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Mark Conference Call – March 17, 2009


Mark Huber Conference Call
March 17, 2009
Transcribed by Patricia Andrews and Kelley Daniel.

Mark Huber: I’d like to welcome everybody to the Galactic Round Table’s first-ever public question-and-answer conference call.  I would like to say a couple of administrative details here at the beginning.

First of all I want to thank Deborah for doing the great work, both encouraging us, and then taking it over and doing it herself to make this conference call possible.  Thank you, Deborah.

For those of you who don’t know the people in the background that are so instrumental in seeing to it that you are all informed, and that things get passed to whoever needs to have them, and massaged and cleaned up if necessary, we have two transcribers on this call, and also on our Thursday night call, and they are Patricia Andrews and Kelley Daniel.

These two wonderful beings are the ones who see to it that you have something to read after the conference call, to compare the written words with what you thought you heard, or if you missed it, what happened the night before.

We really do appreciate that, and we couldn’t do this without them, because so many of our people don’t actually attend those calls.  But I would imagine that probably over one-half of the people have heard at least one conference call from Star Gate Round Table.  You could call it a brother or sister who do that, because some of the same people are involved in all of these things.

Here, at this end, there are three of us: Rama and Tara, whom you all know from Star Gate Round Table, and, of course, myself, Mark.  But we also have moderators on Galactic Round Table and on Galactic Round Table News, and, Galactic Round Table – Case in Point.

So for those people, you need to know about Melinda Snodgrass, who has been the primary point holder for the Moderator Group and she has been joined by Kelley Daniel, who is also one of the transcribers for our Thursday night call.  And most recently, we have had Judy Coleman join us, and the one in the background of everyone’s consciousness, whose name you are going to see many times a day, and that is Steve Beckow.

Steve, if you have anything to say, this is a good time to say it.

Steve:  Like you, Mark, I want to thank Deborah for organizing this.  Most of us have heard Mark speak on an earlier occasion and we were spellbound by your discussion of your own personal history.  I understand that you want to open up the discussion tonight and go on to other things, but I just want to say that, on our last conference call, people hardly even breathed because it was so interesting.  I’m looking forward to your call tonight.  Whatever you want to talk on is absolutely fine with me.  I’m glad there are so many people on here, and thank you also, to Tricia and Kelley for transcribing this.   With that having being said, Mark, I’m looking forward to the evening, so let’s let the good times roll.

Mark: Thank you, Steve.  I thought I might start off tonight in a little unusual way.  Rather than doing a meditation, or and of things you usually do on some of the other calls, this is, I think, going to substitute for a meditation.

This morning, just before I woke up, as I frequently do, I lay there for a while in reverie to see if I’m going to receive any messages.  This morning, I was with a group very much like this one, but on the ground and we were outside.  Apparently it was connected with this call because I was kind of pondering what subjects might come up.  With that, a quadrant of the sky lit up.

Now this was a blue background, a whole quadrant of the sky, and this image was projected onto the sky very, very clearly.  It was quite high – it would have to have been because it took up a whole quadrant.  It would have had to been about 25 miles tall, and proportioned.  This appeared on the first look, to be a Galactic Angel with arms up-lifted, and wings spread.  So it was a winged, Angelic Presence.

But as I scanned down what looked like a body, it was all dressed in white feathers mostly, but it faded into white that was difficult to tell if it was cloth or more feathers.  But it was very definitely winged and luminous.  As I scanned down near what would be the waist band, there were letters there.  I looked to read what they were, and it said,

A L L E S T O R Y.  That was one word, and it was like where your belt would be on a low-rider, where the third chakra is.

As I looked at that, I thought: ‘Did they misspell this?  Did they mean allegory?’  No, they meant, ‘All A Story.’  And in a way, all of the great, huge, cosmic things are ‘All A Story.’

This Being at its upper half was divided in half.  There was a channel of light coming down the center of it.  These wings, which were unfolded, allowed all this light to come through it, and into the lower, and final portions of the Being.

I recognized that they were depicting, symbolically, just as the crop circles do.  This was a coded message.  It was talking about the infusion. With the arms raised, you are asking for, or giving a blessing; asking for information.

So this energy was coming in through the raised hands which went above the head, which meant this was coming from higher levels, and above the Crown Chakra.  From the intuition I had, it was from the Great Central Sun.  This was a message, put into symbolic form, so we could understand it, without words.

This was showing the complementary halves of male and female, yet they were joined at the highest level into the singularity.  Then as they came down through the fourth chakra, which is our physical heart, into the solar plexus, which is the beltline where the word came, this is where the stories – his stories and her stories – blend into history, and allegory, and all of the above.

Then channel that information down through the Being and into the Earth.  So we are all conduits for both light codes, and we are conduits for energetic movements between the earth and the sky.

When you reverse it, you saw that the same thing was true.  It comes up from the core of the earth, goes through both sides of our being, and is mixed into Solar Plexus and Heart Center.  It then goes on up and out through the separate channels, which again join at the twelfth-dimensional level where we are totally-integrated, androgynous beings.

The one I was seeing today was androgynous.  It was neither male nor female, but both.  It was a fully-blended Being.  That was the message for tonight I was to share that with you, that this is your story; it is my story; it is our story; it is all the stories.  We each are a piece of this great story and we are out-picturing our individual past so that we can see how they reflect, combine and change our reality.

There is no reality except that which we agree on.  We do this by consensus and we have forgotten that this is what we do.  But we are beginning to awaken and remember that now.  When we are on this Round Table, we find that we are sharing bits and pieces.  We brought them in originally, we witness, and then forgot who we were and how we got here.

Then we began to awaken, and of course we looked around, and we didn’t see any recognition for the feelings, thoughts and visions that we had.  Quickly, in our first few years, we began to forget what we knew and to use instead, what we got from our significant examples in our environment–our role models, our parents, our brothers and sisters, and neighbors.  We had a very small environment.

Well, the more and more of those that we interacted with, the less we knew, because we basically….. The message was, ‘Forget what you know.  Here’s what counts here.’  We probably thought to ourselves, ‘What a strange place this is.  The truth is a lie, and the lie is the truth.’

To be here tonight, everyone had to exercise a whole lot of choices.  And to also have the courage to finally stop doing it someone else’s way and start listening to our own intuition and what comes from within, at that point we stared waking up, because there is no other way.

You can read every book on the planet.  You will not awaken one drop.  You will not take one step.  Only by actually acting on the internal knowing, feeling, and being that communicates in ways that are hard to describe [will you take a step], but everyone has their own sense of this.  For some, it is through feelings; others, through pictures, some through clairaudience, some, through music, and some, through all of the above; and others, we haven’t even mentioned yet.

So these are the ways that we have awakened to whatever state we are in now and realize that there is a mission, that there is a purpose, that there is a plan, and that we are part of it.  So as we begin sharing our stories, as Steve likes to say, and I like that very much – we begin to “emerge.”  We begin to reflect and mirror to each other our individual processes.

