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Mark on US Declaration of Insolvency & Update


XXX, I am well aware of this [circular email on U.S. insolvency – read it HERE] as I, like you and so many others, have been inundated with forwards of this material.

I will tell you what we have received from 3 or 4 sources over the last 12 hours.

Essentially, the citations all appear to be legitimate. So that is not the crux of the matter.

There are several related events–out front and behind the scenes–that interlock or impact each other.

Let’s start with the most important.

Today, US Treasury Secy, Timothy Geithner, released some vague information about a new “Public-Private” proposal to involve Gov’t and Private banking with creating a new organization…similar to the 1930s Public Utility Cartel.  Without going into to this any further: It’s another scam to relabel failed methods without solving the problem which requires writing off the $1500-$2000 Trillion in derivatives.

This is the public’s notice that the 13 Families are throwing up another false image.

Mother talked to KOS and told him to communicate to the “13 heads” that this is a RingPassNot situation. Either they immediately start paying it forward and becoming part of the solution or they will be exiting very quickly.

Treasury Secy has crossed the line and is throwing his destiny in with the “13”. So his fate is also herewith being decided.

We feel that some response will come within the next 24 hours. That should mean that Ashtar may talk about this tomorrow night, unless the response has not yet surfaced at that time.

The Tax thing is much the same. Since they can not give us an exact date all we can say is, unless we hear something from St Germain, be prepared to pay your taxes and then later you can apply for a refund…even though we are praying that you won’t have to…since, behind the curtain, the IRS & Fed are both a facade that will soon be dissolved.

Small segments are being absorbed into the US Treasury so that refunds can be processed after our Announcement.

We also heard today that Patrick Fitzgerald has now accumulated 75,000 indictments of Bush Administration associates that he is waiting for OK from KOS to execute.

Mother told KOS that the family of 13 issues are essentially issues between different segments of the Niburian family. Those issues (positive/negative mindsets) began off planet and are simply being resolved–once and for all–at this moment, on our planet.

Time is up and we are going to see this handled by Niburians, in the sense that Mother, in her various aspect identities {Kali/Durga} has to remove her own children.


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