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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – March 26, 2009


March 26, 2009   Transcribed by Kelley Daniel

MS: Greetings in the Light of the most Radiant Ones, in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ.  We invoke the loving energy of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

Tara:  Invocations to Mother.

MS: Greetings, wondrous Beings of Light, Love, Peace and Joy.  Happy New Moon! The energies are over the edge of reality as everybody is going a bit loony with Ascencionitis.  It is no laughing matter.  Sometimes it is quite painful what is going on.  It is inevitable.  It is going to get more.  It is how we all heal with what is happening with her — Gaia [inaudible].

We thank you, Lady Master Morningstar [Dyanna], for sharing what you have brought forth about the magic of how this Being [Gaia] is becoming a star with all of you along for the ride.

And it is happening in spite of the GOP in exile.  They don’t have anything at all except their enchantment with the word magic.  Like it was explained in the movie Kamatica [phonetic]….

The word magic– we have to go back to the language we all once spoke. This is a language of thought, color, sound, vibration.  It is the language that the heart speaks— all the animal kingdoms — the devic kingdoms. It is the true language of living light, living love.

We understand we have to convey a sound frequency [as opposed to telepathy] so that you can comprehend our speaking through this body [Rama’s]. At the same time [you are] getting it on all levels with the third eye, with all the vortex centers that are speeding up at the speed of light.

It is happening on all levels for all Beings, including the dark hats, and they can not help it. It is part of that process of their reality in the sense [of] evolving into higher octaves of what has to occur in this universe.

We are moving into that place that has to do with how we know we came here fully cognizant of the laws called the Laws of Free Will/Choice, as well as the Laws of One.

And within that process of how Beings operate, things are shifting at this moment into the place where the timelines all are getting healed.

It is happening so fast and folks are waking up at an exponential rate.  It has shifted the tide.  That is why our Commander Andromeda spoke of the energies being at a point where what is occurring is your planet ascending — you along with it — and the dark hats have to comply.

It is what we said to the KOS the other day.  Time is up. The sheriff is delivering the vacating notice–so to speak.

And how this gets done is what you see happening.  All these countries coming together…. It is right at your fingertips in the reality of what is happening.

This planet has all the resources you could ever dream of. Not by sucking her blood dry called the black gold.  No. We are talking about the agrarian society that is unfolding.  It is inevitable.  Resources that are infinite, circle, cycle as the plants breathe, you breathe.  It is infinite.

What is happening is a total shift.  Like Mr. Jacque Fresco said, this reality that you are dealing with right now with fractional banking, this debt economy cannot sustain itself. Even if the market went up today 175………hmmm…don’t bet on it [lasting].

We are just saying, it is reality that we have to move into a place that is already being set [up] by the Ones who know how to do this.  All of us, along with all of you. Nothing has been, in a sense, overlooked.

There is the great, you might say, a war in heaven going on that your media is not discussing on any level.  It is with these 13 families and these [dark] folks that are here.  You are us. We are you. We are all one in this.

The great war is not so much for the planet as for your soul matrix, for [your soul matrix] is very valuable, if they can control you and keep you in that place of constantly feeding the sense of reality, that false evidence appearing real with the issues that are going on.

Yes. We actually would say that the physical realities of this planet have to [align]  with her shifting and balancing out her energy fields.  We understand Mt. Redoubt in Alaska, ( [blew] 65,000 feet in the air.   Your clouds from the volcano went out today and the air quality….. understand the volcanic ash is not anything to play with.  Realize our ships are in the sky to help clear the flora, fauna, and all of you.

It is part of the balancing act as She [Gaia] is awakening herself fully with all of, we would call it, her self defense mechanisms — pre-operational.

And what is happening on many great scales is … that it has already come to pass that the Light has won.  Darkness has fallen.

Yet, in this, right now, we are still catching up with what is occurring with the surge of Afghanistan,Iraq, Pakistan, the issues of race and religion and the ideas of ideology.

They play you off with one idea against another.  How about the idea that we are all one?  It matters not if we are Arab or green or from the moon.

It is how we come together in one race, one voice, one clarity.  It is how we heal.  The time is NOW.  Now is the time for peace.  We have to say that this is the word from on high and they cannot deny it.

