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Mark Huber Telecall – April 28, 2009


Mark’s Teleconference
April 28, 2009

Transcribed by Annie Beam, Mike Walkeris, and Jules
Edited by Andrew McManus

Part 1: Mark, Tara, and Rama’s Briefing

Mark: Hello everybody. Here’s Tuesday night and the squirrels are moving around like gerbils on the cage line here. We’re all here and that’s the most important thing.

We’d like to welcome everybody to this. Cynthia has done a great job of telling you how to get in touch with us by various means. That’s important if you have a cell phone or you want to get through with instant messaging or I-Chat mode to know that this is available. Also, I just wanted to repeat even if it’s been said that if you get your questions in line, we will do everything we can to answer all the questions of all the people that are queued up in-line so you don’t need to get frustrated if your question isn’t answered right away. We will see to it that this happens tonight if at all possible. And I am sure we will.

To start off tonight, as you know there are many issues out on the street that are grabbing peoples’ attention. There is information, disinformation and everything else you can name. So let’s start off with asking Rama to give a brief of outside events.

Rama: I’ll start within the last few days. Sunday with David Bender started off his show talking about the war crimes, about the prosecutions and how we have to move forward with this. He had on a man who was a photographer who has been doing inaugural photographs since the Kennedy administration. This guy has seen it all. They were just saying we have to move forward with the war crimes, tribunals and prosecutions.

In the last couple days everybody from Howard Dean to today Senator Arlen Specter, rolling over on his face saying today I looked in the mirror and I woke up, I’m a Democrat now. It has to do with the accountability that goes to the highest levels on war crimes that have been committed against we the people that started on the morning of 9/11. It has moved since then. We were supposed to get NESARA announced and 9/11, not this. It is moving into that direction – when NESARA will be announced. These folks will be prosecuted, convicted and executed according to the laws of this country as that’s what the Founding Fathers set up saying, that all the top levels .

Just about a half hour ago I got a text message from KOS that said “Steady as she goes. Second star to the right and straight on til morning”. Obama is doing the right thing. These guys are hanging themselves right now. Every branch [inaudible] they have nothing. I pass the Talking Stick.

Mark: Rama, in light of Senator Arlen Specter’s changed path or at least his outer garment we heard some rumors that there were meetings going on at high levels that had to do with that . Rama would you care to discuss that a little?

Rama: I heard . . I called up Mike [Tapan?] today off the air and spoke with him. He told me that Senator Arlen Specter’s been having secret meetings with members of both the House and the Senate. They said it would be in his best interests to switch sides. You might say a little incentive [showed up]; St. Germain appeared to be part of the scene. You might say [inaudible] got a sense of conscious and, yet, what has been said on the outer story is that this man is a “turn coat”. He voted for the war; he has voted every single time with the Bush-Clinton crime family in terms of the Republican side of the aisle. Why now? The way the “talking heads” are saying that he wants to assure that facing Congress even though he is now on the left side rather than the right and the last, the filibuster proof side of the aisle. Yet, at the same time, until it is said and the “Fat Lady sings” it ain’t over. Have to do the right thing and come forward and confess war crimes that were committed.

Mark: Ok, I think we might as well deal with one other subject here first because I know there is a lot of information and disinformation out there on the subject of the so-called flu virus. We’re not even going to use their name because it is a misnomer to start with. This so-called flu virus was taken, apparently, – I say apparently because that is all that is being released – a group of Catholic school girls from the Bronx, New York or Queens, New York were taken down to Cancun, where they were on spring break. Either they were infected down there or were infected before they ever left – that will have to come out in time.

The key thing to keep thinking about whenever you hear something like this is this is manufactured in the lab. This does not exist in nature; it cannot work in nature. It cannot be spread in nature from any of the three sources that contributed to it, which are human, avian, and pigs. But pigs don’t get it. Until this particular virus came up, there was no way humans could get it either. So knowing then that this has to be absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it, a manufactured in the laboratory thing, you ask what labs have the ability to do this?

Rama: Ft. Detrick, Maryland

Mark: . . . comes to mind immediately because it’s famous for what other vac. . .

Rama: Anthrax

Mark: And what other? HIV.

So this factory, if you want to call it that, associated with the CIA lab in Maryland – excuse me, in McLean, Virginia – this long time tie-in has been well established, everyone that they have done before. So if you review what has been the actual outcome of every one of these things, they have had a few cases in the very beginning and then, guess what? After they have announced pandemic and tried to sell it to everybody in the world, all of a sudden they were having a hard time finding any cases that could be laboratory-determined to have been attributed to these things so there are a few cases right when they “salt the mine” originally or the public mind with these things.

Then it’s discovered, it’s exposed. The second thing that they never talk about, but we do, is the Galactics have told us none of these things will be allowed to take this operation out of its absolutely certain trajectory and mode. In other words, we are headed for success. Nothing they can do is going to stop it one bit. The second this comes up, every time it fails. And miserably right now. They are losing even their own body of friends that were supporting them willingly to a point. But now they are so disgusted with these folks.

Another thing today that came up in the news, again we might as well mention this, is the 747, low fly-over of New York City with another one scheduled for Washington, D.C. before this got exposed. And who approved it? A certain military officer, in the White House, without any information or approval by Obama or anyone else. This was clearly intended to be a terrorism stimulus. As of now, not only has that been exposed, there is investigation from Mr. Caldera’s office and the White House to determine who passed it and how did it get passed without any scrutiny. These are neocons that are in the government that are still acting up, if you want to call it that, out of fear of total exposure and vulnerability.

Anyway, the one over Washington, D.C. is not going to happen; it’s been cancelled. That again is blowing up in their face. Every action they take like this, nobody gets injured.. Immediately, the second that they gave these orders people started coming out of the woodwork saying “Un unh, this isn’t right”. It gets handled.

So this is good news. We have come a long, long way from the days of September 11, 2001, when they could get away with these kind of things, when people would just have to eat it. Even the media, now, as you can see, is turning on them and asking serious questions the way they are supposed to. So we are moving in the right direction now.

I guess with that we can turn it over for questions from all of you out there.

Tara: There is one gentleman out there, Chris Story wrote about, that got a bullet in the back of his head. That’s another sign that they are taking their own. The big banker guy. [inaudible]

What were you saying, Tara?

Tara: Ok, I was saying Christopher Story, did anybody read the . . . Mark

Mark: put out another update today. In that update, he was talking about a couple of take-outs. One of them was a key figure, senior officer in the Stanford Bank. This one we happen to know some people who have connections with that. They were asked to look out for this type of thing. There was an execution – that’s the only thing to call it – that took place in the Bahamas. The senior executive showed up with a bullet in the back of his head. It is pretty hard to call that self-inflicted.

Although the one just before that was called a suicide, the man was shot first then he hung himself after being fatally shot. So this is what Rama was referring to when he was talking about that these ones were taking each other out now because everyone that knows too much is automatically, perhaps, an opponent when it comes to testimony at a court of law.

The reason that is so important is because the public still does not know as we all do that war crimes trials are the next piece in this agenda. They are going to happen; this proves that they know it is going to happen because they are all scrambling for cover and to shut up the ones that know way too much. Like the head that they put in – was it – Fanny Mae?

Now this was a prior senior vice president in finance. In other words, he was one of the chief controllers of the company and knew all the accounting tricks that were going on. He was asked by the treasury to supervise Fanny Mae in its current status/situation. Because they found out there were going to be some hearings where he would be questioned, he had already been sent notice once in March. Then they just told him that this was back on again and he was going to have to testify. He never got a chance. He was offed right away just like the Japanese Finance Minister – his girl friend gave him an ampoule up his rear end that ate out all of his intestines and killed him.

This is hardball. But it is “end game” hardball. Meaning, they don’t do this to their own; they would do it to us in a heartbeat. They do it to their own only when it is . . . they are scrambling for anything that will work.

With that I think we will go back and see if we can take somebody from the line who has a question.

Part 2: Questions and Answers

Cynthia: We have a question from Richard o49. What do you think about the information that Casper has been putting out on or through Patrick Bellringer’s website? I have been told that this is disinformation.

Mark: We would say that you are on the right track and leave it at that.

Ruth: I would like to ask if [inaudible; Ramh Emmanuel?] is going to be on that list that goes to the Hague?

Mark: Well, I think that we cannot list, we do not have a list of people that are or not so we don’t think we can get into 75,000 names or more. If we have that, but we don’t need that. We have plenty of information that would suggest that he has, in fact, stepped over the line and has brought himself into that, we shall say, the top tier of that list.

Another Voice: Who is he?

Mark: He is the U. S. Treasury Secretary. Another one that there has been quite a big note in the last couple of weeks, Don, is Mr. Rahm Emmanuel. His exact status, he’s Chief of Staff for Obama,. . . Now each one of these people Obama was well aware of their priors, but they took them in as part of the last ditch opportunity to turn their hat around. He appears to be another one that failed his test.

So this meeting that occurred this weekend that Rama was talking about with the top people. Those people do not have those meetings for no purpose. When it comes down to that, it means that hard decisions are being communicated, not just held but they are actually telling these people where the bear sleeps in the woods. So let’s go on from there.

Golden Era/Charles: Would you please. . . Mark, good evening. Would you please repeat the [inaudible] main man who 11th (referring to May 11th, I believe)

Mark: This is a very interesting question that you asked. We will be happy to, maybe, discuss it just a little bit more. First of all, Rama, I want to ask you to tell them, share with them, the experience you had when you went out of body the other night.

Rama: Oh, ummm, ah that was ummm

Tara: Which one Mark?

Mark: The [inaudible] ship one.

