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Ashtar Telecall – April 21, 2009


Ashtar on the Road Call on 4/21/09

ASHTAR – Well, good evening!  It’s another beautiful day whether you are enjoying the sunshine. It is delightful to be together again and to be in enjoyment of all that is absolutely delightful even now on planet earth.  Really enjoy the beauty around you and know that it is only going to be more so.

If you come across a play that doesn’t seem to be so beautiful, say for example, the dumps, just know that it is not always going to be the state that it is in at this now moment. There is a growing awareness and it is real and true, it is not anything artificially resigned, but rather a growing awareness and consciousness that there are … must come to an end.   What is important is not so much to be one group making rules for another, like ok you pay us a little money and we’ll let you do…..  Frankly that is the way the world has been run.

It is going to be the conscious awareness of all of the kingdoms of planet earth saying ‘enough.’   We have learned all that we need to learn from this and we need to be in sacred oneness and we need to be honoring of Mother Gaia and we need to be utilizing new technologies and ways of doing things so that all of this polluting will end not because we are under threat of Armageddon or being controlled by a rather small but powerful group, but simply because it is time and everyone knows it. We shall have more on this topic. We wanted to start out to bring into your viewing screen the concept of coming together to do some clearing and some honoring. We shall have more on this when we get to that part of the program.

We want to give you a few updates.  Now, you have been hearing about the big ferocious dragons. They are energy and yes, they can shape shift.  What has happened, some of you have heard this, as those two were, shall we say, drawn out to do the threats that they did; the intimidation; the leaning on the one called Obama.   When they went back they left a trail and they are being cleaned out.   That is a way of saying there is special handling required.   It is all being taken care of.  Whatever technologies the dark has had, the white has had more, bigger, better, more powerful and all loving and it is that love, remember that is the greatest power in the universe.   When actions are done with love, it is infinitely more powerful than anything the dark ones can conceive let alone play into motion.

When these ones are cleared out, that’s it.   Of course you still have those holograms and, in some instances, you still have dark hats in some kind of body whether it be the original (very few of those), or a copy, clones, whatever.   Most of the big ones have been reduced to holographic status.  There really isn’t substance there; only programs.   They are working overtime and are burning the midnight oil.  These ones underground are on their way (out).  Not quite all are routed out yet; it is being done even as we speak.   Progress is ongoing and absolutely unstoppable.  You can cheer, if you want, for that.   And so it is.

Now it is true that there has to be a public awareness of just how rotten, not just in the state of Denmark, but the world has been because of the actions and activities of those who have made claim to the dark hats and those in the light hats who have been complicit; acquiescent in the cooperation to enable them to do all the things that they have done.   They had to have your cooperation.   That is not a statement of blame.  That is to say that everyone is responsible for where planet earth is in this now moment.

So if you are thinking about taking on guilt, why not replace it immediately with “I am love and I am a loving being and everything I have ever done has been from love and from the one that we all are and I have done an academy award winning job in every lifetime no matter what kind of hat I was wearing”.

It is time for you to get it.  It’s very difficult to live in the high vibes of joy or to live in your compassionate heart when you are all boggled down with guilt, shame, anger and all of those kinds of things.  How can you be a messenger of love and joy when you are not radiant with it?  There are those who are quite conversant with the concepts and the actions of helping others, but she hasn’t gotten it all for herself and this is true.   It is these last little remnants occupying very little space in one’s being but having huge implications and influences on all of you who are beings of light and know it.  Why? Because you want to be 110% love and light.

If there is a little grain of something that is not of the love light, it has a way of making itself come to the surface of your consciousness and you need to address it.  When you address it from the perspective of loving it, after all it has helped you to be who you are, you will find that you are much more successful in clearing it.

There’s all kinds of help available.   You’re not alone, beloved ones.   The minute you start thinking ‘I’m all alone,” you are negating yourself.   The part of you that lives a higher vibration is part of you and is there all the time.   Sometimes you don’t listen or allow yourself to feel or communicate however it is your personal method of communication.    You have all of these wondrous angels and guides; an entire fleet who are only delighted to come in and help you.  Your mission right now is to get clear.  Clear it out.

