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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – March 19, 2009



March 19, 2009

Transcribed by Patricia Andrews and Kelley Daniel

MS: Greetings, wondrous ones of light and love, peace and joy.  As the thought goes, …hmm…. time for peace, now.   That is what we would say is what is unfolding here.  And we would concur – with, yes, there are soldiers deserting in hundreds, thousands.  And hundreds of thousands of soldiers have already deserted since  …hmm… the fake war on terror began.

What is occurring, is a radical shift in your time line, and has already started awhile ago with the fact that the ziggurats were disturbed out of their slumber by – and we mean no offense by the term, but the Joes [G.I. Joes?] going over there in the sense of awakening the slumbering technology that Enke and Enlil, Hertzog, Anu and Tiamat [?] were put on standby, and let us say that the technology that is [inaudible].

[Whole portion indauible.]

As you know the Annunaki began that cloning story with all of you with the issues of how can we create clones.  The master race to do the work that we don’t wish to do.

Hmm….  Won’t dwell on this subject.

We would just say, what is occurring is that the technology was disturbed.

Many things are happening in the sense as the energy spiraled out after the day of 9/11.

We would just say that what is occurring now is falling into place, I mean Full Circle, with the fact that all the criminals are coming home to roost. It has to do with the accountability that this man from the Sirian council [President Obama] said he would, and the rental unit [Rama] failed to give this message [today].  But we will.

The king [King of Swords] passed on a message to him today, that came in the text, came from the man that just said “Chill, folks, I have this handled.”

Tara – Who said that?

MS: Mr. Obama said to the KOS, who said to Rama.  And Obama is wanting everybody to know – chill.

That  is what is going on, having to do with the round up and accountability of what has to occur here, as it all falls into place.

Know how much the mafia dons and the Lt. Cols., the Generals surrounding him are.  It is a perfect episode where Q [007’s boss] is about to show up.

What we mean by Q is the continuum with the fact of the energies of bringing everything back into balance.  From where we come, the continuum is not managed by a mischievous bunch of god beings.  They are your very own ascended masters and commanders that have been spoken about for so long.

It is already occurring, and there is the very fact that what is happening is that these guys are in so much trouble, they wish to shut the press up by arresting Mr. Madsen.  It will not stop what has to occur.

All of the darkness has already fallen and like we have said many times, make peace with your god, or whatever that is, for it is over.

What we understand as the process of luminaria showing up as that Angel that showed up at the  councils of El-An-Ra, showing up already again as you are entering your Equinox beginning tomorrow with the three great seeds of infinite love, and infinite peace leading up to the date when that Admiral shows up once again.

And who is to say whether he plans to make an appearance over the White House.  We would not spread rumors.  This is not a Rumor Mill [Rayelan’s site].

But we would just say, that the Admiral [Sananda] and the Captain [Ashtar] are very much apprised of all of the situations at hand and what is occurring and events are unfolding that are incredibly wonderful that come from the heart place of this one who is known as the Man with the Plan [Sananda, who overlit Jesus].

And the energy of what has occurred already – timelines have been changed.  It is happening at such a rapid rate, we would not have words to describe this.  The particles are ecstatically moving together in the unison of the harmony of the spheres, for supreme happiness, orgasmic joy, as Cynthia [Rose Schuller] puts it.

That is what is occurring at the same time that the GOP in exile want to nap on the planes of the ego, and they have already been deleted.  The angels and the demons will play it out.  What has already been completed has to do with your healing and Her [Gaia’s] healing.  Gaia.  It is imperative you walk through the gates together.  Hmm….  And these ones even know it, and that is why they have to comply with quantum physics against this.  That is why it is imperative we go from –  Hmm – a green based economy to a resource based economy.

Like Mr. [Jacque] Fresgo said at the Zeitgeist Day story, when you are working in unison with the nanites and the machines, you don’t need a government that rules over you like – umm – George Orwell? 1984?  In the movie, The Watchman, in the alternative universe, the crazy, radical reality, Dr. Manhattan has to save the day from the nuclear detonation.  Does not have to occur.

That is why Ashtar has said: No dates, no nukes.  It is already complete.  Get that one in your cells!

It has to do with your ascension, this planet’s ascension: it is inevitable.  It has already occurred in all the timelines.  This one is already catching up with the others.  This is why we say, Last Call.  Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.  Gulp that last drink.  The train is leaving.  We would suggest that you get on it.

