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Mark Huber Teleconference – April 14, 2009


Mark Huber, edited CC of  04-14-09(these notes precede and may overlap with Jan and Patricia’s notes that began at the 30 minute mark. There was an 8 minute of unrecorded comments at the beginning, that will not be on the MP3. Patricia provided her transcription of her notes and I hope this completes the input and that Jules can use these notes and pickup from the MP3 where these two overlap? Blessings to each transcriber and all participants who are contributing to these CCs. MarkHuber

Mark: As you well know, we have gone through a twenty-one day period in which a lot of things that are not on the surface took place.  Some of these we aren’t going to find out about for awhile, but I can assure you that absolutely everyone knows that we are in a changed environment at this time.

One of the things that maybe some of you don’t know is Benjamin Fulford’s turnabout.  Most of the time in the past, he has not discussed galactic intervention, nor Nesara, or the Reformation Act.  He has stayed completely away from those.  He had two emails posted in a row, in which he suddenly came out and said, ‘There are people (unnamed) who have so much gold and precious metals (which was the tip-off) and they want to use that to help out the whole world.’

For any of you who haven’t heard that information, it is very important, because as Steve Beckow would tell you all the time, when we can get confirmation from a third party, it is always very useful to nail that down.  Because some of our sources can hint around and tell you certain things, but they can’t give away information on operations that are in process.

So when he said that, what he was talking about was St. Germain and Nesara’s gold and precious metals which are here in such quantity that it will remove all doubt forever about any lack of abundance in the world.  I wanted to start with that.

He also seems to know – he hints – and some of the things we have talked about in terms of the committee of 300, which for those of you who may not have been following that, the King of Swords passed on to Rama a recommendation that they look at the committee of 300 information again.  Many years ago, they had given Tara a book on that by Dr. John Coleman.

The fact that this was recently, within the last 3 weeks, to put that in context, he did that just before Obama was scheduled to go to the G20 meeting.  When Obama did go there, we knew a line had been drawn in the sand, because Mother Sekhmet whispered in the King’s ear, that she had delivered a notice to the Illuminati 13 families, all the heads, that this was it.  They either joined the group, or they were history.  That is a very important set of things that have happened in the last 3 weeks.

Then as Obama went to the G20 meeting, and met both officially, and behind the scenes with heads of state, Holograms began to appear.  The Queen, and all the top Illuminati families, either before he got to them, or after he left suddenly became Holograms.  Then we finally got the message that indeed, they were all now, physical Holograms.

For those of you who are not prepared to hear or understand what that means, it means that the King of Swords has a remote control for simplicity purposes.  All the [Illuminati], in Congress, and in the top banker positions, and in all of these 13 families.  They are all gone.  But the Holograms persist, and they have complete memory, just as the embodied soul did.  But they do not have the embodied soul.  What it is, is a duplicate at a certain moment in time, and it can be programmed.  It can have its program changed to a certain degree so it still looks and acts pretty much the same, but it can be terminated at any second with the push of a button.

In this last 3 week period – and I want to concentrate on that term – 3 weeks – because 21 days was what Kuthumi, Ashtar and Mother told us that it was where a lot of this stuff was going to take place.  During this 3 weeks, the committee of 300 are all Holograms.  Also, we found out, that not only they, but also their key minions, subordinates who support them, are also Holograms.  Which means they also have been removed, and are under the same single remote control of the King of Swords.

Then it was suggested to us that we also consider that most of the people that you find opposing Obamas’ policies, were neocons in the Bush administration, or in the 75,000 indictees, and many – we will not say at this moment, all of them – but many of them are now solid Holograms.

So what you are going to have here, as we have been told three years ago, was that when it finally came down to this last chapter and verse, was that it would be basically accomplished before we would have our announcement.

