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Mark: No Calamity Today, Tomorrow, or Ever


Apparently Dr. Dan Burisch, through Project Camelot, has become worried that a date of catastrophe is at hand. His information comes from his private diary recordings of conversations with Chi’e’lah, a human-lineage extraterrestrial whom Dan cared for as part of his work with Majestic-12. The conversations were in symbols which Dan has only recently deciphered.

Mark has already said that no Armageddon scenario will be allowed by the Galactics and Spiritual Hierarchs who are mounting the ascension operation we are all following. (See his Compilations.) But Mark was asked nonetheless to comment on the matter and here is his reply.


Mark: I don’t feel any negative crisis energy and would suggest that the info Dan got is ‘out-dated’ and superseded.

The J-Rod [the galactic Burisch worked with was dubbed a ‘J-rod” – long story] is a shadow viewpoint.

The fragmentation of the 13 Familes from on-going financial system breakups is the only in-process event that they may have been interpreted as a ‘trigger’ event.

As far as the light and lightworkers are concerned, current developments are positive, necessary and are moving us toward the Equinox–to–Easter activations/transformations. Refer to Kuthumi/Metatron msgs on the equinox for insights.

I’ll send this upstream for any F3 input.

I do NOT feel any alarms other than the whole transformational buildup that is impacting us all at this moment.


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