Hmm….  What is happening has to do with the fact that all of this has to occur with the sudden plug that has been pulled on the drain with this little drama with Mr. Bernie [Madoff] getting arrested?  And no bail, even through the month of June he will get no bail to figure out his plots and plans of mice and men.  He cannot.  He does not get to pass “Go” and collect 200 dollars [game of Monopoly].  He goes directly to that place called the Big House.

And we would just say, thy Father’s house has many mansions and room enough for all these ones to come full circle.  “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you.’ [Ho’oponopono concept.]

But do we hear Bernie Madoff saying that?  We will say it for him, and we will say it for all the ones who have not the guts … to even begin to go there.   As these are our wayward children that we have to consume in the process as we like Kali [spiritual visions of the goddess Kali sometimes show her giving birth to her child and then consuming it, symbolic of her giving birth to the universe and then consuming it] we ask you to come to the ecstatic dance of the fire puja [ritual] ceremony.   And we burn up the dross and send it into the realm of infinite dharma [nature, law].  So be it.

We pass the talking stick.

Tara:  I want to say that I went and got the article, Follow the Money, Madoff, Mossad, AIG and 9/11.  It says:  The Madoff investigation is very similar to the 9/11 investigation in that evidence of a larger conspiracy is being avoided and ignored.  It is possible that the billions that made it so, and are still un-accounted for, were being used to finance Israel’s vast global spy and sabotage of the network Mossad, with connections to both and AIG and 9/11 itself.

MS: Bernie Madoff is one of the mafia godfathers. The Jewish-Italian mafia.  It goes to all levels.  We would not use race.  We are only using the languages of what is in the play here.  Please forgive us.

Tara: I don’t mean to override anything, but the American Israeli cabal is what this is being identified as, which means these are all dual citizens of the United States and Israel.

MS: Yes.  This has to do with the connections to B’Nai Brith, all of the organizations that pay large amounts for humanitarian and charity efforts and charity organizations for the Jewish people.  Yes. And the Palestinian people sit in Armageddon at the moment and it is courtesy of the United States, as well as Israel.

All of the genocide that has been committed against the Palestinian people, as well as the Iraqi people, and the Syrians, Lebanon, Libya.  We can go on.  It has to do with the fact that – we are not making any judgments, we are just saying the facts – it is all about the money.

Money is never money; that is never said.  It is always about something else.  And what that something else is is they want to buy this planet, and she is not for sale.  NOT FOR SALE AT ANY PRICE!  This is why we are here, to ensure that what occurs is your ascension, and nothing else other than that.

And to see that the 33rd member of the Confederation of Worlds [Earth] comes to pass.  As that occurs, everything gets healed in all the timelines leading out to one hundred and seventy-five million years into your future.  And we would say, what it is dealing with right now, has to do right has to do not with the Jewish people that with the “Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks” [this term refers to a unit of the Illuminati who have taken that name], that are tied in with the 13 families who are in ruins – the only thing they have is maybe their so-called good name – not a good name. Their name is traitors.

Only that in the sense that we speak of our wayward children that would turn on their own brothers and sisters.  Bide your time.  Time’s up, as Michael Moore said.  We come unannounced.

We are making the statement that they are sleeping with [their backs] against the wall and one eye open, at all times, 24/7.1

We pass the talking stick.

Questions and Answers

Marietta:  This is a question sent in by Patricia.  She was asking, all these new laws about our governing our food, and who has jurisdiction over all of this.  The people from Monsanto, who are pushing this through – what will happen to all of those or do we need to take any action? Do we need to be aware of that, writing to our congressman, or will it get taken care of in a different way?

MS: What we can say about this organic food bill, is they are trying to play games and pass the guilt.  We would say that there is a royal fight going on among the different members of Congress.  And we would say that has not occurred in the sense that that bill has not yet passed either in the House or the Senate, as we understand.  We don’t think it will get out of committee.  That is what we are suggesting at this time.

Yet it is out there in the sense to drum up these fear frequencies, to create that fear frequency rather than love or peace.  It is to get everybody upset a bit.  That’s how they get their food, by creating that fear factor.  What we have to say is that we do not believe this will get passed.

Yet at the same time, they are tied in with Monsanto – yes, the GMO kingpins, and Mr. Rummy [Rumsfeld] will pay for all of what he has incurred with all of these plots and all of the ones that have worked alongside him as well.