Now there are all kinds of methods and techniques and many of you have evolved or discovered a method or technique that works for you.   Learn to do your own self-texting. If you aren’t ready to listen to your own self-texting, then learn to do kinesiology. We do recommend that it is independent in that you don’t need a second person to help you to get the answers from that.   Learn to pendulum or use the cards or whatever it is that you can get answers.

Preface it by calling forth only truth.   The Ashtar family has all been gifted the Sword Excalibur.  When you have the sword and wave it through the air you will create blue swords of truth from source.  How can you be in doubt when you have Excalibur?  You have all kinds of angelic beings, medical, galactic beings, and so on who are delighted to come at your invitation and assist you in clearing or resolving all that you choose to resolve.   And you can invite them to stick around for the party when you start creating what you want.   You can recreate yourself if you choose your circumstances, your environment, your relationship, you can transform yourself.   You can do whatever it is that you choose to do but you must believe in yourself to do it and we know that that sometimes is difficult.

Now we will share something with you.  Take some deep breaths because we want you to feel the empowerment that you are.  We want you to feel total alignment with and in touch with the all that you are; your own divinity; your own love.   Allow yourself to rise into the vibrations of love.   We have some info that is coming from love; the great love that we have for you and the great regard that we have for you.

And so we want to share something with you.  Now here it is. We have told you that these are the final moments; as we see time. We don’t quite see time as you do because we don’t live in linear time.   From our perspective you only have moments left.  You may have heard as the chaos of the transformations came in and more and more that had been under the surface and unknown rose to the surface for your view and for you to do mission work as you started getting more truth about how the world has been, a lot more became clear.

There have been programs and programs for all of time.  Those running the programs are in their very last hurrah. They are not saying hurrah; that’s just an expression.  This is news to you we know. We want you to put this into your proper perspective.  They are something like rats chasing their tails; in pandemonium and panic.   You’re not because you’re a light worker.

At the same time you may be down in the dumpies.  All of this golden age is already here.   You’re seeing and hearing about events behind the scenes and why would you be down in the dumpies?   Or have a fear come up that you can’t put a handle on?  Get it over and done with.  It’s because in their last hurrah, panic, pandemonium, you are having an opportunity to experience the very last messages that the dark ones can put out as they are being disempowered.  It’s something like an SOS as they need fear to feed on.  And sometimes occasionally you might have a little vulnerability to it.   It is easy to deal with if you recognize it.   All you need to know is that it’s here and it’s not your creation.   Then you can do your processing.   You can go to Meg’s marvelous web site and just deal with it; take care of it, transform, transmute and be done with it.    If you get a whiff of it in your being and go into fear, just recognize where it’s coming from and that you have the empowerment to send it out of your being. Transmute it to love and send it out the universe and there you are.   Doesn’t that sound more glorious than being down in the dumpies or having a fear come up?    Many of these things are recordings they have from your past times or parallel lives that you have lived.  There’s no place like planet earth where the fears have been created, and so they simply reach into the recordings and send it your way and you don’t know where it came from because it’s not part of your current life.  Instead of being afraid or feel like you are falling apart or let it interrupt what fabulous things you are doing, just recognize it and take care of it.  You have this wondrous infinite group of loving beings who can assist if you ask and it’s good to ask.   It feels wonderful.   Don’t hesitate to call upon us.   We are with you and we delight in your calling upon us so please do so.
Now, as we have said, if you tune into that call tomorrow night you will get even more information and exercises.  We are scanning (that call).