While our individual stories may be different, they have many elements that we find are very much the same.  No one got here just through knowing; they had to act upon their knowing in order to begin to manifest it as something that others could use.  That’s what we agreed to do when we came here.  So that is the process that has brought us up to this point.

We are at a very transcendent point where all the old stories are being transmuted and transformed.  Now we can go beyond the stories.  I asked Tara to try drawing this Being.  It’s a very beautiful angelic Being on the third attempt.

That is important for us to know that we came from the stars.  We came from the Great Central Sun, and to that we will work our way back as we integrate all of our elements.  We are sending our readiness – and it isn’t coming from the outside – we are transmitting it.  That is what the ships are monitoring.

They are monitoring our readiness to WAKE UP and to remember who we are, why we are here, and then to ground this information as it comes in, and demonstrate it. Not just the information, but it is all that which we are and we have come here to be.

The Earth Mother is waking up, and she asked, a long time ago, for help from, you might say, the Heavens.  The Hierarchy heard her and responded, and all of us did, too.  We heard the call, and we all responded to their call.  We do not go anywhere unless the Earth Mother goes.  It is easier to say it the other way around.  The Earth Mother is guaranteed to go.  We are only guaranteed to have the opportunity to go with her.

We are there now at this choice point, where we have to decide:  are we going to hang out and pretend we don’t know or are we going to just take a chance and pretend the opposite – that we do know, and that we are connected, and there is really only one of us.

And that heaven and Earth are not separate; they are interconnected parts just as our organs and our arms and legs are connected to our body.  They aren’t separate things in their own right; they are only part of wholeness.

Just so, future parts of us are here.  And future parts of us are contacting us in the projected form of a ship.  These are not the metal ships that you see here.  These are bio-organic.  These are projections of higher dimensional thoughts and constructs, which are maintained just as we maintain this reality by consensus.

They can be changed.  They can change and become whatever they want to be.  So this is really another example of mirroring and seeing mirrored to us, a part of ourselves that we have forgotten.  It is not something alien, no matter what you’ve heard.  It is strictly a higher part of ourselves – in some cases, a future part of ourselves- that has come back to let us know that we made it; that we could not be here if we had not succeeded.

There are many out there who have at least one part that has come from the future, to help tweak some of these details that show they can be improved, if we were present.

So we came back from the future to help on the ground and on the ships.  It takes all of us on the ground and on the ships in the unseen realms to accomplish this.  No single person can do this.

It is a part of the grandness of the plan that the Source Itself is not, in a certain sense, progressing, beyond this, until we all get it because it intends for us to go together – to be in a fully-conscious wholeness, that actually will out-picture what we will get together, in a fully-conscious manner so that there never need be any remote concept of separation again.

That’s what this whole thing has all been about.  We had to come from there to here, and then see if we could wake up and remember that we are that connected.

At this time, I’d like to stop this part of it, and ask Rama if he would like to share some current information from today, if that is alright with you.

Rama Berkowitz:  What I have heard, pretty much today, from Thom Hartmann who was talking about AIG, and the banksters being criminally treasonous.  It’s at that point where folks are taking the proper actions that have to be taken to rein in the Cabal on every level.

I got on the air and said, “I’m a bleeding heart liberal.  These folks need to be arrested for war crimes.  Bush and Cheney are the terrorists.  There are no other terrorists.  They did 9/11. I went on to say that something very good was supposed to happen the morning of 9/11, and it was called NESARA. And I asked him, ‘How come no one is talking about this?’  At that point Thom Hartman said, ‘Good question, Rama. Goodbye.’

Then later on, I talked to Mr. X and Queen Noor of Jordan, and they told me what is going on with AIG is that these folks need to be arrested.  They need no bail-outs.  And the latest is that, as I understand it, 89% of AIG is owned by the government, according to Barney Frank.  So as the employees of AIG, they fork over their bonuses, they get a big zero, and they get to walk away with their lives.  That is my understanding.  We’ll see what happens.  I don’t know.  I have to give that up to the higher forces, as I always do, as that is the only way I know where to go with this.  And I pass the Talking Stick.

Mark: At this time, I think it would be a good time to open it up and let’s see what kind of questions people have.

Jenna:  According to what I received about two weeks ago, I awakened in the morning and I was singing the Green Beret song.  I got the words ‘Special Forces’.  I immediately knew that all of us on this call, and all Star Seeds are the Special Forces, parachuted  into enemy territory and going forward.  So I just wanted to share that.

Mark: Thank you Jenna.  That is a very clear symbology.

Cheryl:  Wayne Madson, whom you do respect, has a new report out, talking about Madoff taking the fall for New York’s richest and most powerful politicians.  My question is that I read somewhere, this Friday, a bunch of money comes due from our country to other countries.  Supposedly, we don’t have the money to make that payment.  Do you know anything about that?

Mark: I believe that there were certain options in April that matured and they had to be closed out today.  So that’s a little bit of what’s going on with the market today.   I do think there is a bigger thing on sub payments, but I don’t remember the details on them.  That may well be on Friday.

I would like to say one thing about this whole market thing that is going on.  It seems very confusing if you watch CNN or Market Place or any of those things or even read the Wall Street Journal.  They will say they are in a big rally now – jump aboard.  I would have to say that is the worst advice you could possibly get.

No money has come into the system.  We are circulating the same kind of IOUs everywhere on the planet.  The major banks of the world are broke.  There isn’t any new money creation going on.

Rama:  Phantom Economy

Mark: Yes.  Rama says this is a phantom economy.  This is what is called a “bear trap”. This is the point where you have what looks like a rally, and you want to jump in there and  think “this is the bottom”, but this what happens before you have a major crash. So the crash can place in several steps or several stages but the direction, until there is a change, there is only one real direction and that is downward.  The economy, the banks, they have nothing except smoke and mirrors.  All the agreements in the world won’t change that.

There is only one thing that can change that—or two things and we know what they are.  We could almost say it in unison:  Bankruptcy and NESARA.

St. Germain brings in the new economic system by first writing off the old one.  This may get a little messy, because, very likely, we are going to have to nationalize the big banks.  We talked about that on the GRT, so I won’t go into details right now.

It is very important not to look at these day-to-day headlines and think that something magical has happened.  We’re not going to get NESARA until after we have this bottomed out here.   St. Germain will determine when he is ready to step in.  He holds, you might say, the remote control on that.  When he says “it’s over”, it’s over.  Up until then, we all sit around and wait.

Shirlee:  What keeps the Illuminati families from cranking out more money from the Federal Reserve since they own it?  That’s what is kind of confusing to me.  If they own it and they can make all they want what is stopping them from making it that would stop this whole thing from going forward the way they want it to?

