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Ashtar Telecall – March 10, 2009


Ashtar: March 10, 2009 teleconference

Well good evening everyone this is indeed a most propitious day as you call your day and count them as they go by.  Here we have a perfect example of a culmination of  the cycle of the moon – all of these things have been put into motion – and a lot more to come.  The news report tonight is most interesting – didn’t just happen yesterday – it has been in culmination.  It is because of several factors.  Firstly its ordained that the monetary systems of Planet Earth would change so as to be a true service to all of humankind, and then eventually to just phase itself out because it is no longer needed.

Now stop and think about it.  It has taken since 1913 for this particular system to come to the height of decadence, disinformation, and just downright dastardly doings, they have regarded you as their slaves, and so it has taken all of this time, and think about the last 3 presidents of USA, Daddy Bush, Bush JR and in between you had the Clintons.  Now Bill Clinton himself is a mixed bag as you know, but that is easily explained if you understand about clones and the difference between clones and humans, well they can be cloned as well.  Now Bill Clinton never intended to do all the things his representatives did, certainly not to the extent of being in collaboration with Hilary – who is flying around the world.  Most clever to send her off.  She has her instructions and will not deviate from her instructions.  Reason being she has to answer  – her hologram has to answer to a certain extent.  The real one has been removed.

We shall go on with the significance with the news report about arrests – the dominos are really falling – we are getting somewhere.  The general public may not know about the arrests but they know the dominos are falling – the big banks.   Particularly enhanced during the administrations of Bush Clinton Bush because if you think the programming was strong before them, look at what they have done while in office – two presidential terms for each one …. Quite a number of years – consolidated their control.

Today … Obama is reviewing all of Bush Jrs signing statements.  Pretty big and coming out in main news media.

Now we have congressman, white knights of the highest order, calling for the Federal Reserve to be put in the Treasury Department.  That means bye bye to the illuminati families who own the Federal Reserve.  We are saying bye bye anyway as many are not here on Planet Earth – the ones who remain have to decide whether to come to the light – they have to make up their minds.

We are not just talking about the United States or Switzerland or China – but all of the banks.   Now if you open up a bank don’t use the big guys, choose a local bank.  Some bank that will be more personal and will watch out for your best interests.

This type of precaution will not be necessary very soon, however if you have to open an account today or tomorrow, seek a local one, that is not connected to the Federal system.  The Federal system is in the process of gigantic house-cleaning.  That is already discussed.  The big ones may crash where their stocks become zero. Today because they are getting bailout money it may appear their stocks are going up.  However now derivatives information is coming out.  Google it – you will find it.  Everyone is going to know about this.   They have to understand why its necessary to do this house cleaning.  You gave permission for this, otherwise how could we go in and participate and do security actions we are doing.

Now just as house-cleaning is taking place …. Say you are house-cleaning and you remove clutter from the table top, then you clean the table and put something back – a vase of flowers that pleases the eye and sensors, well that is what is happening in the banks.  What we are doing is bringing up the vibrations of these banks – you will know when to open an account and as the golden gifts are distributed on delightful phoenix paper, you will find it is already set up for you in an account in one of these big banks, because how else will this funding take place anyway – they will be Treasury based banks – banks of integrity and honor.

We want you to understand that those of us who come from higher dimensions – when we look at a bank, we have scanning devices quite sophisticated and what we are looking for is found in the energy fields of personnel in the bank, and we can detect programs – you have seen on TV sets or movies, portrayals of bugs, you know a white hat person reaches into a vase or desk and finds a bug, well these ones have bugs to spy on each other and some rather devious programs such as when one does something honorable, an alarm sounds in the system and fellow dark hats come in to do damage control   If a banker has guilt or remorse to help someone with a good loan, there is always some way to pervert it so that it is less than wonderful.

Oh here is a classic.  The bank sends you some checks and you can write checks up to credit limit with low interest rate, but then they help you miss a payment or two and all of a sudden you will be sky high in interest rates and banks will tell you they told you so.  That would be perverted, less than wondrous like an anchor around your neck and it can cause dramatic stress.  They love that.  They have scanning – they love to see your energy fields full of stress – the A team – the Away team – they don’t work in the bank – as a matter of fact they are not even 3D but they jab at you from the astral plane they see you in a low moment – now that the disruptors have been removed they can’t come at you now.    Sometimes they have been able to attach interesting things to your computers – who do you think has been selling your name everywhere.  You have heard of identity theft – who are the biggest experts in that.  They simply sell your name to an arms-length third party and off they go.  They have a way to get into your computer, your programs, credit cards, nothing is sacred.  When is the last time you had the feeling your business is private between you and your bank.   Not for a long time.

