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Mark Huber Teleconference – March 31, 2009


Mark Huber’s Teleconference
31 March 2009

Deborah: Welcome everybody.  I just want to introduce Mark briefly.  Mark Huber is a retired Naval Intelligence Commander who acts as a conduit for Faction 3 Intelligence.  Faction 3 in its widest context is the Galactic Federation, the Spiritual Hierarchy and their Earth Allies.

Most other commentators take their information from the two branches of the Illuminati: Faction 1, primarily centered in Europe and Faction 2 primarily centered in the United States.

Mark himself has had truly wonderful and amazing spiritual experiences that enable him to evaluate events happening around him and offer us a unique point of view, which is why we are here tonight, to listen to him and ask him our questions.  So Mark, you want to go ahead and take it from here?

Mark: Well, thank you, Deborah for the introduction.  Understand that as a conduit for Faction 3, Rama talks to the King of Swords and other people talk to Rama, many of whom are directed to him such as Senators and people, insiders, by the King of Swords.

So when he gets a call, he doesn’t know who it is he is going to have on there.  They will just say, “Hello, the King said to call you”.  This might be Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, some scientist, or some person anywhere.  I just wanted to clarify that.  When that information comes in, we all giggle and everything and discuss it.

So then we all, in various ways, amalgamate what comes in with what we’re getting from all other sources.  We specifically utilize anything coming from Faction 3 as our “check” on the others.

So I just wanted to clarify that a little bit.  And I think it might be good to start off now because there are a lot of questions being asked and there’s a lot of interest since this is March 31st and a few things are scheduled, like the end of the income tax and the IRS, the federal government insolvency, the insolvency of the Federal Reserve, and  a few minor things of this nature.

Also, today we are waiting now for the word on what is going to happen on the G-20 meetings.

As you know, Benjamin Fulford and many others out on the internet, have posted their comments and predictions; most of which can be assumed to be, more or less, wrong.

Because the truth is that nobody knows until Saint Germain and/or Mother Sekhmet tell the King of Swords or show up at the meeting and actually interrupt and say, “O.K. that’s all very interesting, but here’s the deal”.

Until we hear that, we don’t know and no one else does either.  Even though many people have speculated.  Russia has speculated. China has speculated and I just want to put that out also before we talk.  Now I will just turn you over to Rama and let him tell you some interesting people he talked to today.

Rama: On my……… I was listening to Thom Hartmann this morning and he was talking about Mr. Wagoner from GM [General Motors] getting his 20 million dollar parachute and callers were calling up and saying he needs to give every dime back to the people.

Tara: Who is Mr. Wagoner?

Rama: The head of GM; the CEO.  He also went into one of those things where he says everything you know is wrong and he was talking about Google Earth and how Google Earth recently announced some new photos of a giant photo of London where there are three craft landing in a suburb of London.

Thom Hartmann talked about this and he just said this is day time.  It’s not George Noory or Art Bell time. [Coast to Coast night time radio show on the paranormal].  Yet this is a discussion that needs to be had.  He went on to say that Leon Panetta and the whole story of how 50 years of UFO cover-ups will be coming up.

Also, the reality in which this brings in the story of “do you wish for us to show up”? [from the Galactics]  That was brought up today.

Right after I listened to that with Thom Hartmann, I got a call from someone named Jesse and Jesse said, you could say I’m a protégé in training with the King of Swords. The King is currently with Michelle and Barrack Obama on Air Force One and they are being trailed by three craft in the sky.

They are over there across the pond to the Tower of London and my understanding of this, along with what I heard from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat [Tom is a galactic-human Paschat F3 agent]  yesterday, is that Obama will be saying to the G-20, “Freeze ALL hedge funds NOW”.  I have heard rumors from Tom [the Ring Tailed Cat] that there are ten countries that want to sign on to NESARA, yet there are ten other countries that are still refusing and we know they are the Cabals.

Mark: Rama, that Tom you are talking about is Tom the Ring Tailed Cat, is that right?

Rama: Yes.  Today, Jesse was explaining to me that it is very likely that Saint Germain is probably there at the G-20 meeting in disguise.  At the right time, he will just walk through the room and let everybody know how the bear sleeps in the woods.  They have to answer to him; all the 13 families.  There are no ifs, ands or buts.  It just is.

How the chips fall, I would just say, Benjamin Fulford doesn’t have that one piece where he will allow himself to speak of the Galactic Federations, the Galactic Confederation, and it is just an intuition that I have that if he were to go that far and talk about that, they would ‘off’ him.

I would just say let it fold Benjamin Fulford in the violet flame and in the Office of the Christ because what he is doing is a tremendous service to the whole planet by being in Tokyo and reporting on what’s going and on that’s not being reported by our other financial criminals that are on CNBC, CNN and even MSNBC and I’m talking about Morning Joe. [morning television talk show]  Morning Joe, I don’t exactly think he is o.k.

Tara: And Andrea Mitchell.  That’s not even Andrea Mitchell.

Rama: Andrea Mitchell, yeah.  Also, on what Jesse told me on a larger scale, back to what Thom Hartmann said about those three craft.  This is already going on and folks don’t want to talk about it yet there are good folks within Google that want to get the word out because the greatest story that’s never been told is First Contact and it’s occurring and nothing can stop it.

Dr. Richard Boylan put out an article saying that the dark side wants to hit Chesapeake Bay with some kind of magnetic pulse weapon [EMP=Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon] and destroy the East coast and flood D.C.  That ‘aint gonna happen.  Ashtar and Sananda will not let that those things go on.

And they are so close to being arrested.  This is like Spain has issued arrest warrants for these six characters and at the same time, Rummy’s [Donald Rumsfeld] name is not being mentioned, nor Dick Cheney, yet Dick Cheney is being mentioned by everybody out there.  Right now, it going on on Rachel Maddow.

Tara: And Keith Olberman and the whole war crimes tribunal are being brought because of the fact that Dick Cheney’s assassination teams are not going away.  Keith Olberman was so heavy today about that it was just off the scale.  We want to just go back a minute.

Rama: Oh yes.  I asked Ron Kubey about this concerning the insolvency of the Federal Reserve and the IRS. I called him up about ten minutes before his show ended and I asked him, “have you seen the email that has gone out” and he just responded, “all’s well that ends well.  Goodbye, Commander”, and then he hung up on me.