Mark: In partial answer to your question, Shirley, understand that there is a new Sheriff in town and that is Obama.  He has given instructions; some of which you have heard about, but many of you have not heard about….  The US Treasury, in spite of everything you’ve heard, is the only really valid organization since we are inside of NESARA Law at this time.

No matter what it appears to be on the surface, it is all smoke and mirrors, and actors playing out roles.  In fact, as you know, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich both either put legislation in or will be putting it in shortly to bring the Federal Reserve back into the U.S. Treasury where all of that debt, the so-called National Debt, isn’t that.  It’s corporate debt which has all been generated from those printing presses running at warp speed round the clock.

So all of that is the outer gain and only affects the corporation.  The Republic, which is us, all of this—there are directives going out to the Treasury through Timothy Gietner and others and ones we don’t even know about.  Some of those may even have to do about the Provost Marshall General and others and the King of Sword’s people.   These things are all being coordinated so that when something is said publicly, five other steps have already happened.

What has been determined on the higher levels is what direction we are going in.  Just because you don’t see it – the Galactics do —this excercises our patience from time to time. The Galactics do not work like we do here.  They set up situations so the people are kind of forced into certain avenues and they do things themselves and their actions then have consequence and those consequences, in this chess game—it is a master chess game—those consequences will lead us to the goal.  We are there.  We are ready.

Now, all of those things have been going on.  That is where the Illuminati are now finally beginning to recognize—as you can see from Benjamin Fulford’s latest report [March 17, 2009] – the Illuminati are coming to him internally and saying,  “What is going on? What do we do now because what we are doing isn’t working?”

Same thing with the G20, G-7 and Chris Story.  They’re all putting these things out: “We’d like to have more money.  We’d like to have our assets worth more even though we can’t sell.”  And so you all have to agree with them.  This is the same old top-down Illuminati game that’s been played.  That is why the markets have to go down further.  That is why they cannot be bailed out.  That’s why they will crash.  It is because they are still not willing to fold their cards onto the table and say, “O.K.  New deal”.

They are still trying to hold onto those cards and just run the bet up.  Already, it has run up so far they could never pay it back and no one else can either.  So the only thing you can do is write it off.  And I’d like to say, pay no attention because the U.S. Treasury is the only financial organization in the U.S. that is continuous.

Big Will:  The troops that went over to Afghanistan.  Was that the order of Obama or was that the order of the neo-cons in the Pentagon?

Mark: The latter.  He has a government which he inherited.  You have to remember, most levels of government are pretty much static.  The tops come and go but the main body of the government goes on.  It’s called the civil servants.  It’s called the military.  And all of these policies that were launched at the top by the neo-cons have a full network that is committed to them.

And since Obama has been in– you have to remember that he’s only been in 55 days—since he’s been in office what has gone on, they have just been putting out stuff as if it is business as usual– as if George Bush was still the president.  And that is why they have all been given these statements to sign.

If they don’t sign these statements by April, they will either be out of the body or out of the government or they might have to say the pledge of allegiance for years not to lobby anymore.  But the truth of the matter is that they are going to be activated by the droves because that is their only link to their former companies is to be a lobbyist.  And so what we’re watching is the dirty end of this–the messy end of the change where it does reveal itself as you have pointed out that there are many people in government—probably most people in government — that are from the former government.

And they are still putting out these regulations.  Well, Obama stopped the regulations from going out and he’s trying to stop these other directives that are counter to his policies but the civil servants are just going ahead and trying to ignore him and that [i.e. Afghanistan] is one of the cases where this happens and, of course, he has to take responsibility for it because it happened on his watch.

But this is all going to be changed and it is being changed as rapidly as possible now.  Don’t worry about any of these external things that you see that appear to be one way because they can all be changed in a heartbeat and many of these things have a time interval before they will actually be implemented.  So we’re hoping that all this gets done before most of that stuff has a chance to be implemented.  It will all be corrected.

Barker Brown:  Could I make a comment on the economy, please?

Mark: Sure.  Go ahead.

Barker:  The question was about printing money.  Just briefly, when we went off the gold standard in the 1930s and we went on to a fractional banking system, meaning the banks only had to keep a fraction of all the deposits, so if they took in a hundred dollars, they could keep 12 dollars of it and loan out 88 and that 99 came back in a deposit and they could keep 12 percent of that and then they loan out 76.

You end up with a ratio of about 20 to 1 that commercial banks are leveraged and that means they have 20 times more debt than they have assets.  So there are bank accounts that just have numbers on paper and there’s no gold or paper of dollar bills or anything in the bank behind it.

And so the question about printing more money is that they can print money from now until Jupiter ignites but there isn’t anything behind this paper.  I don’t know how leverage investment banks are but it’s more than commercial banks. Then the information coming out in our group is that AIG leverage—once I heard 300 trillion and then I heard 3,000 trillion and heaven only knows how much they are leveraged.

But there is no value behind these dollars and if everybody in the country went to cash in their bank accounts, there is not enough paper dollar bills to give everybody 100 percent of what their account says.  The bills just don’t exist.

And so there says there is no money.  This fractional banking system—this is our fourth or fifth central bank—Federal Reserve that we’ve had in this country in our history—this, too, is going to fall because the factual banking system cannot survive.  It’s self doomed by definition and construct.

It’s an artificial, non-existent scheme set up that has no assets behind it and it will fail.  It is only a matter of time.  There is no way it can survive.   What is finally leaking out is that people understand that there is nothing behind this stuff.  Bank and financial institutions are over-leveraged and some people are trying to call in and get their funds and that started folding a bunch of banks and investments banks and takeovers.  They are just postponing the inevitable.

They’re like a bleeding body on the operating table and nobody has a tourniquet.    It’s just a matter of time.  I had a conversation with someone this weekend and unless  NESARA is true and there is gold and new currency and economic salvation coming in one form or another outside of the existing structure,  this global economy is in for a hurt that will take us back to primal times, that would take generations to recover from.  I, for one, not only believe, but pray that we are all right—all correct in this group– and that NESARA is true.  We are just seeing smoke and mirrors.  And heaven help us if we are wrong.   That’s the end of my economy 101.  Thank-you.  I pass the talking stick.

Mark: Thank you, Barker.  That was a very good presentation.  I concur exactly with what you said.  I just want to add one thing.  You are right.  We are all right.  All the gold has now been transferred into this country to back NESARA.  One series alone was 34 shipments and then there were another 4 shipments after that, I believe, for a total of 38 or 39 shipments of gold. It is all here.  That is the main point.

It is not going into this old system.  This old system has to be written off.  So that every penny is worth something and not just a piece of paper or piece of metal that is like a slug in a circuit box that has no value.  We all have to have a sound system.  We all have to have a similar system.  That is to say, precious-metals backed.  We have indexed values that are good worldwide because that is the only way that you could have any confidence.

