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Mark on 5D: Twin Flames & Babies…


Dear Mark,

I am wondering if twin flames will ever get together. My twin flame is going higher and I’m not quite to 5D yet. How will we ever get together or meet each other if he gets so high I can’t or wouldn’t have my vibrations high enough to meet him.


Dear XXX,

First of all, who told you that your TF [twin flame] is going higher?  Actually, most TF’s are on the ships and waiting for us to reach 5D so that you can reunite.

You could never be separate from your TF, anyway, because your destinies are linked as you comprise a wholeness without which both whole half’s would have to wait until the other was ready. You will be ready sooner than you think/feel at this moment.

Mother Sekhmet says that many millions of TF’s are on the ships waiting to meet us half-way after the ships land. It is part of the next-step divine plan.

It is the normal policy for 1/2 of the duo or trio to be on the ship and the other half embodied. The 1/2 aboard the ship watches over their earth-half.

We alternate except under extraordinary circumstances…such as we are now approaching.

Working with TF’s on the planet can be very tough slogging as they are such perfect mirrors for each other, that neither can get away with anything major without it being ‘illuminated and mirrored’ right back to the other.

Be very happy that we are clearing most of our tough karmic patterns before we meet.

We are in extreme density here on this planet. Picture yourself having slogged for years through the hot and humid jungle in mud, mosquitoes, with constant danger every moment. By the time we have reached this point in our incarnational cycle, we’re pretty groady from our ‘exercise’.

Now, picture your other half arriving in refined light-body clarity and awareness, before you’ve had an opportunity to shower and freshen up. That would be tough on you and you would tend to look up and feel like something the cat drug in. That is why we are cleaning, clearing so much now, in preparation for the coming reunions.

You would never be judged by your other half. In any case, however, it is quite possible–since many of us have forgotten who and what we really already are–that we might tend to judge ourselves as a bit too shabby for prime time company inspection.

However, as part of our current phase of awakening, we are beginning to remember more of our true identities and with the decloakings we will all take a half-step up. That’s huge! Most Lightworkers/starseeds are at 5.0D now. With a half-step boost, we could be at 5.5D which is the point at which ascension consciousness is permanent and our physical is immortalized, for all practical purposes.

Others range from 3.7–to 5.2D, including the darkhats. ALL will get the same 1/2 step boost when the ships decloak. Just as the Sun shines equally on the good and the criminal; the weeds and flowers; humans and insects, so also the decloaking will not discriminate: every particle of matter or sprit on this planet will receive the exact same boost.

What we do with it is our responsibility and we will be held accountable. The only Law is the Law of the One.  Then, when the ships land, we will already be aware of so much more and know how to balance and clear issues that may have dogged us for eons.

It will be as if someone turned on a battery of lights instead of a 15 watt bulb. The ability to resolve issues will be mightily increased and expanded, for we will see everything and also see the place of balance from which all can come into resolution.

To then meet our Twin Flames will be quite a joyful event and we will look into each other’s eyes with all our awareness available. We will no longer perceive in terms of higher or lower, because we will know we are equals.


Dear Mark,

I haven’t been consciously processing unfinished business lately (have done much processing in the past), but I have noticed that the last couple of weeks I have been feeling very tired and irritable. I take salt baths frequently, and that helps for a while.

I have one unrelated question regarding life in 5D. Will people still have babies in 5D? I understand that the ultimate goal is to ascend with our physical bodies. If there is no physical death after 5D, does that mean that people will move on to other dimensions when they are ready, thus allowing for souls to be born into 5D??? I’m just thinking out loud here. It seems rather sad to me to contemplate a world without children.


Dear XXX,

There will always be souls entering and new and lighter forms to ‘house’ them.

I could, first of all, refer you to the Ron Howard Movie, “Cocoon” for how true coming together can happen in a non-physical way. I’ve had such experiences and remember them. As two ‘wholes’ come into ‘clear’ resonance, a ‘third’ spiritual essence is brought forth…from Creator and the ‘new creation’ is greater than the sum of the parts. This does not require physical joining in sexual intercourse.

In 5D you will still be able to enjoy all the current ways of ‘uniting’…and more. However, that has nothing to do with bringing in a new soul into physical focus.

There will be no unwanted or accidental births.

As we refine all our bodies, in the Ascension process, we will become suitable receptacles to attract still higher souls who desire to experience embodiment.

New Root-Races have already been sending scouts into this plane to prepare for that development. What we now refer to as Indigos, Crystals are such ones. There are other ones:Rainbows, Blue Stars, Pure Love children; Children of the Golden Sun, etc, here in small numbers now. These new root races could not sustain a new highly purified vehicle until the whole planet is equally refined…in 5D+++.

The Creation continues and continually expands and morphs from fine to finer more refined evolutionary creative expressions. The color spectrum in 5D is far more pastel than 3-4D deeply saturated colors, and each band has 100s more distinct wavelengths=16 Million, as I recall…and that continues on up into levels now inconceivable to our 3-4D senses of 5 or 6 senses…to 120+ different receptors or refined ways of engaging and discerning subtle energies.

In addition, as we return to 5D+, we will be conscious multidimensional beings with 360 degree{holographic} visual and telempathic perceptual acuity that can perceive in all directions at once, as well as into whatever place, level or layer we focus our attention on. All knowledge will be open/available to us.

We will be fully restored to 12 or more fully-functioning strands of DNA, and all then present will have a fully opened and integrated heart-mind {Christed/Crystalline} consciousness.


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  1. Alice says:

    Dear Mark,

    I dind’t quite udnerstand the ship thing. Where is it placed actually? Will all the twin flames be able to embark on it?

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