Then I asked Ron Reagan about it on his show and I said we need to roll back the Reagan tax cuts to 1979 and he said “yes, I do not condone what my father did yet I do have to say that this could very well be true.  I’m not a lawyer and everything looks in proper context the way all the wording, the legal documents, if you go to the websites, it’s all set up.”  I pass the talking stick.

Mark: You asked him…you asked Jesse about the March 31st deadline also, didn’t you?

Rama: Yes, I did.

Mark: What did he say?

Rama: He just said, as we all know the Federal Reserve and the IRS have been absorbed into the Treasury Department and there could be agents that are being rerouted with new orders from various agencies like NSA, CIA, FBI.  They are supposed to go and collect, yet it is like outsourced and they haven’t said one word about this at all.

Mark: Rama, Steve sent in a question before we go on.  Let’s just on and get this one out of the way first and you want to kind of restate the question?

Rama: Why has Obama not made any other cabinet appointments? Why has he not come forward with any cabinet meetings?

Rama: And I’ve got to just say that I firmly believe that this is within the Earth Allies and the Galactic Federation process.  He’s getting his orders from a higher authority which is Saint Germain.  That is as much as I know on that level.  They won’t go any further with me.  If I asked the wrong questions, they seem to hang up on me.

Tara: I could also make a comment that we know Barrack Obama is a double agent until he doesn’t need to be a double agent anymore.  That won’t be until NESARA is announced.

In the meantime, the dark side has already has been checkmated by everything that Barrack Obama has done behind the scenes.  Not the least of which is rolling back the E.T. secret intelligence all the way back to Harry Truman.

So, there is a reason for everything and it has nothing to do with him being good or bad.  It has to do with him being totally of the Light yet playing a double agent until he does not need to do that anymore.

That exposes Hillary. Hillary has been coming up in the news.  Yesterday she was up there on the internet and on Rachel Maddow.  Hillary has been looking like she’s swallowed a frog, you might say.  That is because she is very unhappy with knowing that the people are about to know about her crimes across the board and she can’t stop it.

So we just have to praise the situation and not try to see anything except that the love is coming and the announcement is very close because  Mr. Jesse said something you forgot to tell the people, Rama.

Rama: Go ahead.

Tara: He said,….at the end, Rama asked him about NESARA and he said you are going to get your announcement very, very soon now.  Then he referred me to this section.  What’s this guy’s name again?

Mark: Paul Andrew Mitchell.

Tara: Paul Andrew Mitchell.  If you can all remember when Big Will and our friend Lyle also and a number of other people called and they said, “we’re getting these rainbow bills.  My mother, a 72-year old judge in Chicago got a $100 rainbow bill and it’s colored like a deep blue green.  It says United States Note on the top of it.”  Then the $10 bills have been showing up last week and they are like a cardinal red and they say United States Note.

Now I’m going to read this so you know what they are really.  This is very exciting, everyone.  So, he says here:

So on behalf of our clients who are presently seeking bankruptcy protection in the eastern district of Washington, I do have authority to represent the United States as a private Attorney General.  This is Paul Andrew Mitchell talking.

Then it goes into big black letters.  The United States will enter plea into the bankruptcy case on March 31st, 2009 A.D.  Formally, and they did it at 5:31 a.m., today, EDT.

They do it formally to declare the insolvency as to each and every obligation, e.g., United States bond, which the Congress sold to the Fed all the way back to 1913–any single bond.

Moreover, because Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are legally obligated as United States.  That declaration of insolvency will also have the legal results of voiding all FRNs, Federal Reserve Notes, presently in circulation anywhere on planet Earth.

All FRNs will need to be recalled systematically and then destroyed after being exchanged one for one with the United States Notes.

That’s why I pointed this all out.  All these new rainbow bills, they say United States Note on them.  Now that’s in how he is explaining this.

So with United States Notes, they will be replaced that are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing without any interest owed or payable to the Federal Reserve on those United States Notes.

The link in the hyperlink Declaration above [] ill take you to photographs comparing the Federal Reserve notes and the United States Notes.  The latter have been called red dot currency because the Treasury’s seal is printed on them in red ink.  That’s the big one.  That means they are Treasury bills, everybody.  Rainbow Treasury Bills.

The recall of FRNs and exchange for United States Notes are temporary measures and the route to the returning to Constitutional money.  We do not anticipate that returning to the United States Notes need to be recalled at all because once there is enough gold and silver to back the United States Notes, Congress can simply enact a Law, declaring them redeemable.

Now, let me tell you in English what this just said.  What was just said was what we learned a long time ago.  I mean Dove wrote this in 1999.  She said this very clearly.  She said, “When NESARA comes around, then all Federal Reserve Notes, we will be able to turn them in and get a one-for-one return in terms of Rainbow bills”.

They will be equal in value and then, of course, the gold standard will set the whole thing up with NESARA gold will be $50 a troy ounce, silver will be $10 a troy ounce and platinum will be $100 a troy ounce and all of these CEOs and their game plans are over completely because that means the corporate fascist state is canceled.

Remember, I also want to remind you, that there is plenty of gold and silver.  In October, after we went inside NESARA Law on the 1st of October, the King of Swords and his good people moved all of the gold from all the hidden spots where the Illuminati hid their gold and they took it from everywhere in the world.  They moved it in one month, all into the United States.  Ready for these Rainbow bills and our announcement of NESARA.

So the Law, with a capital L, that he is speaking of is the NESARA Law.

This is how exciting this is.  One of the main reasons for declaring insolvency formally is the automatic stay authorized by the federal bankruptcy laws.  No creditor may collect any further principle or interest payments once a debtor has sought bankruptcy protection from a United States bankruptcy court.  Thus the Federal Reserve and the IRS will be legally barred, prohibited, from collecting any more principle or interest payments on any of the obligations of the United States, which it owes to the Federal Reserve banks.

Moreover, since the FRNs are also legally defined as such obligations, the Federal Reserve  and the IRS will be legally estopped–if somebody knows exactly what that means on this call, it would be great to hear– from demanding the return of any more FRNs; e.g., to pay federal income taxes.

Federal Income Taxes have been used to pay interest to the Federal Reserve all along.  They do not and never have paid for any federal government services whatsoever.

Last but not least, it is already well established that there is no liability statute for federal income taxes imposed by substitute subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code.  The United States Supreme Court has already ruled that a tax liability may not be created by regulation published in the federal register.

The obvious conclusion then, is that the income taxes imposed by subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code are fraudulent to the core since 1913.  Because there is no statue at large [act of Congress] creating any specific liability for any of those taxes.

