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Mark on 5D and Relations with the “Deceased”


Question: What will our ability to communicate and potentially be in physical contact with those departed via physical death be?  Will those that have passed rejoin us in the physical world?

Without looking at the soul path of each individual, it is impossible to say what will be appropriate in 5D+. 5D is multi-dimensionality. 5D is where whomever you put your attention on is immediately connected to you.

Now, to take this down to the ‘kick the tires’ level that we now enjoy, is non-relevant. If we want to stay in 3D it would be simple to say: Everything in 3-4D stays there until it ascends. Whatever ascends to 5D will be available in 5D.

However, while 3-4D expressions will be accessible…for a time…you might not want to spend much time in that density.

We will be in cleaned up and cleared out light-physical structures . We will have integrated with our merkaba (light) vehicles.

Since 1999, everyone who ‘departs’ the 3D vehicle expression is on the ships.

Mother Sekhmet has said that all of those will be able to manifest a 5D vehicle after we ascend and we will be able to re-connect with them then.

Some, whose soul record is insufficient to sustain a 5D vehicle, either have already been relocated to an appropriate soul environment or will be…unless they can move up with the planet into 5D.

Most of our loved ones who have departed since 1999, will have access to 5D if any of their soul line aspects make the ascension. Everyone of us who is on this plane now is acting on behalf of our whole DNA line, in all times and places, so when we ascend, so will they ‘graduate’.

The magnitude of our opportunities and responsibilities to our wholeness is beyond words to express. Each of us have as many as 144 direct aspects (in 12 Dimensions, times 12 levels/steps in each dimension) and…taking that all the way back up to the 100th Dimension would equal up to 144,000 frequencies or expressions.

Every single one of those are directly impacted by everything we do, feel,say, believe, or experience in any way. I hope that clarifies the importance of our selection to represent our whole DNA line during this ascension process?

Remember, 5D is going into NOW time, where all past, present, future and viable alternative parallels will be merged and reintegrated into a single successful wholeness and then raised, step by step to still higher, more refined, and more expanded integrations of god/goddess-Self/That I AM.



Thank you for your answer.  If I understand correctly, departed souls since 1999 are on the ships, but those before 1999 went to the “other side”.  Is this due to First Contact operations being more fully engaged from 1999 onward, so the souls remained on the ships maybe to assist bringing forward First Contact and Ascension?

Secondly, those that departed before 1999 will still be as accessible, but in our merkabah light vehicles and we will have to ‘travel’ to where they will be in another dimension versus rejoining us as those since 1999 can?  Just needed some clarification on this.

As I understand it, prior to 1999, 3D departees were given life/soul reviews and then they chose with their higher self, new incarnational paths that would progress them on their chosen paths. I had a child that was taken by ETs and has progressed over 400 years, spiritually, since that ‘taking’ and is very pleased and happy with her status. I am happy for her and did see her briefly aboard an Essasanni, ship looking radiant. That was when she communicated that she had volunteered for the momentary presence here (3.5months, in the late 1960s, post conception) and the removal to a ship for further nurturing and training.

Many who died in 911 will be coming back from the ships to testify as to their personal knowledge. Not all, but many. Most of the Ascended Masters have or will return to relate their journeys as we have our Announcement.

As I said earlier, anyone in 5D can access anyone they choose to access as long as it does not violate their free soul choices.

Those on the ships whose soul missions include First Contact and Ascension actions will be involved, in whatever way is most appropriate. Most of those can not come back, as Gaia now restricts all entries to 5D+ level soul embodiments, unless they’re are on Divine assignments and have already attained higher spiritual levels. The ‘residents’ of Terra Nova will all be 5D+.


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