Marietta:  I think another part of the question is do we need to expend any time and energy in writing to the congressmen about this bill?

MS: We would say that it is a wise thing to call your Senators and Congressmen and say:  We do not wish to have the FDA or Monsanto or the GMO companies messing with our food supplies.

Tara:  or Dow Chemical.

MS: Yes.

Tara: Or I.G. Farben.

Marietta:  There are questions that have been sent in that need to be answered before we open the lines.  Any questions you have for Mother.  That has been a request from our transcribers that your questions be sent in and then we can keep the line quiet so they can hear what is happening.

Tara:  O.K.  So that was the only questions that we got; from Patricia Andrews. What is going to happen with these new laws.  That is the one we just answered, right?

Marietta:  Right.

Tara:  O.K.   Then I think we are done.  So I think that we can open the line Marietta Roberts.

Marietta:  O.K.

Tara:  So we are now back to Q&A, which means if you wish to ask Mother a question, please ask for the talking stick.  One at a time.  You may proceed.

Roxy: May I have the talking stick?  This is Roxy.  Mother, I was just wondering if there would be more things going on with AIG.  I see that they got hit with a 90% tax on their bonuses.  I think that they should not have got any bonuses since they are fifty billion in debt.  They should have had pink slips and been fired.

MS: What is occurring on many different levels, is like what Bernie Sanders said.  You get nothing – just zero and you walk away with your life.  By the way, you’re fired.  Get in the unemployment line, if you dare.

Roxy:  Thank you Mother.

Question by Australian:  I believe that in Canada, I heard that the Bank of Montreal had bought AIG, but Mark, in one of his emails, I believe, was saying that, in fact, that the American government is still behind it.  Yet, we heard about the bonuses, and that Bank of Montreal received one of the bonuses.  So I’m wondering if they sort of officially were covering up for the American government or what was going on.

MS: We would say that Canada is one of the shareholders in terms of government in the process, but 89% of it is owned by your government here in the US. That is why Barney Frank said, we are the majority, and we have to say, you’re fired.  Give the money back now.

Tara:  And maybe you’ll survive with your life force.

MS: Yes.  Folks have been discussing even walking around with [inaudible; Mother is interrupted.]

Tara:  There is a person that is talking in the background.  It is a male voice.  Please press *6 because you are being heard.  O.K.  Thank- you.

Marietta:  Is there another question for Mother?

Rev. Dale: Yes, I’d like to ask a question.  Hello?  Mother, what exactly is ascension and what can we expect in terms of our physical bodies and Gaia, the Earth?

MS: What we could say about physical ascension is that the only way we know how to describe it is when the electrons and the protons, and the nuclei in every single cell, which is an entire universe upon universes, are singing in unison, with the orgasmic, ecstatic joy of living light and living love.  That frequency that comes in with what you experience has free uplifting of energy.  With our craft coming in [that is, Mother is referring to the fact that the mere decloaked appearance of the space craft will cause us to experience an upliftment of our energies], in that sense, we aid the experience of what is occurring as you all are [inaudible].

We are meeting you half way with the technologies with what we call ships.  With our Merkabah vehicles  [Inaudible] a maraca and it takes what [inaudible] This is what Adam Kadmon [the basic design  model of the human body] is.  And what we all agreed upon when we created these structures called bodies.  We designed Adam Kadmon.  We placed ourselves in them.  They are immortal, and we are returning back to that.

How you experience this as you move through the ascension frequency is like standing in the beam with every cell on fire, with ecstatic, orgasmic joy.  It is like seeing your best lover for the first time, that you know each other and you can see the spark.  And it lights up the sky.  Don’t know how to put it in others words other than that frequency, that sound of one hand clapping.

Questioner:  I see.  Thank-you very much.

Barker:  This is Barker here.  May I have the talking stick?

Tara:  Go ahead.

Barker:  Yes, this is Barker.  We approach the equinox shortly and we have 21 days until the full moon and there is much discussion about it.  My question for Mother is that it struck me that in the 21 days as, we raise from 3D to higher, that, with our existing seven chakras and our three bodies, being physical, mental, and spiritual, it would be somewhat  apropos as a countdown for an experience of the yet unknown, and I am, for one, am anticipating…

It’s as if I can feel static in the air before the thunder you hear in the distance.  I, for one, am anticipating something unknown to be revealed in the 21 days, and I wonder if you would have a comment as vague or as clear as you may choose to offer on this topic.  Thank you. I pass the stick back.