So go to your local banks, check them and discern – which one is the most honorable for you to take your business to – they will be delighted and may even give you a free toaster.  Its very important for small banks and credit unions to stay healthy at this time.  They will be richly rewarded when welcomed into the Treasury bank system.  Choose one close by so you can walk in – say you have a neighbor who has moved out of the USA and they are living in a place where they will be last to received funds, and your friend has a difficult situation going on – it must be relatively easy for you to get funds to them – you can go to bank and do transferring.   We can’t say you can’t do that from the big guys, but its nice to have an intermediately level too.

Your right to privacy was dropped by the wayside by governments we have had in place in most recent years.
Now we want to speak closely about the role of the US Treasury – they will be solely in charge of creating whatever it is – coin or paper – that is used for money.  That’s it.  There will be no phony debts created by an entity that has no right under the constitution.   The Federal Reserve banks will be absorbed into the Treasury system and money making abilities of the Federal Reserve ended.  And as the Federal Reserve power is ended, how can there be a national debt owed to the Federal Reserve?   Know how nice it is to feel that is no longer to be a worry.  That will totally disappear.   Consider it gone.

Live in the high vibes and know that the banking system will take its place in the background as support and service to you,  Beloved Ones,  that is what it should have been all along.  And if you just contemplate the few concepts that it has been discussing here you can see what a difference it will make in your lives – not only abundance, but privacy and security – delight too in knowing it has real value.  Hang on to your paper as you can exchange it – do not set it on fire in a backyard BBQ.  We do not see the necessity to keep one and frame it for old times sake.  You will be so thrilled to go to your bank and grocery store and turn these in and get real value – you will not look back.  Count on that. What a house-cleaning this is becoming and we are only so far talking about the banks.

We would suggest you wish them well wherever they are headed – offer them forgiveness and compassionate understanding because who of you have not been a money lender or banker in some lifetime, or perhaps you wore the hat of the dreaded tax collector – few of those around too.  Well they are a part of the history/herstory of the United States of America and all countries – whether in a village, the church man or woman, or the government itself, it will be a wondrous time to bid them farewell as well.  Not that they will necessarily disappear.  There are many little men and woman throughout the worlds monetary system.  Few tribes know they don’t need money – they trade and grow their own food.  Think of all kingdoms of Planet Earth who are affected by it.  How about the oil people- they have made lots of dollars from the systematic plundering of Mother Gaia herself or Sister Gaia – co-created process and all are co-creating.  And equal in empowerment to co-create.   We will get back to that.

How entangled in the monetary system which is fast being cleaned up.  And transmuted.  There’s a lot of activity, so send your love to all concerned and let all concerned know that you take responsibility for it being the way it is, and that you share in the responsibility of the co-creations that you have been co-creating which have given Obama, the White Knights, the Galactic Federation and all the house cleaners the green light to go ahead, permission and support to do this because this is huge.  This house cleaning started a while back and is huge.

It must be done to turn the economic system around.  You cannot have Nesara truly grounded in 3D Planet Earth, announced and made real to those who don’t know anything about it, you cannot have that without this house-cleaning, so provide support for it and if you have a moment to volunteer to help with the project that was discussed earlier, you can call or email or ask questions about that which has occurred – questions about accountability and how is that being administered if you feel inclined.  If you call anybody live they have screeners, so simply say you want to ask an innocuous question, go in peace, love and state your questions clearly – if you want to refer to Nesara you might say Reformation Act – if you can say Nesara and get it on the air before they blip you out, fabulous!  This is one aspect, but so big.

As the economic world goes, so goes Planet Earth – you cannot separate them at this time – you will be doing so, that is ordained and that is for real.   Soon as the natural progression of events and upliftments occurs, and progress on that is huge.  Beloved Ones in all honestly, there is no way that the world could have withstood or understood or handled the Nesara announcement when it was first planned.  And we know you are in full realization of that at this time.  What is happening now is the ground work, preparation and not just in the economic world – there is so much going on.

Did you know about the new ruling – it goes something like this.  People who work in the alphabet agencies that approve things lobbyists want them to approve, cannot leave under the revolving door policy and go back to companies and lobbies that wanted this or that approved.  Drugs, food additives and all manner of products that are supposed to be safe and aren’t ,but because of the revolving-door policy pressure and they hired someone to get the item approved.   Then out they went.  That’s called revolving-door policy.  Now they are stopped from doing that for an 8 year period.  Fran approves.

We are confirming – brilliant application of fairness, integrity and honor to the US government.  Wonder why no one thought of it before Obama.  Torture is ending.  Prisons are being reviewed.  There is a private group of companies and prominent names in those companies – who own parts or all of these companies to manage these prisons.  And guess what happens.  Its just like in the corporations – it’s the bottom line dollar profit they are after.  Never mind rehabilitating, helping prisoners to find themselves, to find their self-worth, to get them on a higher path so that when they come out of prison they can lead happy and meaningful lives, never mind that a great number have been put there like a bounty system, – you are worth a lot of money in prison – did you know that?  This is all under intense scrutiny now.  Its been looked at.  You know who has the power to pardon – there are no limits.  Now your previous presidents have waited until the last minute to pardon a few cronies – but we are seeing massive pardons being issued very soon.  As is fair when laws or applications of laws or signing statements of  executive orders have been less than honorable.