Rama: Oh, I was witnessing all these various craft coming in over Lhasa, Tibet, for the upcoming Wesak Festival in the Wesak Valley. There are so many ships showing up and landing and different folks coming together for some kind of solar tribunal meeting or gathering in the Wesak Valley with all the masters. The Red Chinese are trying to block the ships radar, yet the Chinese technology is so ancient, it can’t block the ships coming in. They are landing and these folks are having to stand down and just witness this. If they try any of their strange Area 51 technology, it just doesn’t work.

Voice: Where is Wesak?

Rama: Wesak Valley is up in the high Himalayas between Nepal, Tibet and China.

Voice: Thank you.

Cynthia: I have a question from QueenieWhat is your take on Obama owning stock on the manufacture of the swine flu vaccination?

Rama: I would say that what I am being told by everyone else is that the Republican right has nothing left except the fear cards. They are going to be prosecuted for war crimes. The piggy flu is just that; it is a weaponized form of a virus that somehow conveniently escaped from a military lab at Ft. Detrick, Maryland and somehow ended up down there in Cancun or wherever else.

You know how the chemtrails play and at the same time they are trying to divert the attention from what is going on in Congress.. It is called war crimes prosecution. And the way they do this is through fear and smear. You fear, you generate fear through these means of introducing agent or potential situations.

Mark: Attack on this or attack on the other. Whatever it is. And then you smear the opposition. Anyone doing a good job, what you do it try to infer; the evidence is always, at best, circumstantial. Now if you want to talk about somebody with TamaFlu in their portfolio, you don’t need to look any further than Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Cheney. Mr. Rumsfeld is, I think, the number one stockholder in that company.

They tried to force it through once before and then, guess what? There were so many negative reactions to people and, not only being not cured but developing all kinds of other conditions and some deaths. It is a very dangerous vaccine; it is not good because it turns off certain parts of the immune system which would actually protect you. Instead of helping you, and especially in children which is what it was designed for, guess what?

We do not know the specific things about Mr. Obama’s personal portfolio or his wife’s portfolio or their dog’s portfolio or the two children’s portfolios which they may very well have these investments in their trusts for them. That’s not our job here.

Our job is to look at the evidence and where it goes in terms of who is giving orders and what those orders are and their effects on all of us. Right now, as the King said right before this call, he said to Rama, “All is well. Mr. Obama is on track doing his job the way it should be done”. That, as far as I am concerned, is the top of the heap as far as as recommendation and a clearing. They have total access to technology – for those of you who don’t know that, they have technologies which can read absolutely whether you are telling the truth or whatever, what your intentions are, everything you are doing on many levels we can’t even describe here.

There are so many levels involved and the ships have the same and better technology. There is no question in our mind here who is taking this towards the victory goal of war crimes, NESARA announcement and, also, the decloaking of the star ships. These three items, the arrests, the war crimes trials and our announcement with decloaking – all of those are simultaneous events, virtually. They will all happen at the same time and pretty much for the same reason.

When you arrest, when you announce the arrests of top individuals in government, past administrations and associates, worldwide co-conspirators, these are international war crimes trials that are going to be announced because they exceed the boundary of any one country. Therefore, Lady Master Nada and the world court are the only ones that have the proper authority and the jurisdiction to take the necessary actions and take them swiftly. Hope that answers your question.

Sunshine 72: Hi this is Sandra in Florida. I have a question about NESARA. When NESARA is announced will that also cover the debt forgiveness?

Mark: Yes. Yes, forgiveness is very definite; it is one of the key parts of relieving the stress on the ordinary people. Not only in this country but worldwide because if we don’t do this worldwide, all we are doing is helping the elite at the expense of the masses, the public which is all of us. The Republic requires us to be free of these burdens so we can act responsibly and so that we have the ability to take deliberate actions in our own behalf, on behalf of our family – that is our nuclear family and also our spiritual family which is all of the planet.

So to do that we have to take care of the debt loads that are on people, we have to bring people up to a level where they have housing, where they have medical care and we’re not talking about the one that the big [inaudible] wants us to have, we are talking about real care, real preventative care, real diagnostic care that corrects the condition.

These are all key factors and there are six major areas and many more sub-areas that are corollaries to those that are there. In addition, NESARA and the programs associated with NESARA bring forth areas of international projects to lift countries that are in 3rd and 4th world conditions – without telephones, without clean water, to bring these things to them as quickly as possible.

Then as they have the most basic of these things already set up, then to give them accelerated education, opportunities, medical care, etc. So many projects are needed because most of the world are in these conditions. Only a relatively small portion of the world can sit around like we are right now and discuss the matters of the day from a high level perspective where we are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

So thank you for that question.

Cynthia: Guest. SallyJack on chat. I have been given messages to be ready for between now and June 21st. Can you comment on this timeline?

Mark: Sure. We can talk about those timelines. The most important one is coming up – May 9th through 11th. Master Kuthumi through Michelle Eloff in South Africa, who is a very clear channel for Kuthumi, has given the dates of May 9th – 11th.

In addition to that, the nameless ones in the Himalayas have talked to Rama directly and have confirmed that this in fact is happening and you have heard just a few minutes ago that even ahead of that time that there are so many craft– they’ re not UFOs, they are IFOs/identified objects, they are identified craft

Rama: Different ships.

Mark: These are different ships that are coming in from all over the galaxy to be a part of this major, major energy wave, hit, that is going to happen between May 9th and 11th. So Sanat Kumara and all of the top spiritual leaders – Lord Maitreya, Metatron, Mother, Lord Michael, Buddha, Quan Yin – you cannot think of the top line, any of these things – the Ashtar Command – they are all going to have major, top-level representatives at that and they do not do this unless they have serious business to conduct.

Also, it is an opportunity/window because when they get together, they don’t just get together they look at when the moment is for the alignment of all celestial bodies, the maximum positive potentials can occur. That is going to happen here and it is going to be – I think the term, there is going to be a tsunami – of energetic, positivity hit the planet . All of these waves, each one is higher than the one before, this is carefully constructed in a step fashion so that we can handle it. We’ll find at the time that these key items that are remaining have to be completed and they have to be completed very, very quickly.

One other evidence of that which we have cited is that the Committee of 300, which represents all of the key institutions and organizations, under the control of the Illuminati, all of those (key heads) have been removed and substituted – replaced that is – with solid holograms. A lot of people want to laugh at that, but we are here to tell you it is the truth, we want you to know that because you are the leaders; you are the ones out there holding the light so all the people who have no idea can, that that light can be present in their community, in your community, in our community, in all the places across the planet.

Rama: It’s like Thom Hartmann said, “Tag. You’re it.”

Mark: Yes. Yes.

Rama: You’re all “it”

Mark: And this is the time we have been asked to stand in the truth, in the light and to hold that position no matter what! Kuthumi, today, or it was yesterday, channeled another message saying exactly that. This is the moment of all moments to stand tall, to be heard and to be present. No escaping; no hiding. Now, now we are headed to the most critical moment we have had thus far.

When all of this goes public and everybody else out there hears what we’re all talking about here in this Galactic Roundtable and on the Stargate Roundtable, what we have been talking about all this time is going to be known by everybody. You can be sure you are going to be asked many questions; that’s why all this preparation has taken place.

So thank you.

Tara: It is Hunab Ku. This is the central intelligence of the universe. Between the 9th and the 11th, they are resetting the template of intelligence for the Age of Enlightenment. That’s Aquarius. This is very, very [definitive].

That means all the old order is completely not in the picture. It is not part of the new story. It is the old story so this is MAJOR! It lasts two weeks from the 18th to the 28th of April The elders of all the native Turtle Island clan have been gathering in secret, events that are to help prepare all life for this new attunement. This is not just a small thing. This is the whole next ascension spiral of the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Mark: Right. The Mayan Calendar, the Elders of the Mayan philosophy/understanding/wisdom have been participating along with other indigenous leaders/spiritual leaders. This is something that you can see. They have been taking it step by step to surround and to increase and to lift up all the energies to a place that when this energy comes in. . . There is no more powerful energy in the universe than this one coming from Kunab Ku and that is the most powerful one. We are all in this together. This is not just another day – not like Flag Day where you go out, buy a flag, wave it for 5 minutes and then it is all over. We will all be changed by these new energies.

We’re at a point when anything can happen. Expect anything and expect nothing. You can be sure that we are being changed as much internally as we are being changed externally. Allowed to see things as they are now starting to get into the public mode.

So next question.

Caller from East Iowa: I was going to ask Mark what he thought about Eric Holder ringing the doorbell at the world court asking for help on prosecution for Condoleeza Rice and Mr. Cheney, if in fact, that was the doorbell to bring on the big show?

Mark: We can’t be specific to the exact interpretation but you are on the right track. That means that when our Attorney General, who has been delegated that position as the chief justice officer for the United States, when he says I have evidence here that suggests that laws that go beyond our jurisdiction may have been broken and understanding that I cannot pursue this on a local level when these involve international crimes; then the only place he can go is the International Court of Justice.

That is in fact the ruling body that nobody can turn their back on because it is the planetary means by which laws that involve different nations, actions with each other, and crimes – serious crimes – can be addressed. We know, even though that is not general knowledge out in the public, the supreme authority there is Lady Master Nada.

She and the King of Swords and St. Germain – you cannot think of them and when you think of them you will also think of Ashtar. So if you think of that group of people, whenever one is involved, you can be sure the others are in on it. That is where this has come to. This is the evidence right now. It appears that we are so very, very close to some kind of an announcement about the world court being asked to appoint a special prosecutor.

