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Mark: UPDATE and G20 info…


[Mark’s comments come in response to a letter inquiring as to the trustworthiness of the “New Republic” movement, which, according to the writer, is working to hold a Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia.]

Beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing. This has been the Illuminati/Committee of 300’s agenda since 1921: to infiltrate and co-opt the membership and then spin the policies to support Illuminati goals. They have done this successfully from then to now.

Several freedom movements have been severely compromised by their members since Obama’s Presidential campaign and even more so since he was elected.  Ones that have positive official goals- – as does your New Republic–have been turned into Anti-Obama ‘machines’ trying to attack everything he says, does or represents…including his birthplace at 19.5 degrees in Hawaii… planned for hundreds of years in advance.

(Read Richard Hoagland’s Rumor Mill News Interview on the Hyperdimensional Physics of Obama’s last 1000 years leading up to his ‘required’ birth in Hawaii.)

We are receiving hints that the scheduled meeting of the G20 on 4/2 may be their last unless they do a complete reversal and “Pay it Forward.” St Germain and Mother Sekhmet are expected to accompany Obama there, and there could be many removals happening.

Rama talked with Lady Master Nada today about Mr Timothy Geithner and others purposely appointed to high positions in Obama’s cabinet to give them enough rope to hang themselves. His new financial program showed that he is reverting to dark-hat form and will be on the same removal list as the Family of 13 and the 75,000 indictees from the Bush Administration who, at a signal to Patrick Fitzgerald, the Provost Marshall General, and military, will be arrested.

When that happens it will tie all the loose ends together on their involvement in 911 and all related financial, drug, sex, and international war crimes, and begin the public War Crimes Trials in the Hague.

Obama is fully aware of all these matters and strategies. He is still wearing the disguise of a double agent who has to wait for the right moment to switch roles and take and support decisive actions that will restore Constitutional/Common Law and NESARA’s benefits.

Ashtar, last night, would give “No Dates” and yet he was quite vigorous in his comments about the importance of what happens during this 21-day period which began on 3/20 and ends on 4/11-12.

Notice that the G20 meeting falls within that period. St Germain also was strongly suggesting his coming actions to end the Illuminati strangehold on political, economic and military control of the World’s fate.

Lady Master Nada indicated this morning that St Germain and Mother’s likely accompaniment of Obama to the G20 seems pointed at a climax as early as 4/2-4/11.

We would always encourage you to follow your own intuition and your own heart, above all else, including our comments. We salute your coming activation of your expanded mission orders. We also await that signal.

Mark Huber

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