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Ashtar Telecall – April 7, 2009


Well good evening   It is I, Ashtar, using a voice that thought it might be a bit wobbly and perhaps it shall be before this momentous occasion is drawn to a close, but for now we bring all the energies and the joys and hugs of family anticipating our coming together.

Now there has been much in agreement of late – it has been noted by wise ones indeed that some of them are speaking of things never before spoken by them.  That there is becoming more and more a consensus among the voices that reach beyond the humanity or 3D to bring in those messages of I, Ashtar, and indeed from what you call the Galactic realms,  of the Angels, Ascended Masters and indeed from the dwellers of the 4th dimension in the higher realms, and the ones you call the elementals and we shall have a representative from that Kingdom as our guest speaker tonight.

But first I have some interesting news items so shall continue …

Now something I wish to comment on .. some ask how can we come and be with you in this manner.

How do you do it??   She has never had a real clear idea.  That is not one of the requirements you know.  There are requirements.   It’s more a willingness to serve.    We made an agreement not to delve into the science of it.  However there was a wondrous piece put out that explained it, and we want you to understand how this all works.  It is by agreement that we, all of us, are here.  You and We.  There are no accidents and there are no co-incidents that you are here.  And what happens by giving your intention, by making your intention to be here where higher levels of truth coming from source and coming from you, because your Higher Self is a co-creator of that truth.  You are co-creators.  When you give your intent to be part of such a group, it is necessary for you to get to a certain level of vibration or existence or dimensionality.   We will keep it light and easy, no science here.    It’s necessary that at least that part you call your Higher Self can come and meet and greet and be one with you. If you feel the love, the joy that we radiate to you, its because you have simply met us in such a place that makes it all possible to happen.  Yes its true.  We can come into the bodies of humans if we lower our frequency enough ….. there are among you even now Masters, Galactics in human body.  The human body is kind of a way that this can all happen and take place.  You have no doubt heard that St Germain has been seen and heard and yes his voice is loud and clear and he has been seen in many places.  He does not travel alone .  He has what you call a pretty powerful back up to his words, and there are those who are more and more seeing her standing directly either at his side or directly behind him.  Not that she can hide.  He is somewhat shorter in stature, but Sekhmet travels with St. Germain.  Both have the ability to multi-locate and exist in multiple dimensions but it is a transition to come into 3D because of the science involved.  There are others who are seen upon Planet Earth by the children – most notably, beloved Sananda, his mother Mary, his beloved Mary Magdalene, and then we have Lady Master Nada.  Very much in evidence behind the scenes in places where it counts.  Lady Kwan Yin is another who is being seen and not just in the places generally attributed to her particular domain, she is being seen worldwide.  There are others.  You know ……Quetzalcoatl,  I may not have pronounced that exactly correct.  They are being seen by the elders of the tribes.  When the elders get together, there is no tribal differences any more.  And there are many meetings going on.  And you may be interested to know that the tribal elders don’t have to go to get to a meeting, if they live in an area where there is no modern transportation, they can take themselves there and we are at their service literally.

Now it has been noted that Obama himself had quite an entourage in his most recent visits.  The accompanying ships were special escorts.  They were assigned to be his escorts, they were the ships of Sekhmet.  It was a pretty clear message. Not a whole lot more needs to be said by the message of those 3 ships.  There were more of Ashtar command fleet who remained – the lanes were quite clogged if you wish to think of it in those terms.   If you think of gridlock in the sky – even though they are moving at quite a pace.  It’s more common these days because there are so many ships out there Beloved Ones.   It’s difficult for you to grasp the historical significance of what is happening – Earth has never done this before.  It’s all new to earthlings.  Quite fantastic and quite exciting.