Mother even suggested the question – she didn’t say it would definitely happen – on Thursday night she said, “You know there is some talk out there that St. Germain may be appointed a special counsel.” We’ll have to wait and see whether or not that is the way it shakes out. No one tells that Lad, that Lavender Lad, what he can and cannot do.

He has one of the most serious and major roles involved in both NESARA’s operation and, for those of you who don’t know, the King of Swords, Lady Master Nada and St. Germain in March of 1999, were all present when the world court with all the leaders of the world present, voted and gave them extraordinary powers to get NESARA announced as well as to do whatever it took to remove the criminals blocking it.

Tara: Actually it was the judges that came from the different countries. Every last one of the judges were compromised. The only one with any value at the world level is Lady Master Nada. None of them passed their test. Yet for the sake of everybody’s understanding, the protocols on earth must be followed and then the interventions can pass through that.

They have to go in that order because we have been granted by our own request, our own free will choice to take the consequences of our actions. So the initiation of the accountability must be done in the proper way. All the way up the line through our levels to the highest court. When that doesn’t come into alignment, then and only then the Galactic folks have the responsibility to step in on our behalf.

Mark: Yah. And that’s on the legal level. On other levels, anytime something like, whether it’s a virus, a nuclear weapon being lost as has happened, they have been neutralized and taken out of action by the Galatics. They don’t need any prior authority; they already have that – to intervene in anything that threatens the planet or that would prevent our ability to go forward.

We know, indeed, that we have the Galactics here with us – and they are very, very eager to help us move this forward so that they can help us more. This is the step; this is the legal step that’s involved. We know, unofficially, that Patrick Fitzgerald has been, shall we say, designated by Lady Master Nada, as official or unofficial assistant, however you want to look at that, to bring these indictments out.

You can tell, and anyone who would ask themselves the question, how is it possible that 56 grand juries could have been meeting for the last four years turning out thousands and tens of thousands – now up to 75 to a hundred thousand – of these indictments. You know the only way that could happen is if they had the very highest level of authority and the very highest level of backing. Otherwise, the “dark hats” would have eliminated that process as indeed at the beginning they tried. They cannot do it.

So this is moving forward and this is the key step. I am really grateful for that question because it is so important right now to take this out of the local level and to put it firmly where it belongs. That then sets up the situation where we can, as Edgar Mitchell stated in his speech, “We are not alone”.

There is plenty of evidence that they are here; that is to say that the galactics are here. They are working. They are involved in our future. Now, we need to talk to them, and we need to talk to people and let them know this. So when someone of his stature, a naval captain who was an Apollo 14 astronaut, has been involved steadfastly in trying to expose as much as he could without being silenced, of the star Nations presence.

When he gets out in public and CNN and other networks not only carry him but put a published transcripts of his talk; that tells you that we have a new sheriff in town. The word has gone out to allow this to happen. Is there another question now?

Eza – Mark, when this year is over, what do you think has occurred publicly of all the things we talk about.

Mark: Your’ talking at the end of 2009?

Cynthia: I’m assuming so.

Mark: Well, I’d just like to be sure so everyone knows what the question is. We have been told, and you will see this, anyone who does any research out there will see that almost every spiritual leader and credible channel has stated, as has Ashtar, this is the year this moves into the public mode. This is the year everything that has been kept secret now comes up, and the public starts being a part of the solution because they are going to be told the truth.

Now, exactly the forums, the exact number of things that will happen, we have pretty good ideas because the urgency of the current situation in the financial area, in the military area, in health. There’s almost no area you can think of, in the subprime meltdown, with people losing their homes. All of these areas are so critical and they are not fixed. I say that again – they are not fixed.

There are plans that we have, as the galactics and the humans working together. That is what Nesara is all about – how to fix these things, but in the meantime, until people see that the current system is total broke, it’s doesn’t just need a Band-Aid but that it’s totally irrevocably unable to deal with something. If you have $1,000 income, and you have $10,000 worth of bills, you know that you’re bankrupt. For an individual, it gets taken care of very quickly.

There are many ways this could be staved off for a short time, but it just adds to the current load. There are two thousand trillion dollars worth of derivatives which are basically worthless, made-up packages of supposed assets, which actually when you track them all the way back down to the original underlying asset, guess what? It’s bankrupt; it doesn’t exist.

They have to be written off because that exceeds the whole entire income and productivity of the planet by 300% minimum. So there is no way the whole planet is bankrupt, if you want to put it that way. So every country and every bank in the country in the world is bankrupt. So that’s why this can’t go away. You can’t talk it down. This has to be allowed to happen.

Now, what is it that’s bankrupt? That’s a key question here. What is bankrupt is the U.S.A. corporation, an international banking cartel of the 13 families of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers – nothing else. So, now you say, what happens when the USA corporation declares bankruptcy. Guess what, all that debt that they’ve been telling you is yours is gone. And then what happens? The very next day we reopen the top banks and guess what they’re called? US Treasury Banks – not Federal Reserve and not Illuminati.

They are backed by gold, silver and precious metals. So the Republic is healthy; the Republic will live and the Republic has untold abundance, unimagined abundance. But the corporation is bankrupt, whether it’s called that today or it’s called that tomorrow, either way, it doesn’t alter the fact. They are out of money; they are out of time, and they are out of methods. The meetings in the international arena at G-20 and subsequently they tried to come up with these special drawing rights.

This is just another name for IOUs with nothing backing them. So that is also just dead in the water before it ever begins. Even some of the countries that had signed onto that, like for instance Brazil, they tapped them as a patsy to cough up some imaginary money to float some of these aspects of the programs.

The only thing that happened was that China got paid a trillion dollars in gold, which actually, it was the one country that could have shut us down in a heartbeat. They could have dropped a dime on us, and they were ready to do just that if that had not happened. That’s what Chris Story just reported; in fact, it does appear, from all credible evidence, that they did get a trillion dollars in gold.

All the rest of the so-called money is all based on IOUs. It’s all monopoly money. Nothing else has any funding. I would just suggest to you that you read the Chris Story report if you want to know the nitty-gritty of that. It’s a multi-level, multi-layered situation that is `changing every single moment, because they are trying to avoid this formal bankruptcy. They were trying to fund these toxic assets as if they were worth something. The market says they’re worth nothing.

They want the government to say they’re worth more than nothing. They’re worth maybe 50¢ on the dollar, would you go for 70¢, how about 20¢, to come up with some value so they can take that real money and keep their other operations going. All of these banks have these same toxic things in their portfolio, except it’s off the balance sheet. When they say this bank has $3 billion worth of profits, what it doesn’t tell you is yes, and they’ve got $50 billion worth of stuff off of the balance sheet, that they cannot move at all. So those are important issues.

Tara: Also, there has been a world consensus that they have a lack of confidence in the United States dollar. The other way that an economy is existing is by faith in the currency that has been generally accepted to be that currency. On a unilateral basis, the whole world has said no, we don’t have faith in that any more.

That’s what we have had to have. That’s why this is going to take until it is now, because it wasn’t going to show up for the people to make a decision on a real basis until now, until they did the whole mess, world economic changes.

Mark: That’s why the dollar is going down with all the rest of it. But guess what, the second the dollar goes down, the US Treasury note comes up and it’s backed by gold and precious metal. So if you are living in the United States or the UK or Australia or Canada, we can speak definitively about those. Each one of those currencies will exchange 1 for 1 with the new rainbow currency.

That exists in all the major banks now so it’s not will it happen? Will they ever get the money out there? Its been printed; the money is in the big banks. The gold is here; it is already to go as soon as these arrests and announcements are made. There is no delay whatsoever in any of that. The second we have that, you’ll be able to go in and clean up the last bit of the software and hardware. Software includes people.

Q: What is some of that money comes back in for trade?

Mark: You mean from out of the country? (yes) We’re talking about money that is here in the United States. Anything that has to come in from a foreign country, it will have to certified as clean, clear and criminal free. If it comes from these toxic derivatives, it will not float. It will not be accepted. That’s what banking transparency is all about. You have to certify that the money comes from a clean source, not just say it does. But it has to be certified.

Tara: Now these US notes – they’re called temporary right now. Yet there is only one enactment left to do to make them permanent – the enactment of the Nesara law. In other words, the law is already law, yet as Paul Andrew Mitchell said that, when it determines the time is right and all the gold is in place (which all of those things are like Mark just said), the signal is given.

The US notes were actually put out into various banks in different states through February and March, just for everybody to have a verification that they exist. Also, they have showed on the web all the different colors – they are the rainbow bills. Each one of them has a red stamp of the US Treasury on them. They are different colors. The $100 is a deep blue green, like a teal, and the $10 is red and so on and so forth. There is orange, and all the rainbow colors are there.

Q: This is Mark in Corpus Christi. There has been much talk about the poles through Google, paths crossing the oceans. My question centers on that and also the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden – if there are any updates on cracked activity and the stargate? (Mark asked for further clarification on the question.) The GRT group has had some conversation over the past week or so about swaps that have been covered up in Google maps, referring that there has been craft travel that has been covered up in the Google maps that have been released, as well as covering up of the two poles relative to entry points into the Inner Earth. The GRT groups have had much conversation relative to the map modification in those areas over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Much of this has come out of a Hawaii, a member from Hawaii, I believe. But I was also interested in the Gulf of Aden, if there has been any new information relative to the stargate as well as craft activity in general. Thank you.

Mark: I’m going to ask Rama to talk on that. We’ve all looked at those pictures; the Google earth photos, and they’re excellent. When you look at them as (inaudible) was good enough to provide us with a 24-hour movie clips of those, so you could see the progression around and over that time link. They were quite interesting what came there. So Rama would you like to comment on that?