MS: We would say as you are going through this timeline flame, energies are ramping up to a level, which, as you are approaching this holy day, where the resurrection frequency, and what is occurring as we are bringing this energy in now.   It is coming full circle.

All the stories; all the realities of what has happened as we are witnessing the accountability. And with it comes the declaration of peace and NESARA.  Lady Master NESARA will come and share her peace as well.  All of this is in conjunction with what is occurring here. We are giving no dates.   We are just saying that it is time for all of this to be laid out in lavender, and we think it is no accident, that Mr. Obama is showing up on Jay Leno tonight.

Hmmm…. Interesting move on his part.

We would say that there is more going on than meets the eye on so many levels.  It has to be that there is a shining Sun in the midst of some clouds.  And we would put it in this way: that as the sun shines forth, it dissipates all that cloud formations.  That is what is occurring metaphorically with the men and women that have surrounded him, that have blood on their hands. And it goes back to 9/11, and even further.

Tara:  Somebody is talking on the line.  Remember, Steve said to make sure you have *6 pressed….somebody.  What did you say, now?  Finish that last part again.  I think it got interrupted.

MS: We would just say that as all of this has to come forward, the men, the women that have surrounded Obama—they’ve got blood on their hands and some of them are complicit with the order from the Vatican concerning 9/11 [inaudible] have to come forward.  When he got up there and spoke, and said, we will deal with these issues.  Crimes have been committed. They will be answered for, and they are being answered for and we would say that the time is now.  The time for peace.

Barker:  Thank-you.  I am complete.

Shirley:  Mother, in m y mind there is something really strange, and maybe you can shed some light on it.  The US Treasury, right now, is the most important department of our government because of this mess.  And there are supposed to be 20 real manager type employees  there we still only have Gietner.  Nobody  has been appointed to work with him.  So, he is like in the House alone, doing whatever.  Why is that and do you think he also might be forced to resign.  They are talking about that on some of the news sites.

MS: Yes, and we would have to say that those positions that have to be filled  [inaudible]  change with that is occurring here, and it has to do with [Timothy] Gietner, who is just as guilty as Mr. Madoff. [inaudible]

Tara:  There is somebody on the line speaking.  O.K.  Marietta Roberts.  Please go around the block.

Marietta:  If we do that, we will be back to presenter mode.  Let’s try here and see.  I believe it is a little more quiet.  Is there another question?  Shirley, were you complete?

Shirley:  I didn’t hear what Mother had said when she said that there was going to be……….because it got all noisy…..did you say that the reason they haven’t filled those positions and have left Gietner all by himself in the Treasury is because eventually there will be a regime change and then other people will come in so they’re leaving him alone there?  Because I think….I’m not sure if that is what your answer was.   Thank-you.

MS: Yes, we are saying that there has been a progress here that this one has tainted.  The truth will come out.  This is why it has to come full circle.

Tara: Yes, He was part of the problem when he was Head of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Gietner, and he’s covering things up and they have to be revealed.  There are bigger fish to fry even than him that he is covering up and that has to do with the group called The Murderous, Fatal Group of 7 of which Silversteen was one of them.  I forgot to mention that.

MS: Mr. [Larry] Silverstein.

Tara: Yes.  Mr. Silverstein was the guy that put 3.55 billion dollars worth of insurance on all three towers on the 24th of July 2001, in order to reach 4 billion dollars after the fact.  And then pay off all these insurance company heads, and fat cats, and all of these characters that we are talking about right here are involved with this G-7 group, this unique murderous fatal Group of 7 in the sense that all of the information of 9-11 are connected to all of these banks and all of these characters that have been getting hundreds of billions of our US dollars.  To keep it quiet, all they did was to put Mr. Bernie Madoff on the hot wire and give him 150 years, so he can hang out with Noriega in his fancy hotel room that’s got service.

MS: We think there may be a difference of opinion [inaudible] he may find out what it is like to be put in a place that is might be called Dante’s Inferno, rather than the millionaire suite of General Noriega’s palace.

Tara:  Mr. Madoff is part of a spy group, and Mr. Madoff and all these G-7 groups have put something like 180 billion dollars of US taxpayers money directly to the Israeli Mossad to fund their international spy operation, in order to keep 9/11 covered up, and everything else that the Mossad had done behind the entire eight years after 9/11 till now.  I pass the talking stick.

Marietta:  Alright, now go ahead and ask your question.