Expect that which might seem to be a miracle to happen.  And there are other reasons for throwing honorable people in prison.  Let us say you are a small potato, manager of a small company – you invest offshore – the US government can come in and make it disappear, you get the blame for the disappearance, and guess who is going to jail.  Certainly not the banksters who stole the funds but the one who is the public figure for that company. Now Obama has very capable help and this is just an example of the reviews going on right now. Helpers in 3D human bodies and beyond.
He has asked for reviews of everything that the Government has dealings with. He knows what has been going on.  He had briefings before he was inaugurated into the Office of the President.  He is getting more and more briefings.  He is able to delegate and sometimes delegates to someone you see as not being a bright light – he has the most brilliance of minds – we are talking about the color of the hat they were wearing.  Guess what.  Obama still has those who think they control him reading a little bit of lip service.  He is giving everyone who has been wearing a dark hat the opportunity to come in and trade hats. They have become triple agents.  They have been working in a high position representing the best interests of you the people, but have in reality been double agents working with the dark hats, now they have come to the light so they are triple agents.  But Obama knows who is who, and if he has a question, he calls on the King of Swords who has observational capabilities although he is catching up fast, Mother Sekhmet and the Paschats and in constant communication with St Germain and Sananda, so you can see he has a team of experts who are there to provide information and sometimes he doesn’t even have to ask.

There isn’t anyone of you who doesn’t have all the gifts of Obama,  it’s just you don’t recognize them.  So we would like you to be assured that all is well in the kingdoms and countries of Planet Earth – there is a little bit more that is being constantly paraded across your TV screens – you are all wondering when the war is going to end – Beloved Ones, when the financial system withdraws its support for the war ,when its no longer profitable, you can bet it will end very fast – not to mention the compassion levels that are rising and all of you who are sending love and light to individuals involved and to countries and the world for peace and love and harmony on the planet, you are succeeding.  By the way, some Aquarius party we are having, is it not?  More and more in higher dimensions on 24/7 missions to promote peace.  Promote means to put  into motion.  Action.  Peace love and joy upon Planet earth and that Beloved Ones, is what is happening, so take this as joy, be joyful with it and know that we are well aware of you as individuals, we know some of you are wondering where your next meal or mortgage payment is going to come from, we can assure you as never before the momentum is going at warp speed.

Trust us as we trust you.  Lets work together, lets be true partners, get your gifts out of your tools bags and use them in every way possible in 3D and on up, and lets get this done and let the sunshine throughout the world.  And so we have a guest speaker who will be discussing in more detail the activations of your gifts.  A very important part of our discussion tonight. And by the way, we have it on good understanding that we can take a few more minutes of your time – awesome guest speakers tonight.   Thank you, you all made a contribution we cannot express in words to this evenings program, and thank you for that and we assure you we shall be on the air to the completion of our mission for this evening.

I, Ashtar, shall move aside to allow our guest speaker with some encouragement and inspiration about our gifts …. Salut.

St. Germain

Good evening Beloved family, it is I, St Germain, who comes before you to assure you that you have infinite capabilities to be assistants and co-creators with those of us here now to participate in and facilitate with you this grand renaissance that is taking place in the entire world.  And while true that I have particular responsibility for the USA,  I have full permission and authority to oversee this transformation worldwide. And this is what we are discussing here.  The reason for that is we want to encourage you not only to take a good look at all the gifts you have available to you now, but to ask you to pay it forward to the world, not just to the USA, but including neighbors to the north and south because they are all one.  This North America is one under the sun and one in creation.  And so if the residents of these three countries are in harmony with each other, then the gifts of Nesara shall come quite evenly to all of North America.   And when we say the gifts of Nesara  … such gifts as telepathy, the total ability to call in the violet flame of transmutation, the blue flame of truth, the youth of Excalibur by Lord Michael himself, call forth the violet flame by me St Germain – we are going to do an exercise – simply connect with your own special gifts that are most prominent to you in your particular field – an exercise to invite you to take it out for a spin – to try it out – in order to do that – we need to get into exercise mode, so we shall ask that you simply relax … breath ……

Connect from the heart up, allow yourself to feel whatever is there, connect with your guides, your own special group or team of support and encouragement and love and information – just connect that is all – but that is huge – go to your own sacred place- to your altar of wisdom – you will find it somewhere, some might see it in your third eye area, some in your heart, some might see it in your crown chakra, and others in your throat – whatever it is in this space and in all your bodies – go to your altar of wisdom – your altar of knowing, its beautiful because it’s a part of you, a creation of yourself.  If it seems a little dusty – go ahead and clean it off easily with the violet ray – allow it to shine and sparkle and glow as you approach – it’s a welcome – now use your abilities to feel the love that is in that welcome – it’s a most sacred place in your being – a place you have come before in this lifetime and in others – it is a place you come to occasionally in your dream state in your out of body state in your meditation and visioning, let it welcome you close to it. Its very important to step right up to it and see what is there.

