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Rihanna – A cosmic black eye??


Ok.  I just have to get this off of my chest as it has been eating at me since I first saw Rihanna’s face on the news  a couple weeks back purported to have been beaten by her music artist boyfriend Chris Brown.

** The information that helped me garner my opinion for this piece was received from an amazing documentary series called “The Arrivals”.  The entire series can be viewed HERE.  Now, as of the last couple of days, the site is being hacked severely, erasing ALL of their videos.  They’re working on getting those back up so keep checking their site. **

We know that “they” have control over most of the media that we come into contact with.  Every major star is supported by them.  I believe that Rihanna is no different.  Watch the video below as it shows how she is tied in. Rihanna shows up at 3:45 (interesting number too, eh?). [If there’s no sound just click the volume button as it’s muted.]

Also, to refresh your memory, she had the #2 song of last year – Disturbia – and that title is fitting due to the lyrics of that song.  Watch the video below as it gets spelled out (she shows up at 2:25).

Now we know that consciousness forms the world around us.  Don’t you find it interesting that one of their key media players – the hit superstar that everyone has downloaded on their iPods – gets a black eye?  And it’s ALL OVER the news?

Now, I’m not condoning ANY abuse towards ANYONE.  All I’m saying is that maybe, just maybe, we as a mass consciousness, have given the dark a black eye?

Another piece right in front of us that is showing us that we are, in fact, pushing back?

Just my thoughts.


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