That is so, that at the push of a button, without any muss or fuss, they just disappear.  That is a single command, world-wide, and they are just gone.  These are up to 400 congressmen involved in this, they have been given every chance possible, and they did not meet the test that St. Germain said they had to pass.  In other words, they were not salvageable on this level.  There are some, though, in the last few weeks period of time, that Ashtar has hinted at on his call, Susan Leland’s Ashtar on the Road call.  [Ashtar] almost came right out and said any of these ones who are so programmed that they can’t even think at all for themselves, and are asking for another option, they know they are going to have to flip that black hat into a white hat, and stand up and be counted and speak the truth, or else they are instantly gone.  There will be no appeal; it will be just simply done.

We don’t have any names for who those are, so we can’t give you that at this time, except to say that pretty much every one that is resisting and opposing is indeed now, already a photographic memory of something that used to be. But still in charge, and I think Rama will speak to this, or Tara, is that it is Hillary Clinton that is at the head of all of these black operations, that you are still seeing, that are poking their heads up, that are jerking the chains of neocons who may not even be here, but they still have the memories and they still follow those rules.  You know she[Hillary] is a double who was cloned and programmed with Hillary’s memories, so she is acting, and she is not even a direct clone; she is a double that was cloned and programmed.  The original was executed in the Hague at the order of Barack Obama, because she failed miserably to change any of her policies.  The one you see running around out there as Secretary of State is doing the same thing as the original did, and will be hauled up.  Because the public has to have closure. They’re gone, so they can’t get closure, but there will be these key figures that will, in fact, stand up on TV and be seen as being arrested for war crimes.

(Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to start until about 9:34 PM tonight.  So sorry).

Jan Chapman’s transcripting begins here. MarkH

Tara – That is why none of the positions under Geithner have been filled.  Nobody wants to step in under a 10’ pole.  That’s why the positions aren’t being filled.   With the case now proceeding, that will be more of a challenge. Reactions on American editorial pages are divided.  (Tara was reading an article written by a professor on legal matters for Harper magazine).

Mark – In summing this up, while many of us would like to see actions taken in the U.S. on some of these matters, they really aren’t U.S. jurisdiction. These are international war crimes and intergalactic war crimes to boot. These are the same folks that have been doing this for eons of time.  This is the prelude to general war crimes trial in The Hague.
This is setting this all up so the people know here that this is not Obama’s job it is Lady Master Nada’s job. She has the authority, she has the responsibility and she has the venue without the chicanery in the U.S. judicial system here.

We are seeing more and more of these events taking place. Behind the scenes we can go into more things that Obama is doing in the areas that he can. He has topped all old regulations from being enforced in any part of congress and has said that he will scrutinize when he gets the word, new regulation proposals. He does not invite any new regulation proposals because he knows those writing those proposals are neocons; all bushites.  That’s why some of the stuff doesn’t show.

Leon Panetta and Dr Stephen Bassett will be at a conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC next week and they will be talking on the disclosure project and about declassifying anti-gravity technology, which Obama has already signed an Executive Order for.   Leon Panetta and Dr. Bassett are to bring this stuff in a staged manner. So much of what is going on is window dressing.

I’ll say something that to a few of you won’t be new. We do not need any nuclear weapons.  Why?  We have weapons; we have systems; we have technologies based on ET reverse engineering programs; we’re in the 4th and even 5th generation now with one being the TAW-50 (hypersonic antigravity figher-bomber).

One of these planes can take out a full city dropping down at supersonic speeds from 80,000’ up in the air at an 80 degree flight angle and they can do this in seconds and turn around on a dime in 150’ and reverse course and return from where they came without anybody even knowing they have been there. Except the beam weapons [disrupt all particles]…at the molecular level. That’s why they are talking about nuclear disarmament talks. That’s only to entertain the public and keep them so mesmerized on a subject that has long been solved.

The old KEYHOLE satellites. These can be inserted in orbit any place in the world where there is a combat situation developing.  This[Gulf of Aden] is a high priority area where all of the world is looking to see what is happening there. This is a high priority for a number of military satellites, to fully use technology and scanning devices beyond what you have been told about. They have known about all of these things. Any time you see delays, that’s because they want it to happen.

