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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – March 12, 2009


March 12, 2009

Transcribed by Patricia Andrews and Kelley Daniel

MS: Greetings, wondrous Beings of Peace, Love, Light and Joy!

Indeed your world has transformed and you are coming along with it for the ride whether you like it or not.  Sometimes you do not like it and we would say, Ascensionitis continues unabated. Yet they want to call it avian bird flu.  Hmm.   No vaccines.

All of it is all based on the last moments of the matrix which are completing themselves now, right now as we speak.  They are dissolving faster than we can keep up with the words in the language.  It is so often to be called all of the webs of the dark side of mortals are being shattered, if you will, and already large chunks of their financial structure in pieces.

More to come as this lady, Rachel Maddows, has said.  How it has to do with 13 families who are rolling the dice to own Gaia.  And she is not to be owned. She is of her own sovereign free will.  Just like you.

And we came together in diversity with peace, rather than diversity within war. And it is unfolding that as the energies even increased more, what is happening is that the light has already won and the darkness is still, hmmm… that mist is still dissipating you could say.

And it is taking a bit of what we call “wash rinse repeat.”  Hmm, from all levels.  Earth, air, water, fire, sky, ether – all the elements working together to change this all the way up to the [inaudible].   She healed this planet.  She, herself already in that place called Terra Nova.  Yet this timeline is catching up with the other timelines where we are not going to titanic disasters.  No Chicken Little, and the sky falling.

The only thing that is falling is Senator David Vitter’s pants as he continues in the cities of Sodom and Gommorah unabated.   Yet your Congress, they’re listening to Nero play his fiddle and this is the holographic projection.   Rome is already in pieces.

It would be like Neo and Morpheus sitting amongst the ruins of a major city.  We are not going into that holographic program.  It has already been deleted.  Armageddon is over.  Yet you are witnessing the final moments of what they would like to say – Revelations coming to pass?  And as they are saying, right now, as the energies are ripe for what is occurring, which is accountability, and right use of will, and actions in the way in which this gets healed all the way up to a hundred and seventy five million years into the future.

And we are just saying they have no power held here.  The webs are disappearing. Whiter and brighter light is coming in, all of it unfolding in the exposure of Darth Vader’s imperial death squads, traveling around your planet to shut folks up.

We bring back the name:  Dr. David Kelley from the U.K.  His name will be coming out soon.  Not suicide – murder.  One Tony Blair.  George Bush directly linked to Dick Cheney in his murder!

Madoff made off with the goods.  He made off with –  let’s just say that him and a Grandson, Luciafera, have to deal with [Archangel] Andrew and the true story of how this one walks out of this dimension and pays back the reparations for all that he has taken from the folks.

Madoff needs to pay back the people.  His wife and family are just as guilty as charged.  It is just the thirteen families on this planet using this one of many millions of private, personal investment bankers that are playing with folk’s – if you will – reality and twisting it to their own design, Hmm, to write out a different future everywhere, and eliminate you from it.

Right now, what is occurring is that we are rewriting all of this.  It has already been rewritten and done.  And the accountability is about to hit.

Did you know Mr. Obama kept government in the black up until midnight, changing through today since the village idiot made us run out  with the inferior, improper bill from last year.

Tara:  Mother – it got extended to the September point.

MS: Yes.  He could have decided just to right it off and let it crash all the way.  What he did was he wants to bring it full circle, where we are dealing with brass tacks called war crimes, intergalactic war crimes, to begin with.  And this is why we have to say, in a funny paradox, Lex Luthor, Inc. wants a bailout?   I don’t think so.

There are no bailouts for even these ones.  They go to the phantom zone where they deal with their own reflections.  We are metaphorically speaking of them going to Herculobas after they stand trial before We, the People, for their war crimes.  And it has already begun.

Tara:  These people don’t get to go to Herculobas; they have to cross the pond to the Hague.

MS: They go there; then they go.  Hmmm…. Some may even go to what is called that reality which is the entrance to the Void, where we continue to this second to create new universes.  It is part of what you would understand as the birth and life and death of stars, quasars, pulsars, quarks, and other cosmic strings.

Dr. Stephen Hawking would probably be able to describe it better, but he sounds more like a computer than we do.  It is a bit difficult to understand.  Not to fault him.  He is genius.

And already, you could say, this guy is already hooked up to the amino acid computers on the ships.  It is happening for so many of the Indigo-Crystal race that are getting the download, and it is happening at light speed for all.

It is free.  It is the energy coming in from Alcyone, photon belt, and it can only get more, in the sense that, as the light comes in of quintillions of suns, it takes everybody to the energy of a star, since we are all as many stars as there are grains of  sand across all beaches of your planet.

That’s how many realities that are going on simultaneously right now in alignment with the office of the Christ.  One cannot hold a candle to this, other than to embrace the light as it has been said.  It is your destiny.  You cannot avoid it.