[The dark ones] have to deal with it. The white hats have been handed to them and they will take them one way or another.  This is why we have said, “time’s up, KOS”.  Moving up, now.

It is in that place that the One—the Sirian ambassador that has come here for this mission from thousands and thousands of years ago [i.e., Obama]. Maybe millions of years ago.

He knew that he would have to take on a task of such magnitude that, as his children are sleeping, he is working the candles at both ends to clean up the last eight years of Fascism that have been going on.

We have to say that it may look like he is cleaning it up and creating more of it in the same instance.   It is part of what has to occur as all circle-cycles come into balance in the now.

That is why this crazy logic we call the “naguel” is [what we need to pay attention to] right now.  Even the idea of right now, taking this plant called the “hemp”, making money off it, can shift your reality.

Discussion of it today, in the sense that you all need some money.  Why don’t we create what we already started with? That’s what your Founding Father said, “It is law to grow the hemp” and what was discussed today on the radio is the real issue.

We would also say that in this town-hall meeting, Mr. Obama was asked about this issue and he said, “very good idea and I have to discuss with some higher ups that I trust and deal with so we will be getting back to you in June.”

So, we have to say, there is a push to move to an Agrarian-based society.  This idea that they will outlaw organic farming.  How paradoxical if the Commander, Indian Chief, is planting a victory garden yet you can’t?  Doesn’t make any sense?

Understand that there are lobbying groups.  There are folks that get their words in and a bill gets discussed.  It gets passed around.  The committees meet and may not.

Your biomedical military complex is on the verge of collapse, along with your debt-based economy.

It would be wise to listen to a few friends that have some gold-plated platinum [the galactics and the Earth allies] that can help you out.

We pass the talking stick.

Mother Sekhmet Questions and Answers

Tara: There have been a number of questions where they’re asking how do we look at what’s going on. There’s tremendous criticism coming from the Light, as well as the opposition, of Obama.

And there is something to it since nobody can say anything except what they can say about looking at the situation as it appears.

MS: Appearance.  He [Obama] is a Constitutional lawyer.  He knows the word magic.  We have no dummy here.  Genius quality, like Bill Clinton.

And we have to say he understands the magnitude of every single word that goes out and the dragons are listening and they are, excuse our language, [dropping] bricks because their demise is imminent.

We respect that energy.  We have to say it is just their time.  It is the circle-cycle of cleansing purification, as the heroes and prophets step up to the plate.

You all are the generation of the prophets. Come next, the heroes — Indigo Crystals.  It is called the Fourth Journey.

About every 80 years you go through a circle-cycle of this. Read the book, The Fourth Journey.  Google it. You will understand what we are speaking about.  Only this time, Lavender Lad and us have the say-so.  Well, we are doing it with Love, not with anything else, as we began this story with Love.

Even though it seems like a…… what is the word you have for it called a … hmmm…. divine soap opera, in the fact that the First Family had the issues of dysfunctunality at a universal level?  Hmmm…. What a concept, huh?

And it is all coming full circle .  That is why these Dark Ones have nothing to say except, “we’ll be leaving now.  Thank-you.  Namaste.”

All we are saying is that all they did to say is in terms of vacating the planet.  Capice? [Understand?]

Marietta now reads questions emailed in.

Yolanda from British Columbia, Canada:  She talks about last week Bush was there for a visit to Alberta and now, apparently, the [oil company Petro-Can] is talking about going American.  She would like to know if this is really going to happen.  Was this visit meant to work with the Canadian oil companies?

MS: We would say, as NESARA gets announced, all of these corporations get dissolved.   These issues get handled and, if they have broken laws, they will be accountable for the mess they have made on the planet.  We are speaking about Exxon Valdez as well and, with the Altamarians and our help, these issues can be cleaned up very quickly.

And as you know, Marietta Robert, Heather Ann Harder has some ideas to put in the pot too.

Marietta: Yes, and she will be our guest here in about another month.  On this question, Yolanda asks will we get NESARA before they are able to do something with the Canadian oil company?  I think you brought that up.  That is what we are waiting for.  Thank-you.

MS: We will say, with NESARA happening now,  these ones are affected.

Marietta:  Next question is from Lou:  Mother, thank-you for your words of wisdom and caring of all of us.  Since we are a planet of free will, why are others forcing their will upon the innocents of the planet?