They are using the pirate things as cover and to find a bad guy to blame that is not them. Keep that in mind as you are paying attention to the current news as most isn’t there. Up to 75,000 holograms may be appearing in the place of top people in the world. This is the 13 families and all of their minions.

We are in the last inning of this game that has gone into overtime. It could take almost nothing. What is the something that might happen to change this whole thing?   That would be whistleblowers coming out on TV and completely blowing the cover of all of the 9/11 participants like Hillary, the Bush regime, and international [Intelligence] units, black ops.  Pretty soon you are into the whole black ops program drug programs, slavery, child and female slavery, prostitution. All of these things are funding operations that all intelligence services on the planet are mutually engaged in. that is something that is hard to understand because you might say, go to the police, but they’re involved as well. That’s why the Dodi and Di[clones] were taken out because of these international espionage operations that they were endangering.

Mark – Rama did you want to add anything?

Rama – Only that what Mark was saying was that these folks, the way Stephanie Miller put it this morning was that…. GOP and permanent exile is trying to create a disaster any where they can. Obama is just plodding along forward laying it out. The crimes as they are.

Tara – He’s not really doing that. He’s just laying out his Executive Orders which now then get them exposed like the story about dropping their nuclear medical ways is a story that would not have been told but for the fact that he signed an Executive Order to roll back all those secrets.  It’s over hump day now.  He doesn’t need to indict them; they are indicting themselves by the revelation of this classified material.  Everything that KOS has up there in classified intelligence. Fasten your seat belts.

Mark – If you would like to put us in Q&A mode:

Moderator – North Virginia, do you have a question?

This is Charles. My question is whether the capacity to disable firearms will carry similarly to nuclear weapons?

Mark – The question has to do with personal fire arms and whether they will be functional when the changes take place. There are several things happening.

We have the ziggurats, which are the stepped pyramids in the Middle East which have ZPMs, zero point power modules in their bases and they form a grid and they have been powered up. They are being complimented by the star gate in the Gulf of Aden and the citrine color spinning holographic crystalline structures above that that are communicating down 7 miles into the ocean. That Stargate goes 30,000 light years out into the universe in both directions. All of this is being coordinated and when the ZPM’s are allowed to complete their 100% power up this will connect with [the 3 Giza pyramids] and the grids in the U.S. which are the mirror image of the [Giza 3,like those on Galveston Island,TX which Tyberonn has been working to activate since March 20th.]

And all of this together will produce a critical mass effect which the ZPMs will generate a force field; a crystalline matrix field [around the planet]. It has two arms; one is electromagnetic and one is crystalline and they will be over each other and this will be a fifth dimensional force field and unless you are fifth dimensional you can neither enter nor leave [through]the force field. This will be around the entire planet without exception. It has a horizontal component going from the Mideast, where most of the combat activities are engaged. This is already having an impact on weapons that are becoming increasingly non-functional. It will spread this throughout the world. That means anyone…  (We’re talking about 5th dimensional).  This is not aggression.  No aggression (will be allowed) that is intended to harm another.  Everything in 5th dimension is done with love. That may be hard to conceptualize but that is true. As Rama was saying earlier, it’s a matter that the planet is guaranteed ascension. The people’s [ascension] is optional.

Tara – They have their own ascensioning [criteria].

Mark – It means that we have to choose to be a part of it. If we choose to be a part of a society that has reverence for all life, it’s that simple.

Getting back to the question about private guns. This has nothing to do with the Constitution.  It has to do with 5th dimensional universal law and when that occurs all weapons become non-functional. That’s how the Galactics can do this without war. There is plenty of fear out there about soldiers.  That is all fear based nonsense. None of that is part of 5D.  None of that is part of ascension or the Galactic Federation Ashtar Command. This has nothing to do with that whatsoever. This is why the holographics exist.  When the signal is given, they can be turned off.  I hope that answers that question. I pass the talking stick.

Moderator – Central Colorado, go ahead with your question.

This is Robin from central Colorado.  I would like to know about Obama taking our Nesara money and investments. What is going on with that?