It is like what we witnessed, what you saw with Laura Flanders today with Gaza, whatever,  hand comes out of the wall.  You remember what we saw?  The hand with Gaza?

Tara: Oh yes. All these hands representing the wall, encroachment.  Yes.

MS: The only prison is in the minds of the slaves.  And we are shattering those illusions.  Already these ones that are blowing the whistle.   Hmm.  Interesting.  Did Fox News talk today about Cheney and Bush having death squads within other countries?  Or was it only on MSNBC?   Semour Hirsch telling the truth?

Very soon they will tell the story of why Dr. John Mack was hit by a bus for revealing our presence on the planet, along with, hmm, all of the others that have had to share what it takes to reveal first contact, and already it is occurring where Leon Panetta, Dr. Stephen Bassett having many long time fireside chats with the commander. Indian chief, to do this the right way, in which we do it according to the laws of nature and nature’s God.

Today Thom Hartman threw a whole rant about everything in the matrix of All That Is of God and Nature’s God.   And the evolvement how we as organic species, ;iving in cooperation with this living being called Terra Nova unfolding before our eyes.  And if we listen to her and her breathing, we will come to the place of balance of All That Is.

This is why Ramtha, even though he had his issues, took a moment to listen to her breathing. And also the wind, the energy of that frequency of what you call the air, the Sylphs in cooperation with all the archangels in Deva Kingdoms in balance.  This is how we work together as one.

All of it unfolding right now and it has everything to do with the shift that has occurred of the answer that was blowing in the wind.  And we would say to those that would wish this one harm, or any wanting this to fail.  Do you want yourself to fail?  Do you want to be exiting this dimension?

That is what this is about.  When one is healed, all are healed.  One harmed, all harmed.  It is about a need to do harm to none.

One of the laws of the Wicca, within the Book of Shadows, is we do Harm to None.  We follow the laws of how we work with nature and nature’s God.  How we speak about divine justice, in that sense.  Energy comes full stop when you are wanting to create what is called empire, in terms of acquiring and trading entire world systems under your rule.

The idea of conquest exploration without a finite timeline – this is what hath occurred, in the sense of your great story that has gone all the way back to X. [???]  And we have to say we have come full circle where ability, how we deal with this world in divine grace and magnitude of that beauty.

Yes, we deal with the war crimes and the accountability and what has occurred.  And we heal it for everyone, including the war criminals and the ones who would perpetrate everything other than the fact that what has only occurring is their neural pathways have been rerouted in a way in which there is a short circuit.

So we – Hmm – Reboot and start over, in that sense. … You get my drift.  And it is being done with these bodies of the Temples of the Living God as well.  This is why everybody has all feathers ruffled and look like a bunch of eagle chicklets in the nest.  Hmm.

Take the first step out of the nest and know that ye can fly as the gods.  Co-Creator Gods, we all are.  The only things lacking is the faith and understanding that you already have the 12 strands of DNA.  This is the junk DNA that is being activated with the faith, wisdom, trust, peace justice?

Or is it truth, freedom, peace justice.

Tara: It is love, truth, peace, then freedom, then justice, and then the number six is beauty.  Always.

MS: Yes, how could we forget that?  This is the Moorish Laws, and it is what is unfolding here.  This one who is representing the Sirian High Council, Blue Lodge.  It has to do with how we all heal.  And who better than the Sirians?  Along with the Pleiadians.  We speak through one Pleiadian right now in the sense where we heal this for all, only in the sense that we do what we can within our cellular matrix.  To watch every minute, even watching Vader squirm as he is witnessing this whole empire unfold.

We pass the talking stick.


Question:  I would like to know if you could give us more information of the moment of Alpha and Omega…

MS: We would say that what you are speaking of is how we are moving into what we would call the synergy, the birthing of the heaven and the new earth and how we move into that with great beauty, love and wisdom and ask each one who is witnessing their exit, we watch that with them as well.

We are just saying that it is unfolding instantaneously at this timeline, as what is unfolding when you watch the crack of the illuminati’s bankers get put in the pokie today.  An iceberg rapidly melting in the noonday sun.

We are just saying that this is happening very quickly as Rachel Maddow said.  This is why the right is so up in arms, tearing the hair out, head banging against a brick wall.

Tara: Bush and Cheney and all his buddies have been knowing about, and approving going around the earth and all over the place, they are having an assassination teams assassinate people in every country of the world of their choice.  We are talking about jackals.

MS: This is why we are here with the paschats, and trillions, and quintillions of other life forms.  It ends here and now and you are witnessing peace being also orchestrated in the sense where you go from the department of defense, to the department of peace.  This is being talked about at the highest levels with your top brass – the blue hairs, the grey hairs, the white hairs.  They all understand the jackals of war.  They know it is time to talk about peace rather than war if this civilization is to continue.