In summary, both the Federal Reserve and the IRS are legally out of business throughout the United States, as of 5:13 a.m. this morning, and throughout all federal enclaves, territories and possessions, as of midnight, ending March 31st.   How about that everybody?

Mark: O.K.   I know we’ve taken a lot of time here to do this intro.  But I know people will have questions.  We have all received telephone questions about these subjects because today is the day that a lot of this starts and the next couple of days will be more of the same.

So by the time we get to Thursday night’s call, we’ll have a whole new set of information and hopefully some feedback from internal sources on what actually the way they are working this.  But you can tell…..I hope that you got from this a sense of momentum that is pulling us, pushing us and drawing us directly into what we would call a constitutional crisis, where the only way out  is the declaration of NESARA.

Now, we cannot give any dates or anything else, but I think I will refer, just for a second, for those of you out there who read Sheldan Nidle, I would just say that today’s report from him … he doesn’t talk about the economic part, but he does talk … and I think this is even more important—he talks about the great Light that is coming, both from the core of the universe and also from other places and crossing our patterns and these are highly energetic patterns that not only effect this galaxy but hundreds and billions of other galaxies.

This is an event that there are no historians when the last time something of this nature happened.  Anyways, it wouldn’t matter because this is going to be different because the Creator and the Creation continues to evolve, continues to expand and so the thing is nobody knows but we know it’s a wonderful event and has nothing to do with tragedy and has all to do with upliftment, with excitement and with the return of our consciousness to a spiritual level of Oneness where we know we are One and we know Who we are in that One.

Along this same line, I’d like to refer you to Ascended Master Kuthumi’s message that was channeled on March 21st dealing with the 12th chakra activation and with the 13th chakra activation to occur on Easter.

Now you know that Ashtar started this and Kuthumi echoed him—or they echoed each other– saying that from March 20th through Easter which is April 12th, that many unprecedented things highly important things would occur, happen, transpire.

This is what we are talking about now.  All of these things converging and augmenting each other and bringing us to a place, not only for NESARA because NESARA is a 3-D thing.

What we’re talking about is the whole Universe is going through a revolution that is beautiful, positive and we have never experienced it before.  So we are all in for a lot more.  And so with that I’d like to ask Deborah to put us into question and answer mode and get some input and ask their questions.

Q&A Mode:

Lady: Tara, I can tell you what estoppel is.  It’s a legal term, it started in some of the courts called courts of equity rather than courts of law. It is a parallel system that is incorporated in our system today.

Basically, it boils down to, you can’t claim that a law works one way and then because it works to your advantage claim it works another way when you already claimed it worked another way.  So you are estopped from getting the benefit all the time and changing the application of some principle.

Tara: Thank you.  That sounds very appropriate for this bunch.

Mark: Is there another question?

Shirley: When I was reading today’s Christopher Story he was mentioning two things.

First, his report was put on the British mainstream news about Barclays and some of the corruption in England.  So that was a good thing for him because it upset a lot of people.

But he also is quoting President Sarkozy who says that “if the deliverables are not there, I won’t sign the communiqué” and Christine Lagarde, his financial minister, is explaining that “it means walking away.  I think he is very determined.”

What Chris Story was saying is that even though he is British, he understands and speaks French and that that word is not used in any other way in the French language.  So what he said was, “What did Sarkozy really mean when he said ‘if the deliverables are not there, he’s walking away.’”  Chris Story is taking that to mean something to happen with releases of funds.  I didn’t know if you had read that and what your thoughts were about it.

Mark: Thank-you.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I have read that and this gentlemen you quote, Mr. Sarkozy, has, you might say, has one or two or maybe more than hats he wears.

One of them you might call a Mafiosi; no one to be fiddled with.  On the other hand he’s got some other interests that we cannot really define here.  The reason I disqualified that a little bit is to say that we don’t…

See, they send signals to each other and they’re signaling certain kinds of things which might mean negotiations or you might call them posturings to try to get their way.  That was one of the things mentioned in the article is that you make a demand, draw a line in the sand, and say you want me to sign this thing? OK, then here’s the deal.

The truth of the matter is that when these people come together…..

I have to go back to this….. Saint Germain, Mother Sekhmet and the King of Swords and who knows how many others, that’s just the ones we’re knowing about, that are going to be there and we’ve also heard, as Rama mentioned earlier, that up to 10 of those G-20 nations may decide that their odds are better to go ahead and sign on to NESARA .

So you see, we have conflicting interests and agendas and power plays that make it impossible to know in advance and once again, quoting Rama, the King of Swords is going to take orders only from Saint Germain and Mother Sekhmet is going to make sure that her Paschats are ready to do whatever needs doing.

We’re not really predicting anything special except don’t look at what these other people say or do.  We know that this G-20 was set up by the power brokers to try to get their way in spite of all facts telling them that they are broke, that their time is up and this is the place where they leave the stage.

So, nonetheless, they throw this final wild card out there and no matter what the names for it are, it doesn’t matter. Saint Germain has NESARA’s funds in his hands and he also has the power to stop the whole show and say “End Program.”

Tara: And he’s also got his signature on the World Trust instead of the Rothchilds.  So it’s all over.  It’s completely over.

Mark: Keeping that in mind, and as I said, the only reason we are going into detail on these things is that we understand that many people have different amounts of information and it’s confusing when you are looking on the internet or just looking on any printed material because you’ll hear all kinds of stories and some of them have a piece of the truth and some of them are total falsehoods.

So you don’t know how to do that unless you go to the top and the top happens to be Saint Germain, Mother Sekhmet and the King of Swords.  They are the only ones who are in on the top plan that includes the Galactics.  And with that, let’s turn it over and see if anybody else has another question.

Barker: In your introduction, what did you imply was going to happen today by midnight tonight?  Was it the discontinuance of the FRNs?

Mark: What Tara just read to you said it all.  What it basically said was that the Federal Reserve, the IRS and effectively the government is insolvent in terms of all FRNs or Federal Reserve Notes.

None of them can be collected, which means the IRS, who is only the Federal Reserve’s collection agent, that is what they would be collecting under; those authorities.

However, what this legal case which was decided, basically dissolved a little after 5 o’clock this morning, was that the government is insolvent and especially the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and all bonds going back to 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created, are no longer collectable, meaning you can no longer enforce them.  So this is very important.  Does this answer your question?

Barker: Very good.  Thank you so much.

Big Will: With the absence of the IRS, is it possible that with the paid the interest that we’ve been paying over the years, is it possible to get a refund gong back ten years?