Rama: I would say that what is going on is a very interesting phenomena because I will take it to the level in which you sent me, Mark, the video about a man who supposedly worked for a security firm or security agency. He was on a You Tube video, and he was talking about how he recently took a flight, and he sat in the rear of the aircraft. The rear of the aircraft is the safest place to be when you’re flying these days.

In general, think about that one as you book your seats. It has to do with the level in which we’re giving a hint here, like he was giving a hint. What he talked about was he got on this flight, and he was relaxing and kicking back and everything but this one, apparently a man who was an officer in terms of flying quite a bit. He had quite a bit of stripes on his shoulder, and he asked the guy, have you ever done any polar flights?

And the guy said yeah, I worked for SAS, and I work for Delta now. The guy said, who was doing the You Tube video, he said to this striped man, so have you flown directly over the pole. The guy looks at him and said, how come you’re asking me all of these questions and stuff. Who the hell are you? The guy said well, I’m interested in the subject.

The pilot said to him, look, I’ll level with you. You can’t fly up and over the pole. If you get to the lift, what happens is your instruments go haywire and according to his words, your plane experiences what is known as your traveling into outer space.

That is not true; I will say this from personal experiences, when you get to the lift, the magnetic pole of the Inner Earth, the sun, the terra in the center of the earth, is pulling your craft in by the magnetic wave energies. You flow into the Inner Earth on a massive river of energy through the North Pole. What it is about is the fact that this is according to the laws of Agartha and Shamballah.

There are so many stories about this – going in. Back to what the pilot said, is that he didn’t go as far as I’m saying; he only went so far as to say you get to the lift, and you don’t go any further. So we fly around the pole in a great big circle.

Tara: And there is a very big frickin’ hole, about 1000 miles in diameter.

Rama: Yeah, we call that a big frickin’ hole! They lie to us to this very day, every second about this. It has to do with the cover-up of our ET brothers and sisters who are only a stone’s throw from the Inner Earth. We are not going into inner shelters to hide from anyone.

Mark: That’s an important thing because there are some people suggesting to everyone that the highest thing that can happen to you, during this transition, during the time when your DNA is lifting you up to galactic standards, if you want to put it that way, that you will have to go into facilities in the Inner Earth which are being prepared for you and that you will have little things there that you go into to upgrade your health and things of this sort.

There are pieces of truth here; but the main thing is that it is going to happen exactly that way, except it’s going to be on the surface. They, that is to say the Agarthians, are coming to the surface to join us. Because in this final segment of time that we have remaining, we all have to unite as one. The only way that can happen; you know you cannot unite with strangers.

We have to come up and share a common thing, a common task, with a common consciousness of upliftment for everyone. No more hiding out. No more hiding in holes so that only a few people ever see anybody. This is a global planetary transition to fifth dimension and a planetary ascension into fifth dimension by the whole planet and all, the 200 million species that are here.

We are all on the ground right now standing here holding the light and being conduits, grid keepers so that this can happen. Do you think that anyone with more advanced present abilities, like the Agarthians, would want to be anywhere other than on the surface with us, helping.

This is the whole purpose of all of our being here now. Nobody goes on until we all go on. So the sooner this happens, the sooner we can go forward. So, in that regard, I know there was second part to your question dealing with the Gulf of Aden and the Stargate there. Rama do you want to talk on that a little?

Rama: I would say that what is happening with the Gulf of Aden in the present time is that more and more exposure is happening to the people of Somalia, where their plight is being exposed to the fact that it’s been an international dumping ground for nuclear waste, toxic waste, hospital waste, any time that passing ships are part of.

What is happening now is some of the evidence, hard evidence is being passed onto the right circles, like Michael Ratner, the Center for Constitutional Rights said. This guy, Ron Kube, who is representing one of the Somalia pirates who says he is actually part of the Somali coast guard, because they have no coast guard.

Mark: He’s 14 years old.

Rama: All the other men and women have been killed.

Tara: But they’re going to be bringing all the truth out about how he ended up in the (inaudible).

Rama: I am not siding with this 14 year old and saying it’s alright to put an M-16 or AK-47 to someone’s head and ask for money. That is not how you ask for help.

Tara: All circumstances considered, there is a bigger villain.

Mark: Yes but it’s not just about villains here. First we acknowledge that there is a problem. Then we join together with the galactics. From here on in, you’re going to hear this every single time with every single issue. We are not doing this alone. We and the galactics are one.

In many cases, they are our future selfs who came back from time to be here. Mother talks about this almost every week that they have come back from the future, our future, which is their past, to help us and to ensure us that we do, in fact, succeed and that is a done deal. It is not an issue; it is not a question. This planet is ascending. Every day scientists are finding new indications of the degree of change that is occurring from a hydrogen-based sun to a helium-based sun. All the planets in the solar system are changing.

We get back now to the Gulf of Aden and not just the Somali pirates were a cover story, a distraction, to cover up the presence of so many war ships, over 300 from all the navies on the planet. They don’t all come clear around the world. First of all, it’s not cheap to do that.

Secondly, I mean it’s a tremendous logistic effort. I can assure you that because I was in the Navy for 24 years and know how much is involved in that. It is a constant resupply and a constant maintenance schedule that has to go on. So to maintain this for months on end should send a red flag up to anyone and everybody who knows anything, to say there has to be an issue that is so large that they cannot miss it.

They cannot allow this to happen without being present. What is happening is a mile-wide stargate that has opened up and is wide open, 37 thousand light years out into the universe. There are also anamolies above the stargate going up 1-2 miles, Merkaba vehicles that are spinning, and there is also an intelligence, if you want to call it that; it is sentient, that is forming and progressing and developing.

When Ashtar determines it’s the right moment, he has a knob on the bridge that he can turn that will take the ziggurats and the zero power modules in the base of them up to 100%. He is holding it back on purpose so that these events can all be synchronized. So that when this happens, this fifth dimensional field will be erected around the planet instantaneously, the whole planet.

No one will come or go that is not fifth dimensional, open-hearted, positive energy. That means the game is truly over for any hiding renegades of any kind from any system in the galaxy or the universe or from the empty matter universe, that happens to be here.

We are also in the Photon Belt now. What that means is the sun, as many of you have read, has lost its cover over large areas, and the CME (chronal mass ejections) from the sun of high, high energy, going millions of miles out at warp speed. That these things hit the Photon Belt, that ionizes them and guess what?

It has to do with helping us upgrade our DNA to positive anti-matter, which is from what we came from and to what we will be returning. Which means all of our powers and abilities, as what is called in biblical and other places, shining ones. So this is a very, very big event. It involves all the grids on the planet. When that happens, a second thing which is important to repeat this particular thing because a lot of people say okay but how does it stop the war?

What stops the war, not just the intent of the people, which is increasing every day but also that when the weapons no longer function. Now you know there is a great big brew-ha-ha here in this country that is fed, both by legitimate fears of people that absolutely are wonderful people, but they have a lot of fears, and they don’t trust the government. They’ve been pretty well vindicated by that up until now.

When this happens, they’re going to have to get used to the fact that their weapons won’t work either. If they’re intending to use any of these things for hostility; we’re not talking about protecting your family. That won’t be necessary because anyone who would try to do these kinds of things will quickly not be here. They will have opted out, and the weapons themselves won’t work.
So we’re looking at an event in the very, very near future where all weapons on the planet, that are used for hostile intent, will no longer function. This is so major. You can understand why we have to get the news of the galactic presence out. People have to hear this, and they have a right to hear. They have a right to know it, and they have a right to know that it’s positive, that it is only here for their benefit because there is only one of us here.

This whole thing about separation between us and the galactics, there couldn’t be a bigger joke. That would be like your toe saying I’m not connected to the head, and the hand saying I’m not connected to the shoulder. You can carry that on out; the whole point is there is only one body of being, and it’s all us. As we step up to our multi-dimensional conscious awareness which is going to happen absolutely; you cannot stop it.

It is happening at such a rate, in fact, the question was asked earlier about this year. This is one of the things that Ashtar has talked on. He said you will be experiencing, from within, your own entire abilities begin to open up. You will become aware.

With the mass decloakings, with Nesara’s announcement, with the arrests, when that happens, many, many people (I won’t say all people but a large number of them) will actually be hearing internally, inside their own being; they will be getting the message to wake up, that it’s time to step into their mission and purpose. I pass the talking stick.

Q: I always wanted to ask a question regarding the farm claims. How will they be processed once the announcement is made of Nesara? I don’t hear too many people talking about the program and I was interested in the farm claims because when the information spilled out, they sent me a certificate. I was concerned that once it’s made out, how will it be processed?

Mark: Who wants to answer that one, on the farm claims?

Tara: There will be deliveries. It has always been set up like this but there have been ups and downs and all around. Lady Master Nada is in charge of the deliveries. She is called our postal lady for all time. So she orders the deliveries, and then there will be deliveries by means of two white knights, and they will be like Brinks going down the street.

It will be the United States postal services, courier and they’re bullet proofed. That means, this is serious business. They will go right to your doorstep, when you identify yourself as the person that they have on that package, then you write “all rights reserved” and then you sign your name directly under that. Then, you put a comma and write this “and / or assigned” and then you put the date.

This is the short version. Depending on the group of the program that you entered, like the farm claims, then you will your gold certificates in the bank, the bank that you will be going to with the head of the bank only, to do this business because they’re gold certificates. The small one is four billion – I’ll leave it at that but that is going to be kept, except that they’ll allow you to have access.

