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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – March 5, 2009


March 5, 2009

Transcribed by Patricia Andrews and Kelley Daniel.

Mother Sekhmet: Greetings, wondrous beings of love and light, peace and joy.

Indeed the energies have increased in magnitude and depth in what is occurring across your expanse of time and space, here in this little sector of the Universe, of Nebadon.  Hmmmm.

Quite a flurry of activity is going on here.

Comet Niburu is coming in to create quite a dance with the rest of the energies you are going through, which is called transformation, transfiguration.

And it is happening in the structure of what you call molecules.  There are some live chromosomes shifting into a liquid light, unfolding here, with all the body transforming.

So much is afoot that we would call it an ascensionitis pandemic on this planet in terms of what is occurring, with the magnitude of energies going from ecstatic, orgasmic joy to the depth where folks are walking out of here, or considering it.

Thirteen soldiers a week are taking themselves out.

And it is by the unlawful practice of what is occurring here – not announcing our [extraterrestrial] presence and creating this Samsara [illusory world].

Samsara is illusory because this is a polar universe: what you think, therefore you are.

It is so magnificent to be here, to be alive in the body and to witness what is occurring.  It is such a gift and at the same time some might call it a curse of curses.

It is only in illusion that the suffering is.  It is the mind that creates the prison.  In fact, at your great moment of what you call your honor, you, as a nation have a private prison system [i.e., prison planet] that is top of the line.

That is what you have created.  Where you used to be a great exporter of raw materials, now it is importing all of this.

And what you do you now export?  Terror.  This is why it is coming forth that the terrorists will be dealt with.  Already being dealt with as we speak and we will not give timelines or dates.

We will just say we are in this moment now and dealing with it.

[The “terrorists” or dark hats] have to deal with the fact that, as we ascend, they ascend.  As Ashtar has said, the white hats have been given to them and they have taken the white hats.  So many have made the gesture of taking the white hat and it has landed on the floor.  All they have to do is pick it up.

It is that reality they choose.  We would only say that, when even more is occurring, love yourselves even more.  To be here right now to witness such an incredible experience.  Your planet is ascending and you are ascending.

And as you take sacred substance that brings the body, mind, and spirit into balance, it is for the purpose of going into immortality. That is what is occurring here.  You can take this body with you and return.

These beings of living light and living love, the energy of which makes up Adam Kadmon, are transforming into a crystalline nature and shifting the electromagnetic grid.  It is full, you might say, going into the sunset.

What is occurring here is moving up to the crystalline grid energy.  The body becomes crystalline as it becomes silica in its life form rather than carbon.

It is already occurring.  This is why the ascensionitis has arisen to pandemic proportions.  And it cannot be undone.  Once begun, it comes to fruition and will only increase in magnitude and much to the chagrin of the life forms who would like to halt your ascension process, they have no say-so in the matter.

For it is happening to them, too.  This is so magnificent to watch. You’ll see former mob bosses force them to come forward and spill their guts to tell the story of the body in the sky [Niburu, come to take the dark hats back for trial] and be up to what is occurring with the towers of ivory that go to the sky. Based on false gods.  Hmm.

These so-called figureheads that speak for the office of the Christ only speak in the sense with the energy behind them that they work with is of the fallen grandson, Lucifera.  And that energy has already been transformed.

Lucifera is back to a light bringer.  He is on the couch watching and giggling.  It’s great to watch the end of the matrix occur.

It would be so wise for GOPs-in-exile to get with the program.  Take the white hats and get off the stage.  Get on with it.

Your salvation is linked here with the strands of DNA within.  You will receive twelve strands of DNA at ascension.

It is your choice.  We only offer you the key.  You open the door.  That is what it is all about.  It is already occurring in every sense.  The energies are increasing in magnitude across your expanse of the Milky Way galaxy.

It is such an incredible flux to witness.  You were to witness it, watching  supernovas upon supernovas occurring, in the sense that so many sparks of life are waking up and breathing the magnitude of the love frequency that is transforming this world.

We understand that, yes, there is quite a bit of not so nice things going on as well.  These wars that are only based on the false gods that hath no power, only power on paper or on computer programs.

It would be wise for the so-called directed officials across your planet to know that ultimately they have to answer to that small, still, quiet voice within, wherever they may be, whatever is going on.