Rama – That is absolute lies. No one is taking any Nesara money. If you read Casper, Poof or any of these things out there promising deliveries forever, that is all Bush Sr. garbage. The real packages, I think you can understand why, are controlled only by St. Germain, Lady Master Nada and are under King Of Swords protection.  That is all a dog and pony show and they chuckle every night at how gullible people are to continue to believe this nonsense.  So many people talk about deliveries first which is insanity. If you have the incorrect people in charge, you can only imagine how long it would take to steal your money. No packages have gone out and they won’t until we have the announcement; until Lady Master Nada announces when this will happen, which will be within 72 hours after her announcement on TV.  There is no other delivery schedule and no other person interfering with it. That is all psychodrama to keep people in turmoil about imminent delivery and characterizations of who is involved.  I wanted to make that very clear.  I pass the talking stick.

Moderator – We have a caller from west Washington State.

Hi, this is Elise.  We did a special exercise today with Meg Hoopes in one of her clearing calls. She was guided by St. Germain as well as Mother Sekhmet. We did a massive core clearing for the entire planet instead of person by person. We did a planet release to remove the disrupters for everyone on the planet and also removed the dendrites that are connected with all the parallel lives and all of the remnants for the disrupters. That was massive and Ashtar told us that we were 100% successful on all levels.  Ashtar asked us to tell you this and he said this contribution permanently disconnected the Illuminati and their hold on the planet. They are now ‘one fingernail hold’ on the cliff.  Thank you for letting me share.

Mark – For those who don’t know what this disrupter is. About a month ago on the Ashtar call, they brought a special guest[Meg Hoopes] in who was given this technique. Everyone on that call it was lifted from. Now this is a very exciting announcement that Elise just made. Ashtar just confirmed that it is lifted for the whole planet. This is why whenever something good happens; the disrupter would knock you back down by this internal program. This is another major breakthrough and it happened 2 days after Easter. This is what has been going on. The preparation for this had to happen within the last 21-23 days. This is amazing. We thank you so much Elise for coming on and sharing this.

Moderator – We have a question from Colorado.

This is Delores from Colorado – We had a friend here yesterday and he is disgruntled about Obama originally saying no troops in Afghanistan and then reversing that. Perhaps there is a valid reason why he is reversing this and perhaps it has to do with misinformation and disinformation.

Mark – We can give one name that explains it.  The whole thing centers on Hillary and the neocons who are in all of these governmental positions and who have been issuing orders.  And Obama has to take, in his position; he has to allow them to hang themselves.  And by bringing these things out, they are convicting themselves.  I think the time she has left to continue this is seconds on the clock.  This is why it appears to be that he is behind this but he is not. When he made that statement, [in spite of the fact that the Spanish Courts asked the US if we wanted to take over the investigation, our reps said No, we’re just here to observe, at this time.]

We have had diplomatic contact and presence there during all of this and the reason we are not openly joining this is because this is an international issue.   It is almost number 1 on the priority list of what is to be done. I am sure that mother will have more to say on Thursday and certainly Ashtar has already spoken of this. We will be getting more of this in the near future. Just have compassionate neutrality towards these people who have been stirred up by the hate groups and all the right wing people with agendas to try to undermine the administration. This is the last administration in the normal sense of what we will think of as government, as this government begins to reveal its true nature.

We had another incident today where Al Franken was certified by the courts to be the official Senator from Minnesota.  So all of these things are coming up, yet it takes a little time and it’s not as pretty as we would like to have it.  Every single thing is happening because of absolutely thorough planning so that none of this stuff slips thru the cracks.  Lady Master Nada has assured us that there is no way any of these criminals will escape one bit of accountability.

Moderator – We have a question from California.

This is Mark in California. I have a question for Mark.  You had made mention of the ‘No Nukes and No Dates’ many times.  Can you comment again on the gadget(secret craft) or whatever it is that goes from the airport runway to 80,000’?  Would you explain that a bit more and who owns that, the white hats or the black hats?