Mark: Well, I don’t think we want to answer that specifically as detailed as you just asked it.  We do know that once NESARA is announced, that we will have a situation.  Tara, do you want to comment on this?

Tara: Yes, there is going to be … you know … the thinking that we are still going to get a refund under the Federal Reserve, that is where the language has changed. As of midnight tonight the Federal Reserve is out of business.  So we won’t be getting any refunds.

Instead, you’ve got to look at the language here.  What happens with the replacement of the Federal Reserve, with the NESARA Law, is that every man, woman and child receives 10 million dollars each in every country in the world, starting with the United States, England, Canada and Australia.

Back here, it’s not a refund.  It’s called restitution for the criminal prison that all of our selves and all of our ancestors have been in around the world.  That’s the answer.  Do you capice?

Big Will: I do understand.  Thank you so much.

Mark: We will be bringing out more information on this on Thursday when we have more actual hard information about the way they are going to publically deal with this.

The fact is that we’ve been inside NESARA Law since October 1st, 2008.  Yet, this hasn’t been announced to the public.  Nonetheless, all transactions taking place since this have to comply with NESARA law.

So you see there is a double set of things going on.   And whether or not there is any paperwork to be submitted later on for refunds in some cases, we’ll have to clarify that but right now, this is a new event.  This case puts another factoid in the mix and it’s a very good one because Barrack Obama invited it, which is very interesting here.

So you see, here is another one of his hats.  He slips in a little thing that doesn’t sound that potent. But here already it has come to a point of execution that, tonight at midnight, barring anything done that we don’t know about, that the Federal Reserve and the IRS are kaput. [German for finished.]  So let’s just leave it at that.

Questioner: What the case law known by?

Tara: The Declaration of Insolvency is what that’s called.

Questioner: Thank-you, Tara.

[Next question and answer deleted. Information was incorrect.]

Steve: Earlier I asked you the question, whose running the government because Barrack Obama seems to be giving a lot of press conferences but I don’t see him sitting in the cabinet room with his cabinet.

The White Knights and the Earth Allies, I’m guessing, play the biggest role right now behind the scenes.  I wonder if you could just talk a little bit about who the Earth Allies actually are.  You’ve named the King of Swords , the King of Egypt and other people, you’ve named the Hong Kong Blondes, the Red Green Ninjas—could you kind of paint a picture for us of who F-3, in terms of the Earth Allies, actually are?

Mark: O.K.  We can do that.  Tara, you want to take that one?

Tara: Well, first of all, it’s the ACIO—that’s Faction 3.  That’s a military organization, only it’s in the Faction-3 level because it’s completely, totally 100 percent classified.  So everybody that is in the ACIO, and that includes the Galactic Federation—that means Lord Ashtar and all of the Star Nation people that are on the planet and, specificically, it means the 16 million sovereign militia forces that are not from here.  They come here as members of the Ashtar Command and they are on the ground in the physical and they are members of our United States military.  There are 4 million from Earth that are part of that militia force, as well.

So, these are all the good men and women, on the ground, Galactic and human that are members of this Ashtar Command force.  This is who they are so this includes, Lady Master Nada, the King of Swords, the King of Egypt, Dodi and Di  [previously referred to as “the Nameless Ones”] and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sr.— he’s been working with them and alive and well — and all the good members of Congress—maybe 50 of them and that’s about all of the government and, of course, all the double agents like Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Patrick Leahy and all the good members of Congress.

Mark: There is something else that we have to mention in order to answer your question, Steve.

I know you already know this but since that question came up, as of October 1st, 2008, Lady Master Nada effectively is in charge of our country.  We’ve got to bottom line it down to one person, one thing, because she represents the supreme level of the International Court of Justice, or call it the World Court.

That is so crucial because we were bankrupt.  We were foreclosed upon by Executive Order of the International Court of Justice and this is—nothing else trumps that.  Everything else is just window dressing.

Look at the cabinet members.  You can name them on one hand—the number of people that Obama can talk to without watching his back for the shiv to come into him, for the knife in his back.

So this is very important.  The same thing is true of every other department and cabinet level, all the neocons that are still in office.  So if you want to know who is running the government, basically, I think the answer you should say is……

First of all, who has the authority to overrule everything?  That’s Lady Master Nada in the International Court of Justice.  Secondly, there is the King of Swords and Saint Germain and the Galactics—Ashtar Command.

All of these are involved and they have the top talent as well as higher-dimensional intelligence.  This is so sophisticated that, if we were to discuss it, they would have to kill me.  I’m not joking here.

What I’m saying is that you cannot believe how we can be monitored.  How everyone of these people can be monitored beyond any ability of theirs to block it.

So they do have good information and the King of Swords and Lady Master Nada and even Saint Germain are providing this information to Obama.  So he is well informed.

As you know he has 42% or more of his intelligence activated and functional.  It’s probably increasing every single day in his abilities. Whereas, most of us are operating at 5 to 15% maximum.

So, there isn’t any question here about that they are competent.  They do know the score and they do know all of what is going on, not just what all of the lower levels know.

So they have a plan.  This is not just “winging” it. They have a plan.  They have a sequential flow of events that have to happen in a certain order……in certain ways because, guess what?  Even they have to comply with the Universal Law.

We all……..nobody just passes something anymore and says, “OK we passed that” and on this level it’s legal.  Well, if it’s not legal on the Galactic level, if it’s not in accord with the Universal law, it won’t stand.

We’re already there.  The good guys, you might say, are already forcing this issue to where everybody has to comply with Universal Law.  They are just not saying it in that way.  But it’s already true.

So as these events of the next days continue to unfold, of course the people on the lower levels that have controlled things are going to still try to jerk on the puppet strings of their people in Congress, in the cabinet and in the big banks, in the military and others.

But it’s not going to work because they’re overruled.  So this is going on.  I hope this answers your question a little bit better.

Steve: Well, you’ve talked about the better-known personalities but there are some lesser-known personalities that also are in play here and I’ll mention two.  The Hong Kong Blondes and the Red Green Ninjas.  Could you say a little bit more about these other players who are part of this government behind the government, so to speak?

Mark: They were mentioned in the 4 million.  They are part of that 4 million-man force that the King of Swords has. They are all working with him.

The Hong Kong Blondes were part of the Tiananmen Square uprising some years ago, which I know you remember.  They were Indigos and subsequently, because of their skills, they were invited into the Chinese secret government [Mark refers to an anti-Chinese government group].