You see,  here’s the rest of the story. We have no desire to create in fear.  Our mission here is to inspire love.  And so in telling you something about what’s going on in the world around, you choose to do it in such a way as that nobody crashes.  We want to leave one last thought on this topic.  Now you know. You got the inside scoop. What happens if your son or daughter, mother, father, sister or beloved, friend, coworker says “I can’t understand why I seem to be in this dark fog.”  Well you can.  So there you are.  You may not feel as though you want to give the entire explanation particularly if it is someone not in discussion with you about the light working, Nesara and the golden age.  You can say, ‘well I have a have a technique that could possibly help you.   You could offer some help when you have the techniques.  You can do it with their permission and could even go into another room as long as you have their permission.  You might get permission from their higher self.  Do not be afraid to help someone.  They are not contagious.  If they have something going on, some kind of a program, they can’t give it to you as long as you surround yourself with the white light.   Raise your vibrations. If you are in your compassionate heart space, nothing they have can touch you. So smile.  Whatever you want to do to prepare the way and remember to put yourself in the protection of the white light around your entire being and go for it with gusto because you are helping.   Any time you take a dark energy and transmute it into white light you are doing service to yourself, for those close to you, for the planet and for the universe.

This transmutational work on the dark energies, well that’s a part of our mission work and it is time to simply acknowledge it and commit if you feel so inclined, to clearing wherever you find a pervasiveness of the dark kinds of energy.  Go for it.  And I am being reminded that I have this tapping; scratching on my shoulder. I am reminded to tell you that Mother Sekhmet is at your service for additional empowerment for whatever clearing you embark upon. You are fully qualified and competent but isn’t it nice to know that Sekhmet is willing to come in. you can do it beloved ones. We shall move on because we do have a mission; an exercise to do here in this most delightful time. I get so excited when I think about how beautiful planet earth already is now; it’s your radiance that makes it beautiful, along with the other kingdoms that are coming together in communication, connection and communion with you. We are working up to a grand celebration and you’ll be hearing about that. But for now, we have some prefatory mission work that we are asking you to engage in and it could be lots of fun. But we are going to ask you to come together in solemn ceremony; an exercise to facilitate the clearings and cleansings that Mother Gaia is doing. You know you have this celebration day coming up; it is called earth day.  Isn’t that wonderful?  A day for everyone to honor the earth!  And so we are going to come together tonight, in an exercise to express appreciation and more than that to send some additional energy to Mother Gaia for the healing that she is embarked upon already. And you are aware of this and of the need for her to come into full alignment as a healed and totally loved being.  She’s real; she’s alive and she has a conscious awareness.  Let’s just spend some fabulous time loving here as she so deserves to be loved. Then we’ll see what comes next. But we already know it’s wonderful.

We can also end this exercise with a big heartfelt thank you for all of your participation. It’s kind of like dessert before the main course.   It’s all about love and joy.  So I, Ashtar, stand with you, beloved ones.  I stand right with you.   Let us join hands.  Let us be together as one; as one great love because that is the empowerment that we give to this exercise.   We’re coming together as one feeling the energies of each other.   Turning from loving hearts; breathing in all of this love and all of this joy and feel the presence of all who are gathered here. Family in human bodies, family in the bodies of angels, family in the body of the fairies and the devas and all of the dwellers of what you call the magic kingdom, coming together as one with the ascended masters; the great teachers; the galactic star brothers and sisters. Coming together with all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia; all of them. All of them coming together. Coming together with all the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, all of them, coming together in such great love that you have this sensation, maybe it starts below your feet coming through your feet, or through your crown, or through your hands, joined as one.  Feel it and take it all in.  This is the empowerment, the way to power up the love you are and spread it everywhere.

Feel the love of those who dwell inside the earth.  Message of joy of connection.  Some of you will be travelling there as Ambassadors, and some of them will be travelling the surface of the Earth brining great wisdom and bringing infinite love.  Connect now and allow yourself to feel that connection.  It’s part of Planet Earth, after all.  And there is much these dwellers are doing in clearing and cleansing of the Planet.  Acknowledge them with love, and honor, and appreciation.  Connect in a way you may never have connected before.  You’re all one with us who come from the sky, the higher realms.  We’re all one here.  Honoring and loving this beautiful Planet Earth, and Mother Gaia is one with us and we are one with Mother Gaia.