Mark – This is out on the internet.  Dr. Richard Boylan’s site has a ton of information on this. I sent some of it to the GRT and I will send that segment to Steve and he can evaluate which site to post it on. We have the most advanced weapons systems in terms of air craft. There are twelve aircraft; I can mention the top three.

The TAW-50 is a hypersonic space craft that is the state of the art and beyond.  It can go in excess of Mach 50 [38,000 MPH+].

In the newest [craft design] there is the [Northrop Quantum Teleportation Disc] aircraft. This one would involve aircraft sitting on the runway.  It can go from sitting on the runway in seconds to being at 35,000’ directly over a target city in a country on the other side of the world.  This is the compact version of the SDI[Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative] technologies.

The new updated version, several generations later, that our government used in the initial attack on Iraq; part of that is the Shark Helicopters.  The Shark 75 helicopters are anti-gravity helicopters with stealth cloaking devices and with several kinds of weapons where they went ahead of the troops. They are on the internet. That’s another one.

In addition to that they have the Nautilus, which is a [space-faring] craft. If you look at these as the latest technologies. This is quantum effects where they can lift straight off the runway.  One minute they are on the runway and they next minute they are thousands of feet up.

TR3-B Astra is a large triangular shaped antigravity,[nuclear powered] aircraft which was in wide use by the black ops and has been photographed all over the country. They are secret government craft that can go to the moon and come back. They have 2 days of oxygen on board.

The F-22 Raptor (advanced stealth) fighter bombers, which are now in production (however) Obama is thinking of cancelling the contracts for those. Here’s a signal. Any time they are willing to discontinue a contract on one thing, it’s because they have something better and the something better they have is the version 2 of the X35 fighter bombers. This has 18… that is part of the command system. This allows the pilots to be in the aircraft and he (the pilot) is connected to this artificial intelligence. It is as if he has no aircraft around him. He has no restrictions visually around him. He can go directly up to 80,000’ from the runway and turn around and come down at supersonic speed and turn around. This is because of the antigravity technology.  What we are talking about here is nothing compared to what the Ashtar command has just in case anybody was wondering.

Now we go to a recent incident in the last week or two over Nellis Air force base test range in NV where they brought an F-22 Raptor where they purposely brought his pilot and went there specifically to try to shoot down a star craft. They had this ET gene basically galactic genetic material in the controls of the plane; it’s like an artificial pilot that hooks in with the pilot and allows him to do things that he normally could not do. Because the ET genes are so advanced, that when the ET AI found out that they were trying to destroy a star nation craft, which it felt like it was its own family, it shut all its equipment off and the plane crashed. In other words, it gave its own life force to protect its family.  That’s fifth dimensional consciousness.

I’ve had experiences in dealing with these air craft. Many of these air craft are spewing Chemtrails.  I have put violet beams around these air craft and they have stopped the Chemtrails; it’s because of the heart. They can tell when you are speaking to them from the heart. Their society is galactic and it responds to that over all things. That is why the nanites, which Bill Gates loaded into all communications satellites, will no longer obey a signal to destroy anyone. Upon such a signal they will connect with the bridge of the New Jerusalem and will put themselves under Ashtar’s advice and control and ask for instructions and they will upgrade to 5D.

When you talk about technology, it is very important to understand that you are talking about people who are tens and hundreds of millions of years further advanced than anything the negative ETs have brought here and signed agreements with the Cabal to provide to them in technology transfers.

Tara – Mark, tell them about Sunday morning at 3 in the morning and Monday morning again.

Mark – Tara is referring to (2 recent nights) when she was on the couch watching a documentary and I came in and turned my lights out and was looking up to see what I could see in the sky as we have skylights. I could feel a presence but couldn’t see it. All of a sudden a section of the sky shined out and this bright object showed up and it was bigger than Venus and Jupiter. This was of that size or larger and it was traveling across my vision out of the corner of my eye. The second I looked at it, it stopped and spinned around and I could see all the colors.  That happened 2 nights in a row. One was 5:30 in the morning and one was about 1 a.m.

Tara – the second [on Easter night] was a lot lower and bigger than the first one.