Now some other notes.  Obama is starting to be recognized for who he really is.  Obama is exactly who is stated he is.  He is still having to do certain things shall we say to enable those dark hats remaining, or their stand-ins or holographic images, to trip and stumble over their own lies, deceit and dark programs.  He has to give them a bit of bait here and there.  Encouragement to them to reveal all that is to stand in the light – to open their mouths and say what they have been up to all these years.  Be not deceived.  They are doing a fabulous job of it.  The constitutionality of the Federal Reserve Corporation, the Internal Revenue Service Corporation and the others have been disproved.  They are unconstitutional.

Those who have been bringing the information forward – students and teaches of constitutional law – they are starting to all speak the same language.  They are starting to say these organizations are illegal and must be disbanded.  And the good news is they are.  Now we understand there are those of you who have concerns about the Ides of April, the 15th, now we shall to keep panic from rising from the part of the voice – take a moment for a disclaimer.  We are not giving any kind of legal advice – simply what you know already anyway.  It would be wise in this moment to consider your options for the 15th of this month.  You do nothing and let it pass.  You can put in a piece of paper, an extension and thus keep yourself from any immediate need to file anything, you can file, you can do whatever your heart tells you to do.  Let this be your own individual decision and make sure that it feels right to you.  And if anybody asks you for advice you can borrow the disclaimer from Ashtar and say you don’t give advice,  but here are some options for you to consider.   You figure it out and decide.

Why do we say this.  Is it because the IRS is constitutional because all the work of that brave one Mitchell has turned up nothing, no.  It is because each and every one of you whether you know  it or not are double agents walking this planet.  There is no need to keep your light hidden.  There is no need to not practice all of your empowerment and use all of your gifts, not what we are saying, but whatever level of comfort you have, if you want to protest in the streets that’s okay, but if you’re not comfortable you can do the work behind the scenes and know you are helping.    If you have doubt, do some dendrite removals around that topic.  You are the beacons Beloved Ones.  Say goodbye with love and forgiveness to those who wear the dark hats.  Feel the lightening up with what the planet has left herself with and know that this is just the beginning and know that you are making this happen – those who are still in evidence very much aren’t here any more.   They are in frantic frenzy even since the last this family came together.  Those left are chasing their tails aimlessly.   They are being rounded up as we speak.  There is a certain blanket over these proceedings – that blanket is about to come off.  The whistleblowers have spoken in great detail behind the scenes. They have been recorded –  they will be able to be on stage in person before much longer – they have given their testimonies.

Here is another one for you – the news media have all had the sorting hat passed.  We’re happy to announce that approximately 10% worldwide of news media are already reporting the truth as they see it.  They are doing their jobs.  And their reports whether on film, such as the oopsy that came out on CNN , that’s getting on the air more and more.  Because there are courageous ones behind the cameras and doing interviews and getting the information out however momentary it may last.  They have volumes to report – they have been held back.  You have seen how there are sheep in a corral, and occasionally a bar lifts and one of the sheep is allowed to escape, into a shoot directly into the slaughter house.  It happened more times than not to member s of the media who wanted to report the truth.  Not any more – more are feeling empowered to do so.  Next time a discussion of removals might hear some names from the media and there might be a Rupert or two among them.  Get ready it is coming.  There is no evidence of any desire to let the light in that ones heart.    It could all change and constant messages are going to these ones, these clingers of the old programs.  And more are coming to the light – entire parades of them.  Does this mean they are going to do the scot free thing?  No it means they would rather be in the light and reveal and be revealed, than to spend any more time enslaved to the dark.  And so it is these things are coming to pass.  And it is with great joy that we report these things to you.   We know you want to know if Obama is for real.  Have we been lead down the wrong path? Absolutely not. You are beacons, joy, leaders on the high road.  The one you call Ascension.  It couldn’t have happened without you beloveds.  In the harmonic convergence you said we choose light, we choose Ascension. And yes we choose no nukes.

Again confirmation that the attempt to put a satellite up was a child saying pay attention to me, I can be as powerful as you are, complete with stomping of the feet.    It was a grand message was it not.  It went into the ocean.  We redirected it shall we say. It simply said we love you, we will not allow you to control with your temper tantrums and your dark programs and your ill intent.  So there you have it.  The behind the scenes of what went visibly for the world to witness.