I am referring to the chemtrails and the GMO food seeds. Only a few greedy, evil people from the various chemical cartels are spraying the Earth with poisonous chemicals and chemtrails.  Why, if we live in a free-will world, is it ok for these people to force the rest of us to breathe in these chemicals, making us sick.  How is that part of the free-will idea?

And also, with the GMO food and seed foods, that are not the free-will of the people, why is that ok if I live in a free- will society?  What don’t I understand?

MS: We would say that we all, on various levels, make [soul] agreements to come in here and work within the framework of what you call, this … 0we will use the words from Morpheus [The Matrix] the mainframe of this program has to do with how we heal our emotions as these issues come up.

And as we watch what is going on, and as we move from a place of hate to love, we have a tool to send to the energy of what is going on as we praise, respect, thank and love the feelings.

Even though we see the chemtrails…..even though we may have to go into a store called Albertsons or another corporation food chain where the GMO food is there and it is under the name called Sam Walton……we would just say, love it.  Love it even more and send it the frequency of the Violet Flame.  It will transmute the food’s molecular structure and it is gearing with those numbers of how we shift reality.

And we would say, all of this is being shifted now. The bio- medical military industrial complex is on the verge of collapse. Yet they continue with their grand experiments of Frankenfoods and they will not fly.

Yet, even though it is occurring, there is a great issue that has to come about right now. We are just saying, there are many that, at the final hour, and it is approaching that final minute of that hour, the good ones will stand up and do what they gotta do.  And this involves the spilling of the story of 9-11.

All of that will be dealt with. You will have the real food that comes in the from of the essence of earth, air, fire, water and ether and not from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.  Igor had nothing to do with this.

Mark:  Could I interject a question here?

MS: Yes.

Mark:  On the subject of the whistle blowers, Rama didn’t get around to telling a little bit about what he heard today on the subject of meetings going on among the whistle blowers.  Would you care to comment on that?

MS: We will say that there have been secret subcommittee hearings going on with various whistle blowers that involve Sibel Edmonds, Valarie Plame, Jim Olson, Henry Waxman.

Tara: Ray McGovern.

MS: Probably so. Mr. John Conyers passed this way….. Harry Reid; we know he needs some smelling salts and, at the same time, he’s walking the razor’s edge of the Mafia and theVatican.

All these players know their cards and they know they gotta do this as one final walk. We commend them for holding both the white hats and the dark hats.

We will not answer how they will do it.  We just know that they gotta answer to St. Germain.  They don’t want to screw up on any level.

Don’t want to lose faith in the Lavender Lad’s eyes.  They woke up to him, even though they hate him.  See? It’s a love/hate relationship.  They cannot get away from him yet they have to deal with him.

It is the process of how we come back to wholeness cause they made that choice in this program.  Oh my … hope that answered your questions.

Mark:  Yes, mam.  Thank you, Mother.

Marietta:  Mother, probably the most asked question this week…..I have at least 6 of them, all about the subject of March 31st.

The question is, “Am I going to have to pay taxes this year and, if I pay taxes, am I going to get the money back?”

I know that you have talked about all of this before….about the Federal Reserve but that was the most asked question this week and I must ask you again, on behalf of all of our listeners, who want more confirmation about what you’ve said.

MS: We would just say as what we have heard from the whistle blowers out there, that we can neither confirm nor deny, that this is coming about and you know that your systems of debt-based economy are insolvent. They cannot pay a debt with paper that you can use as toilet paper.   There’s a little law we prefer [NESARA].  …

We will just say that what is occurring here the debt-based economy has to shrivel up and fall apart so that we can transform it like the Phoenix [the Phoenix currency] rising out of the ashes.

You will have what you have been discussing since the morning of 9/11 called your Reformation Act and your freedom.

All of these ones who are gagged to the teeth in your Congress and your Senate, all of these agencies, they know the final word.

This is why, when they teamed together and wrote this document [NESARA], they knew their lives were on the line and one day it would come finally come to “time to pay the piper and the landlady is here to collect the rent.”  That’s what’s going on.

Vacating notice has been posted so make peace with your god while you still have one.  This is why the King [KOS] is doing what he is doing and the orders have been issued from the World Court and the [International] Criminal Court. Pick up Bashir, Bush is next, Cheney is next, along with Rummy [Rumsfeld], [Condoleezza] Rice, [Colin] Powell.  We’ll see.