Then when the need was to utilize the skills and they became more adept than their mentors were and developed such a level beyond what you might call an adept’s capabilities, they, in turn then, and I’m sure that is the way it was, they were approached by the King of Swords and invited to come in out of the cold and be part of the big picture for the whole planet.  And so they now work with him.

If we talked about any of the other players, we’d still come back to that same basic, who is in charge, and you’ll find that it is the King of Swords who was appointed, basically appointed as President of the US in 1999 at The Hague because of all the things that happened and Saint Germain was there and all the heads of states were there also.

So, he’s actually been the single planetary leader and he wears at least two hats.  I think he probably wears more than that.  He speaks 23 languages and because of his job with the Secret Service you might say he’s Faction One but also Faction Three and so he has a day job and then his main job, which is coordinating and overseeing worldwide operations preparing for NESARA—not just in our country, but for the dissemination of that throughout the world and also in coordinating with the Ashtar Command and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

That’s about as much as I think we could say without confusing people.

Steve: Alright, so if you had tossed in the Paschats you will have described the whole of Faction Three in general terms, and the whole of the Earth Allies in specific terms, which are part of Faction Three.  Is that correct?

Mark: Yes.  That is correct.

Steve: O.K.  Well, thank you very much.

Mark: Is there another question?

Tara: I want to make a comment if there are no other questions.  We just looked  at the commercial on Rachel Maddow and Rachel Maddow is going to have Colin Powel on her show for an exclusive interview tomorrow.

Everybody make sure you watch that because Colin Powell has already turned State Evidence against the whole cabal.  So whatever he says tomorrow is going to be very significant to us.  She is on MSNBC.

Barker: I wanted to follow up on the comment about the US joining the United Nations Human Rights Council.  It was a news post on the GRT-CIP group this afternoon.  Here is some direct information:

By Colum Lynch
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 31, 2009; 4:15 PM

UNITED NATIONS, March 31 — The Obama administration decided Tuesday to join the U.N. Human Rights Council, reversing a decision by the Bush administration to shun the United Nations’ premier rights body to protest the influence of repressive states, according to U.N. diplomats and rights activists.

The United States will participate in elections in May for one of three seats on the 47-member council, joining a slate that includes Belgium, Norway and New Zealand. New Zealand has offered to step aside to allow the United States to run unchallenged, according to a U.S. official.

Human rights activists have been advocating U.S. membership in the council since its creation in March 2006. The United States is expected to announce its plan to join later Tuesday.

(More at link)

Mark: Thank you Barker.  I will tell you now why I have reservations.  Because I know that we have not had a vote in the United Nations yet.  What this did, is a very important step, because it signals what the United States did, the step it is taking under Obama is taking.

It doesn’t change anything just yet.  We have to actually be sworn in as an official member of that council and that won’t happen until May.  So, yes, it is good news but it’s a little bit premature to count votes until that happens so that is what my reservation is.  I know this is extremely important and extremely serious business.

If they will give this time—a month or more—for people to get used to the idea that there has been a policy shift in the United States government and that we are openly doing this and the reaction of New Zealand in willingly withdrawing from its role shows that this was all coordinated in advance shows that it’s a done deal in advance and that the United States will join and will be made member officially and will probably then they will convene and discuss how they are going to make these changes which puts the whole world on notice.  It is coming. But it isn’t here yet.  I feel very comfortable with that article now that I know the facts as you’ve read it.  Thank you very much Barker.

Barker: Thank you and I’m complete.

Roxy: I was wondering they’ve got “Pakistani Taliban threatens to attack on White House.”  Mr. Mehsoud says that we have a five-million dollar bounty on his head. He threatens the United States and says he’s going to amaze everyone in the world with an attack on Washington or even the White House, he says.  I figured this is the creature that doesn’t want to die is forming their little groups to come against our president now.

Mark: This is to be expected.  Every time you put a stick in a hornet’s nest you’re going to get a reaction.  This is just another thing like the United Nations thing.

Barack Obama has already planted more seeds of change than any President ever.  And when….some of these are the biggest ones ever period … by any President…  includes the ones that Leon Panetta and Dr. Stephen Basset are working with to reveal the secrets of the cover-up of the Galactic presence here. Nothing is more important than that.  Nothing.  Absolutely not.

Because, until that is in, we’re not knowing, the public is not knowing, officially, that the Galactic Federation, not only is here, but it’s always been here.  And that it has an active role in our future.  And our future depends upon our cooperation with them and this opens up all the history books and everything has to be redone.

We all know this.  That is why it is so crucial.  The complete revelation of 9/11, which is all being set up now.  Sibel Edmonds and the other whistle blowers….Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame and all of the others are in contact with each other and have held secret meetings with the good members of Congress, which we said were at least 50 … maybe 62 at the max … that have been involved for four years or more together.

So every one of these things that we are hearing tonight fits into this overall frame of reference of change that will shake the foundations of every institution, every vested interest.

I don’t care whether it’s Pakistani, I don’t care if it’s Taliban or the CIA phony Al-Qaeda…..all of these things have to be set aside because they are all constructed means of dividing and conquering the whole world and that is what is ending and these are the evidences of it and rather than be confused we can be clapping and celebrating because it’s all well in hand.

That’s what Jesse told Rama today when he said when the question came up about is Obama up to speed to handle these things and the answer was yes indeed, he has it all handled.  Well in hand and is gaining more understanding and more ability everyday.  So I’ll pass the talking stick.

Charles: Mark, what is President Obama’s strategy in this planning with the  Wall Street gang as opposed to the automobile CEOs.

Mark: O.K.  Your question is, why has, seemingly, the auto industry gotten a better bit of discipline thrown at it than the banks and Wall Street?

Charles: Yes.

Mark: Tara you want to say something on that?

Tara: Yes, I can.  Behind the scenes, what we just told you all is that he handled Wall Street good and well with another strategy.  It’s called the Declaration of Insolvency.

On the front end, it is all the bullies and he doesn’t have to take their guff.  He doesn’t have to fight with them either.  All he had to do was declare the insolvency.  He took care of their stuff all the way around the block and then some.

And the other reason for getting down on these guys here with the automobile industry, the CEO kind of guys, was because they took all the 401Ks of the workers and they put them in the hedge funds and that is how he made his 32 billion or whatever it is he has in his bank account.  They are getting even stronger treatment right now because it can show the people who these criminals are where it hurts.  I’ll pass the talking stick.

