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Mark on ET Disclosure…


[Steve: As a result of an offline discussion, I asked Mark to comment on an article by a well-known ET commentator.  The commentator said that ET disclosure would not come before the end of this year and discussed the role of various political figures. Enough of a snippet from the article has been published to provide the context of Mark’s points.

However, I have crossed out the commentator’s name to avoid a possible channel war. Mark’s comments are really the meat of the issue.]

<snip>  President Obama wants to move the public beyond the old UFO Cover-Up as soon as feasible. To this end the President has been in discussions with Vice-President Joe Biden on the matter of presenting UFO facts to the public.

The reason the President may not take action immediately is because he knows that the people are suffering in this severe global Depression, and he wants to attend to the people’s basic needs and financial uncertainties “first and foremost”.

Although Obama is in discussion with Vice-President Biden about clearing the air on the UFO subject, XXX foresees that Cabinet member Hillary Clinton will be a very big road block to his actions at disclosure. Hillary Clinton will be the Cabal’s “point man” on blockading progress towards public disclosure.

It is foreseen that Hillary will twist and maliciously distort what the President says to Biden, and what the Vice-President says to Obama about proceeding with the steps towards public acknowledgment of UFO reality. Hillary will try to get them into a fight with each other and to distrust each other. </snip>

Mark: This is another example of mixed-intel/interpretation. Remember that XXX may be fully sincere and yet filters are clouded by some ‘chaff’ or smoke being blown through the ‘translator’s channels’.

Rather than deal with his detailed points, I’d rather just say what we have been told.

And, by the way: Forget Joe Biden or Hillary’s help! Ain’t gonna happen.

Forget all those names mentioned by XXX.

Leon Panetta {CIA Director} and Dr Stephen Bassett {highly-respected UFO/IFO expert and very visitor-friendly exponent} are the Galactic Federation point-men to release cover-up information in a manner that can be accepted … at the request of Obama, and with the ‘advice, consent and protection’ of KOS & above.

With this backing/protection they have been proceeding behind the scenes to cull what can be shared as quickly as possible.

At the recent workshop we attended with Nancy Burson (Extra Celestials) we discussed the ‘team’ working on this and it was estimated that Obama wants something ‘out there’ within the next month or two. Sooner rather than later…as this ties in with NESARA’s Announcement and ‘overhead support’ revelations.

So, you can see how different our timetables of estimated actions are [i.e., Mark’s as compared to the other commentator’s].

Ashtar has said it WILL happen this year [the other commentator suggested it might not], and sooner rather than later, as we must be brought up to a higher level of awareness including the positive galactic purpose and presence, quickly.

There are many of us who will be traveling beyond this planet and solar system in the coming months. That means we are on the threshold of ending the cover-up of the involvement and continuing galactic presence, which must be truthfully explained.

Don’t forget the 75,000 indictments of most of the former Administration’s people, who will soon be arrested and removed from influence.

Most ‘heads’ will be removed, in the arrests cited…except for a few trusted ones like Leon Paneta/his assistant; Eric Holder/his assistant, for example.

And … KOS is above all these ‘heads’ and works in tandem with Mother Sekhmet, Lady Master Nada, St Germain, Ashtar command, and others. KOS has double/triple hats as well. He is F1/F3 and has a ‘day job’ and a higher authority/oversight responsibility on a planetary level.

In summary, all key ones are now working together on the highest levels of coordination to get the job done. 911 exposure; War Crimes trials commencement; Galactic Presence/purpose and NESARA’s Announcement are the top focus.

Whistleblowers meetings this past week, mirrored by the meeting between Commander Andromeda Rex (Ambassador from Sirius) with Rana Mu this week shows that the galactic councils are all backing International War Crimes Trials/asociated arrests and revealing Galactic Federation Presence in our skies, now.

As any surgeon will tell you, you gotta remove the dead/infected elements when they are not responding to other measures, before the healing can be achieved, and that often requires severe intervention and ‘changes’ to effect a new outlook and prognosis.

Mark Huber

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