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Mark: Casper, Poofness, & NESARA…


Dear Mark,

Thank you for all you are doing for the planet. I am so grateful for your info.  Is there any truth to Casper’s last messages Mar 6-8….the info about China, the Queen , the deliveries, etc. His non neutrality about Obama seems to skew the info about everything.


Dear XXX,

I have to tell you that Casper is a complete bankster fraud. He is totally fed corrupted and false info. It is the Bankster’s attempts to keep control of the worldwide financial system. There NEVER have been any ‘packies’ to be delivered.

Lady Master Nada and St Germain have the true program funds safely contained where the banksters cannot access it. The Casper-reported ‘packies’ are a Bush Sr & Cabal scam to keep the true programs secret by sending out these ‘bulletins’ about daily deliveries.

The only true ‘packages’ are NOT in their hands…at any level. If they were they would have been stolen and gone for good. That’s why we can’t have an Announcement until we have their arrests…including Casper’s…who isn’t who he claims to be.

Unfortunately, the same is true of Poofness who is ‘fed’ from the same source. Why do you think Casper is so vile in his language towards Obama? Obama represents his exposure and his demise.

We don’t like to talk about other sources, and yet, good folks like you, are being confused by their disinformation and so, when you ask, I have to tell you that we have checked these ones out at the highest levels of galactic, and 38
levels above the President intelligence, who have the means to know who these ones really are and who they serve.

In these next days and weeks we will all have to be more discerning than ever before as these ones have their back to the wall and will do or say anything to protect their lives.

This is not some sunday-school social; all on this planet are in a battle for our very soul essence. This whole financial
system–worldwide–is the Cabal’s main means to control your life; your thinking and every aspect of your behavior…for the Cabal’s benefit.

It is clear that you are well aware that the gloves are coming off and that more and more of these slick characters disguishes are slipping badly.

Trust in your inner awareness even if you do not yet have the physical evidence. The truth is within and will come forward and it has already begun. Don’t be concerned with pleasing others who may not yet have your awareness.

All will be helped to open their inner connections to Source, whether they are of the White Hats or Dark Hats. Source love is for all who will allow themselves to receive it.

The grace light is increasing more and more every day. It is a bit like an old piece of leather that has been hardened and become rigid, that you place in some ‘warm water’. Gradually, it starts to respond to the warmth and mositure
surrounding it and interpenetrating it and will allow some flexibility to support it’s expansion. That ‘liquid warmth’ is source love for all it’s creations. There is nothing more powerful in the whole Creation. Love will prevail.

Mark H

Dear Mark,

It’s been said that the banks are going to close for two weeks [after the Announcement]. My question is, if the banks are closed for two weeks, with basic needs such as food and gas for cars to get to work and other needs, how can we get the money out of our banks to eat? Will our debt cards work? Can you let us know how this is to come about?


Dear XXX,

There has been extensive planning to ensure that all the essential needs will be met. We have no exact details. We have been told on many occasions that ATMs will most likely continue to be available to deposit and withdraw funds. In some severe situations the galactics can quickly supply what is needed from the ships with their technologies.

There is no need for fear whatsoever. Everything is being coordinated and orchestrated perfectly.

I will be posting another update today when possible. Things are moving very smoothly, on many fronts, toward a successful conclusion. We shared that information solely to prepare ourselves for big changes that are coming.

There will be 36 hours of clear information on all essential items involved. It would be a comfort to each to have a few days provisions on hand so that you will be free to be with your family or friends for 36 hours so you can listen to the information.

When that happens, most will not need to go to work unless they are involved in essential services. Most offices and factories will be standing down so all their employees and families can learn what is happening.

We do not need to have exact information about what procedures will be involved inside the banks. They will reopen as US Treasury banks and will exchange new money for old federal reserve notes without any loss to you.

Everyone in the US, Canada, UK and Australia will receive NESARA funds within 72 hours after the Announcement, so there will be no need to fear any loss of work or pay. The same will happen everywhere in accordance with a specific schedule worldwide.

There has never been a program of change such as we are going to have and trillions of supporters will be helping all the billions of us on the planet.

We have been allowed to share some advance information with all who ask so that we can be in position to share our information with others as things actually are announced. There are still some aspects of these operations which are in
process now that we can not reveal for security reasons.

Nothing will be held back once the Announcements and actions begin. Everything is designed to minimize disruptions and to smoothly introduce the new processes, which will fully address all our concerns for ourselves; our families; our
nation and our world.

We will be introduced to our true history and our true nature and those who have been entrusted by Source with our education and upliftment.

The long and heavy domination of all life and resources is ending. Of course, there will be thousands of arrests of the ones stealing, lying, defrauding us all, and they will receive appropriate justice for their crimes.

As we learn how much care has been given to all our needs, there will be a surge of hope and joy unlike anything ever seen before on this planet.

Mark Huber


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