Mark: I would like to make just one more little comment about the significance of insolvency. All of these bonds that are in the hedge funds and the pension funds….actually, most of them are outside the country,  this is very important.

If they are outside the country and they are basically called insolvent, they are not exchangeable for U.S. notes.  That means all these derivatives, estimated to be 2000 trillion, suddenly are going to even more worthless than ever before; if that is even possible.  That means they have to be written off and you can’t put a claim in for money from the US Treasury for something that the Federal Reserve did after it was insolvent.

When people realize just what this implies they are going to see how cleverly Ashtar Command, the King of Swords and his people and Barack Obama, how cleverly they have set this trap and now they are beginning to expose the bait and they are beginning to expose the rats and the mice… that have all nibbled on that bait thinking they are getting something for nothing and what they just got may be worthless or they never actually get it.

Rama: Right.

Mark: So this is very important for all at this time.

I just got an epiphany while Tara was talking about the new [rainbow] money being stamped and I was thinking all these big people that wanted loans and bailouts and AIG.  That’s all in Federal Reserve notes……I think they shouldn’t be redeemable for the crooks.  I think that probably that’s what’s going to happen.

Tara: Well, remember, Roxy, all Federal Reserve notes are canceled as of midnight. [Note: Tara’s exact words are not all audible. The transcribers believe she said “at midnight.]

That means worldwide.   What that means is that they all get turned in and they get destroyed.  Only the United States notes become valid and those United States notes by NESARA announcement of the law itself become redeemable and the only people that get United States notes are the people who aren’t arrested and the other people that aren’t going to jail and the other people aren’t going to be here.

So for the rest of the world, nothing but light can remain on Earth.

Roxy: That was such a wonderful way that they did this.  What a wonderful trap.  I just wanted to express how grateful I am.  I am just full of joy right now, Lady Master.  Thank you.

Ruth: Will the ex-CEO of GM with his $20 million parachute, will he be here or is he being paid in Federal Reserve notes, or what?

Mark: You have to look at a bigger story that hasn’t been released yet.  This of 75,000 indictments, already signed, already sealed and ready to deliver as arrest notices.

Now we know that all the Bush administration is virtually in there and we are talking about the top people and all the department heads, because Ashtar said that on his last message to us.

So, we know also that all of the Illuminati, the 13 families, are already, you might say, indicted so all of their minions that have served them, I don’t care in what capacity—it doesn’t matter, they are effectively indicted as well.

Nobody is getting away with anything. When the last bell rings, it is going to be very, very clear that all of the eyes have been dotted the tees have been crossed and there will be a period at the end of the sentence that cannot be appealed.

So, we are seeing it now and it is becoming just a little …….we have just peaked under the covers a little bit in the last couple of days.  But we haven’t see nothing yet because this has got to become public.  They will be screaming like stuck hogs.

There isn’t anything to do except to praise, respect and thank the feelings that are coming up in all of us, including them, because it has taken every bit of this to get us to where we are right now.  We still have some ways to go before we hear an announcement.  But it is a time to celebrate that the movement is becoming publicly obvious.

Rev. Dale: Thank you for all your time and all your love you give us through these conversations.  We live on a very small SSI disability fund and that comes directly from the U.S. Treasury. Will something like that be affected?

Mark: No, you have nothing to worry about because all of the Treasury obligations will be honored.

Tara: I also wanted to add that after the announcements that little stipend will be exponentially increased.  You will be very happy, Commander.

Mark: Each of you will have 10 million that is not be taxable.

Rev Dale: This is the new money you were speaking of….the different colored bills?

Tara: Yes.  They’re called rainbow bills.  And they are all Treasury bills.  And remember the value will be 50 dollars a troy ounce, which means you can take that exponentially increased blessing, plus your money, untaxed and you can buy and purchase things and they’ll be worth…… for instance a $30,000 automobile will only cost $3,000.  I’m just trying to give you a ten to one difference.

Rev Dale: So the inflated economy will adjust to a more reasonable level?  A realistic level with this?

Tara: Everything will go to that $50 per troy ounce for gold and $10 for silver and $100 for platinum.  It’s called reindexing.  All the prices have to be adjusted.

Mark: And that will be within 30 days after NESARA’s announcement.

Rev. Dale: Which is coming very soon?

Mark: Right.  With no dates and no nukes.

Kauwila: Hello.  Aloha.  This question is probably going to morph as I speak.  Related to the bank and the money that everyone has been talking about, if we have something in our local bank, in our account, is there something that we need to think about getting out?

The other thing has to do with gold and silver as far as having them in our possession. It’s very clear that purchasing gold and silver and other metals and things have been used as a means to, let’s put it this way, like an investment tool, but now it looks as though that it’s not such a great deal to purchase that.

I was just wondering if you could give us an outlook on that type of thing.  Also, on owning precious metals, whatever it is, jewelry and so forth as an aid to our spiritual or aid in the ascension process.  I pass the talking stick.

Mark: Ok, let’s take the first one first.  The money that you now have in banks, that are in FRNs, Federal Reserve notes, you have nothing to worry about because we are talking about American citizens here and any money that is there will be exchangeable one for one after NESARA is announced.

So first of all, that takes care of that issue. Don’t do anything because you won’t need to panic.  It will all be taken care of.  The King of Swords has already indicated, and you’ve heard Thom Hartmann’s even spoken of it as well as others, that we are going to have probably two weeks of bank closing.  That means the insides of the bank, not necessarily the ATMs or the outside.

And during that period, they are going to go in and clean up personnel, practices, equipment, software.  The big banks already have the new phoenix money, which is why some of it is starting to show up in circulation, even though that was not supposed to happen.  But it is.

OK.  Now on the question of gold and precious metals….. investments in gold and silver and platinum and other valuables.  Once again, it should have been perfectly obvious by listening to Tara talk about the values, the post-indexing values of these metals—they’ve already been set and we have actually discussed this on GRT and also on StarGate Roundtable and a couple of the other conference calls so people that have been listening for awhile here have already received this information.  Whether they processed it or not is another matter;

So knowing that your dollars are going to be exchangeable one for one for precious-metals-backed money, does it make any sense at this stage to buy gold and things of this sort?

My answer to that for all ordinary people who don’t have billions of dollars is, no, it does not.   It makes no sense whatsoever.  We have been telling people to get out of stock markets, to cash in their 401ks and these kinds of things for a couple of years and we suggested even longer ago than that that it would be prudent to do that.