Marietta asks a question sent in from Shirley:  How will the common people know that the 13 families have decided to help the people?  We were told that you requested the KOS to tell all the heads of the 13 families to now help the people, and not the bankers.  What can we the people see happening that will show that they are respecting your authority and advice?

MS: We will just say that there are things going on at the moment that …hmmm… in a sense, we would be lax to reveal. We would just say that what is unfolding here is what the … Hmmm…..the only way we know how to describe it is like when we said, your friends are here with the gold-plated latinum [i.e, Ferengi currency] to help you out.

There are some magical events that are occurring in the sense of how the timelines are being shifted about and how love is the key to the destiny here and in a sense it is taking the time when you watch your thought, word and deed in each moment.

What happens is the transference of energy into physical immortality and it gets exponentially rippled out across time and space.  It is occurring even to the extent unto the dark ones where they are feeling it.  They are very uncomfortable with the sweat that is pouring off of them…..knowing that their war crimes are being revealed even as we speak.  The midnight oil is being burned at such a rapid rate.  If we were to say, war crimes tribunals are on the very edge of being announced by your world.

Something called World Congress. Your world of the UN will shift into a place of World Congress. Not “New World Order,” but it is hope and it is how things are evolving as you step up to the plate to become the 33rd member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Already, these issues are being discussed on many levels. The ideas of what [Kamatica? Karnataka?]  [phonetic] explains, and Mr. Jacques Fresco, of how you take everything that you need, want, and desire can be manufactured through the crystallization of how we work with our thoughts.

The one thing he didn’t yet get to discuss there [i.e., on Zeitgeist Day] was physical precipitation manifestation.  That is what is occurring here as you, frequency-wise, work with the love energy.   It manifests into physical reality, crystallization.  This is the key as to how you create gold in your hand cause you have it within your DNA.  It is part of the 12 strands of DNA.   Gold, silver, platinum … all of these things … iridium, arodium……… the stones on the breastplates that were to protect the priests from the energies of the Ark.  Those metals and gemstones for protection.  You have these energies within your heart cave. Use them! Did not mean to go on a rant.

Steve:  Is president Obama deliberately using his time to talk to the people as opposed to filling his cabinet and working with his administration officials because he knows accountability and NESARA are around the corner and so there is no use in starting any other initiative except his current financial relief program?

MS: We would say it has to do, yes, with what he has to do in terms of exposing all of the sharks surrounding him that soar towards Lucifer rather than to god/goddess over here.  He knows it. This is why he sleeps 1 to 3 hours a night, only.  He has so much on his plate. …

Marietta Roberts: Mother, I know from the many calls I have had this week that there are so many people going through what you call Ascensionitis, with body aches and pains and all of this. Are there any suggestions or information  that you can give people on this because it is like an epidemic.

MS: It is called “pandemic.” Has nothing to do with bird flu. And we will say that the easiest thing to do is to get yourself some Epsom salts, or sea salt in the health food store, and baking soda, aluminum free, mind you. Get in the bath tub. That will take care of everything, just about.

It will release the energy into the water that goes down the drain and as you lay there send the energies up into our realm and we will transmute all of what’s going on. We know, at this time, it is of the utmost importance that you work with your emotions and what is coming up with how you move through the dimensions.

And things are not as they usually are in any form of the sense of how you can describe normality. So don’t even try to think of reality as normal. You are in a nagual world now where abnormality is the norm. This is why it is the utmost imperative to understand, as you work with the nagual, that the surprise of the manifestation of the magic is so prevalent that, everyday, magic is occurring.

At the same time it is part of you waking up to who you are as God-beings.   This is happening so quickly, we have no words. And at the same time it is creating the impetus to create more. This is what is creating Ascensionitis because the cells know it and they are connecting it. It is like quintillions of voices screaming in unison, “Feed me Light.”

And so be it. The Light has shined forth – called the photonic energy. This is what is being received. And it is creating such a reality that only folks that have 12 strands of DNA will get along within that energy. Anything else will cease to exist. It is part of the hyperdimensional physics as you move into 12D and higher. And these dark ones know it. It is inevitable.

——————————[End of Telecall]—————————–


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