There are many who are coming together at this time.  We are happy to report that some of those you might consider to be the greatest wise ones of the planet are together whether they still have a body or not.  There are meetings going on – the ships are an excellent place for meetings and the vortexes are on, bringing you other dimensions, taking you to other dimensions and so on, and they are pretty full these days. Imagine the traffic at one of your big airports on a Friday afternoon.   Just picture that and know how busy these places are in the world.  The sacred places of meetings, and the ships hovering close beaming up those who are currently dwelling in body.  Scientists, mathematicians, teachers, growers of crops, Ashtar command members in human body are ready.  Last minute preparations are being held on every level and of course let us not forget the political and financial ones.   Is it not worth noting that the females are being represented there as well as the males.  Never before has there been such caring and sharing on Planet Earth to create peace on earth, abundance for all.  And so I, Ashtar, would simply say to you thanks and blessings to all of you – we have two other speakers coming after me.  We offer blessings to all of you for your wondrous presence.  We are here for you in service and in awe of you and all that you do – I, Ashtar, am particularly delighted when one of you calls on me to spend time together one on one.  Call upon me, call upon your team, your guides, at any time you choose Beloved Ones and know that we are here in co-creation of this fabulous series of events, called the Ascension of Planet Earth.  And so it is.  Salut.

Pan and Sananda spoke next. Edited transcripts will be released later.

Pan addressing the April 7, 2009 Ashtar teleconference:

“Greetings beloved dwellers of Earth and Sky! It is I, Pan, come to greet you. I am chosen this evening, because I volunteered and because I have a message for you from all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia. And I AM here to assure you that all is proceeding wondrously well.

“All that you are is Love. And you are giving so selflessly of your Love, of your energies, of your healing, of your communications and of yourselves, Beloveds, that I am here to tell you that we, the other Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, stand ready to stand with you in this great process called the Ascension.

“We have much to do. We have mission and purpose. We would suggest that, as we move towards that occasion you call the Solstice, which shall be a grand opening, that you continue your wondrous, loving work, directing your energies to Mother Earth, and all of her Kingdoms including Humans.

“Take a walk in the woods, by the seashore, or in your own garden, and be very quiet and be prepared, if you will, to receive the loving messages that are there for you. You may need to close your eyes and perhaps squint a little bit, you know, like you’re trying to see someone’s aura against a wall. But look closely and see if in some manner you don’t sense that you’re not alone.

“We are with you Beloved Ones, and just as you have your Guides from the Kingdoms of the Angels, and that which you call the Ascended Masters, and yes, the Galactic Kingdoms as well, be assured that you have Little Ones with you. Well, sometimes not so little. It all depends upon your reference point.

“We are here to invite you to a ceremony. We are here to invite you to a dance. It is a ball really, a joyful celebration of music and dance which is put on by that part of the Kingdoms that you call the Fairies, and perhaps some others from these Kingdoms will make an appearance. So we ask in the meantime that you might establish some contact with one or more of them. It is very simple to ask.

“If there are representatives from what you call the Elemental Kingdoms on your Guidance Team, and you might strike up a conversation, or a communication, and it will be most happy.  Where can you find joy?  Where can you access Joy, if you’re not feeling it at the moment within yourself, if you want your Joy button to be given a bit of a boost.  Well, you can find it most easily in the Kingdom of the Elementals, so take yourselves there Beloved Ones, take yourselves there.

“In fact it would be ideal to take a bit of a journey now, if you are so inclined. And, we shall, perhaps, awaken in you at least an overview of what is there.  For some of you it will be a delightful reunion. For others it might seem as though it is the first time, but believe me, you have all danced at the Fairy Balls on Planet Earth and other places too. Do you think the Fairies only live on Planet Earth? Do you not know Pegasus and the wondrous Unicorns are creatures not only of the Galaxy, but of the Universe?