There are all sorts of instructions, and I think the best way to put this is to follow those instructions to the letter of the law. They will be unique to you. Every single person is unique, and every single one of us has been, you might say, passing our test. The responsibility of this money represents the redistribution of the wealth with responsibility. So those who need healing, then others can help them with that. After that, community is where we go.

We’re going to every type of imaginable coming together that you could ever imagine to be possible. We are going back to the land in that sense, but we’re going there with our stellar landing pad on our circular roof. I pass the talking stick.

Mark: The short answer to your question is everyone will be getting an instruction package that will apply to their situation. Anyone who has filed an appropriate claim, as you’re talking about farm claims, that was done in the correct manner, they will all be given instructions.

There will be general instructions that will probably deal with the separate categories, just so the people will know what to expect (should I wait three days, should I do this or the other), and they will have general instructions, and that will be delivered in the first 36 hours of the first 72 hours following announcements. I mention that 36 hours because that is half of the first 72 hours.

Only after all of those instructions have been given will she then announce when deliveries will take place, and it will probably be within the 72 hours that we’ve been told it will be. All of this has already been arranged. So you don’t need to worry about anything. You don’t have to worry about being forgotten, lost or misidentified because these are tied to your soul signature, not your external identity.

These are soul patterns that are recorded, and the ships have been monitoring every single one of us since this began. They know more about you than you have any idea whatsoever. There is never a time when you are not known or when you cannot be found or identified, if you think you’re out in the wild, whatever.

Tara: And you have no idea how much you are loved. These ones who have you in your best interest and theirs, they are our brothers and sisters.

Rama: This is why this movie was made out there called “Pay It Forward”.

Mark: That was a wonderful example of the kind of thing we’re moving towards where we start taking these actions, and then the magic happens. Because when we open ourselves up and begin to take the actions that we have signed up to do, that is where everything can happen because we are not separate from the magic. We are also magic. Children are the most magical of all; not just the little ones, chronologically, but the child that is in every one of us.

Q: How important is the notion of momentum in considering what the galactics are doing? Can they start and stop their operations, or is it necessary to go with the momentum once built up?

Mark: Steve, that’s a good question. I would expect nothing less from you. That’s a very probing question. I think the best way to approach that answer is to understand, as you do, that the galactics are looking at the overall, the whole picture and how it all aligns and fits in to things we haven’t even been told about yet, because it would overload us.

They are always looking at those things. So the momentum that has started now, nobody and make no exceptions here, nobody can stop what has been ordered, what has been determined by divine decree. Everyone in the universe is signed on to accept this.

Everyone in the universe is affected by it, and all of us have specific missions. Whatever it appears on the other level, to be or not to be, you can be sure of one thing, it will not stop. It will not delay; it will not obstruct what has been determined that must happen. We are all connected and absolutely certain about that. There is no doubt about it whatsoever, so that part of it is there. I don’t know if that answers the whole question or not, so if there is another part, would you let me know what that is now.

Q: How bad are the banks – I need a clue?

Mark: As bad as they can get. All the regular USA corporation banks are broke. Don’t listen to anything that they tell you (this one is better than that). There was a recent publication and it was given to Obama and 19/20 banks were shown. You can only say how many times are they under water. Not are they healthy? It’s that they’re under water.

They’re all and if you read the papers and the news on the internet in the last two days, you will see that they are now saying, oh CitiBank, oh Bank of America, oh all of these banks are going to need more money if they’re going to stay afloat. This is it folks; this is where they have to admit they’ve been lying, that they have been blowing smoke in the wrong place and that they are definitely have not way to exist without Nesara.

But they don’t want to say that. They want to say anything but that, but they are very shortly going to be out of every option except for that one. Another thing to remember in this regard about the top banks is that many of the top leaders, and this is a very delicate area, we understand this. Many of the top heads, key people in those banks, are already holograms. They have been for some time. This is so that when this goes down, the right people can be put in with no fuss and no muss.

Us people – the people that will protect your money. There is no sense in giving you any money or even an account or credit; there is no sense in giving it to you if you aren’t protected and being able to access it and use it for its intended purpose.

Tara: There will be 100% house cleaning at every level.

Mark: That’s why we believe still there is going to be two weeks of bank closings. The reason is they have to, not only change the equipment, they have to get rid of every bug, every electronic snooping device, all these things that would make it unsafe to do business transparently, in order to protect your identify and your life. So that’s the status of the banks. Don’t believe anything. The best banks probably in the nation are small community banks that aren’t into any of that hedge fund stuff or the subprime markets.

Tara: I do want to say something because in your packages, the larger monies will have instructions as to where to get the proper trust. You will have a choice yet you will be given exactly what you’re going to be involving yourself in. There are special jurisdictions within some of these older traditional ones: Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, those three in particular.

But there are special jurisdictions that have been cleaned out completely, for quite some time. In other words, they’re not going to throw a pearl before a swine. They’re going to have a whole new turnover and yet you still have to get that cleaned up. So it’s all been thought out and it’s already arranged.

Mark: Yeah, and that’s the thing that she was talking about about paying attention to the instructions that you get. First of all, all of us will hear the same thing, no matter what station we’re listening to or what TV picture we’re watching.

They’re not going to be anything, whatsoever, during the first 36 hours, except the exact information that you need to have to talk to your family, to take care of yourself and your family and to be absolutely secure in knowing that you have got it straight, that you understand what is happening and know what to do. That will be for everybody.

Rama: Even Fox News is going to have to tell the truth.

Mark: Because any of the media that fails to jump aboard and become truthful, completely truthful, will be arrested and removed, and somebody else will take that over.

Cyndy: There’s no dates? You don’t know if it’s going to be in a week and you don’t know if it’s going to be in a month? Correct?

Mark: That is correct. We cannot give any dates at this time. We just know it’s moving very, very rapidly. We want to look and see the second you hear about, as these stories are starting to leak out, about Eric Holder, going to the World Court, you know that that’s a sign that they’re floating this trial balloon out there to get people a little warning to expect something that they hadn’t any idea our preparation for.

We’re not talking about people going to local court, which we know mostly are crooked throughout the nation. Those judges and courts will have to be clean out too, and that’s going to be done upon announcements. Nobody gets off free. Lady Master Nada has assured everyone that all of these folks are going to dance to the truth, or they’re not going to dance at all.

It’s a harsh thing but it’s universal law; it’s not just local law. That they have to comply because you need to be taken from a place of totally not able to believe anything you hear to being able to trust whatever is put out by the new authorities, which Obama is the leader of the new trend. Every one of the other countries will soon be mirrored by their own version of Obama, in the sense that it will be a person acting from truth and integrity.

Q: This is Kenny from Port Charlotte. I would like to know if, I was watching Cheney will ole Hannity, and he looked better than he did back in 2001 so I guess he’s a hologram. Are they going to be bringing back the real people for the war trials? Is Hannity and Jeff Beck and O’Reilly, are they really criminals, or are they just dumb?

Mark: First of all, let’s not talk about individual personalities in the media. Understand, if you heard what we just said and that is nobody gets off scott free. If what they’ve been appearing to do has only been a cover for something else, that cover will be removed, and the truth will come out.

If the truth says they are, shall we say, not willing to be part of the solution and they want to be part of the problem, then they won’t be here, and their names will be on lists. Or whether their names are on the lists or not, they won’t be here. I can’t make it any clearer than that. This is clean up time if anybody is out there playing a dual game. They better have their white hat ready to put on because it won’t fit you, if you’re still using the dark approach.

It will only fit you if you’re intention is to truly come forward and tell the truth. You can be assured that once this happens, all the media is going to be cleaned up very, very rapidly. Most of these people have been taken for up to six weeks of briefings by the King of Swords over the recent years. So a lot have been writing books and things like this, making films but they can’t release any of this stuff until they get the word, when the gag order is removed.

As soon as it is, you won’t believe how many people are prepared to, not only to know the truth, but to write intelligently about it and to you, so you can understand it too. So, be assured that this is happening. There is really nothing more to say. When you get into individual personalities, that’s too judgmental.

We would rather just say that, in general, the answer is if you haven’t changed your hat, no matter what color it appeared to be, if your intention doesn’t match the color of your hat, then something is going to happen. You’ll either be arrested, removed or relocated.

Tara: You just better say my hat has three corners, or else, it’s not my hat.

Q: How soon after announcements and deliveries will we link up with our advisor?

Mark: Okay, I think that the safe way to say this is once we have our announcements, remember you’re going to be told a lot of things that we cannot talk about now, during that first 36 hours. One of the things, anything that affects everybody, after Nesara’s announcement, you can be sure is going to be mentioned. If you’re going to have a galactic advisor, you can be sure there will be a general statement on that subject.

Tara: In the practical sense, everything that has to do with advisors at the bank, for anybody that’s receiving Nesara packages, will be in the package and you follow that, including phone numbers, as needed.

Mark: This question has to do with galactic advisors. Because we published that that every single being who is part of this is going to have a galactic advisor. You can call them a mentor or an advisor or friend, if you want to. They’ll probably be all three. But the point is, they won’t do anything for you, but they will certainly help you identify your best potentials and abilities and show you how quickly to actualize those and to put them in use in something that will make you joyful and help the whole planet move forward towards ascension as well.

That’s why an advisor is there because they understand you cannot be expected to go from thinking that there isn’t any such thing out; this is the only life in the universe to suddenly, oh my goodness, this is a drop in the universal bucket of life. There are 200 million species right here on this planet that are at full civilizations out there in the universe.

Rama: The Men in Black movie was a comical slice of the real story.

Mark: It was a way of depicting something that actually is real. There are all these little itty bitty people, sometimes they’re more powerful than the biggest ones you’ll ever see. The white mice, is a joke that we talk about, that run the universe. It’s a little bit of a joke, but the main point is that it’s not size that counts.