And we have an understand from the captain and an admiral.  No dates, no nukes.  It is simple.  They stand down and embrace love.  It is the only reality that is.  It is because earth has ordained it, if I am to coexist with you as a marriage made in heaven and earth.

Q: There are questions on healing ourselves without using worldly doctors and how to make it through the ascension process.

MS: The best way we can do this without going through the biomedical military industrial complex.  You play with the numbers that our guest talked about.  Transform yourself into the Temple of the living god, which we have been, and always will be.  And we are just frequencies or waves of living light living love, and how we bend light around the dimensions so the visual fractals come into manifestation, since we are living in a holographic universe.

It is simply understanding how the holographic matrix works and working with that reality that you are universal.  No ending, no beginning.  And how you are within cooperation, universes upon universes spinning at the speed of light in the clock-wise direction and feel all cells instantly.

Judy:  We are hearing so much now in the news and the experts talking about how people are buying so much less for years and years, and probably since the last generation.  So I’m thinking that the energies that we are in now are helping to contribute to this.  Not only that people are weary of spending money and they don’t have money to spend, but also that they aren’t interested in the material.  It that correct?

MS: It is time to stop collecting so much stuff.  Is it not reality that you walk in here with your light body, and you walk out with this temple we built in three days.  What is unfolding is the immortality of all or you.  This is the one thing that the dark wishes wouldn’t continue….

MS: Yes, this is why in the times of the right and the left eye of the whole of Horus, you would take one cosmic breath and you would be in the King’s chamber and the sarcophagus lid would be closed on it.  Three days later we would come and see how you are doing with that one breath.  It is that reality which is unfolding.  It is that one hand clapping right now as we are witnessing our own physical immortality.

Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray used to speak of this and then they would put a little Ecstacy in your drink and mess with your head, and sometimes that was not so cool.  They were trying to wake folks up but they were doing it the wrong way.

So many of the stories get healed how, as we all come forward and gear it for each other.   This is why it is so magnificent, to behold it right now as each man of peace, who literally is just coming and saying, walk this with me.  And even thought it may seem as though I am having to do an about face with all of you, we are doing it only in the sense that it gets exposed right now – all of it.  All of this is happening as we are speaking.

Indictments of Mr. Fitzgerald.  Let’s just say he is sitting at his desk and figuring out how to deal with this bombshell.

As Madoff has already gone off and has to deal with stories called three little piggies.  Rove, Wright, [???] and Rummy.

Big Will:  With the ascension that is upon us now, and we all having Ascentionitis, does this tinker with all the major organs inside the body?

MS: Yes.  It affects every major organ, and sometimes it feels as though your heart may pop out of your chest with the energies unfolding.  If you get like that, just remember to breath.  Just focus on the in breath and the out breath, and do not panic.

It is at this moment that everything turns asunder.  Even Alex Jones turning a new check and wanting to indict Obama as the antichrist and we have to just say, Jesuits have their own agenda and we will not go into that story.  We have to just say it is not what the Admiral Sananda Kumara has taught of the plan of peace. …

We would say, as you are aware of Blue Lodge of Sirius, you turn on hypothalamus and all of your chakras, as well as the nine stars above your head.

You turn all of these energy centers on and focus on the third eye as you witness the big bang moving through your third eye.  As you work with that image what you are witnessing is the unfolding transformation of cellular matrix into new holographic realities.   It is like going through the bump, as David [Wilcock] puts it.

We are trying to say as you are witnessing all of the energies moving through all of the energy centers, we focus on the third eye and witness something of the equivalent of the big bang theory. And you experience that.

(Loud Noise:  If you’re going to make noise, how can we talk?)

We are trying to let you know the way how to activate the frequencies, how to step into physical immortality. How you work with it in love and respect for others is to listen.  We are just saying: Focus on third eye as a witness of the energy of big bang unfolding within your third eye.

It will expand out within the rings of energies and you’ll witness yourselves transformed into the living yads [a “yad” is a pointer used by the Jewish reader to keep his or her place in reading the Torah] before your eyes.  These are the Hebrew fire letters of the Kaballah and as you do that meditation, it transforms the living flesh into silicon.

We would just say that in this time that is unfolding right now, this moment, send all the love and the light and the joy into the darkest recesses of this planet, and visualize a trillion, a quintillion of suns lighting up these dark places so that it is as if the sun enters the very heart of all reality. And as you look at the physical sun in the sky, realize you are back as well, transforming to that.  That is where we come from and that is where are going back to.  As we have that reality, we can create and un-create anything.  So simple.  And it what we are evolving back to.  As this Sat Yuga continues, more to come.

And we pass the talking stick.  Namaste.



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