“As a matter of fact, we have volunteers ready to transport you, if that be your will. So we ask that you close your eyes and breathe, and breathe deeply. And just allow a wondrous gossamer web to come into your fields and feel the delight, the twinkling, the radiance of it, and lose yourself in it, as a means of just leaving behind whatever cares and worries you might have brought with you to this gathering, if there are any left at this moment.

“And as you close your eyes bring yourself into a delightful meadow..Ah its springtime, and the air in the meadow is most joyful! It’s alive, and many representatives of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms are there delighted to welcome you!  Now walk into the meadow and walk up to one who stands there to greet you. Look closely at it. It seems to be a silvery white horse. But wait, it is more than that. Why it’s the Unicorn. Now you may have heard that Unicorns do not care to be touched by Humans, but be assured that you are not representing yourself as a 3D Human.

“This Unicorn recognizes you as a long time friend, a dear one, one who has already transcended the confinements of 3D and is living in the Higher Dimensions anyway. So what could be more familiar than that the Unicorn offers his or her back to you, that you may ride through the skies together. So please do climb aboard. All of your Guides have room there as well.

“And so it is that the Unicorn transports you from that meadow, that meadow, which is a vortex of a kind, still associated with 3D, to one that is on a higher plane. This one is in the highest Dimensions of the Fourth Dimension, the highest levels.  And as you approach, you hear music. Fill yourselves with the Joy of that music. Enchanting, why yes, but you’re there by choice, and there is no spell over you, nor will there be one. It is simply your choice to be there, and to be in that form that is so familiar, and so dear.

“And as you come close you see all kinds of crystal castles and bridges and buildings. And there, there as you come into this grand meadow of Higher Dimensionality there are all of the wondrous dwellers of the Kingdoms to greet you and invite you to join in the dance, and you do. And you join in with your fellow travelers and that music finds its way to your hearts, Beloved Ones, and your Joy is so pure and so connecting with the all who are there.

“And this is bliss and this is a taste of what you call Heaven and this is a homecoming for you, and a grand welcoming celebration. And you may stay at the celebration as long as you wish. And the hours, and days might pass but it is all nothing in this Kingdom.

“And when you are ready, when you have danced and danced and danced, when you have hugged and greeted everyone there and enjoyed each other’s stories of adventure, and when you feel that the time has come for you to return, take some Fairy Dust with you. It is yours. It is offered to you. You can store it in your beautiful heart, if you choose. And look, here is your precious one, your own Unicorn, back to transport you again, safely, safely back to that meadow from which your adventure started.

“Keep this adventure forever in your hearts Beloved Ones. It is one you shall enjoy at anytime that you choose. It is one to be repeated as often as you would like. And the Truth of it is, Beloveds, it’s real!  It is as real as I Pan, it is as real as Mother Gaia, and all of Her Kingdoms, below, on and above Planet Earth, and it is a part of you and your life or lives, we should say. There are times when it has been more real than at others.

“But it is you Beloveds, it is a part of you. So let it stay in your hearts now, this special engraved invitation to you to come and join in the festivities and the celebration, to dance to the music and to enjoy the coming home to that part of you which is always there.

“And so we thank you for joining us in this journey; it is but a preview.** We thank you for your participation. Our hearts are joyful at this time that we have spent. And you will find it is almost no time as you measure it on Planet Earth in 3D, but know also you are not so much dwellers full time in 3D, and that your ability to come on this journey is yet another confirmation to you of the evolvement that you are making in the Ascension Process.

“So be joyful, we are together, always have been, always shall be. Continue your grand works of healing, of bringing Joy and the Light of Love to Planet Earth.  I, Pan, salute you on behalf of all those I represent, and I stand with Mother Gaia, in awe and appreciation of you. You are truly awesome Ashtar Commanders, Beacons of Love on Mission to and for Planet Earth. And thus it is, and ever shall be.  Namaste!”

Summary notes thanks to Deborah Urquhart and Jan Chapman.


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