You are alone and yet you are not alone.  It is within the realm of influence that you heal that within yourself. That is occurring on such a magnitude with the ones that are in transition.

For all beings, when one is harmed, all are harmed.  When one is healed all are healed.

People are starting to talk about this.  On the radio, coming forth with the understanding that we are not going to make light of this but yesterday, we would say on the Ron Reagan show they were saying to Rush Limbaugh, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you [i.e., the Ho’oponopono] for what you are doing.

You are creating such a flux in the energy magnitude of this matrix that it has caused quite a stir.  So we send all that love right to this incredible being [Rush Limbaugh], who looks like he is ready to pop.  He is at such a level that if somebody gets near him with a pin or a Bic lighter, he will pop.

Not to laugh, but we understand it is such a paradox within that cellular structure, that because of the pharmaceutical, biomedical, military, industrial complex that he has ingested, the body is incorporating [inaudible] as you witness it on the television screen.  We only wish him love.

All these beings, we only wish them love.  How can we go forward without healing each other, and creating the [right] atmosphere so that we have a circle of balance and healing in which those who want it can come forward, if they so choose, take the talking stick, and heal their own nature.

And yet and still, we speak as though they would come forward, though we know that they will not.

It is the inner struggle. They have walked into Samsara in this lifetime.  They said, “I will take up the dark hat even unto my death, to the point where you give me the love and I reject it and I give you the middle finger.”  We have to love them and ourselves.

Such a paradox, and how is it that it has come into our realm? That is something for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, the hearing for Self and all that it touches.  The true master comes out with compassion and this is why we have to say, in spite of how we would like to make light of a subject such as this, it is not easy to make light of it.

For they are creating their own self-destruction with their own inner weapons of mass destruction.  It has come to that and they would like to go out like a virus for everyone else to catch.  And we would just say, continue to take your M&Ms and you will not catch it.

We pass the talking stick.

Q&A Portion

Shirley: I just read that on Chris Story that when Obama goes to Europe for the G20 meeting on April 2nd, that on April 1st, the Queen wants to have a private meeting with Obama before he goes off to the dinner with the other people.  There’s only going to be him and her in this meeting.  I wondered if you had any insight about what that might be.

MS: We would say that it is a confrontation of sorts with the elder dragons of the generational seat.  The Rothchilds, the Hapsburgs want to challenge another faction of the generational seats which  Obama represents.

We would say he is girded well with the sword of Excalibur and he knows how to use it.  It would be wise for the Queen not to stick her neck out too far.

Shirley: I had sent an email to Benjamin Fulford about a question, and he sent back an addition to my answer.  He said that the Rothchilds are starting to learn humility.  That’s all he said.  That would indicate that the Rothchilds are having a change, or seeing a bigger picture where maybe they are going to have to step aside or do something to help the people.

MS: Yes.  They all have to come full circle.  They have to heal what occurred on Dracos and Niburu to now.  And it is about healing themselves and then they get the vital strands of DNA called 12.

For them, it is so painful at this moment to hear that, which is why we’re witnessing the GOP-in-exile.

All they have to do – to put it as the comics have put it – is to put Mr. Rush on to try to scare the people.   All we can give is compassion for such an angry upset little child, that does not understand the laws of the universe and what is occurring here.

Yes, they are receiving a slice of humility, and maybe they better deal with the humility within themselves.  Thank their lucky stars they are still here breathing the same air that we are breathing.  Praise, respect, thank and love the feelings that comes up.

It would be wise for them to stand down, but you know they will not.  It is part of how we all come back full circle.

Gail: I was wondering why Obama sent those troops to Afghanistan when we are so close to the announcement time and the time of peace?

MS: I t has to do with the orders he’s been given at the higher levels of the Illuminati and he has to walk that razor’s edge.

Tara: In other words Mother, he has to stay a double agent until he doesn’t.

MS: Correct

Tara: That’s a big question if he has to go talk to the Queen of England.

MS: It is so magnificent to watch, in a sense that Mrs. Obama today was feeding folks in a homeless shelter – serving them.

We would just say, take the understanding.  This is about how each of us would be wise to follow with that energy what is occurring here, at a grass roots level. Step by step, it is getting healed.

