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Mark: UPDATE – March 13, 2009


Because we are getting very close to actions that can not be missed–starting with yesterday and continuing today’s roundup of top worldwide bankers by earth/galactic forces–you might get a sense of the speedup by scanning these messages.

Tuesday night’s message from Ashtar-on-the-Road was filled with details/actions and caused a collective Yippeee! from all of us!

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are submitting legislation to put the Federal Reserve under the US Treasury and write off all that false-debt that is income for the Bushes and Cabal associates…and END IRS collections.

Big Box Banks are very likely to become nationalized so they can be disinfected from their toxic derivatives–estimated to be as much as $2000 Trillion worldwide.

St Germain and Mother Sekhmet contributed to last night’s CC, and an adept healer–Meg Hoopes–removed a “disruptor program” from all of us on the CC.  Even Ashtar commented on the importance of that accomplishment.

Massive numbers of pardons for inappropriately incarcerated citizens in the US are under consideration by Obama as we speak. That blanket pardon is expected to be announced in the very near future.

All signing statements made by Bush over the last eight years are under intense review and many if not all will be removed by Obama.

No living President has taken on the number of major tasks/changes that Obama is working on every day. He is fully planning the way to announce the Galactic Presence; get arrests accomplished; Announce NESARA; rid the Administration of corporate lobbyists; halt or remove Trojan-Horse changes Bush ordered to block Obama actions; declassify many ET technology transfers and agreements.

Some former double agents are now triple agents for the light, as revealed by Ashtar last night.

In this context decloakings and formal acknowledgement of galactic presence is rising to the top of the priority list.

The enhanced level of excitement is palpable.

After the CC tonight, Thursday, Rama came back from OOB travel to the Solar Tribunal on Saturn, where he listened to an address by Commander Sutko. In that address actions were called for to start the War Crimes tribunals of Bush/Cheney and cabal associates. Actions were approved for moving this forward NOW.

More arrests will continue to take place.

Mark Huber

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  1. Alukashuk says:


    I was hoping you could address this question or direct it to someone at your levelwho can? It is a matter that is very important for myself and I am sure countless others.



    Though I have, through my own discernment, come to firmly believe that Obama is as described by Salusa here (in this article) and by so many other channels (Matthew, Kryon, and Ashtar to name a few) time and again, I am at a loss as to why there has been no visible effort (that I know of?) to refute the notion of Obama’s “ineligebility” to be President due to him not being a “natural born citizen?

    Has he not been the victim of a carefully orchestrated disinformation campaign? If so, then why does he refuse to take the proper measures to alleviate many peoples doubts (as so many are asking)? I have often thought that perhaps he is refusing because of death threats against his family or worse, but if he is in fact the most “protected” man (by forces both seen and unseen) here on earth, surely his family can be protected as well? What part of the puzzle am I missing here? Perhaps the answer is that we have reached the number of awake needed for ascension and it serves a higher purpose for Obama to “lay low” on this matter at this time and not stir up the hornet’s nest? I write about such things (in my spare time) solely for the purpose of encouraging others in this important time and I wish to share what I know to be true while at the same time having something to back it up (for those who want to believe but cannot get past the doubt cause by this campaign).

    it is not that I doubt personally, but would it not be for the greater good/hope of those who are getting caught up in this deception, if they new the truth once and for all? Would this not create more light when those with seeds of doubt become imbued with the full knowing that he is of the light? Would this not make a difference to each individual, if not the whole?



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