But anyone who hasn’t done this or didn’t invest in gold when it was $300 an ounce, $400, at that time, it was a very good thing to do.  But at this late stage, the answer is, chill out, keep what you got, don’t worry about it.  It’s all handled. If you lost money in the stock market, don’t worry about it.

Don’t sweat it because you are going to have 10 million for every man women and child.  You don’t want to be storing gold because that makes you a target for thieves.  It’s very difficult.  It’s heavy.  You can’t go into the grocery store with a bar of gold.

So you can see why we’re saying that at this stage now, when we are basically on the threshold of the announcement and all the changes, just relax.  Trust that you are all taken care of anyway.  We won’t want to sweat the small stuff with the details, details, details because, in the truth of it, it has all been factored in.  Everyone has been taken care of and only the criminals need to be concerned.

Tara: I was also going to say that we are moving forward.  We never needed to dig gold out of the earth or anything ever.   Just like we never needed to dig oil out of the earth. We never needed to any of that.  We are going towards ultimately not having any banks on the earth ever again.  We’re going to universal economics where we are in a spiritual economy.

That’s why emphasized that what has gone wrong here is that materialism void of spirituality took over the planet.  That was our volunteer… why we came here.  We said this time and every lifetime we ever came here to reverse that back to the norm.  It’s abnormal to secularize and to become materialistic without any spiritual foundation so that is exactly what has happened and  this is called the Great Reversal.

The money that we are receiving right now, we are all going to have to help the Earth.  That’s what it is.  To set up the new infrastructure.  To set up the Venus Project where there is spiritual living going on around the Earth and everybody has enough. There’s no money involved. It’s all based on your spiritual life. I pass the talking stick.

Mark: We have been waiting for NESARA to be announced so we can stop talking about economic this and economic that because the truth of the matter is that has never been what this has been about.

Anyone who is here came here because planetary ascension has been on the agenda for this lifetime.  We are fortunate to be here to experience this because it is not just a planetary thing.  As we’ve been talking about it, it affects hundreds of billions of galaxies…this cannot even begun to be discussed because we haven’t experienced it before and we are going to be doing this in a physical body.

When Kuthumi is talking about the 13-chakra system, this is the crystalline chakra system.  He is not wasting his time going through these one through thirteen activations and he’s doing it at this time because it has to be out there before it actually happens and that gives you again another confirmation.  We are very close to having 12 fully-activated strands of DNA.  And anyone who doesn’t know what that means has a wonderful surprise ahead of them.

So that’s what we really want to do is to get on with sharing the knowledge, the love, the support for the whole planet to do this.  Once we are personally taken care of, that frees us up from that job because I have to say we all here know that the work is just beginning.

This is not people sitting around going to the Caribbean Islands on vacation for three years.  No, we have three years to accomplish everything. Actually it is much less, because we have accomplish certain things in a sequence so that everybody’s ready for a collective joining on a spiritual level.  They need to know what that means.  They need to know all of these things.

This affects the whole future not only of this incarnational aspect or iteration of our soul matrix, but the whole entire soul matrix of all of us.  That means 175 million years into the future on the viable timelines, what we are doing right now is clearing the darkness from all of those timelines, 175 million years out into the future.

So that history that was there won’t be there when we get there even though some of us that have been there have come back to report on it.  Now if you can take that one in, then you can see why the finances are such a small piece of this.  OK.  I pass the talking stick.

Cindy: First we have to have the 75,000 indicted and that made public. And then we have NESARA announced.  Is there a guesstimate of when we would make public that the galactic beings are here?  Are we looking at a couple months later or do you have any idea?

Mark: I would say it is probably best, at this point, to consider these as simultaneous events.  You know we have to have arrests.  We have to have a change in the banking system to make NESARA’s money worth anything.  Or to make it safe and secure.  Same way with our health.  Until the criminals are arrested and the 13 families are completed defanged in every way, shape and form or removed completely, and the latter is more likely than the former, until these things happen, it is not safe to give you ten million dollars.

When you take the criminals off first, then we can have NESARA and then we can have galactic presence.  But all of this has to fit in in a certain sequence so that, you might say, each step builds the other one, even though it may be a circular series.   And what we are talking about is maybe in a week’s time. A lot of this is all going to happen in the same time.  And it can happen so that the Galactics can support NESARA announcements.

Tara: I also wanted to make it very clear that at the same moment that NESARA is announced, Galactic presence must be announced simultaneously.  Both hands.

Jenna: Years ago, 30 years ago, when I began my last phase of training in spirituality, I was told by Spirit that it would all be simultaneously.  Everything would be in one fell swoop.  So, what you are saying is absolutely true.  All of these dots and all of these connections have been made and when it is announced, it will be simultaneous.

Mark: Thank you Jenna.  We’ve been trying to help people with this by saying that by the time you hear about the first thing, technically, they will probably all already have been accomplished.

The people will have been arrested that have to be arrested. The changes in the banking system will already have been made. So here we are on March 31st, 2009 and at midnight this night, legally speaking, we all know it, that the IRS and the Federal Reserve are no more as far as their legal ability to function and since they have already been absorbed anyway, and that this is only a charade going on out on the surface, this is just a concrete level of saying as that, as we said before, before we can tell you something has happened, probably 10,000 arrests, 100,000 arrests…… 7 million reptilians removed — that’s already happened.  This has already happened. We are only talking about what hasn’t yet happened and that’s the 75,000 more ones whose names have been fully processed so this is very, very dramatic.

And some of these things like the Spanish court, this is just a way of preparing the public that, my goodness, here is another nation indicting these people and wanting to try them and putting out arrest notices for them  This is just another way of saying, OK, if they can do it, isn’t it our business to do it here?  Well, that sets it up for Obama and the forces all to take care of business.  I pass the talking stick.

Will: A very interesting thing is about to happen tomorrow on April 1st.  Our computers, as you all know, there is a virus that is to be planted on our computers.  My question is will that affect anything that we [GRT] are doing?

Mark: First and foremost, everything we are doing is based on amino acid computers and that is a Microsoft virus that will only affect PCs.  It doesn’t affect Macintosh, which I happen to have and it doesn’t affect the Galactics’ computers and systems.  So, no, nothing like this is going to lead to one ounce of delay or stopping.  Even though they may have created it to do just that.

It’s not going to work, folks.  They can’t get away with this anymore.  Remember what Ashtar said. Bill Gates agreed to upload nanites into all the communication satellites above the planet.