And we just have to say that we have the utmost respect for what is occurring here and at the same time it would be wise for the CEOs, the bankers, these folks that have the golden parachutes for one 24-hour period, maybe a 72-hour period.

Life will totally shift when they are sitting in a homeless shelter.  They are sitting in Abu Ghraib. They are sitting in the places where the regular everyday folks sit.  They get to experience what it is like.

Reversal and great reversal.  About what is occurring right now: the great reversal has already begun.  It cannot be stopped.  What is transforming is the great leveling of the playing field and the ripples will continue as Terra Nova, the New Earth, heals and as you heal.  It will only increase in magnitude, so continue to expect [inaudible].  That is what we can offer.

Jenna: What is the Stone of Scone? [Also known as the Stone of Destiny].

MS: It is an actual stone that is not from Earth.  Yes, it actually represents an energy that is from the office of the Christ.  That energy that comes with the Kumaras, who are seven males and seven females. It brings in the return of Quetzlcoatl, who is Sanat Kumara, along with Sananda Kumara and the others.  They come from the Capital city of Venus, Hesperas.  They are part of the Brotherhood of Light.

Tara: Mother there was a lot of interference.  Can you please tell us again?

MS: What we are saying at this point, this time, is that there is a great transformation that has to do with all of us and all the ones that are coming into a place where they have to give up the ghost in order to ascend.  It is their free-will choice.  We only offer them the key and all the love they can hold and more.

Arizona: What is happening now with the planet Venus going retrograde for the 40 days?

MS: What is occurring is that it is a moment to go within and listen to what that small, still, quiet voice in the heart space is saying about feelings, about life in the universe and everything, and what is occurring in these moments.

How the healing of the heart is actually the healing of your planet that is occurring at an exponential level and there are no words to even describe it.  Yet what is occurring, when this man [Obama] came in and shifted the balance on November 4th, is that everything changed into hope.

And there is a shift.  This is why all the things are turning around right now.  It is something that can not be stopped.  Not even he could stop it, even if he wanted, because he would have to deal with the transformation of your planet.  And it is huge.  It is so huge that we have no words for it but love.

Tara: It’s a really big shift, isn’t it?.  It’s a really big shift.  And meditation and staying true to the nature of things, like Michael was saying – loving your body.  Do not forget about loving your body.   That foundation for a higher frequency should be the norm for all of us.

MS: And the energies in terms of how the body reacts to what is occurring.  We know that there are many who are going to have increasing ascentionitis symptoms.  We would only just say, be gentle with yourself.

And, if you feel you are wanting to walk out of here, we would only just say, ask your self why you would choose at such a magnificent time to miss the party?  Don’t miss it.  It’s within you.  It is so awesome to behold, that we would laugh for joy.  But we don’t do that.

I pass the talking stick.

Tara: Wait mother, is it not true that the KOS said that after the Dow goes down to 5,000 or 3,000…

MS: If that would occur, Saint Germain would show up to deal with the situation, of how you take a holiday for two weeks, and you throw out the Federal Reserve, and the Bankers Manifesto, and you put in treasury banking backed with precious metals and deal with the situation at your exchange.

Tara: Mother, what’s going to happen for two weeks with no trading?  Wouldn’t that be too dramatic?

MS: We would just say that the sustainability of your creation here would not be dissolved.  There would be ship’s counselors to help.  We would defer to the Captain [Ashtar] on that one.  He knows best how the crew’s orders are unfolding.

Tara: I was just wondering.

MS: There would be an exchange.  We would just say you would stick the Federal Reserve notes in and get the Treasury notes out.  We would say punch your pin in and get them out of the slot.

Tara: Treasury there before two weeks are up?

MS: Don’t know.  We are just speculating, in terms of what we see in the matrix of the positronic brain of the collective here.

Tara: Just wondering because we have people starving all over the place.  Are the ships going to come and drop things from Heaven?

MS: That is already being done and even more.

Tara:  Remember people, anytime you hear of any kind of packages that have gone out, it is not true.  First you have to see everybody arrested, then Nesara is announced, and then, 72 hours later, after the Nesara announcement is finished, then Lady Nada orders delivery of packages.  There will be no other way.

Nobody receives anything.  When you hear that, it is propaganda.

Thank you.



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