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Mark on G20 Strategies & Tactics…


Question: Can you explain precisely please what President Obama will be trying to do at the G20 conference?

The 20 countries there have not signed on to NESARA. Is the object of Obama’s strategy to get them to sign? Or something different?

What role do St. Germain, Mother Sekhmet and Lady Master Nada plan to play?


Mark: Ah, now you are getting into ‘classified operations’ and we can’t discuss that beyond what has already been said because to go further would impair the element of surprise, for the ‘players’, as well as the public.

Let’s just say that the leaders have all been given their last option. “Sign On” or depart. War is complicated and so is Peace. Everything has consequences and it’s best to understand the consequences of either decision because there will be no more negotiations after the ‘bell rings’.

St Germain may go in disguise…as he often has…or not. No one tells the Lavender Lad what to do or how to do it. Mother is pretty hard to disguise although she can make herself invisible and then just “Pop up” when the time is propitious. Lady Master Nada is also not telling us what she plans, nor is the King of Swords, nor Obama.

This is quite a Poker Game. The cards are face down and everyone wants a ‘wild card’ to play. “Do you feel lucky?”

How about the ‘Ace of Love’…which ‘trumps’ the ‘Ace of Spades’–in ‘this game’?  Can you ‘receive’ that card’s energy?

If you can, no probem. If not, Oh well, here comes the ‘Cane-Man’ to ‘show you the door…to the Far Side of the Void.’


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