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Mark UPDATE & info on no market close at 7200…


I’m back from vacation and actions can now resume. (Attempt at humor)

Rama received a call in the last half-hour from an unimpeachable senior US Treasury official who we’ve known for many years.

She said: “The worldwide stock markets are being taken down, now! They will be allowed to fall to 5000 and possibly a bit lower.

We will then close the markets and the banks for two weeks.

That will allow us to clean up the criminal mess before reopening.”

Chris Story posted two msgs this AM. The first stated that Bush Sr and Greenspan were caught at 11 PM last night 3/4 trying to trade $12/8 Billion stolen on 1/25, which was to have been returned.

Greenspan was heard to say: “I’m untouchable!”

We are checking for what is true and untrue in the World stories. We know that he is working for the Queen and is very distressed and blaming Obama for the failure to pay out the Settlement funds as requested by the G-7 heads. So, it is likely that some of the information has been colored by these factors.

On balance, it seems highly likely that very important steps are in process and that we should see the evidence very shortly.

DJIA(DOW) is 6620 and falling, as I send this report. 1pm is the usual low point of the day.



This is an email conversation between Steve and Mark and is important for everyone to read and discern what YOU believe as truth.

Steve: I promised myself and you that I’d obtain an explanation from someone of what happened when the stock market hit the 7200 level and did not close.

Mark has been kind enough to exchange emails with me on the question.

Again, as he says and I say, every matter discussed on this board is one for you to decide on the basis of your discernment, your insides, your inner voice.

But I can say that Mark’s answer satisfies me and I can begin again to have the conversation about future probabilities.


Steve: Mark, I and others on GRT were disappointed when the 7200 prediction did not occur and would like an explanation from you, Mother or KOS on what happened.  It’s a matter of integrity.

Mark: Steve, I understand your position and appreciate your integrity.

I am also dealing with a point of honor and integrity. I have agreed to be a communication conduit for Faction 3. I will continue to honor that agreement.

In my perception, it is the best available information, although not perfect.

I do NOT doubt the integrity of KOS, Mother Sekhmet, KOE, Lady Master Nada, Ashtar, St Germain or any other Faction 3 representative.

S: Then how can a prediction from one of them fail?

M: Predictions are based on reading the dynamic flux field from 5D+. Timelines are collapsing in every moment now.

Only a view that includes probabilities that scan 3D through 5D can see the moment that we are in. That is not against any view whether 3D, 4D, or 5D.

That may seem unsatisfactory from a 3D perspective which only gives credit to linear events.

Nonetheless, we exist on each of these dimensions and decisions we make here impact them and vice versa. Thus in one moment we report the probabilities…and while the direction is true the details vary moment to moment.

This is actually a positive opportunity for us each to test our discernment. No judgement if we disagree.

There is no right or wrong; only degrees of resonance as we move towards a collective consensus.

This afternoon, Rama got to talk to the King of Swords, to try and get some parameters on the current economic development.

The King said that there are variables but that the direction was clearly downward for the stock market. He said that we could see the market drop to 5000 by Spring Equinox and it could even drop to as low as 4000 or even 3000, by Easter.

These are estimates based on current knowledge only and there are NO DATES or absolute Dow numbers.

Whenever they step in and close the markets they will also have to close the banks for two weeks to clean up the criminals and their practices. They would–in this country–then reopen the banks as US Treasury Banks under NESARA.

That decision will be made by St Germain.

The Dow dropped 300 points in the last 30 minutes [today] and then bounced back to 6594 which is a lower close and, again, it happened on HIGH volume=50% greater than average. That sez that the trend continues downward.

BTW, Thom Hartmann, today, said that he has been saying for 5 years that the market could fall to 5000 or even 3000, and folks should not discount that possibility since we know that he has access to KOS and St Germain and Lady Master Nada.

The main point is not a number.

It is that the trend is definitely downward and to take whatever actions are prudent in your individual case.

It is also to understand that St Germain may not take action until it goes as low as 3000. St Germain gives KOS his orders and he will not tell us any exact number or date.

I’m sure Mother Sekhmet will have some comments tonight to expand our views.

Truth and integrity have never been more important than now!

S: OK, Mark. Thank you. I’m satisfied.

M: I also look forward to future candid conversations between us, Steve.

We have come a long way together and I very much appreciate all that you have set up and nursed through explosive growth and new members’ issues.

S: Thanks, Mark. Can I publish this?

M: That would be fine.


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