Mark – They might have been coming to give me a ride. They are here and are making themselves visible.  As long as I feel them I can see them. The second they put their attention on me I can feel them. Then when I look at them they flash me. They are all but shouting about how soon they will be with us and how joyful they are to be able to decloak and share the most joyful part of the next phase of this whole program. I pass the talking stick.

Moderator – East Iowa you are next in line.

This is Roxy.  I just got a thing in where Obama, this is breaking news, is going to announce the situation with the 19 largest banks in the United States. That‘s a news flash.  I wanted him to know that I have been feeling a presence also.  I’m hoping they notify me like Mark, Tara and Rama.  He is in a news conference shortly about the largest 19 banks.

Mark – There was a companion story about the Federal Reserve having press conferences on a regular basis. You can see how they set the scene for the other. Instead of stonewalling people and telling people they’ll never tell people about the money, they are saying ‘ok, I guess we have a different set of marching orders.’  A couple of things we have been told have to do with the U.S. Treasury banks. Tara would you care to say a word about Wells Fargo, Nations Bank and Bank of America?

Tara – The farms claims and gold certificates have been already linked. Remember those folks were saved by the pilot who landed in the Hudson (flight 1549).  All of the people saved were the new bankers for Nesara banking. They paired up and got on separate planes from there and traveled all over the country to set up the gold certificates and banking operations in Wells Fargo, Bank of America and in Nations Bank.  We are already on that level.

Mark – For everyone who hadn’t heard that yet….we put out all of the stories on flight 1549 and the importance of that.  It was a takeout ordered by Hillary and Cheney and that the reason is that they have tried to stop or delay Nesara and they thought if they could get the bankers, who are Nesara bankers, and working out some of the refined coordination on that, they thought they could delay it.  It is in those banks and the KOS is fully functional in terms of having his own people in these organizations. We won’t talk too much about that now because there is still some security involved that we don’t want to breach. It is handled and you do not need to worry. If you have your accounts in those banks, you will be ok and your funds will still be there and they will have good Galactic supervision as how things are handled there.

Moderator – The next question is from New Mexico.

Woman from New Mexico – There have been a number of things placed in people to prevent them from recognizing that there is a defect in the top most vertebrae in the atlas.   You can go to a web site to get a onetime treatment to straighten out the vertebrae.  When you start looking at how many things have been done to keep us down, it gets to be quite interesting. If you can, get the treatment and see how you feel afterwards.

Tara or Mark – The Annunaki were genetically modified so that every baby was everyone needs this one time treatment.

Mark – Thank you, Clare, for bringing that up.  The three of us here all had that procedure done. It only takes about 15 minutes. It takes a lot of pressure.

It is very professionally applied. You usually have some massage work done to keep it from trying to go back the wrong way. But it is a valid system and that and what Elise was talking about, the disrupter gene, were all designed to prevent us from claiming our powers and abilities.  Many of these are either removed or neutralized. There is no panic about this, in fact every single one of these artificial outside interventions, the cure is here and it will be brought forward.  And as we have now activated our 13th chakra, we are in a crystalline upgrade system that does not contain these distortions. As we migrate and activate the 13th at all levels, takes a while because you have to integrate as they happen. All will be overridden and dissolved. These things are here and brought forward exactly on time and on schedule to benefit the whole planet.  Next question.

Moderator – We have a question from Washington State.

Yes, I am Mickey in Lakewood, WA.  I didn’t hear the question from the lady [Claire] before Mark just explained it.

Person – She was telling everyone where they can get work done.  Mark can you put a web link out for people?

[AtlasPROfilax–, Los Angeles,CA, Dr Ranan Shahari DC, travels to Whole Life Expos in New Mexico, and in other cities.E-Mail: He can tell you when he will be in your area. I believe that he has trained someone in our area as well]

Mark – Yes, I will.  In the nontechnical way it is the atlas.  What is this process involving?  It is the atlas, the procedure has a name[AtlasPROfilax].  What I will do is put this in this transcript and Steve can post it on GRT.  We will mention it again on Thurs. night if necessary.

