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Mark: Military after NESARA & Arrests of Bankers…


We have heard, over the years, of the arrests of hundreds and even thousands of bankers. However, we are never given the names and locations of the banks or any of the names of the arrested parties.  At this point in time, in the interests of full disclosure and transparency, it seems fair – and important – to ask for some specifics….as we enter the new age of Light….

Mark: We need to step back from our negative views. The forces are charged with doing what needs to be done for the highest good of all…not to please our curiosity or suspicions.

I can tell you that, when the galactics act, they have reviewed all the records of every incarnation of each person involved, on and off the planet. These are intergalactic criminals who have terrorized planets throughout their existence.

We have stated many times that this can only be understood by expanding our thinking and perceptions beyond 3D.

10,000 arrests were previously made and adjudicated in the Hague. Those whose whole soul record was consistently negative were gracefully terminated.

Others got 25 year sentences. These ones arrested today are very senior bankers who were completely beyond salvage.

They will not be back. They were transported to a containment facility in the Hague awaiting their group adjudication and sentencing.

This was a worldwide operation and, we have no need to know their names. Fulford has top illuminati contacts and his information was correct in this matter.

Ashtar will not print a list of these ones’ names and banks, so that we can pick over the list. Those ones have families and associates just as we do.

The premature listing of names would crash the markets and the bank stocks worldwide, and cause great harm. Where’s the good in that?

In many cases there are holograms put in their places to keep the appearance of continuity until it is safe to reveal the facts.

Believe me there will be many more actions of even greater magnitude before this is over. We can not change thousands and millions of years of actions in a heartbeat.

Healing will be required for all of us, as we learn the many truths about who and what we are and why we are here together to heal all the distortions.

There will be plenty of joy as these burdens are lifted. We are all equal partners in this process. Each of us must be accountable for our own actions. There is no universal double standard.

Love is the only way we ascend. We have begun, and we still have steps to go before we can see clearly and appreciate the love that the Source extends to us all.

All these questions will be answered, as we are ready to understand the answers, and the highest good of all is served.

Everything to achieve success is in place and is already in motion.

The unprecedented meetings that took place beneath the White House in a higher dimensional space this past weekend, included 3, 4, 5 and even higher-dimensional beings from on and off the planet. The actions today are just the first of the actions agreed upon.

All of heaven and earth are involved.


1.  Once NESARA is declared, what will and will not be the function of the military?

That will be allowed.

A lot of specialists will want retraining and they will get that. Others can be offered options that will use their skills in new ways, to help others. No one will be compelled to do what they do not find fits their path of progress.

2. Will all those currently in the military serve out their contracts or will the military immediately be downsized?

In general, they will be downsized. Many if not most of those in the military will want out of their contracts.

3.  Can you please comment on the legalization of marijuana, opium, and other drugs…. as a method of dealing with the illegal trafficking/cartels/violence… and is this one reason President Obama has been reluctant to set dates for sending more troops to Afghanistan, i.e., awaiting announcement on legalization/or/another method dealing with the drug trade problem, i.e., the Afghanistan problem?

Once the cartels are removed, all aspects of the situation will be seen in a new light. Hemp can be grown anywhere and can provide–as it once did–materials for food, clothing, medicines, etc without need for transport over long distances and without unwanted byproducts. Local sustainable agriculture will be the result.

As to the individual issues, they will be dealt with locally. We will have Constitutional/Common Law restored. What is not illegal will be allowed. However, where there are personal issues of health problems they can be quickly evaluated and corrections made. Opium is a different issue. That is also a ‘false crop’ problem.

When money is not the motivation, farmers will gladly substitute other healthful crops. Mostly the problem is one of corporate greed, criminal intentions, governmental support to fund their black ops projects.

That will be stopped; any addicts will be helped to resolve all issues involved and then helped to redefine their lives. It will not need to be criminalized and those, non-violent ones in prisons will generally be pardoned and given assistance in all needed areas.

Only a small percent of those now incarcerated will need specialized containment for a time.

There are solutions to every current situation. All cases are now being evaluated and sorted into categories. A very large percentage will be released and some will be given restitution for their unconstitutional confinement.

4. Are high profile radio personalities, such as Thom Hartmann, protected?  And if yes, how?

YES!  Galactic Ships have us all ‘tagged’ by soul signatures and we are always monitored. Soul contracts are reviewed and things that are not required by those contracts can be prevented, The technologies are quite amazing. One of the biggest differences is that of time.

In 3D we vibrate so slowly compared to 5D that interventions–where appropriate–can take place in what to us appears to be ‘no time’. I’ve experienced this several times, where I was speeded up 1000-10,000X normal and it looked to me that people were immobile as statues. I waved my hand in front of their faces and they didn’t even blink.

I was shown a very highly-secured site and we went in and could have cleaned out everything that was there or simply photographed every document in a file and then left without any evidence we had ever been there. That’s just one example.

Be assured that GF technologies and abilities are more than adequate. At one time they even had an evacuation plan to take us all off planet. That is no longer necessary as all Armageddon scenarios have been deleted on this timeline.

On the other hand, souls are standing in line to come in, even if it’s just for a few days, as they can burn off a million years of karma from doing that.

It will be seen just how lucky we are once we have landings. We were all evaluated extensively before we were allowed to come in this time. They only allowed the best of the best. All here have ascended at least 3 times prior to this incarnation.

However, none of us have done that in the physical. This is a first for that achievement.

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  1. aquastar says:

    Dear Mark,

    A wonderful article. Let There be Peace on earth and let it begin with me. Peace, love, light and harmony begins one person at a time multiplied.

    I enjoy reading your writings. Keep up the enlighting work.

    In Peace, love and Light Star Rider

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