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Mark on Trials Nearly Being Over…


[Mark to a person experiencing difficult times.]

XXX, Your situation has been a difficult one and you have shown great courage to persevere.

That time is almost over. In this period, great changes are in preparation. Since 10/1/08 we have been Inside NESARA LAW.

This is a worldwide program to benefit all on the planet and to end the kind of treatment you have experienced. Everything is coming up from the buried layers of everyone. Not to punish but to CLEAR so that more Light can be held and enjoyed.

Our DNA is being upgraded and we will begin to experience the new potentials of our crystalline inner liquid light system. The key events are already arranged and are now playing out on the world stage.

From now until Easter 4/12/09 we will be seeing big changes in the World Economic System and in Justice coming to criminals as War Crimes Trials will begin to bring 75,000 international criminals to the Hague World Court for trial.

Every day now our DNA is being slowly upgraded to crystalline functionality. Rejoice that your dark night is ending. First we have to remove these criminals from all governments.

As an Indigo Starseed, you are aware that you carry codes that will become activated very soon and you will remember and have access to much knowledge you brought in with you that is now being activated. It will unwind…like a ball of string…and you will see why you chose such a difficult task.

We have family in the overhead ships that is going to be contacting us to help us through this brief period of transition before we are fully awake and remembering who we are and why we have come at this time.

So, be of good heart, stay calm and be certain that you are known and loved by your universal family and that they are eager to contact you. We are all waiting for a signal and then many wonderful changes will be brought forward for all to share.

It is so very close and it is absolutely certain.

Mark H

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