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Mark on Alex Jones’ “The Obama Deception”…


Hi my name is XXX, I became a member of the Galatic Roundtable recently.  I have been on most of their calls. With Tara and Rama, (not sure about the spelling of his name, very sorry) On their call tonight, 3-13-09, Rama said that Alex Jones had to do a certain of this.  I think he meant he had to d this video to help to play out this as if Obama is corrupt just like Bush and his co-horts. Not sure if that is what Rama, meant that this video is all part of the play.  I have heard on the calls with Tara and Rama say, that Obama has to play a double agent, for dark side and for the light for now.

Before I became a member of this group, when Obama was running for President, I did not like him and felt he was going to destroy our US of America. A friend invited me to these calls I spoke about above, hearing them speak about things to happen, with Obama taking our Country into the age of NESARA and the New Heaven and New Earth.

So after going through this explanation, maybe I did not have to explain all of this.  Is Obama really going along with these corrupt New World Order Controllers.  I am so confused and worried now with this video about Obama with what  Alex Jones has pointed out in it.  I pray that   either one or both of you can help me with knowing what is true, if you could please help me to understand just what is truth and what is the lye.  This is so freighting.  This is the video link below.

This is something a friend told me, there is a man / real estate agent in Panama said last week to 10 days ago that Obama is trying to get a tax passed that anyone taking funds out of the US to be deposited in banks out of Country, there would be a 30% on those funds.

This video is really out there, saying that anyone under 64 yrs. would service in the military.  Middle and High school children, 18-24, would serve in the government for the betterment of the home land.

Please, I need help to know what is true and what is fiction.

I want this video to be untrue and that Obama is really just playing out this game.

Thank you both so very much,
God Bless,

Mark: Hi XXX, I understand your interest in separating out the good, from the bad and the ugly.

That will continue to be a challenge until after the major arrests remove the Illuminati who still have major networks headed by their operatives within all institutions and governments.

We are now having senior corrupt bankers arrested in large numbers, worldwide. That is the key to breaking up the Cabal’s financial base and network of criminal operations. As this continues and a few other in-process actions–revealing the 60+ year coverup of Galactic presence and interaction with all the major govenments; declassifying technologies which were intended to improve our lives, but which have been suppressed and used only for control and wars–we will begin to move forward in revealing who is who and the truth will be for all to see.

What has been said on RoundTable CCs by Rama/Tara/MotherSekhmet and on GRT and Ashtar-on-the-Road CCs is all true. Obama does wear 2-3 hats and must be aware of the context when he is speaking or acting. Many have been killed to make it possible for him and the White Knights to begin to turn this around. Their lives and his and the whole plan depends on revealing changes in the right contexts; at the right times and in the right sequences. You do not put the roof on a house until you have supports in place.

Faction 3, which includes the Ashtar Command and Intelligence coming from 38 levels above the President does not give Alex Jones information. Therefore Alex is a conduit for Faction 1, Rothschilds, and Faction 2, Rockyfeller, intelligence sources. They are very frightened of the changes Obama is charged with making and is making. In their fear of loss of control and even arrest for their war crimes and criminal actions they are feeding Alex, Tom Heneghan, Casper and others hateful and false information trying to undermine Obama’s effectiveness.

They will fail. Obama is receiving good intelligence from Faction 3 through direct contacts with the King of Swords/Associates and Ashtar, Lady Master Nada, St Germain and others. The Provost Marshall General is also providing Obama and the new Attorney General and Patrick Fitzgerald with important information on the results of their audits and arrest plans. As a result a smooth series of carefully planned actions are occurring about which F1/F2 know next to nothing.

Obama has also been briefed and has gone directly to Sirius as the 9th member of the Blue Lodge/Supreme Council of Nine on Sirius, with the assistance of the Ashtar command. That is a 3rd hat he must keep hidden until he resolves the more pressing issues of economic, constitutional and military crisis. After these other issues are handled he will then begin to lead us toward Galactic Government and Planetary Ascension.

It is all carefully planned to smoothly progress us in the appropriate direction, at the fastest and safest rate. Obama has had back-to-back lifetimes of preparation for his current role for the last 1000 years.

Some of this may be new information to you so I will ask you to simply take it inside and do your best to allow your intuitive-heart to show you the true from the tainted. It is all coming to a major point of change in the coming days, weeks and months of this year. They will give us NO DATES and the Galactics are telling us that the Ashtar Command has decreed that NO NUCLEAR Wars will be allowed. They have made Nuclear weapons inert. Soon, a planetary grid power-up will restore a ‘firmament’ around the planet of 5th Dimensional protection and enhancement. A secondary horizontal effect will spread from the Mideast and render all weapons inoperable, which will end hostilities in that region and others. Activations of that grid will begin on the March 20th Spring Equinox and continue for 21 days.

We will also have stockmarket corrections and banks will close for two weeks while we convert the banks to US Treasury Banks and implement NESARA’s provisions.

We do not know the exact date for these actions, only that they will be ordered by St Germain and will be coordinated with arrests; NESARA’s Announcement and revelation of the Galactic Presence in our skies and on the ground. Obama and all others involved are preparing us for these actions in a careful manner. Weekend conferences were held underneath the White House last weekend by all concerned and were followed by the Senior Banker Arrests still underway.

So, in summary, this Alex Jones video as well as all the faction1/2 disinformation sourced messages being posted by Tom Heneghan, Casper, Poofness, Sorcha Faals, Candace, Chris Story and other similar sources, are not to be read or viewed as truthful reports.

This will all get sorted out as Obama and others are free to speak openly of what they are doing.

Right now they have very serious gag orders which they can not violate until released to do so. We will not have long to wait.

Thurday night Rama attended a meeting of the Solar Tribunal/Council on Saturn in which they were deciding to take actions to support WarCrimes Trials for most if not all the Bush Administration in the Hague.


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