Moderator – Someone in AZ has a question

This is Jo Lynn.  Would you repeat those banks and explain a little more and if we have money in another bank if it is imperative to move to the money to Wells Fargo or Bank of America?

Mark – Listen to what Obama puts out about the 19 banks. He may be revealing something here that hasn’t been made public yet. If you have money in a major bank or a local community bank that is well funded and hasn’t been involved in the subprime mortgages, hedge funds or the sovereignty funds or under water, you are perfectly fine staying with them. We/Ashtar are encouraging people to look in their own community for sound local community banks. The Nesara banks are a different thing. You don’t have to be in a Nesara bank but those are the ones that you will be directed to. There is nothing you need to do. Most people in the United States that have funds in Federal Reserve Notes, those accounts, will be exchangeable one for one. You don’t need to panic and do anything. This has brought us to the place where all of the Nesara arrangements are being done and as soon as the word is given, we’ll be ready to go. There is nothing more iffy about this. It has all been handled by the KOS and all of his excellent experts.

Tara-What was really being said was that those 3 banks are designated for those people who got in one of the 78 programs.  It matters not which one. The gold certificates for which they are going to receive, and that means you are in one of the 78 Nesara programs.  The only programs being paid out are the Nesara programs.  All of the 78 programs closed in 1999. That means that any other programs opened after 12/31/1999 are not included in the Nesara payout even though there was some hoax involved in those later programs.

For those who thought you would be getting paid from another program will be on a list as will every single man woman and child and will receive $10 million.  If they do not have an account it will be opened in Treasury banking for them; every single person on the planet, except for the ones leaving. There are a large group of people leaving.  We are not talking about the cabal.  We are talking about a large group of people who have not evolved enough to be able to handle the energies that will subsequently be coming in here. They will not be killed, they will be visited and beamed up on star ships of the Ashtar command and they will be shuttled to another planet where the evolvement of that planet ,[matches] where they have evolved to. They will enter into another society on that planet and they will fit in just fine. They won’t even know they aren’t here anymore.

Amongst the cabal who are serving time will be in prison for whatever time they deserve.  Some are light workers who got their hands dirty and are trying to wash them and can’t.  They get arrested too and they spend time in prison for their participation. That means light workers as well who have rationalized away their participation or not. It doesn’t have to be in the big programs. It can only be that they are not fit in their consciousness to receive program money. They are guilty of things they are even in denial of.  Most will not receive money from someone who did. If they aren’t criminals, they are still here and are still in denial. Those will have no money but will learn to heal and the people who are instructed with the letters with their gold certificates will be instructed not to give money to those people. It has to do with physical, mental, spiritual misconduct whether it is denial or not.  That means there will be a healing center and it will be paid for by the people who are blessing them. They will have however much time they need until they are well.

Mark – This planet, Gaia, will not tolerate anyone not 5D being born or with her after planetary ascension. They have a limited window in order to show that they are, you might say, fessing up that their behavior has not been in accord with the universal law, principles and what is required. If they take advantage of the free treatment available, then they can join us. If they take advantage but don’t progress, they won’t be.  There is no badge that you wear. It is something that your soul chooses or not. You simply will be escorted to the place that fits you exactly. You won’t even notice that you are missing anything.  The person removed in that way so lovingly, they won’t even know that it’s happening. The Bible has stories where one is taken and the one beside them remains. We now know that the ship can beam you up at any time.

Tara – anybody recommending that there is going to be a place you will be taken where everything is taken care of is inside the earth, that is coming from the dark side and that includes [channels posting that kind of disinformation]. That means [they] will be dealt with. We may not know. They will be dealt with accordingly. Anyone putting out disinformation at this time will not be receiving money. They will also be dealing with the level of disinformation they are dealing out. If they are doing it at a high level.

Moderator – We have a question from Florida.

I’m from Tampa, FL.  I’ve been listening to these calls since around November.  There’s a lot that I have read. What I don’t understand is how do they eliminate the debt and the IRS and get rid of all these different banking institutions. How does this all go away?

