Faction 3 with soul-record knowledge have given us certain information about certain individuals.

This individual has a checkered past — galactically speaking — and is on probation. He is influenced by a few key renegade Sirian operatives and almost always inserts a few key statements from those ones.

He knows better. He has been privately informed of the ‘errors’ he continues to repeat in his messages. He chooses to continue to introduce these distortions into his postings. The most obvious and ‘casper-like’ are that deliveries will happen and then announcements. It is exactly the reverse order.

He also continues to speak of going to the inner earth at ‘first contact’ which is patently false. They are coming to the surface to work alongside us and the GF.

He for years has stated that it would take 9 months after announcement before landing could occur. They are happening already and will be become quite clearly visible within 7-10 days after announcement.

There are many other ‘slanted’ items he inserts, like constantly referring to Lord Alcyone (great central sun and Mother Sekhmet’s twin flame with which she is intergrated’) by a Sirian name to suggest that everything Sirian is superior and above all others. It is very demeaning to those from other advanced worlds and dimensions.

Obama is from Sirius and Andromeda and is the ninth member of the Council of Nine/Blue Council on Sirius A.

You will not see that language used by GF. On those higher levels we all work side by side as equals. The Law of the One is not just a title. It is a conscious awareness of that fact. We are all equal or equivalent as we all have the same potentials, and the only differences are the degree to which we express those higher understandings.

I look at the few who have talked about NESARA, galactic presence as real, and divine intervention and groupings and he is one of those few. For that reason, I welcome his postings–in general–as they contribute to a larger dialogue that enhances and enriches communications and imagination of starseeds.

Discernment is necessary and required in these final days before decloaking of ships and individuals is complete.

Some ones have dropped into denser expressions as the ‘cheese starts binding’ and some of their conduits dry up or have begun to distort or fabricate completely false postings. The closer we get the more distortion is seen.

Steve is aware and GRT attempts to discourage posting of most of these ones’ materials that we have been told and perceive directly as so distorted or false as to not add to the discussions. I won’t mention those names as they are already on GRT statements on this subject.

I hope this clarifies some of our perspectives on this subject.


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  1. Free OT says:


    in my opinion information from channels are a compromise everytime, because the message is coloured up by the receiving channel. This is total normal and no evil purpose. True information you can only get directly from the source, but not everyone is able to get these informations now. Because of this i put my focus on the quality of the information and not the quantity.

    For me the milestones are important (Arrest, Disclosure, Anouncement, Landing, NESARA, Education and Training and Orientation, Ascension).

    The details i think, will be different for each being. Some are ging to inner earth, some are going to the starships and some are going to their home-planets. I think the devine-plan will be optimal for each individual.

    Especially NESARA…. I have seen so much versions of NESARA, that i cant count them.

    In my opinion NESARA is only a workaround for the time between the crash of the old system and the full ascension. The only matter of NESARA is to create a stable environment for people, who are loosing all their savings, earnings and jobs, when the old system disappears and the currencies are crashing. Without NESARA only a hand full of people could hold their energy-level when the whole life-base is breaking away. Though i am a veteran of the light, i also would have problems to confront the situation and to hold my position.

    The other aspect is, that when the new technologies are available, every one is totally independend and needs no money anymore, because he can materialize everything he needs with the light processor or direct by thougt when completing the ascension. The new society which is coming will not need any money no more.

    So far as i know on Sirius there is no more money; and nobody has a problem with it… 😉

    Because of this, as stated above, NESARA is only a temporal workaround. Designed only as a softer landing for the masses, who looses their comfortable lifebase, jobs, earnings and so far. With NESARA people are aware that their existence is safe and so they can leave the old system and do the ascension.

    The Galactic Federation has made their plans very sofisticated. Their intention is to get all beings to the ascension and not only a small elite.

    Light and Love from Free OT

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