The second point that you made that was so excellent was the one about fractional banking.  That is at the heart of it….what started this thing and got this whole thing going.  From there on in they just increased the amount of leveraging that could happen.

There are 2,000 trillion or more of worldwide derivatives that are worth nothing.  They have no assets underneath them.  With that still out there and the banks still holding most of it off their balance sheets, this is totally not going to get it done.   It looks very highly likely, from the hints that we’ve gotten, that the banks will have to be nationalized. Worldwide, not just here.  And then when all that is simply written off for the worthless paper that it is, and those companies are allowed to go bankrupt, we can put in new management and put in US treasury banks.  That is what we have.  That is what we, in fact, set up to do, and there is no other way.

This has been planned for thousands of years.  This is only a drop of what has to happen to get us home.  To get us back to full awareness of who we are and get us back to full accountability for everything that is happening here, now, and henceforth.  So there will be no write-off, except of the phony stuff.  Our responsibilities are not written off.

As a matter of fact, we have to accept those but once we have the ability to remember who we are and how to do things different ways. The solutions are so simple on certain levels. We will see that we have all worked on them for hundreds of lifetimes.

The Lavender Lad is no one to doubt.  He was the Master who brought the algorithms forward that all the Swiss bankers and everybody else had been using and these are the same mathematics that make possible everything that is NESARA now, as well as the new ways of working the finances that will be brought in as soon as we have our announcement and that, again, has to require that the others be bankrupt.  I hope this settles any thoughts people have out there about the finances.

Barker:  I agree and I conclude with one short thought:  The current system has to absolutely be dissolved.  As a blacksmith, it would all just be poured into a melting pot, melted down and poured out into a new mold.  It has to entirely have a new shape and I look forward to the day where I get to meet and have a conversation with the Lavender Lad [St. Germaine].  Boy, won’t that be a day.  Anyway, I thank you all for listening and appreciate any others that might add to this.

Steve:  Mark, I have a supplementary question on gold to add to Barker’s question.  I’m chuckling to myself because, as far as I know, gold has no inherent value.  It’s just gold.  So what is the Galactic’s thinking on this?  Why are they steering us towards gold when it is not inherently valuable?

Mark: There are two things involved here.  So you can talk about the same thing and one person will hear one thing but on another level it means something completely different.

That is true of the subject of gold.  Gold has properties.  It’s not about its monetary values, per se.  It about its properties and what we would refer to as spiritual properties.  This we all have.  Monatomic gold.  Elements within our being and within our structures and within the universe that serve and handle higher order processes and make possible and consciousness connections that allow dissimilar things to connect as if it is similar because it is neutral positive.

Which means you can put a negative and a positive together, separated by only one molecule of alchemical gold and there is no friction.  It is frictionless flow at the higher dimensional level.  Which means, when you insinuate one particle of gold in between two stuck things, they are free to move even if it’s in opposite directions and that is part of the physics that is higher-dimensional physics.  That is why it is taking on this thing because at higher levels it speaks symbolically as well as it is a physical substance for the limited time we are going to need that.

And it will be a limited time.  But it has other values and it has other purposes and when you get into nanotechnology these become far more important and we see that we don’t need to do things the way that we’ve been doing them at all. But we have to get through the steps here and get everyone on the same page and talking the same language.

But this is only a very temporary thing.  It will not be necessary beyond this limited level.  So, gold has value for the moment because it is something we can all agree on and it can be established what that agreed-upon value is.

That’s all it is.  It’s just an agreed-upon value.  And that has already been set for the post NESARA announcement.  The value of each one of these precious metals.  So this is not one of those things that is going to fluctuate all over the place.

It’s all going to be agreed on by 190 nations or more before it’s over.   And it will be available everywhere in the same way.

So no currency that is not based on precious metals– all governments will be going off the fractional banking.    If they don’t got it, they don’t spend it.  So the whole credit system is going to be turned upside down.  It’s a very important area for this moment but, for the moment, I think we can set it aside and say trust that this has all been worked out very, very carefully with the type of computer that you could not imagine on this level.

Because it can predict into the future what happens when you take a given action. And this has been done for very long periods of time so that when its refined down to the place where it is now, there is very little wiggle room.  It’s all going to work very much the way it has been planned to be.

Kauwila:  From the solstice through Easter, it looks like there are a lot of things happening during this time—involved with setting up the grid or something.  I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit more about that or what you know?  Thank you.

Mark: It’s a good question and I will start out by saying I don’t know the full answer to this, but I know some of it.  Some of its ingredients.  As a matter of fact I will ask Rama to add something he may have gotten from Mother or the King on the same subject.

As you know from the channelings of Kuthumi, Metatron, and others, there is a 21-day period starting this Friday, March 20th, and going through the Easter full moon, which is approximately the 11th, which is Easter.

During that period, we are powering up both terrestrially, as well as bringing in a celestial frequency that will be impacting the grid system of the Earth, as well as overlying another grid system which is being created, when it reaches its critical mass — a firmament.

What this is is, like, take your hands and as you reach them up and over each other, above your heads you see you are creating a circle. It is overlapping but it is not touching.

One of those arms is electromagnetic and the other one is crystalline.  When that happens, and you’ve heard us talk about this on Star Gate Round Table and GRT – you’ve heard us talk before about the ZPMs—the Zero Point Modules  in the base of the ziggurats, the Step Pyramids in the Mideast.

And also, you’ve heard Metatron speak of the three pyramidal shapes in Galveston Island, in Texas, that correspond with the three pyramids at Giza and that these are mirrors of each other and are actually harmonic.

So these two things that we have mentioned are surface and base parts of the planetary grid system.   They are being powered up.   I don’t know if Rama has heard anything more from Ashtar.

The last time I talked to Ashtar, he said just think of this as symbolic.  The exact number of the ZPM’s full power is a symbol–meaning I [Ashtar] can change a symbol.  I can move it up or I could move it down—a little bit each way if necessary so that it coordinates with all the other things going on so that we have harmonious and synergistic action.

So what that is saying is that we were counting numbers before.  99.68 and going to 99.8, at which time we had originally heard that Ashtar would come in at that point.

But the point that I’d like to make now, and that Ashtar made, is that these things independently are true, but they have to work together.  They will not allow a 3-D, shall we say, desire or intention to interfere with the Galactic one.

Everything is being coordinated so that when anything is allowed to happen, it fits into the right sequential flow.  That’s probably the most important statement I could make on this subject.

But anyway, somewhere during this period, think of all the other things in addition to this, the ZPMs powering up to 100% and creating the force field around the earth, which is called the “new firmament.”  It is even mentioned in the Bible.  It is part of Revelations and other areas.

But the main point is that there is a force field, a higher-dimensional field, a 5th dimensional force field that you will have to have 5th dimensional frequencies to go in or out.  So that’s a protective thing from Ashtar.

