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Mark: UPDATE & German Admission on Chemtrails


Germany becomes one of the first countries to admit Chemtrails Ops are occurring:

Today, on Bob Edwards’ live PBS interviews, Sibel Edmonds and Howard Fineman were ‘guests’.

Sibel stated that she has been in week-long, secret meetings composed of all of the ‘good members’ of Congress and ‘others,’ including whistleblowers, inside and outside gov’t, and has been ‘dropping the dime’ on the Bush Administration’s planning of 911 and related events and their coverup.

The result will be that there will be International War Crimes Trials announced very soon for all these ones. Her video, entitled “Kill the Messenger”, has been playing worldwide for the last couple of weeks. The coverups are cracking wide open. Sibel is in contact with other whistleblowers who are also sharing their stories and evidence.

Add the legal insolvency of the Federal Reserve, which we have shared on GRT. The ‘legal’ end of the IRS’ ability to demand our payment of their debt, in the form of Iicome taxes or other judgements is set for midnight on 3/31/09.

We will soon see what news reports will be published on 4/1. The very next day, 4/2, we will see the last decision by the G-20. Obama, St Germain, KOS, and Mother Sekhmet will be there to record that fateful meeting.

Howard Fineman, Newsweek’s senior Wash Correspondent, was also on Bob Edward’s weekend radio program this AM. He was talking about the decline and soon demise of print journalism as more and more print publications are shifted to online news outlets or simply disappear.

They have been replaced by internet bloggers and forums – like GRT – by the thousands. A de-facto news revolution has already transformed the way we get our 24/7 News.

Howard grew up yearning to be another “Jimmy Olsen”(Superman series, cub reporter) and recalls the excitement in the newsrooms when one of them would bring in a hot news item and all would pick it up and crank out stories and coverage. That’s only on the Internet now.

Also, here is an interesting story from the New York Times, Canadian branch. Because of the ‘targets,’ which include the Dalai Lama, we know this is not our ‘Hong Kong Blondes’. [The Hong Kong Blondes are a group of opponents of the Chinese Com. Party, who have become F3 cyberlifters or super-hackers.]

Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries –

Mark Huber

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