And so it is we come together in this grand mission of love.  Begin the messages of love to her and all of her kingdoms, below and above, and all that we are.  Feel the divinity within you, within all else.  Feel the coming together and the connecting, the empowerment you have to literally infuse Mother Gaia, every part of her with this beautiful empowered love, this grandest of all energies, this most powerful and yet calm peaceful and even gentle – that has no need to come on in any kind of a rough manner.  This is not about controlling anyone or anything.  Not about creating false patterns of weather or anything of the kind.  About coming together with Mother Gaia, letting her know how much you appreciate and love her.  How much respect and honor and how grateful you are for her providing such a beautiful home for you.  See the kingdoms.  Almost like a parade.  Reach out and touch them with your love.  Hug the trees. Plants, minerals, animals.  Oh, yes.  Commune with them and be one with them.  Come together in this grand meeting.  All of us together as one, and let us pledge to Mother Gaia.  Let us stand together as servants…sacred in our vow to be in assistance in any way possible to Mother Gaia.  Love for her.  Infinite and unending appreciation to her for allowing us time after time to call her “home”, this beautiful Planet Earth.  And let us thank Pan, the nature spirits and those of the magical kingdom in support and assistance to her in the evolvement she has experienced, for she, too is in ascension status.  And thank all of her kingdoms including the kingdom of the humans for coming into the awareness of how wondrous to be here on Planet Earth.  How grateful.  All the kingdoms are to her.  How grateful all those in the atmosphere.  How grateful we are, that she has been part of the consciousness that says this time she is not going to create some kind of calamity/disaster, nor will she allow in her field any kind of destruction in her atmosphere.

Nor will she tolerate any more nuclear weapons and accidents that can destroy so much of her.  She was in full harmony and agreement at the point of the Harmonic Convergence that you chose to not involve in any kind of destruction.  She chose to move into higher expression.  Yes, she has toxic areas that must be cleansed.  Send all of this love to her to use in this effort.  No more powerful transmitter or cleanser than love.  Stand with her.  And assure her of your faithfulness.  Your stewardship.  Perhaps newly awakened.  But real and dedicated to assisting in any way you can see or envision to clear, cleanse and purify, back to the pristine state which Planet Earth was created.  You know it is going there anyway.  And so does Mother Gaia.  Now here comes this opportunity to join together in this knowledge and support and expressions of love for each other.  So do it with love, beloved Ones.  Say whatever is in your heart.  Give love and hugs and thanks.  And from this moment forward, keep Mother Gaia in your consciousness and awareness, and we ask you take on this mission, too as a faithful and dedicated steward, absolutely positively infinitely in love with Mother Gaia as she is with you.

Blessings to all.  The joy you have co-created is infinite.  And beautiful. And you have already set in motion gentle but effective clearings and cleansings all over Beloved Planet Earth.  And so celebrate, beloved ones, and know that Mother Gaia is in your heart as you are in hers, and all is well, in absolute Divine Order, in and above Planet Earth.

I, Ashtar, thank you for coming and being with us. It has been most delightful. It has been most joyful. And though we have been serious, remember it’s all love and all for the purpose of empowering yourselves and the entire planet and the universe beyond. We are always together but this is special, so thank you for coming and being a part of our mission in this wondrous gathering.  Salut.

MOTHER GAIA – I greet you, beloved ones, and I am full; absolutely full with the love that you have exchanged and given so freely of this evening.   I am the one you call Mother Gaia. I am the spirit of mother earth and I live in all of you; indeed in all living beings of this beautiful planet.   I, like you, have mission work and sometimes it may seem as though that work is a bit overwhelming or difficult and sometimes, to be very honest with you, it has been enhanced, which is a polite way of saying initiated or attempted to be made more disastrous than it was.

You know that you and your love along with the love the galactic federation, the angels and the ascended masters have been powerful enough to mitigate some of these events and occurrences and energy that have been sent from a place of darkness.  And so I come to this family gathering.   I have been here this entire time.   Indeed, I come every time because it is so joyful to be in the company of such love.  And when you here family spoken of, be assured I count myself as family with you. How could it be otherwise?   We have been together so many times in so many places on the planet and some of you have been inside and some of you travel there now in what you call your sleeping time; your journeying.