Questioner:  Mother. First of all, thank you so much for your help today.  And secondly, now this is in regards to after first contact and our new times.  I am working on a project that is going to be bringing greater understanding about our place in the Galactic Federation, and I am wondering if you will come and speak to us when we get to that point?

MS: Of course, we would be honored lady master.

Questioner:  Thank you.  And maybe you’d sit on our Council and give us some advice.  We need it.

MS: We would be humbled to share with you the wisdom.

Questioner:  Thank you so much.  I pass the talking stick.

Marietta: Is there someone else that has a question for Mother?

Cheryl:  Yes.  This is Cheryl. Hi Mother. Thank you so much for all that you do and I love you.  My question is, was it Gietner, do you think, or one of the other Senators that changed that bill in the house.  You know that allowed the golden parachutes to go through, that clause that was changed before the House—that bailout bill?  Because they are pointing at Senator Dodd but I think maybe they’re just using him as a patsy?  What is your insight on this Mother?  Thank-you.

MS: We would just say that, yes, Senator Dodd is involved in this, and that has to do with the fact that he compromised too.  We know that these men, they had to  literally put themselves in a comatose state when they go home at night, to live with the genocide that they have committed each day, with the decisions and actions that they make.

And at the present time, not to go off on a rant, but most of the people in your Senate and your House they have committed murder, they have committed rape, they have committed robbery, they have committed grand larceny, felonies, drunk driving….[inaudible] that have gone around the internet so many criminals in that body of 500 folks.  We  have to just say that when it is all said and done, maybe 61 or 62 members left.  And Senator Dodd has to answer to his crimes.  We are not certain if he voted for or against the war.  We will just say that he is complicit with the lies concerning 9-11 and everything ever after.

Tara:  Isn’t he the grandson of…some….

MS: Joseph Stalin?

Tara:  Yes.  That is right.  He is the grandson of Joseph Stalin and when you are a member of the 13 families, you do or die.  Right, Mother?

MS: Yes.  And we would only ask that I am sorry, please forgive me, thank-you, we love you [Ho’oponopono] and we say it for Senator Dodd, for he is not able to say it in front of the CFR, or the committee of 300.  We pass the talking stick.

Tara:  One second.  There is someone who is making a continuous noise.  Please, everybody makes sure your *6 is pressed.  Thank-you.

Roxy:  I was wondering if Mr. Bernake was actually the true one that signed off on the AIG bonuses.  It seems as if there is someone pointing the finger at him and all this mess.  And I just figured that it was Mr. Bernake since he likes to still print money and I just figured that you can’t print your way out of debt.

MS: We would say, that concerning Mr. Bernake, he is tied up in all of this.  It is so much enveloped in a goo that we would say he has wandered into the lair of that spider, and we would say, not a good spider.  He is tied up in the webs, so deep.  The only way he can get himself out is maybe he will have to do a walk-in on that one.

Tara: Mother…

MS: Walk in, walk out.  We are making a bad joke, dear.

Tara:  Oh, in others words you are politely saying he has to put his head on the chopping block?

MS: Yes.  He has committed economic treason, robbing the people blind, and all of this fake drama with something called a TARP.  What is a TARP?  We put that over a lean-to, so the wind doesn’t get in your way.  Or you put that on the beach to have a picnic. That is what we understand that tarp is for not the bailing out rich fat cats.

Cheryl:  Thank you mother.

Marietta:  Is there another question?

Rev. Dale:  I just want to ask Mother, why is there so much focus on the government and what all these people are doing.  Shouldn’t we be concerned about manifesting a peaceful planet within our own power, by visualizing and treating each other with love.  And using our powerful thought, creative thought processes to see that ascension happens and comes to pass.

MS: We would say that as what you speak of has to come about as what is occurring here, [inaudible] in order to get to get to the place where we can talk about peace, and have a safe environment where we can manifest and talk and walk with you, where you can see us, and we can see you.

Before that day, these guys have to be dealt with.  At the moment, the atmosphere is a little shaky.  Would you not agree?  If we showed up with our craft, and we were to come in peace, you saw the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still.

At the present time, we have to say your government, your military, they have to stand down.  All technology that is used for death will be rendered useless – already has, to quite a degree.  And we would just say that, if we were to show up, these events have to occur first. Accountability. That is why we say it has to go back to that morning of 9/11 when NESARA was supposed to be announced, rather than a declaration of war against  We The People.  Aye?