Spiritual development is what counts on the higher level because the physical is just the vehicle through which you express that higher knowledge, that higher ability. With it comes the responsibility. There is no such thing, you do not graduate from 3-D unless you have understood and demonstrated that you can be responsible, because you certainly will be accountable. You don’t make that final cut, that is to say the last step in the ascension process, until you demonstrate it.

But you’re given every possible help to do this. These advisors and mentors will be, well it’s something that’s going to be delightful and we don’t want to waste any more time on that now. Understand, you’ve never had anything like this except internally. That is so part of you, that is attuned to you and understands your whole pattern.

People are going to not only wake up, but they’re going to get the giggles. It’s going to be fun. This is not going to be hard because the amount of abilities that you have will so far outdistance the responsibilities that you will gladly take on new responsibilities, for which you are uniquely qualified.

Q: Since the Vatican orders everything, they are the root and cause, why are they still functioning as if nothing’s wrong? Why is it not mentioned?

Tara: For the same reason that all of these other actions that were being made aware of lately have been going on for 30 years. There has been removals going on and replacing the folks that they’re removing with clones and then subsequently when it’s time, they are removing the clones and placing holograms in those places.

That has been going on for the last 30 years, as I said. They are over 100 million people that have been taking themselves out. They’re not here any more. The vast majority of the whole operation is in the holographic state right now. The black pope was taken out on the 29th of January, 2003, by the means of which was necessary because there was an invocation of Lucifer at a fifth dimensional level, in an undead form, in the body of the black pope.

That means you’ve got to cut their head off and put a stake through their heart. That’s exactly how it was done. That means the power has been gone since then. The process of gleaming the knowledge of that power and the subsequent removals of those who have been still in more powerful positions under the ground.

That was what Ashtar said last Tuesday was that the 40 and 50 foot dragons are being taken and removed now. Now is the time we can do everything that has been not known all at once to the public.

Mark: The short answer to your question is, it’s already handled. The second that we have the announcement, all of these ones that have been tied to this are all part of what gets turned off or arrested as the case may be. Remember, we’re talking about the very highest levels. Those records have all been reviewed and those ones have judged themselves. We don’t have to judge them because they’ve already judged themselves and made their soul decisions for their whole line.

Q: Just a short little question with a short little answer. You mentioned the mentors, advisers or counselors, what are the probabilities that each one that is assigned to us by chance may be our twin flame?

Mark: I would say very low. I think that you can say that initially. What you want to say, if you just came off the turnip truck, and you’re suppose to be somebody that you’re really want to be, have your stuff together, your ducks in line with. You probably would have cleaned up your act a little bit and get a little more informed so you can actually kick the dust off your shoes and walk into a clean setting, in a matter of speaking.

Rama: This is not going to be Forrest Gump meeting Tiona Troy.

Mark: Not only that, first things first. When we have our announcements, remember we talked about and the reason we mention this over and again, is that when these decloakings take place, not the landings, just the decloakings, the probability is that every single being on the planet because of the radiant pattern of the ships is going to step up, shall we say wake up, to as much as a half level above wherever they are at that moment.

If you can imagine what that would do, suddenly to be acting stupid and suddenly get clear thinking and knowing, clear thinking, clear feeling and clear knowing from your own inner being. That is the most precious thing of all. This surpasses anything else that could possibly happen, because it means that you are now in contact with your real self.

You’re knowing, not thinking, but you’re knowing. You will then have far more access from your core, unless you choose to shut it down on your own. You will have that so I would say this, until we have the landings, don’t worry about the twin flames.

Q: It said that they would know us so well so it just sort of popped in my head that maybe it was the other half of us that knew us that well.

Mark: Actually your whole spiritual teams knows you better than you know yourself. Because they have been working with you for eons of time. To suddenly put that into perspective, and say, wait a minute – I just woke up five minutes ago; let me get a cup of coffee, in a manner of speaking here and take a shower and then we’ll sit down and chat.

Maybe I can collect my self from all of the universe where I’ve been and get it together here and remember who I am. It’s going to be a very beautiful shock and awe experience. There is no way that you can prepare anybody for that. It’s an experience you have to have yourself. When you have it, none of this other stuff will mean anything to you.

Because it is the most incredible thing to know your own beauty and the love that’s held for you and that you represent here – that will answer more questions than anything else because it gives a certainty to your connection to source, that no church can give you. In fact, no single being can ever do it for you. It is something that is your own heritage, and it will be a delight to find it out, where it’s not a question any more. Where you truly know and feel it and rejoice in it, because you will not be able to stop yourself from the tears and the joy releasing.

You will know then that you haven’t really been breathing, safely, freely and spontaneously. It’s a wonderful experience, and that’s why I was kind of humorously saying we’re going to clean up our act first by cleaning up our finances and cleaning up our beings, our residences, our way of life and our food and our medical condition. As we do these things which will happen very rapidly, if you’re open.

You have to ask. If you’re not willing to ask, they won’t force it on it. But it will be available, and it will be available very quickly. When we get our self in that state, then our advisor will say if that is part of your plan. Remember you wrote the plan so it’s not them telling you something you must do; it’s something you determined before you ever came in here you want to do.

If it’s appropriate, then they will say, I think now that you’re ready to meet some people that you will call family. After that, it’s all history. You’ll take it from there on your own and you won’t want any advice from anyone else. You’ll be able to handle that very well.

Q: I wanted to ask a question as I was wondering if it’s an ascension symptoms. A lot of friends of mine are feeling the same thing and we are wondering what it is. When we wake up in the morning, we have this horrible taste in our mouth. It almost tastes like poison. Then it will come in waves and later in the day, it comes up again. It’s so gross, and I just want to know what it is because I’m not the only one who is experiencing this.

Mark: First of all, ask yourself this question. Forget the taste per se. Set that aside. Ask yourself, how’s my energy? How do my eyes look? How’s my skin feel? Am I in any pain? You’ll notice as you go through the inventory to see what your status is. If you are healthy in every way, and especially if this is something appearing in your area, there could be a toxic agent of some type that is there.

But if your health is still good, then you can assume that your immune system is taking care of it. I would not worry, especially if your health is good. I would not sit there and worry too much about this. Talk to the people that have this symptom and then ask them how it’s developing. Is it progressing? Is it getting worse? Is it staying the same? If so, has it lasted longer than say five days.

Tara: I just want to know, are the people that you’re saying are experiencing it, all in your same neighborhood, is that what you mean? Is it a local thing?

Callers’ response: My friends that are experiencing the same thing, two are in different parts of the USA and I’m in Canada. So this is happening not in the same town or even the same country. We’re all experiencing this as soon as we wake up or we wake up in the night and this horrible, horrible taste that almost gags you. Then we’ll get up and gargle and then we’ll wake up later on in the morning and the same thing. It’s almost like it comes in waves, like ascension symptoms come in waves. It will come in and then it will go, then more will come in. I’m just wondering because it seems strange to me. It’s happening to other people in other countries too that I know.

Mark: In general, I will answer this because I have had some periods where I had things of that nature. It was detoxing. This feels very much like detoxing. It does not feel like a local concentrated toxin that’s been released. This is actually probably coming, I don’t know it doesn’t sound kind to say this, but it’s coming from inside of us, which is a good thing.

Tara: Yes it is and it can also be, this is nothing to be scared about but it can also be energy from the past that includes even other beings, even a disincarnate smell. Just remember that we’re all like sids right now, so you’re transmuting it. We’re taking on the universal karma in a certain balanced way so that we can bring everybody up at the same time.

So it’s not yours. Just have some very good habits, two quarts of water in the morning and make sure you never get thirsty. In other words, sip all through the day. These are important things right now because hydration is number 1. It needs to be good hydration.

Mark: I just want to say on a personal level, this is not a diagnosis. But you have far too much light, far too much vitality, healthy vibrations in your voice. I could tell you I would feel very confident saying do as has been said. Make sure you’re drinking, an hour either side of eating, before you eat anything in the morning, if you will drink 32 to 48 ounces of water.

First thing. Then nothing more. No food, no coffee or anything for at least an hour afterwards, then you can go through your normal day. You will find your body, after a couple of weeks, thanks you tremendously because its what helps liquefy and transport all of these tremendous things you are doing; you are accomplishing a lot. But to send that through your system and out, you are doing a very loving service to your body. And your health will improve and your vitality

Tara: Just like remember all during the day to choose water, choose water

Mark: OK. Next question.

Guest 28: This is going back to what you said on signing for packages. She said I was wondering what we should add to signatures when signing for packages.

Mark: I would rather not go into this because this all going to be handled in the instructions. If you follow the instructions that you are given, you will have no trouble.

Tara: Except for when you receive at the door. You sign “All rights reserved” above your signature. Your signature below that then “and/or assigns” and the date. That is at the door and everything else will [come].

Cynthia: The next one is from Heidi S. Will the Vatican be releasing their information by cooperating with we the people?

Mark: One way or another that information is going to be released because they have a duplicate library there of the Library of Alexandria and so many other documents. It is there. They still have it; it will be released. They can do it the friendly way or they can do it the no so friendly way. Either way that information belongs to the public and was always intended to be available to all of us. And will be. I think that’s enough to answer that.

Cynthia: Ok. We have West Washington.

Susan Leland: Hi, Mark. This is Susan.

Mark: Hi, Susan. Welcome

Susan: Thank you. My question is we have a very brief update that Ashtar gave us Sunday that ties in with what you have been talking about; is it OK to give that?

Mark: Please do.