Every leaf on every tree; every grain of sand, every animal, every plant, every part of planet earth is alive with the energy of us, not just Mother Gaia and not just you but us as one.  One grand energy of love. One family.   And so I reach out to you with so much gratitude and so much love for who you are and for the missions that you have taken on.

I know it has been difficult at times.   I know there are times when I caused your space to be blanketed with snow and for the winds to blow harsh for the freeze to continue and you say “Will I ever see spring?  Will I ever hear the robins sing?”  And you think “What have I done?”  When I come to you in what seems to be a harsh way, remember there is always strength. Sometimes it is necessary for the ground itself to be covered with that blanket.   And sometimes it is necessary for the winds to blow strong.   Winds can cleanse just as much as they can bring things into an atmosphere. When the wind blows you can be sure it is I, Mother Gaia, in charge.   Oh, I have some grand help.   I have those who are the wind; grand helpers indeed.  When I blow the winds in these days, it is to empower you and it is to cleanse.

When the ocean seems to be anything but peaceful; when the waves seem to rush upon the shore, you  might think of it as s a spirited health cleaning.  Yes, there are places where it is necessary to move the earth.   I am as careful as I can be.  I do no more than what is necessary to cleanse that area; to make the adjustments, the attunement necessary for my ascension and to put it in the broadest form.   We are all in this together.  So sometimes it might be necessary for you to soften your seatbelt.

Remember, I am always available for you to communicate with.  How am I able to bring peace to a part of me that might be troubled with pollutions, toxins or misalignment?  It is with love.  And so as stewards, as you have agreed to be , remember if you will that the highest and most important of your stewardship is this love exchange that we have going on.  You are so wonderful, beloved ones.  You are so important here at this time.  Draw your strength from me if you choose to do so.   I have plenty of empowerment for you. Mix it with the golden rays of the sun.  Keep it well watered and well nourished and you have the recipe for ascension; ascension for all of us. We are in this together.  And your commitment during your mission or your exercise has done wondrous miracles; has empowered even more of the cleanings and even more of the adjustments.

And so just know that even as we have come together, you have empowered me, Gaia, as one with you to go about my ascension mission with even more joy and at the same time even more justice.  Thank you so much, beloveds.   I am with you always and you are in my heart.  We never ever have to be apart from each other.  There will come a day when your missions will take you elsewhere but we never really have to part because we have this great love and this connection; heart to heart; within all of us.

And so I thank you again for this great work that you are doing and I love you beyond any words that I can express.  Which is one big family gathering of love and it never needs to end and indeed that is foretold and realized.  It is divine destiny and it is because we are part of each other.  And so I say to you beloveds, commune with me.   Communicate, connect and when you are indoors.  It is delightful if you put a flower on your desk or in your hair or if  you have a little animal that you hug or just send loving greetings whenever you think is needed and I  promise you that I answer.  And so I say farewell to this gathering but welcome the heart of Mother Gaia.  And so it is.  Namaste.

MOTHER SEKHMET – Well good evening. I have a few words.  I, Sekhmet, stand before you in awe. Indeed I am here at your feet and I honor you. How much you have done in this evening. How much you have furthered all of the grand missions going on right now.   I stand in service to all.   I am available to you, what you call 24/7, to assist if you start to get in any grungy feelings because the time has come for love and love only.

You heard Mother Gaia’s commitment to you as you committed to her and while there is more to do of what you call missions, you have done great service on behalf of the entire planet and across the universe and beyond.   You continue to be radiant.   You continue to be more and more powerful in these exercises that you do and we are in awe of you and all that you do.   So I, Sekhmet, congratulate you.  If you smell or feel or sense that there are some roses in the atmosphere, please do help yourself as they are here for you.

I just was so excited that I had to come in and say bless you and thank you. You have the gratitude of all living beings of the one we all are. And so it is.  Namaste.

Many thanks to Jan Chapman and Janet Orion for these real-time notes.


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