We have to say, that for the last eight years, up until, or maybe a few minutes before these guys got into Grant Park [Obama’s acceptance speech], issues were quite tenuous at best, and even till this day Darth Vader’s death squad is still wondering about.  Aye… Maybe?

It is why we are here, and we have to play, like we are….play in the sense that, as we say, we show up unannounced, as it has been shown in that TV show, called Beauty and the Beast.  Quite an interesting little story about folks that can travel 23 stories up a building and enter an apartment, with no sound, no sensors being detected.

All technology is intact, yet we would just say that how we take care of this situation in the sense of how we bring peace first and foremost, is we have to round up these rats and put them in the deep fat fryer – that is the only way we can put it in plain terms for you to get.   Accountability [inaudible]…

Rev. Dale:  Do you feel our beloved President is doing everything he can to fulfill this process?

MS: We believe that man is divinely directed from the Council of Sirius, and the Blue Lodge.  He has had a mission that has already been ordained for thousands of years.  It has been laid out in order to get this planet back on track.  To have first contact; that is what is occurring, first and foremost, peace has to be declared.  How that occurs, is accountability. Now.  The war criminals have to be tried, in the war crimes tribunal in the Hague.  The world has to witness this.  It is how we move forward.

Tara:  May I also add, Mother, that this is not an either/or proposition. That as the Reverend said here, it’s both ends. So we must, first and foremost, make sure we are at peace at home inside of each one of us. And that’s not just when we feel that way.  That means that when we are going to say anything that we haven’t checked in our hearts first, and that means think with the heart first before we speak.  And it that means feel with your Higher intuition first, also before we speak.  Then we can really hone in on what is true in order to guide everyone else to do the same.  And then to be able to discern what is true and what isn’t, for yourself, and to pass it on as a teacher’s teacher.  That is how we get peace along with accountability.

MS: And we have to say about all the rants and rave about the racist issues going on right now and how the religious right and GOP in exile are so upset that the tortures and the pitchforks have come out, not just for the AIG folks, but for racial issues we and heat [inaudible]

Tara:  Somebody is making noise.  Somebody is making noise.  Please press the *6.  Say that last part again, Mother.

MS: I was saying there are a lot of racial issues going on, talking about those sheets in the 50s, and the burning crosses, and we have to say – it is over.  Like – we are here with whom we represent of the Confederation of Worlds. And if we were to show up with first contact all of these racial issues have to get dealt with.  First and foremost how we get along with each other in the respect for all life, it matters not where we were born; it matters not where we are going.  It matters right here, right now where we are bringing peace into this planet.

And we have to say that this one was born in 19.45 degrees, Hawaii, it has to do with his destiny, and it is his destiny to bring peace.  This is what is occurring and the racial issue has been laid in the dirt with the axes.  The change in the wind is already in the air, and we hear the sound of peace loud and clear.  It is the time for peace.  We pass the talking stick.

Marietta: It is time for Mother to do a summary because everyone wants to go hear Obama.  Mother do you have a summary to close out for us this evening?

MS: We would just say at this time, as you are witnessing such incredible events of such fantastic realities shifting from one of war to one of peace.  As we go through these moments of this equinox, call in the frequencies of living light and living love, of the office of the Christ.  As we are leading up to Resurrection Day, witness what is happening inside yourselves, as you are witnessing what is happening in the cells, as you witness the cells becoming more electrified, more KA, dancing with the an incredible frequency of living light, living love.  It is an ecstatic experience.

What we are saying is that all of what is occurring is in divine direction, divine accordance.  We would not be here having this conversation, if we did not know already that this has been completed, and that we are only relieving this for the moment.

For the record, as for the Akashic record, so that it is recorded in the timeline for all concerned so we will not go this way again.  It is already complete.  Go into Sat Yuga; it is already happening.   And how we go back within ourselves.  It is quite a task to watch the energies come up and remain mutual among the chaos of the tsunami of emotions, which is what is kicking the temple of the living God right now.

That is why we say, steady as she goes on this course.  Remember who you are in all moments and we will find the peace you are looking for.  It is already here.  We are simply catching up with ourselves and it is incredible joy and ecstasy.  We say, you have done it already – Bravo!

In the sense of all of what has occurred we thank you for all the moments for what is occurring, for we are these ones making it so.

The time is now.  The time for peace.  A-ho.  Etaquia.

——————————–[end of transmission]——————————–


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