Susan: On Sunday he [Ashtar] told our little healing group that 70% of the dragons have been removed. He also said that we are going at triple warp speed. And the Galactics have moved the timelines up. The reason they are able to do that is because of the people of planet Earth. The rate of consciousness, the awakened awareness and all of the love that is pouring forth from our hearts.

So he’s kind of confirming what you have been talking about. That we have really been moving fast. They are able to do this because we are sort of rolling out the red carpets for them so-to-speak and inviting them in to do all these wonderful things.

Thought people might be interested in hearing that.

Mark: We’re all very interested in hearing that and thank you so much, Susan, for coming on here.

Susan: Thank you for doing what you’re doing. Bye, bye.

Cynthia: We have SallyJack. Do the energy activations move the galactic agenda forwards, faster and push the dat-to-day events? Has it not already manifested while we wait to see?

Mark: The first answer, the overall answer is yes. All these energy activations are stepping us up in a controlled, measured manner so everybody can join it. Were not trying to do a couple of super stars to the top of the flag pole; we are trying to get everybody up and make it possible for all who are coming a little late to have what they need to join us. That’s so much a part of this whole purpose to bring as many of us home to our heart, to ourselves, to the wholeness that is possible.

Ashtar’s comment in that regard I think speaks volumes about the success of this. Remember, all this achieved before May 9th. This next step is going to be a doozy. So fasten your seatbelts everyone. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Actually, we are just ready to begin the fun.

It is going to happen in so many ways, in so many places, so fast, your head is going to be swimming. You’ll no longer be saying, “oh well but that’s not, or well show me something real, oh show something more definitive than that, more kick the tires concrete”. It happening. And it’s going to happen a lot faster.

The excitement is building and that 70% of the removal of the old dragons is humongous. We can’t even begin to deal with the numbers in terms of change that that represents. It is way over critical mass.

So. Next question.

Cynthia: The next one is from Queenie. Can you illuminate us about the significance of the race known as the Guardians?

Mark: Well, we . . . Let’s see what we can cobble together. Understand there are many, many advanced groups, collectives that are with us now. Some we have never had before because they had to wait until we had moved to a certain level to be able to begin to communicate with us. We couldn’t have understood the messages that they bring to us other than just support for our own process.

Rama you want to have a comment on the Guardians? Specifically that title.

Rama: My understanding about the Guardians – these are the ones that never fell from grace.

Mark: Elohi, you’re talking about?

Rama: Elohi. (One word).

Mark: Anything else you can say about them?

Rama: They are here to insure earth’s ascension and our ascension as we would choose to follow the Laws of One.

Tara: And the Guardians are connected with Hyperborea. That’s an advanced civilization that we all participated in. It has been the ones responsible, ultimately, as our big brothers you might say, the [right ?] big brothers and sisters. Actually the ones from the inner earth are part of the Guardian subterranean ones. The ones from Agarty.

Mark: The main thing Rama and Tara were saying that we want to emphasize is these are not fallen angels; these are the ones who never fell and who came here to be the presence of the truth and to hold that during a spell so the rest of us could have a chance to “get our act together”.

Next question.

East Iowa: Yes, I had a question that says there is a senator or somebody is in trouble for leaking information to the Chicago mob. That just came up. I was wondering since Barack is from around Chicago if a lot of the mob is going to be going along with the rest of the Cabal?

Mark: The answer to your question – and let’s not again deal with a single issue; let’s deal with the issue of anyone with criminal intent, anyone who is not part of the solution is not going to be continuing as they now are. They’ll either be arrested or they will be removed

Tara: Or their own kind will take them out.

Mark: Right. So one way or another you can be assured. This is planet-wide; not even just in our country. Not in one city. Nationwide, worldwide and it absolutely certain!

The new standard is you are either part of the positive upliftment that supports the all, the one, the solution or you’re part of the problem and the problem is going away.

Next Question.

Cynthia: Heidi would like me to say the dragon’s eggs need our love because they can’t have normal lives despite pre-programming.

Mark: Understand something here. We’re talking about specific individuals that are renegades. We’re not talking about all the dragons evolution. There are beautiful souls here, pure souls that have come in the greatest of service to humanity and to their own people. There’s only about 10% of them here, but they are 100% pure. We are not trying to tell people to take any evolution whether it is reptile or any [life].

When you can feel the essence of the being that you are connecting with which you will see and learn when you deal with the Galactics, you will know. It won’t be what they say; you will feel their presence, you will feel the lightness, you will feel the radiance and your heart will open because your heart will feel the difference. You cannot fool that inner self. We used to call it the “bull**** indicator”.

Every child has it and until they are conditioned to shut it down, they will tell you right away that person is angry; that person is not a good person. I don’t want to be in a room with that person. And you know, almost everyone on this call has walked into a room during a party or whatever it is and you will see where there are, you might say, an oasis of light in the room.

You will thread your way through all the “rackafrass” and everything to be with the people there who are part of the joy, part of the celebration. That’s the light. That’s all that is. It is their inner being radiating that.

So we don’t need to worry about any of the rest of this. It is going to be so obvious. And it will only be a short time when we have landing and after the landing everything will be exponentially cleared up and cleaned up. And we will have partners here on the earth with us of the highest. We can’t even discuss it because you can’t spell it with numbers; you have to spell it energetically.

It is a wonder and a richness and will tell you more than any words could just how valuable and how beloved we all are and how much they appreciate that we have suffered and willingly done so to join with the whole population of the Earth as a single family. It’s an incredible achievement. And we all can be very, very proud to have been a part of this. So when they come here , they are going to come fully knowing. We don’t have to tell them anything.

They will know and will be happy to hear and relate to us and to communicate with us and share with us their wisdom even about us, and this adventure that we have all been on together and that is going to be an incredible delight to all of us.

Question: California This is Mark, your friend out here in Northern California. 3 questions: Can you comment on how long it will take for our health to be restored. What is happening with the people who are killing and fighting and in the wars. What is happening with St. Germain?

Mark: Thank you Mark, essentially, if you just take the idea that we are going to have landings about 10 days after NESARA’s announcement. That tells you that these things happen very close together. Once that happens they will be able to bring equipment and things down to us. There has to be a responsible guardianship for devices of this nature.

We have already discussed this on GRT and other conference calls what these devices are. You have all seen Tricorders on Star trek and things of this sort. Understand frequency medicine is the new medicine and when you find what frequencies are out of alignment, the same device that makes the diagnosis, actually inserts the frequency that corrects it. That is just a generalization as there are specific things with each individual that involve multiple subtle levels, and those things take more expertise, but believe me, the galaxy is full of experts on how to deal with every single one of these things.

So in general most of that improvement will happen immediately with the DNA improvement which is underway right now. Even if there weren’t any landings this year, which there will be, because its already happening in Tibet, and other isolated locations right now. First contact is already here, but open first contact with the public informed will happen after Nesara’s announcement.

That’s when so many people and resources will land here because the criminals will be arrested and they will no longer be able to harass and start incidences to stir people up. That interference will be gone and at that time if you ask, you will receive it. You will be guided to the appropriate mentor or facility that is close to you that will take care of you.

That is what these mentors or advisors are about, to help you get all areas of your life up to a higher standard as quickly as possible so everyone in our Galactic family will be landing here, and they are just as excited and eager to get on with this as we are.

It will go very rapidly and you can expect within the first 60 days after announcement to see the air cleaned up, the water cleaned up, and so many other things including these devices that will help diagnose and treat conditions.

Understand your DNA is already doing the job, all you have to do is just allow everything to continue to flow and it will happen. It is orchestrated and designed to be successful, not to fail. This is the year that all this stuff becomes public and know and is no longer debated or put off in the far future because you can understand in this present moment if we don’t get up to the level that we have to come to, we really can’t get on with the rest of the work if our health is bad, if our finances are bad, if our housing is inadequate, if our water and air is unfit to breath.

So this has to happen QUICK and it will and it will be within the first 60 days. Ashtar has said we can clean up the environment in as little as 30 days so your air is fit to breath and your water is fit to drink. The oceans are already being worked on by the Altamurians. Even in the Gulf of Aiden, part of that operation which Rama was alluding to is the Galactics are already bringing in processes to assist the toxins in that area, and the radiation from the depleted uranium.

This has already quietly started and once they can do it openly without opposition, it will be a very rapid and wonderful thing to watch unfold. It will be like magic because for example two thirds of our infrastructure is based on bringing stuff from remote areas on this planet to big city areas. As we decentralize, and simplify, we won’t need any of that because we will be able to do almost everything like grow our own vegetables, food, make our own clothing.

Hemp has been the most suppressed item that was always part of the whole world’s economy. You can make clothing, food, essential oils, this is not what they made it out to be. It is a wonder food that can be grown in all countries accept one. It is renewable, many cycles per year, and is totally biodegradable.

Tara: The research that was done in the United States between 1966 and 1976 definitively by scientific evaluation and research discovered it is the single most definitive medicine that can cure any disease known to man, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. They banned further research after these things were put out to the public. They banned it and turned to the alcohol business and shut everything down.

Mark: The pharmaceuticals and the [ al –hal – pos ?? 2:38:36 ] shut it down. Now you can understand any crop no matter what it is cannot be grown in foul air, foul water, and depleted soil. This is the first priority on this list above the economics because it’s all part of the economics.

They are all mixed and interdependent in terms of the effects. We have to correct all of these, and make people locally sustainable so they don’t have to bring this stuff in from elsewhere. Hemp is immediately available, grows quickly, health, and when you have air, water, and soil that supports all of these things our organic gardens will produce healthy food for the first time since the 1940s.

