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Mark on Origins of Michelle Obama



Could you shed some light on Michelle Obama?  Is she a Sirian also or is she as enlightened as President Obama?  Is she aware of who her husband is?

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Dear XXX,

Michelle is Barack’s Twin Flame. She came originally from America and was a Moor.

I originally came from Pleiades and landed during Lemuria. I was a Black Pleiadian Female Moor–in that lifetime– and our party was the first to come here during the beginning of Lemuria. Of course, Moors are of all colors, and we all have had lifetimes in all times, cultures and colors. All, including the Obamas’, have adventured in many forms, on and off planet. Both of them came from Sirius.

Our original party came from Alcyone, in the Pleiades, and, most of us are here now to heal and conclude this cycle. Our original arrival was, of course, after the fall from 100th Dimension in the Aurora Sun System in Anti-Matter. Niburu was a sun and a planet in the Aurora 23 Sun System, which Jehovah destroyed, and fortunately, Metatron reconstituted all of us from the original divine blueprint.

As we have our Announcement and Landings, everyone will have full access to their Cosmic Soul records as well as those of all earth embodiments. When we dropped to the 12th Dimension in this Matter Universe, we had to create a matter vehicle. All met in the Lyran-Vegan system and the Adam Kadmon template we all now inhabit is the result of our joint agreement in Lyra.

Only the negative Annunaki from Nibiru, refused to abide by the Lyran compact, and some are still here in their original format. We call them the Illuminati/Family of 13. They are Mother Sekhmet’s children who must now either open to Love or leave, permanently.

The positive Annunaki are what we call Intergalactic temporal Time Cops, come back here to remove the Negative ones who are Intergalactic Criminals, operating against all Universal and Spiritual Laws.


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