Mark – It’s already gone. When the bankruptcy of the USA takes place, you close one book and open another book and the new book will be U.S. Treasury and will be based on gold and precious metals. All of the USA debt and the derivatives, up to $2000 trillions in derivatives that have no value that are in the portfolios, all have to be written off  and are based fraudulently on non-assets.  It is the Federal Reserve. It is the Corporation USA. That is not the Republic.

We the people are the Republic. We will all be fine and will no longer be burdened by the $11 trillion debt and growing. This is why Obama can make programs and do things that helps people. He knows that one minute it will look like the system is going to hell in a hand basket and down the tubes and that is, in fact, what the international banking corporations, the 13 families, what is happening to them. They are all broke because they based it all on a Ponzi scheme.  Nobody will take their false IOU’s any more. They see that these folks are leaving. They don’t want their fiat money. What they want is something substantial that will be worth something when these guys are in jail. To say that it’s been done, I know it’s a bit of a hard sell. Remember we have been in Nesara law since 10/1/2008. That is the power the KOS has with St. Germain and Lady Master Nada. We are just one country but what starts here will spread like a wave across the world.  These things have been proven over 5,000 years. That is why St. Germaine went to the Founding Fathers and said “sign this document (the Constitution), which will be the basis for everything that happens in the future.

Tara – $40-zeros worth of gold has been moved from all the places where the dark cabal stashed the gold between the first of October of last year.  KOS made Basel II compliance in lieu of the fact that Bush never did it.  He was given until his last day to do it, which was 9/30/2008, which means he refused to do it, which is why KOS did it.  All of the gold was transferred and was brought to the U.S. and was brought to undisclosed locations to back Rainbow bills that have already been printed and are backed by gold certificates.  Every man woman and child is set to receive $10 million which is called Rainbow bills. They call them U.S.Treasury Notes, in terms of the formal name for the notes. When they are enacted as the law,[by Announcement] which is already the Nesara law and has been since the 10th of March in 2000 when Bill Clinton signed off on the law that the congress actually voted into a law on the 9th of March of 2000.

Moderator – Minnesota did you get your question?

This is Faith in Minneapolis.  I’d like comments from Mark on a symbol shown in a dream about a month ago.  It was a Star of David flanked by two dollar signs.  It seemed like a Nesara type of symbol.  I felt like I got an affirmative back in the dream.  I thought it was an interesting piece of geometry.

Mark – The one thing that we can say here is that the Star of David, the interlocking triangles definitely are our aligned and balanced self that will be ascending.  This is an essential thing.  The dollars on either side; that could be taken either way.  St. Germain has so expertly and brilliantly designed it.  It is that we, as ascending ones, are graduating and having cleaned up and will have cleaned up the karmic responsibilities eons of time ago even as recently as Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt. We are indeed recapitulating the lessons, the wisdom, the learning and this time, with an open heart, that has wisdom as well.

The wisdom is that it is not in the dollar. It is not in any money. What we have inside of ourselves is the [spiritual] gold; the jewel, beyond price because it is eternal. When you open it properly and in alignment with all that you are, then you automatically upgrade yourself. This isn’t something being done to you. It is you waking up and remembering that it is always within. We got so caught up and forgot and stepped into this and said we would never forget.  We did, and now we are remembering, and as we wake up and will solve all of these problems because the answers are already contained in the question.

I’d like to thank everyone who came, shared and is listening because the only purpose of these gatherings are to unify our energies in a more powerful and potent way for the good of each person and any person who reads this information.  It is to unify us and to touch that part of us that knows the answer.  We already know these answers and truth we do. The particulars will form around that knowing and will come forward. It ‘s a wonderful day to be able to have gotten through this 21 day period and know that we have a whole new chakra system in place and being activated and can only get better and better from here on out.  I pass the talking stick.

Moderator – The next conference call will be April 28th.  We suggest that you become members of TalkShoe so that I can address your name instead of the state that you are calling from.  Have a good night, everyone.
End of CC Transcript 4/14/09

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