We have had depleted soil even in organic farms since the 1940s. We are in for a wondrous period where our health, vitality, clothing, housing, everything will be healthy.

Question: Cosey1964 How are the students doing in regards to the virus in Cancun?

Mark: On that issue as we said earlier today, there was a group of Catholic school girls taking spring break in Cancun and they supposedly brought the condition to Cancun. They had to be giving the virus here before they left because it doesn’t exist naturally. In other words this didn’t just happen.

This isn’t someone’s lack of cleanliness or anything of that sort or nothing to do with having a green card. These are citizens of the U.S. from the same school, and they were just the target of the black ops. They had to have a vector to transmit the disease. I also heard that the disease the girls got was a weakened version and that’s why they only got sick, and the idea was for them to spread the flu through their school and their work places but already they are on top of this and nobody has died and they are getting well.

There are plenty of things to use to deal with this form. They used a more condensed and potent virus on the group in Mexico in that one house and it was like 10 to 50 times the amount to kill a horse and that’s why these people died. It was intended for them to die, it had nothing to do with the fact that they were Spanish, they could have been Scandinavian, English, American, anything, it didn’t matter.

This was a black ops planted thing and its already gone. Basically just forget about it, it’s already handled. The Galactics are all over it and basically before you can hear another word the only problem will be to calm people down and talk about the real things that are going on; the galactic presence, the financial conditions, and tell the people all these things.

Tara: The rule of thumb here and the best thing we can all do is strengthen our immune system and Michael King gave a protocol for that tonight on the same time schedule but we will bring that forward because I have friends that are listening to that call. When in doubt strengthen your immune system.

Mark: I want to put a plug in for the all the people out there who are interested in twin flame: Dianna Omrito (sp?) will be on our Thursday night call as a guest providing very interesting and provocative information on twin flame and that whole process and the reasons for it and other interesting items. That is this Thursday during Mother Sekhmet’s call.

Question Aloha999: If I am out of country when the transfer to treasury bills occurs how can I access the funds through my debit card in the new currency?

Mark: I can’t answer that definitively. I would say that everyone is going to get instructions and that is the way it is going to be. If you are temporarily out of the country like in Peru or someplace like that the word will still be gotten to you. You may be told to report to an embassy or something like that but we are not going to go there right now because everyone of these things is handled differently, every program is different.

The instructions have to be taken individually and the couriers know where everyone is. These are the King of Swords men if we didn’t say that earlier. These are not commercial delivery people. They will be using white post office secure bands, and you can’t fool them and you don’t want to even try.

Question: Golden Era (Charles) What will happen to the people working in defense contracts?

Mark: Here is another specific question that can be a general question. Understand that every department, Ashtar said, I think it was the last one, all the department heads in the administration will be changed, so if it’s happening in the government, the defense contractors will also share a lot of that top heavy re-alignment and restructuring.

The probability is that every single organization be it schools, media, scientific, universities, EVERYTHING is going to go through a period of restructuring and reorganization and again there is no worry if people are positively seeking to be a part of the solution. Remember this is something that you depend on a private detective to do, our records are on the ships and the King of Swords has had each of us reviewed.

You might say there is a cliff notes on everyone of us that will tell how we have done, how we are conducting ourselves, and what our orientation is. No one who is positive needs to be concerned. Yes people may change their job, but they are not going to be economically out on the street. You can see because there is no economic burden, education will be available and accelerated.

It will not be an ordinary linear education, these will be accelerated processes as well as the continuing DNA upgrading which is way underrated and far more important than the external education because once you are connected to your greater being and have access to your own database of knowledge and wisdom, you will be absolutely floored about how much you already know and have access to internally.

This process is going to go very rapidly from impossible, unbelievable to: wow, interesting, I have some ideas, I think I have a direction, I think I know what I want to do, here is what I need to do it with and guess what? The funds are available, and the people that want to work with this are available and wanting to get together.

This is how it is going to start working. Yes there are a few pieces here that need to be taken care of first, we can’t go into la la land and we have to remain grounded but there is no need to be concerned about anyone whether they be in the military, a defense contractor, it makes no difference who you are, you can be anyone on any level, it’s all the same.

If your soul orientation is 51% positive every assistance that you are willing to open yourself up to will become available with joy. Not because you have to beg and steal and prod and push to get it, just the opposite, everything will be helped and assisted because that is how we get the joy going.

Can you imagine how contagious that will be instead of fear over loss of job. Many of these people don’t want to continue doing the same work so these new ways of doing the essential thing with joy is what will replace every bit of this now. Thanks for the question Charles.

Tara: The song comes to mind: To dream the impossible dream from the sound of music. This is the appropriate time to do that.

Mark: We suffer more from the lack of thinking big enough, and clear enough, and broad enough, instead of thinking out of fear of what we are missing. Think of what we want, what would be positive for us and others especially of what would give us joy and without hurting any others.

That is the kind of thing that will quickly catapult us from where we are to where we need to be and where we want to go and where the whole universe is going to support us in going. When we do it; this whole model goes out to the universe and will be available to all.

Question: North and West Colorado (Melinda) I would like to know more about the Cyclops that was mentioned on GRT and I would like to know about the situations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Rama: I’ll just say about the Cyclops, some of these beings are the Annunaki that have been here since the beginning when they landed 65 million years ago. They have been coming in and out of the inner earth and some of them are not connected with the good guys, there are renegades.

Tara: The Annunaki have misbehaved but we are all Annunaki in a certain way and that’s why we distinguish the guardians who never fell from grace. We all play in a certain way with our free will choices and those consequences. The Cyclops Lord Indra and the Apanasha talk about his twin flame Cyclopia.

Rama: (in regards to Lord Indra and Lady Master Cyclopia ) [ 2:53:57 ] These are some of the Hindu ascended masters who work with the alohi- at that level of the ancient eternal on supreme of days.

Tara: But they also work with Lord Indra’s dark so they are warriors.

Rama: Yes, they are warriors. I would say that the stories are getting out there about the different races and they have to be told because we are all part of it.

Tara: There is Galactic nations of beings and I prefer not to call them races. They take on different shapes as in shape shifters and I would just say they are a more advanced civilization. They still have the DNA of an Adam Cadman and they carry a higher vibration from an advanced civilization where they came from in other words, nobody came from earth, none of us.

We all have previous experience in another time space continuum. That goes for all of us and everything is significant it doesn’t matter what form you are in so remember that but let thy eye be single comes to mind when you talk about Cyclopia or the Cyclops and they also have a fully activated pineal gland which is another reason why they call them single eyed.

Mark: Part of the rewriting of history is to denigrate, demean, vilify [belittle], and demonize everything that’s higher so that the renegades that wanted and have been here consolidating power through all of these ages wanted to eliminate any good thoughts about these pure people who have never fallen.

Many ones who have came here, just because they have a different format, as Tara said they still have Adam Cadman aspects and they are all part of the extended family. Rama can testify that on the ships the person sitting next to you could be a very different format but it makes no difference because there is no separation.

There is no hierarchy in the expression just because this one has feathers and this one has fins, and this one has fur. It doesn’t matter and they would think that this would be the biggest joke in the world to think they would pay any attention to the differences. It’s the radiance and the quality of the being the determines importance.

When you’re on the ships, I’ll say one more thing. If you are not of a certain vibration, you do not have access to certain areas. In other words if you are at a less clear level or uncertain level, you would not be in the areas that we are talking about here. The people that travel on Mother’s ship, bird people, the lion people, the reptile people, are all positive and they are higher dimensional and work alongside one another, not because they are forced to, but they would think there was something wrong if they didn’t see people from all over the universe.

This is one thing about being multidimensional is you get over this ethnocentrism that was invented in some little book on a single planet. Life has been ongoing for trillions of years so this is going to be a wondrous discovery. The main thing is that you will know when you are operating at the 5th dimensional level you will be able to see everyone’s aura, no one will hide anything because they can’t.

You won’t invade people’s privacy but you will see where they are coming from and when you’re engaged with them in any kind of conversation you get clear meaning, clear intentions, and a clear vibration. We will quickly get over that but in the first part of contact the first group will look very much like us.

Q: First I would like to thank you all for your time and effort to teach us. I have been watching David Ike, and he said Princess Diana had to die in a tunnel so that the dark hats could collect her soul. I am curious if they were able to do this because I thought she was on the ships and she would be coming back.

Mark: The answer is absolutely 100% not correct. There are some things that are correct, the tunnel was a very precise co-ordinate. It was chosen for the purpose to do that however what happened was the galactics saw this in the context of what was to happen in advance and put clones in place. As a result the clones were impacted. Since the clones were connected to the originals, the originals were still alive and not affected.

Tara: Dodi and Dianna are alive and well in a witness protection program and they are living in the Hindu Kush and we can’t say much more than that but what they have been doing is much more important. They have been going through all the archives from different secret libraries that have to be brought to the public knowledge right now. This process has been in alignment with all kinds of prophecies, documentations and spiritual adherence to the law of one.

Mark: Which means even if the dark had wanted to, since these ones were operating in the light, of the light and as the light, they could not remove the souls.

Mark in closing: I just want to thank everyone for the patience, their presence, and the incredible range of questions that were asked tonight because as you know the transcribers are probably shuttering. This is a lot of work to transcribe this.

I give congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the transcribers for taking on a job of this magnitude. We went overtime tonight to try as hard as possible to answer all the questions that came up. The reason was to encourage people to ask their questions, and the ones that were typed into chat makes it a whole lot easier to understand, and assist the transcribers.

More Mark Huber questions and answers on the Yahoo group GRT-News by clicking HERE.


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