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Mark on Illuminati Practices…


Benjamin Fulford wrote on March 16, 2009:

The exposure of Satan worshippers accelerates as the Federal Reserve Board heads for collapse.

The confessions of child sacrifice and cannibalism by a Satan worshipper on prime time US television is a sure sign Satan worship is coming to an end:  This confession confirms other sporadic confessions and a few rare historical court cases describing human sacrifice among Satan worshippers pretending to be Jews or Christians.

As the Federal Reserve Board heads for collapse many more of the Satan worshippers who are often found amongst the super rich are sure to be exposed.

An aristocratic Satan worshipper contacted me to say that “Satan has gone to heaven,” and ask “what are we to do now?” My answer is they should abandon the Western concept of an eternal clash between Good  and Evil and replace with the Asian concept of Yin and Yang or harmonious opposites.

They can then also start worshipping life instead of fooling themselves about some sort of war between Satan and God.

We are likely to see many more horrendous confessions over the coming months and years. In order to have a fresh start for the planet I  think we need to forgive those who confess.

Mark’s response:

Unfortunately, Ben  [Fulford] is in the top-center of the Illuminati system and will not or can not stay there and acknowledge Ashtar/Ascended Masters and the Galactic forces roles.

The simple truth is that the 13 families and their associates are being removed from the stage. All these tortures, cannibalistic ‘practices’ have so weighted down the light component of the ‘Families’ that they have to completely change hats or be swept away.

There are no more compromises or deals to be made. This is soul-decision time for all of us. TIme to illuminate all our shadows and merge their essence into our wholeness.

On the higher dimensional levels Luciafera/Enki/Enlil/Jehovah have come back to love/light balance so we can too.

As above, so below. The archetypal residues are now being transmuted and transformed so no vestiges will remain,
after our ascension.


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