Now know that this altar is really a most sacred cupboard – that cupboard contains all your gifts that you as a galactic being, an angelic being, a master, a higher self being, have available to you from all of the dimensions whether you have recognized them in this lifetime or not, this cupboard is full, a treasure chest it can hold an infinite amount of your treasures, your tools, but you have a calling forth to do, so you stand before your altar.   Address your altar each in your own voice, and you call upon your altar to display the treasures that you are to use in this exercise.   There will be more than one, two at least maybe more.  This is a reuniting so give your altar a moment to discern what it is that needs to be displayed upon the very top which you are now focusing upon.  Maybe you see telepathy, or the voice of the song bird, maybe you see the composition of music, maybe you see a healing touch that you can extend to the world, maybe you see beautiful light which can show you what is in someone else’s energy field.  Maybe it’s the ability to communicate with one or more of the animal or plants or mineral kingdoms.

So we ask that you greet each of these gifts in turn by simply saying,  I am here to reconnect with you, I am here to use and utilize you as never before.  Even more empowered am I to use you for that which Mother Father intended when I was given you to have in my treasure chest of gifts to have ready for me, and the moment is now, and I am ready, and so I connect with you and I want to thank you for being here for me at this time, and I want you to know that I stand in the light of truth and I pledge to use you honorably, compassionately, and with the very love of Mother Father Creator God in me as divine representatives and so it is that I shall use you in divine and compassionate and loving ways to communicate, connect with and commune with the entire world, to co-create peace on earth, goodwill amongst all, an absolute recognition that the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age is now, and the ultimate creation of joy and abundance, loving, caring and compassionate for every man woman and child below on and above Planet Earth for all of the kingdoms of Planet Earth, and for all who receive the energies of love that we send beyond Planet Earth out through the universe.  And so I greet you my most esteemed, honored and appreciated tools of love and giving and sharing and co-creating, and I use you now with the highest of intent as a part of my mission that I may be even more empowered that my messages and my actions may be even more loving and even more felt, received by all.

And so take a moment to savor these treasures.  You are invited, authorized and called upon now to take these wondrous treasures into your very being, yes the altar has laid them for you, you have given so much and you are now being recognized as the priest or priestess who has absolute right and absolute sovereignty to take these gifts from your altar and use them for the highest and best good of all.  So take these gifts, hold them if you wish, keep them always within easy reach available for use in an instant. Practice with them now..  See how it feels.  Send out a message.  Or receive a message or a feeling, or in some way utilize one or more of these gifts you are now taking into your being, reclaiming, reuniting, ready for you to use.  Whatever they are, they are yours Beloveds, they are yours for your use, and so we shall as one.  Utilize these gifts that we all have to send a very clear message to the world, a message of love, a message of peace and assurance that all is well.  Every child, every grown up, every member of every kingdom upon Planet Earth is to receive this message now that we are creating together, using our gifts that we all have.  Encoding the message with love, in love, by love, about love, and sending it out.  Do so with joy and do so with a grand awareness of who you really are, and how important it is that you use these gifts now in everything that you think and say and do.

These are your gifts Beloved Ones which you have called forth from the top of your altars that you may never be without them again, that you never lose sight of them again that you never ever forget that you have them  and so as we see the wondrous waves going out, the wondrous ways in which you use these special gifts now, we say thank you Beloveds, the world thanks you, you are honored and you are loved, abundance is yours, claim it,  joy is yours, see it and love you always are.  Expressed, felt in compassionate giving and this Beloveds is the greatest gift of all.  And so it is.   Namaste.

Mother Sekhmet

Wow that was powerful.  It is I, Sekhmet, and though I may be strong in voice, I bow to you Beloveds at the strength that you have just given to the world, and to its great healing process.  I know a thing or two about healing and I shall tell you this.  You are grand, you are love and you are wondrous indeed when you come together in this manner and you co-create with all of us.  So on behalf of this entire company here come to honor you and be with you and bask in the joy of love and to co-create using these grand gifts that we all have.   We say to you we honor you, and we thank you Beloved Ones,  bless you Beloved Ones who are making all of this co-creation possible.   And so it is, Namaste.

Summary notes thanks to Deborah Urquhart.


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