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Mark: Notes from the Edge…


Subtle signs of significant movement continued today. We hear that quiet banker arrests are continuing around the world. We have indications that holograms have been put into place as replacements until this can be publicly announced.

On local NPR station this morning, Bob Edwards interviewed a very interesting gentlemen with a PhD who works in the NYPD branch in London. That’s correct: NYPD has a branch in London that works with Interpol an all other agencies here and there.

This man spoke about changes that have occurred since 911 in Homeland Security and all agencies. Internally, many saw the direction Bush was forcing agencies to take and began having internal meetings with each other to determine how to stay honest and work in integrity within these agencies. They soon learned who was leaning towards neo-con-fascistic over-stepping of Constitutional Law and those who wanted to preserve and defend Constitutional rights of individuals.

They worked with Scotland Yard and met Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame and many others. They formed an internal watchdog group to observe, coordinate and prepare for what is to come. He stated that they quickly learned that the whole war on terror was a bogus cover for insider manipulation and that 911 was a completely planned and executed series of events involving the cooperation and involvement of all the agencies and departments of government in this and other countries.

Interestingly enough, Bob Edwards asked him what he thought about future events like 2012, Armageddon, Earth Changes and such.

His answer was quite surprising and heart warming. He said that he has met Benjamin Creme and talked with Lord Maitreya and is fully persuaded that all the dire predictions have been mitigated and that we are going to see wondrous events unfold that will prepare us for a whole new way of being in harmony, unity and joy. To have some one with his level of involvement and technical expertise willing to discuss such matters on live radio was quite refreshing. His group are backing Obama’s changes.

In a related story, on Friday, the US Dropped the “Enemy Combatant” designation as a basis for detention at Guantanamo and incorporated International Law standards. The US Justice Department has filed papers stating that only those who provided “substantial” support to Al-Qaeda/Taliban would be considered detainable.

On another independent PBS radio station the host played a brand new video by the author of Zeitgeist/Zeitgeist Addendum that goes down to the quantum level to look at the basis for manifested reality. As soon as we can find a link to this video we will post it. The listener approvals of Jon Stewart’s Interview with Cramer on MSNBC broke all prior records with viewers totals jumping 400% in their interest and support for this honest calling to task of media responsibility to present truth instead of infomercials for criminal fraud, greed and lies. A seachange is in process.

Everything is working together to smoothly prepare us for more dramatic events.


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