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Mark on New Island formed by Tonga Earthquake


Let’s start with the Tonga Island Earthquake 7.9/ 1000 Megaton Explosion and the formation of a new Island in 3 days. Very forceful statement from Gaia.

“A spectacular underwater volcanic eruption spewing smoke and gas thousands of feet into the sky has created a new island in the Pacific Ocean.

“The volcano began erupting on Monday and ejected so much lava that by Wednesday it had formed the island about seven miles off the coast of Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga. Satellite pictures revealed the new island still shrouded by smoke, and a huge raft of pumice floating about two miles north of the eruption.

“The energy release from the Tonga 7.9 earthquake and eruption was nearly 1000 megatons. By contrast, the largest hydrogen bomb in the U.S. inventory had a maximum yield of 20 megatons.”

This begins a 21 day period of new energetic internal activations to re-connect us with our multidimensional aspects from the past. That’s not where we’re going;it’s where we’ve been. We have to stay centered and allow all that to swirl up and around us–like being in the eye of the hurricane as much around you is kicked in the butt. We are going beyond any of the old archetypes. Our consensus will in fact co-create a new archetype.

Since it’s new we don’t have any pictures as yet. Associated phenomena will be activations of the earth grid and new firmament around the planet as the ZPMs/grids continue powering up.

We will all know it when the grid activates the forcefield/firmament around the planet as it will look a lot like the Aurora of the North Pole region, with cosmic 5D colors, scintillating in coruscating patterns of electromagnetic and crystalline overlapping bands. Should be quite something…whenever that occurs.
It will occur; we just can’t say when! It’s a little like watching a pot come to a boil.

Even more important will be the boosting of our own ‘Junk’ DNA activations which are our Multi-Dimensional expressions/records of off-planet aspects.

Spring has Sprung and–as the Tonga creation event demonstrates–don’t underestimate the power of Nature unfolding it’s own plan.

With each moment of this 21 day cycle we are reaching an important point in our emergence from our chrysalis captivity. Surprises are on the menu. Just remember, this is a process; not an event.


Underwater volcano creates new island off Tonga

Jenny Percival
The Guardian, Saturday 21 March 2009
Article history

The powerful underwater volcano that erupted in the south Pacific this week has created a new island off the coast of Tonga. The eruption, about 39 miles north-west of the Tongan capital, Nuku’alofa, began on Monday, shooting rocks, steam and ash thousands of feet into the air.

Tonga’s chief geologist, Kelepi Mafi, said the volcano had two vents, one on a small uninhabited island and another about 100 metres (330ft) offshore. Rock and ash spewing from the sea have filled the gap between the two vents, creating a new land mass measuring hundreds of square metres.

Last night, spectacular columns of smoke and ash were still spewing from the sea, but trade winds blew gas and steam away from the mainland and local authorities said nearby coastal villages were not at risk. Around 36 undersea volcanoes are clustered in the surrounding area.

Radio journalist George Lavaka, who visited the island with a sightseeing group, said the explosions were accompanied by a deep rumbling. “We were close to the island and there was huge explosion and the smoke was coming toward us, and people were yelling ‘start the boat, start the boat’,” he said. “The smoke stopped 30 metres short of the boat. We were a bit shaken actually.”

Tonga, a 170-island archipelago between Australia and Tahiti, is part of the Pacific “ring of fire” – an arc of earthquake and volcanic zones stretching from Chile in South America through Alaska and down through Vanuatu to Tonga.

On Wednesday the island was shaken by a powerful undersea earthquake, prompting fears of a tsunami, but there were no reports of damage or sea surges.

Full article HERE.


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