Also, it helps us to refine our own activation of our own DNA.

On a horizontal level, it extends outwards from the Mideast, from those areas, which also include the Gulf of Aden StarGate, which we should never forget for a moment are synergistic.  All are either reinforced or added to in some way in their ability to function in a coherent manner.

Now those are going to create a force field on the surface of the earth which will make weapons inoperable—non-functional.  An act of aggression will be strongly curtailed because the intention to do harm is what will trigger the force field.

So, it isn’t just a gun, per say.  If you came with a knife, with the same intentions, to hurt or harm another being, that could well trigger the same response.  We can talk about that much more later.

Right now, it is only being given out so people can understand how we can possibly get from where we are to something so totally different.  People, even though they have a zillion weapons, will find that none of them will work.

What Mother and Ashtar have said about nuclear weapons and nuclear explosions is: NO NUCLEAR WARS.  The material is being made inert. And I know that some of you are going to say, “Oh, but we have nuclear power stations and they’re still working”.  Yes.  But that is not intended for harm.

This is a very different moment that we are in than we have ever been  before.  All of these things are part of planetary awakening and planetary ascension.  They will all complement each other and they will all be positive to our futures.

When that happens, we cannot say.  They will not give us a date for certain but we know that these activations, galactically, from Galactic Central, from the Great Central Sun, are happening in an unprecedented manner during this period that you have discussed, from March 20th  to April 11th .

What that means is that our multidimensional selves—first of all, we have to remember certain things that are true that have been connected to our past.

A lot of these old, shall we say, ideas and beliefs that we had when we acted from those levels, you might say we almost have to look at our past which looks like our future to see where to go next.

And while this should not be that disturbing, it will come up—that these are all the things that we tried in past.  They will come up like echoes of the past.  They are ones that we are not going to do again.

So anything that looks familiar—we’re not going there.  We are creating a new way forward and we’ve all agreed to it so it is certain to happen.  It is divinely decreed because we agreed with Source that this was the way it will be done.

It won’t be done until it is done.  It will be done in accordance with Universal Law, which is Love.  Mutual reverence, respect and absolutely, unconditional love—first of all, for who and what we are, because we don’t know what we are for the most part — that is, all we truly are.

We could speak about that issue alone for a half hour because the truth is, if we knew what we are, what that spark is that animates us, and so interacts with our consciousness– if we knew what that was, we would have no more questions.

It is that powerful.   It is the most powerful essence in the Universe—or any universe in the creation itself because it makes everyone of us a god or goddess.  It has full capacity, which means we have everything right this second that we could ever possibly need and more.  All we have to do is remember that it is there and then begin to unfold it, which we are doing right now with a lot of help.  So I hope that answers that question.

Big Will:  With the 9/11 situation, when the towers went down, our galactic brothers and sisters had offered to help some of the other galactic humans onto the ship.  Will they be returning and witnessing to the 9/11 situation.  Will they become the witness to the prosecution of George W. Bush?

Mark: Well the answer to your question is yes.  The ones that need to, the ones that are appropriate to, the ones that agreed to, will be coming back.

It doesn’t take all of them.  It only takes representatives of each one of these groups.  Some of them have already signed up for that mission before they came here and you know some of those names but we don’t have to go into them.

The point is, every whistle blower or firsthand testifier that has agreed to be there will be there.  It doesn’t matter whether they are on this level or some other dimensional level.

So, yes, that is fully guaranteed.  The galactics know exactly how to do that.  They know much better than we have any idea of right now and we will become much more aware of that.  This is so arranged.  I say to everyone to relax.  This truly is being handled.

Ashtar once said that he has 345 backup plans.  That should give you a lot of confidence because they have the computers, they have the looking devices where they can look into the probabilities and the futures and they don’t make mistakes.

That sees every possible opportunity out to its ultimate and then they keep refining it as we keep changing because we are part of this equation too.

And that is why there is no fixed solution in detail.  The end, the result, is fixed.  That’s already happened.  All we are doing is how it manifests here and how we are doing individually, tweaking parts of it that are so interesting — probably the most interesting place to be in the universe right now.

Because we have that power to affect the whole.  Now we are going to be responsible for it and have to therefore be aware of what our actions really are achieving and they are achieving a lot.  It’s not the negative things that the outer picture would have you see.

So, I would like to ask Rama if he has anything to add on the March 20th  through April 12th dynamics.

Rama:  We would just say that the frequencies are at such a level that people are feeling as if they are jumping out of their skin.  Like David Wilcox said on his 13th update at his website, Divine Cosmos, I have already looked at what is happening in 2012.  Sorry, there ain’t no disasters, folks.  Why do we have to go there and create a disaster movie?  It does not compute.

The dark side and the Republican wing, along with the religious right, are creating dinosaurs out of their thought forms, just like they did in the land of [inaudible].

Mark: Except that some of them are going to another creation pretty much just like that place, only it’s called Jurassic Park III, or better known to us as Herculobas.

The ones that are still going to have a memory system and an essence vehicle are going to go there.  But many of them, the most recalcitrant ones, are simply going to have their memories erased. The essence goes on forever and will be used in new universes.

[Steve: For an example of this liquidation of a spirit, see the case of Nazi Bergen Belsen guard Irma Grese, at]

But that’s another part because there still is—a thought form is a thing—and they will be happy to engage with their own thought forms which they created back then and which they would like to use against us but they will backfire and they will get 25,826 years of experience making friends with T-Rex.  Any other questions?

James:  Yes.  I have a question.  What about the people on the space shuttle Columbia.  Are they going to be coming through?

Mark: Well, if it is necessary.  At the times that happened, we were told  they were in 5D within less than a minute from the time it exploded.  They never experienced the explosion itself.  They were taken out of their bodies, beamed out of the ship and were fine, fully conscious and aware, aboard the ships in less than a minute.

This is true, invariably, of everyone of these so-called disasters.  I was shown, in my own case, during my near death experience, that you think you are falling…… all you have is the thought “I am falling” but before you can even think another thought, in between those two thoughts, comes “Oh my goodness, I am not in my body anymore”.  You can see your body falling but you are not in it and yet you are fully awakened so that you didn’t lose a microsecond of consciousness.  So what you see on the physical level is not what is going on.  This has always been true.  We just haven’t been aware of it.

[For examples of this, see this webpage generally, but specifically]

Heidi:  My question is the third set of pyramids… that in New Zealand or Indonesia?  Thank- you.

Mark: There are two sets of three pyramids that were mentioned but there are actually are more around the planet, There are, I think there are five locations around the planet.  There may be even more than that.

We are only talking about the ones related—and they are all part of the grid system. Those are shown in the Keys of Enoch as Rama just pointed out — the return of the Dove.  Those points are well known.  No one has hidden them.  But since they weren’t powered up, nobody knew what to do about them.