That means that these activations that every single one of us is going through to raise our DNA to the crystalline status and 5th dimensional functionality, it’s happening to every particle of matter and even more so than nanites.

They are sentient at that level and when they turn on and when they are given a command that does not agree with 5th dimensional universal law, then they will, in turn, instead of complying with the command that they’ve just been given, they will connect with the Ashtar Command, New Jerusalem bridge and say, “standing by for instructions”.  I hope that answers the question.

Roxy: I was going to talk a little bit about ascension.  I’ve been having awful headaches and my vision is warped sometimes.  I don’t know what it is.  Is that part of Ascension?  Also, my heart has been like……….I don’t know if they are repairing us or if this is the crystalline whatever is going on.  I was wondering if someone might be able to explain it further.

Mark: Congratulations.  You are experiencing your switchover, your migration from carbon-based to crystalline-based functionality.

Rama: It is called Ascentionitis.

Roxy: I thought I was going nuts.  My vision is just really….my focus is just really hard when it hits me.

Mark: It’s too bad we can’t ask people to raise hands because I’ll bet half the people on this call have had their own versions of exactly what you are talking about.  All of us here have.

Roxy: O.K.  I just didn’t want to think I was going crazy.  These headaches very intense and they feel like they go from the front, all the ways from your eyes to all the way to the base of your skull.  They are just so extreme.  And then when I do the Ho’oponopono and I thank and forgive and ask for forgiveness, it seems to subside and that helps me get through it.

Mark: Thank you.  That is the clue.  You see, the clue is, this is not a pathological process.  This is a wonderful gift of Grace from the Source.  This is the Grace light.  This is the Great Central Sun.  This is all of the spiritual hierarchy joining universally.

Roxy: I am so sunshiny inside.  I called Will the other day and said I feel so peaceful.  I walked through my door the other day and it just felt like everything has been lifted off of my shoulders.  I am at peace and I just wanted to thank you.

Mark: And one thing more about that.  You all remember the 8:30 pm worldwide……… what was it called Tara?

Tara: On Saturday.  Earth Hour.

Mark: Earth Hour.  All participated in that and there was an energy shift during that or actually just a little bit before that that lasted until we went to bed which was after midnight The only way to describe it is that there was a feeling of peace and easiness.

We sat in front of a fireplace for an hour and a half, totally calm totally comfortable. The critters … we had five cats around us at that time and they were all that way.  And then we came home and I talked to Rama and Tara and they had been on their conference call on Saturday for ten hours.  People were all feeling the same thing no matter where they were in the world.

So, yes, this is a harbinger of what it’s going to be like when we have 12 chakras fully activated.  And the fact that you are having visual things and headaches tells you how far up your system it has already happened.  The answer is, when it’s in your head, what else is there to lose.

It’s all being transformed.  It’s all going to be better.  Age reversal comes next.  First it happens within and then without.  We will start looking around and everybody will start seeing everybody’s aura.  We will start seeing everybody’s colors.  You’ll know exactly where they are and what their state of being is.  It’s going to happen exponentially.

Shirley: There are reports called the mark of the beast computers.  Now these computers have been in Brussels since the beginning and it belongs to the Illuminati and I would imagine that the Galactics could take it over.  But just to tell you that this computer known as the beast is self programming and does have the capacity for housing a number for every entity on this earth.  You will really expand your mind to the control that they have.  When Mark talks about amino acid computers, this one might be one of those too because it is self programming.  So, anyways, I just wanted to share that with people so they could get an idea.  I pass the talking stick.

Mark: Thank you, Shirley.  First of all, the beast is not amino acid.  The ships have amino-acid computers.  All of us are in those.  I could tell you a personal experience.  This is just to make people feel comfortable with how backed up everything is.  They showed me….they took me through, you might call them vertical, dimensional levels.

And the humorous part of this was that each level was holographically photographing the level below it. So everyone of us is photographed holographically and permanently on more levels than I can even imagine.

So anyone, in anyplace, all the ships computers know exactly where we are.  They have our sole signature codes in the computer databases. It is not limited to what is on this plane.

And with that, that should tell you that no one on this plane can stop this.  No one on this plane can prevent you from being located.  No one on this plane overrides universal law or the positive divine plan which includes us all.  We didn’t just come here on the bus, you might say, and got off at a strange stop.

No, we all worked for this to be here for eons and eons of times hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands of lifetimes preparing for this particular event.  Everybody is included.  We are all well known.

Trust me with this.  If you saw the way this works, everybody with their little spy gears and things like this………it’s a joke.  It’s so limited compared to what the Galactics have and this is so that, if you changed your address, if you think you are lost to the computers, or nay some kind of thing like this virus is going to knock out their memory so they can’t locate you, forget it.  I can absolutely assure you that there is nothing in this universe that can stop you from being located.

And your family, everyone has a specific family alignment on the ships, and they, I can assure you, are most competent to take care of any business that is necessary to get your business to you after NESARA is announced.  So, I think it is important to say that because some people get scared that they’ve moved and can’t be located and are on the move and are homeless or helpless or whatever.

Trust me.  You can be located.  It is to your security that you are not located prematurely.  So all of these things have been well worked out and when the announcements are made, you’ll find that they got even much further than anybody has thus far told you.

Ashtar announced on his last call that everyone involved will find that they already have a  bank account in their name that’s been confidentially or secretly ready and don’t go look for it because it’s not time yet.

Charles: I haven’t heard mention of the 78 prosperity programs lately.  Do they still exist?

Mark: Yes, we do but we don’t have time to talk about it on this call tonight because we are going to get interrupted here very shortly.  Yes, they are all good and that is all ready to go.  The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are the first four to come up and the rest will go off in an exact sequence, which we don’t have, of all of them and when they will go off.  But it’s all been covered and it’s all valid and don’t worry about it.

If it was in business before December 31st 1999, if it was funded at that time, it is o.k.

Tara: Now let me just say that when we say that NESARA is going to be announced 78 programs are going to be distributed.  That’s what we talk about when we talk about the announcement of NESARA.  It’s one and the same.

The 78 programs and NESARA’s blessings.  They’re the same.  Remember I also qualified  that and anybody that is in any one of those programs and has not done their homework spiritually and has not really reached a certain frequency, in other words, they haven’t gotten beyond negativity, they are not going to get any money.

That’s very important.  That’s why we have been encouraging everybody to do their spiritual inner work and you know the first thing every spiritual message says is to become aware of who you are and then heal yourself and then you are in the right place at the right time for NESARA’s announcement.

— End —

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