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Mark: UPDATE – March 10, 2009


There are many actions underway as the result of very important meetings over the weekend in Washington, D.C. We waited to post this update until we received confirmation that the actions are taking place, worldwide.

The Stock Market/Big Banks are in 300 Point Rally mode today after Ben Bernanke–who is actually in jail in the Hague–said “No big banks would be allowed to fail.”

Here’s Today’s report from Benjamin Fulford;

Many bankers are being arrested as the battle to take down the banksters reaches its final phase

Reports from reliable sources are saying that senior bankers are being arrested in droves. Some sources also say the bankers are trying to blackmail their way into being protected by threatening to spread a very toxic form of bird flu. They just cannot imagine giving up their dollar printing machine. However, both President Obama and UK Prime Minister Brown have now publicly promised to take on the banksters. The situation is coming to a head.

Once the banksters surrender we can expect very dramatic changes for the better in the world situation.


Messages from associates of the King of Swords: Tom-the-Ring-Tailed-cat & Joel Matthew, who is an Omniversal-shape-shifter who floats through all the Intelligence Agencies on assignments from KOS.

Paschat-Tom told us that Obama is moving very precisely and swiftly to eliminate bottlenecks in Gov’t, so we can make the changes we all know have to occur.

There was a high-level meeting in a 5D location over the weekend with Obama, Lady Master Nada, Nameless Ones, KOS, KOE, Mother, Ashtar, Tom-the-ring-tailed-cat/Joel Matthews, Queen Noor of Jordan, White Knights in Congress, including Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, St Germaine and many others, including key whistle blowers. I mention these few names to illustrate the highlevel importance of these meetings that preceeded the worldwide arrests going on today.

Obama is NOW in daily contact with the Ashtar Command and working with key staff to declassify Galactic presence; coordinate arrests of senior bankers and others and NESARA’s Announcement. “NO DATES, NO NUKES”, and yet it is all underway, as we speak.

We talked to a Russian Lady named “Ivanna, who is a friend of our Sr USTreasury Official contact”. She told us that senior bankers that have had involvement with criminal money operations are being arrested in droves, worldwide. They will be ‘contained’–possibly in the Hague…and will not be back.

So, this faux-Bernanke-message,”No big banks will be allowed to fail”, is a joke, and so is the Stockmarket surge based on false information.

Obama is also working with President Putin/Medvedev to counter-balance some of the recent Chinese right wing actions. So the “Eagle and the Bear are balanced by the Dragon”. Obama is also working with the Red/Green Ninjas to remove the international financial agents of the 13 Illuminati families.

Leon Paneta and Stephen Bassett are coordinating their actions for the   declassification of secret technologies{antigravity,etc.} and classified agreements with ETs.

It will be very challenging to keep up with all the events as they will be ocurring in so many areas. Bernie Madoff is expected to plead guilty and could receive a sentence of up to 150 years in prison.

On a local note, Thom Hartmann, allowed his contract with Air America Radio to expire…due to his desire to ‘Speak truthfully’ about Afganistan, 911 and other issues. He will now continue on 1260 AM and on Nova M internet radio, with Randy Rhodes and Mike Malloy. He has the most extensive library on Thomas Jefferson of anyone on the planet, and we will continue to follow what he has to say.

More Mark Huber questions and answers on the Yahoo group GRT-News by clicking HERE.


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