Just like the Gulf of Aden.  They know there is a Star Gate there.  They know it goes 30,000 light years out into the universe.  But they don’t know what to do about it.  There is nothing they can do about it.  They don’t know how people come through it.  They don’t know how big ships because they don’t understand or pretend to understand hyperdimensional physics.  They don’t understand how a massive object can come through a small hole and also not affect the mass of the earth.

Rama:  Like several cigar shaped ships.

Mark: Yes, Like several cigar-shaped ships that are Starships.

The ones I refer to were ships from the Silver Fleet in Telos, the Agartha network, and they are also from Sanat Kumara’s Himalayan Fleet and they are also from the Amethyst Fleet of St. Germain.  Already, every scientist on this planet, if they knew what we know, would see that their physics cannot possibly account for the reality.

Because here we have objects that are almost as big as the earth and they are in orbit around the earth and not one disturbance, not one wiggle of the earth, takes place.

Mark: Next question?

Cheryl:  I had a question about when should we be able to know about what’s going on in the Gulf of Aden.  When will it come out for us to know?

Mark: That’s a very good question, Cheryl.  I can only say that that is a very good question.  I’ve got that same question myself and most of us do and the answer is always the same.  When it is time to know, we will tell you.   If we don’t tell you it is because there are things that we cannot tell you or we’d have to kill you. [laughter].  I’m joking here.

There are parts of operations that we cannot discuss except in the way that we have already that we know that during this period that we just finished discussing about Easter—from the equinox to Easter, during that time frame, do not be surprised if these things that we have been talking about happen.

They may happen unannounced.  As a matter of fact, there is probably more probability that they will happen unannounced than that they will announce them.  Because they affect what the opposition does.  Obviously, if you know the day and moment that something is going to happen, you are going to try to do something to prevent it.

But, if it just happens, now you’re weapons won’t work, your launch systems won’t launch, and not only that, but your computers won’t listen to you because they’ve been upgraded to nanite status and are only responding  to Ashtar or the higher dimensional forces, which is exactly what is going to happen.  We just don’t know the date and moment of that.

But it would not be surprising to find that this happens during that period because it is all interrelated. And we know that the financial system has already collapsed. It is only smoke and mirrors.  It is only PR releases that wouldn’t fool anybody into believing the opposite.

Because there is no money.  None of these people that are making all of these plans and things have any money.  So that part has happened and you can only speak a lie for so long before it becomes obvious.

We have to look at things like the Baltic Dry Index.  We’ve seen that, in fact, worldwide shipping has been drastically reduced.  All the methods and means that they use to pretend otherwise are just that – pretence.

Why do you think that banks in all of these countries are going bust?  And by the way, the United Kingdom is the worst.  They did not take the precautions that Canada took. We put out a recent release on this subject of comparing Canadian debt ratios and fractional banking ratios to the rest of the world. The U.S. and the U.K. were among the worst.  40th and 44th.

So the biggest countries and the biggest economies on the planet are bankrupt.  I don’t even think this is going to make it.  I have no way to say this except that this is my feeling. I don’t see that there is any way that this can last until the G20 meetings. It is completely fake.  It is completely done and now we all know that the senior bankers have been arrested worldwide.

And they’ve even started now in the big pharmaceutical companies.  And, of course, holograms are being put in these places and these holograms can be turned off by the King of Swords on a remote control.

So when it is time to announce it, all he has to say is, “Here are the actions” (I am not speaking for him) he could just simply set it up and say, “We needed to take these actions, the actions have been taken and now we will show you the way it is after those actions have been taken”. And he simply presses the remote and all those disappear that have appeared to have remained in place and that’s obviously not going to be done willy nilly.  It’s done only at the right moment when it fits, it helps and supports everything else.

We know there will be many thousands more arrests.  They have to be done publicly.  They have to be announced publicly.  So people get it.  The military is pretty involved in this.

Big Will:  Once again, pertaining to the announcement, like you were saying, as you will know, people are now buying the little black boxes called the DTV monitor boxes—the little black boxes. They must be all in place by June 12th .  My question is this, will Ashtar make his message known before that time?

Mark: Well, I can’t speak for Ashtar but what I can tell you is this:  Don’t worry about the digital boxes.  Mother has said very clearly on Thursday night’s Star Gate Round Table, and you heard it, Will—you were there– she said the only things that are going to come out of those sets are Ashtar’s voice.

Rama:  He can override those black boxes.

Mark: They are not going to get to use them for whatever they said they were.  He can override them.  He can simply block them out.  We are not to be concerned with that. It was made so clear to us that these are a non-issue and they are not going to be allowed.

All of the paranoid attempts to suppress, control and manipulate everyone–this is all ending. It really has ended except for the cabal to get that it’s over.  It is like somebody sitting there with a gun on automatic and it’s firing blanks but they’re still pulling the trigger as if it was real.  It’s not real.  It’s all going to be shut down.

It is all going to happen soon.  And frankly, I think it is going to happen sooner than most people are prepared to see it happen because it is going to happen as a coordinated series of actions worldwide.  So that’s the answer to your question.

Dale:  We are very curious, my wife and I, as to the validity and the timing of the so-called prosperity funds.

Mark: Well, the thing that is very obvious about that is that nothing can happen until we have arrests and after we have had the arrests, everybody will get it at the same time.  Lady Master Nada will come on T.V. and she will tell you when the bear is going to carry its bag out of the woods.

Meaning, she is going to tell you when deliveries are going to be made.  There will be nothing until deliveries are made.  When she announces and says, “72 hours from now we will have deliveries”, then that is when they will happen.

Casper, Poofness, Chris Story,  any and all others, none of them can announce that. None of them can tell you one word of that  because they have no access to Faction 3 level.

St. Germain is the only one who is deciding when he is going to step in.  And you can trust this statement.  St. Germain and Lady Master Nada are like Siamese twins when it comes to their coordinated actions.  They are totally together.  They are totally coordinated.  They both have all the means, power, knowledge and authority to do whatever is required as soon as it is required.  They are the only ones deciding it.  We are not deciding th.

So, that’s what I’d like to say about that.  This is what we’ve been given. After she states when deliveries are going to take place, every man, woman and child in the first four countries — the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia — will receive 10 million dollars.

Now, we’re not just going to receive 10 million dollars with no instructions.  All the things you need to know about that—I could tell you right now. Probably 9 out of 10 people will have no clue about how that works—and the other 1/10th are wrong.

Meaning, they are not going to tell us anything that is going to get us in trouble until they can tell us how to stay out of trouble.  This is no so people can go out and buy new cars and new T.V. sets and this sort of thing.

This is a planetary, humanitarian lift up.  Do you realize that probably 95 percent of the world do not have telephones?

Dale:  Yes.

Mark: How can you get them the information if they don’t even have communication?  So this why some of these places will take many months, up to 12 to 15 months before they will get all the basic infrastructures needed, as well as the information needed, and the people there doing the projects before they can get their money.

That is why there is a specific sequence in which they will receive.  There are many reasons for these and we don’t have all the answers to that but we can be assured there is a sequence and it will go the way they planned it because that is the only way it works.  And they have taken into consideration all of the other things about infrastructures in the 3rd and 4th world as well as the 2nd and 1st world.

So that is the way the work will be done.  The second we hear, you will get all the instructions you can possibly understand in a language you can understand it in, very clearly stated at that time.

We will have 36 hours of announcements as soon as NESARA is announced.  Lady Master Nada has already stated that.  This is all ready to go.  The people are briefed and know exactly what to tell you.

Some of you may know—some of you may not know–that 10,000 journalists have been taken for up to 6 weeks and briefed by the King of Swords.  They can’t talk about it yet, until the gag order is lifted.  But they are all fully busy writing their books, writing their plays, writing all the things they are going to have to write except for the dates and they will wait until  the signal is given to put a current date and publish it.  It will happen worldwide.  This is not something that is going to take forever to happen.  You’re going to see it happen everywhere at once.  Sort of like   9/11–only in a good way.  Any other questions?

Question:  What is Obama’s level of cooperation with Faction 3.  I’ve heard it said that maybe his legal team is helping with the gathering of evidence.  Is he assisting Faction 3 right now?

Mark: You cannot differentiate Faction 3 from Obama.   He is part of Faction 3.  He is in daily contact with the King of Swords on his Blackberry device.  They can talk to each other anytime they want outside of the ears of everyone else. That is one of the first things he asked for from the King of Swords.

Because he realized he was surrounded by a gaggle of cutthroats, thieves, and criminals and war-crimes candidates there that were like alligators.  They would chop him up in a heartbeat if he made one phone call through the regular phone system. They’d all know it immediately.  He knew all of this.   He’s no dummy.

He’s got what has been estimated to be 43% of his brain power capacity.  Compare that to John McCain, whom it was estimated, and I think they were very generous, was using about 12%.  So he is a very bright and fast study and even Ashtar has said that the King of Swords has been briefing him.

When I say the King of Swords, I’m talking about all the people who work with the King of Swords who are specialists in various areas.  Both Ashtar and the King of Swords have made these available to Obama so he can get the best expert advice and council anytime he wants it.  He has personally been back to the Sirian Council where he is the 9th member of the Council of 9.  That is the Blue Lodge there on Sirius.  He is very knowledgeable.  He is very awake and he is awakening more each day– each moment of each day and getting better and better at what he has been trained to do.

Yes.  He does know about NESARA and, yes, he does know about Hillary and all the other, you might say, snakes in his cabinet.  Yes.  And he’s the one that ordered Hillary, the original, to be executed last November for war crimes.

Tara:  On the 4th of November.

Mark: Yes.  That was done on the 4th of November.

So do not worry.  He has gotten some of these people and they have been, shall we say, shown a picture of what would happened if they continued on the path that they are going. Then he has given them a chance.  Now he would say, “You want another choice? Every step you take, every decision you make, every action you take, is going to be watched, monitored and toted up. Now if you want to have a passing score and be in your body and have a future, you make this choice.  If not, you make that choice and you will remove yourself.

So he does know who the villains are and he does know how to get this job done.  Because he has the expert council of Lady Master Nada, St. Germain, the KOS and many, many more on and off the planet.

That is a very important question and it is very important to understand that he wears three hats.  He wears the illuminati hat until they are arrested.  He has to play that game.  He wears the White Knight hat.  Then he also has to wear the Galactic hat and he has to keep everyone of those hats separate, yet he is personally merging his responsibilities behind the scene so that he can take all his hats off and just be who he is– which is quite an awesome being.

He is no shabby this, that or the other.  He has been trained for thousands of years for this job.  When the Galactics put you into the position….a pivot point for world change—planetary change, they don’t make mistakes.  They are prepared to correct any mistakes that might appear to be made.  So everybody is always on probation when it comes to a critical moment.  They have backup plans, I can assure you.  Right now, he is doing a masterful job because he is a master. Nobody knows what the responsibilities of his job are.  He’s getting, at most, a couple of hours of sleep a night.  He is a very busy beaver.

Charles:  You made a comment on one of your messages that we no longer have to be concerned with the gift lists.   How will that be handled?

Mark: Yes.  That is a good question.  We have answered it before on the website but the simple thing is, if you just think about it yourself, if you have 300,000 people and they are all making up separate lists, this is one way of doing something, but it’s not very efficient.  Not only that, there is room for tons of errors, confusion, and lack of coordination.

So they came up with a much simpler way.  The simpler way is gets to determine that every single man, women and child gets ten million.  End of gift list.

Now, having said that, that is the way it goes.  But still in all, that does not preclude an individual who is receiving — who is a part of one of the programs — to take their own prosperity funds and help others who are somehow  excluded.  They may not even be in this country.  They may be in another country.

That was not meant to stop anyone from helping somebody.  This was to ensure a fair and equitable treatment regardless of race or color or age or sex or any other consideration.  So that’s the way it’s going to be and that’s why you don’t have to worry about it because they are no more the way they were originally stated.

Question:  I was dreaming and I saw Orion’s belt and it was two separate dreams and I was just wondering what that means.

Mark: I can’t tell you for certain what your dream meant but I can tell you  if you were looking at Orion’s belt in a dream….you know the three stars in Orion’s belt— El, An, & Ra (?) [Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka] with the center one being An, that’s where we have to go back through to get back to the antimatter universe from which we came.

We came from antimatter at 100 dimensional levels.  When that was destroyed, we all fell to the 12th dimension and came into this universe of matter.  That is why everything has been about matter since then.  That is why all of our destinies are tied to clean up the mess that happened there, which was the destruction of the 23-sun system.

But now, as we go up, we are now in the band of the photon belt.  This is a very ionized segment that goes around the Central Sun perpendicular. Our path is now, we have entered it, along our path.  It is 2000 light years wide.

We have just entered it and this is just upgrading our memory systems and our frequencies to where our physical will be, for all practical purposes, immortal.  Consciousness will determine more and more what it is.

[interrupted by Questioner]

Mark: Let me just finish what I was saying and answer her question first.  The point is that, when you see that, this has to do with a position where we will have to go through that and we can only go through that as a single one of us.  We have to be unified in order to do that.

Right now, that is a work in progress and we have our work cut out for us in the the next few years so we can do that but right now that’s only a future event.  But it will happen and I think that is why you saw that.

Now…..who was the other one that had a question?

Mark in California:  I just wanted to say thank-you once again for all of your effort for putting this call on.  I do have a question that kind of taunts at me.  It may be short.  It may be long.  The point is this.

Supposedly the dark forces have all the access to all the technologies and skills and advances that the light forces do.  Along the line they have continually thwarted and blocked a lot of the actions of the Light forces.  With the history being there in that manner, I wonder how or what it is that is going to tip the scale on the side of the Light forces.  I don’t know if that is even answerable.

Mark: Yes.  It is answerable.  First of all, you have to remember that all of the things that we are seeing are on 3 and 4D levels.  All the levels above 5D level have already come back to the Light.

Secondly, another aspect of this is that the initial statement was only correct on 3D levels.  All they have is what the locals have.  It’s what they got from negative ETs and that is a million years behind what the Ashtar Command has.  There is no question about superior technology.

The Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters have access to — they are their own Being. They don’t need equipment.  They can do things with just thoughts that would be more emarkable than any device that you’ve heard of.  I assure you that there is not one thing to be concerned about, that this, in fact, has already occurred on a higher level.

It is only manifesting this on 3D now and it must manifest because, once it is done on the etheric level, it has to manifest on 3D.  All of us are waking up to that because we are part of the way it happened.  So we are not separate from it.  We are being impacted by it and yet, we are also, by our every thought, word, feeling and action, we are affecting the outcome.

It’s all determined, though.  All we are affecting are the details of it.  But I assure you, this game is over.  It has happened.  There is no if, ands, or buts or squirrel room.  People who want to go back to the old Armageddon stories and the other stories that the Earth Mother is dying and she is on her final legs…….this is all just so much b.s. because she has already ascended.

Mark in California:  So it’s not true that then they have the same access as the Light forces?

Mark: That is correct.  They do not have access to the advanced technologies of the Ashtar Command.

Mark in California:  That is very encouraging, based on the history here.  Thank you.

Mark: You will actually see examples of this.  I have seen them.  Rama has seen them.  I encorauge you to have no doubt whatsoever, that when you are dealing with the true galactics—and we’re not talking about the steel and bucket type of ships that are running around our atmosphere—we’re talking about the true Starfleet Command — these will be 25-million year old ships…….and they’re brand new.  They never break down and they have equipment that is beyond comprehension on this level.

Mark in California:  Let me ask you this.  We’ve all been hanging in for a long time in our 3rd-dimension perspectives.  There must be some way to get that feeling that you have expressing itself at a deeper level than we have, rather than saying to be patient and wait.  I don’t know what it would it be.

When you talk to people, of course, most of the people out there, or an awful lot of them are real dubious about hearing about NESARA and say, “What are you talking about?” — and so forth, which we have to go right on past because they’re not ready.

It would be wonderful to have a peek into the crack in the door to show this world and those that are have waited so patiently that what you say may be seen.  I know we have to exercise our selves.  But we have been doing that and I think a lot of us are to the maximum knowledgeable or able to develop at this point.  And that’s kind of a crazy long question, but thank you for answering it.

[Mark Huber’s connection breaks down.]

Barker: Until Mark comes back, can I comment to Mark in California?

Debbie: Yes.

Barker: I was as guilty as many in getting caught up in the day to day details and the drama with the stock market up and down and crises and war and family issues and everything.

I had an intuitive understanding a few years ago.  I put it in the analogy of going to a movie theater.  That we are in the 3D and go into a movie theatre and you sit down in your chair and you’re watching this movie on a screen.  There all sorts of dramas going on. If it’s a really good movie, you want to get up out of your seat, symbolically speaking, and participate in the movie–the action that is going on.

My intuitive understanding was to remember that what we are doing is just watching an illusion.  We are just watching a projection on a screen of the drama and need to stay centered.  This is just a movie and we need to remember to not get up out of the seat in the theatre and get involved but just be patient and remain aware that you are just an observer watching the movie, instead of getting out of your seating and becoming a participant in the movie.

That understanding or that perspective has helped me.  I’ve had to remind myself many, many time, even a day, that that’s what grounds me and helps me get through day after day after day of this drama.  To just stay centered and this is the illusion.  This is not the reality and not to get out of my chair in the movie theater. Not to get up on the stage. Just sit there and enjoy the popcorn and wait for it to end. At some point, everybody walks out and there is a new reality.

Mark is back on the call now.

Mark: I’d like to finish out here.  Are there any more questions?

Alan: I certainly appreciate what you’ve done the last two hours and I like to do it every two weeks if possible.  I think we had a number of people in the last few minutes while you were gone who felt the same way.  Maybe we can get a census and have it happen more often.  It was terrific.

Mark: Thank you very much. We are only here to provide information if people want it and if people want it, we’ll be happy to do that.  Since we have Ashtar on the Road every other Tuesday night at present, it sounds like a good schedule.

Alan:  We voted unanimously while you were gone to alternate every other week for you.

[Everybody seconds and votes yes]

Questioner:  Mark we are eternally grateful for your help.

Questioner:  We still have many questions, Mark. [laughter]

Mark: Well, we can address them in two weeks.  Some of the stuff we may not have to repeat so that maybe we can get some good new questions.

Steve:  I’d like to make a few comments in closing.

Mark: Yes. Go ahead.

Steve:  I wanted to you to know — and I hope what I say reflects what some other people are feeling and thinking  — that hearing your confidence in these events reassures me and energizes me, where I’ve often met, not on GRT or other places on the net, but I’ve met with a lot of skepticism from people in everyday life which drains me.  I feel restored hearing your confidence in events, revivified.

Listening to the manner in which you go deeply into these topics that you touched on reassures me that you could probably go deeply into all the other topics we haven’t touched on so it gives me again a sense these are really deep matters that we are thinking about and confronting.

Listening to the way in which you nail each subject to the next subject, like boards in a house, gives me an idea of what the whole structure may look like and I guess,  because of the veil, it’s hard for me to get a picture of that whole building.  So that is also very helpful.

So thank you for being willing to have this conversation with us tonight.  Thank you for agreeing to have another conversation two weeks from now.  Thank you, Deborah, for taking this arranging this and making it happen. Thanks to the transcribers, Trish and Kelley, who are working late into the night to make sure that others who weren’t here can be able to read this.

I enjoyed myself immensely.  I am tremendously inspired.  I hope that reflects other people’s experience as well.  I pass the talking stick.

Mark: Namaste to the Ashtar Command, to the King of Swords, to the King of Egypt, Lady Master Nada, Tara and Rama and you see how many people behind the scenes and on the scenes are involved for any one of these things to happen and we are all grateful to everyone and all of you for otherwise, there would be no purpose in having it.  So thank you to each and all.

Thank you, Deborah, for doing such a good job in putting this together and rescuing us at critical moments here.  It was wonderful from this side too.

We look forward to another chance in two weeks from now.  It was good to hear people’s voices always because we see the names  but until you  hear the voice it adds a whole other dimension to it.

Thank-you ……You’ll all get your check and money in the mail. [laughter]

Have a good night.  Namaste.

More Mark Huber questions and answers on the Yahoo group GRT-News by clicking HERE.


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