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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – February 26, 2009


Mother Sekhmet Telecall
Feb. 26, 2009

Transcribed by Patricia Andrews

MS. Another wild time in your local Universe, eh?  Hmmm….  My, my.

Greetings Wondrous Beings of Love and Light, Peace and Joy!

Indeed the energies are very wild.  We are being called to action, as we see on the screen here, where this guy [President Obama], up until the moment he walked into that place called the Oval Office, helping the folks out.  It is what is unfolding.  We would just say – all of what is happening is in divine timing, and we would just say, like this lady that you watch all the time – wash, drink, repeat [Rachel Maddows].  This is going to take a little while.

It has to do with the reality in which you are moving, and we have to say, that all of what is transpiring, is happening in perfect timing.  No accidents.  23 of February – the documentary comes out – Kill the Messenger.  Huh?  Hmm.  That’s what they have been trying to do all along, with all of us, all of you, kill the messenger?

Of what has been being said, even now they are biding their time.  Hmm….  Wanting to play the game, so to speak, by negotiating, mediating, saying one thing, and doing another.  We would just say, of what, Hmm…. has been said about the 13 families.  They know the moment has come where they cannot go past this gate of energy, 2012, unless they heal their issues here and now.

And it is being asked of us at such an exponential level, that it has stirred everybody’s [expletive deleted] up, everybody.  If you have not been watching, Hmm, this is why the Earth Mother is reacting, and the people are reacting, as the Ascensionitis continues on, unabating.

And it has to do with everybody waking up to who they are, and, Hmm, bringing in that incredible ecstatic love of what is unfolding, as we witness the end of an entire yuga, in the matter of a moments.  It is happening in that way.

You will watch a yuga, and we have to say, how do you measure a yuga, no one in a body here has it been around long enough to measure a yuga?  Maybe one or two have been, maybe able to be in a light body, as witness an entire uga going  by?  We would say, [Mahavatar] Babaji was one of these.

Another one of these incredible masters, Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, has been around that long, or longer, along with us.  And what we are saying, is that all of what is transpiring is happening in moments, and we are witnessing these moments right now.  And it is unfolding in the way in which is, Hmm, most auspicious with the darkness has indeed fallen.

There is nowhere to go but up, and this is quite a predicament for the dark.  For it has brought up everything, for it comes to full circle, and in this moment we would just say, that it is rattling all the rust, in all the different little minute details, of what has been layers upon layers, of every single one of us.

Like that scraping of the inner colon, with the MMS, if you would say, or the arteries?  Hmm.  Quite a cosmic dance of what is being done cosmically with the energy. …

Tara: So there are issues here.  So the first one is the word “Prediction” which, again, when you talk about Galactic and no time, that word doesn’t really apply, right Mother?  Because predictions are usually involved with dates, and that’s not exactly what we are saying.  There is a deadline, which does mean that the dark and the light sides have knowingly – and it’s out there in the regular news – there is a deadline by the end of Christmas, by the end of that week, right before New Year’s, that we wanted the Iraqi troupes to keep us out of Iraq, yet this Bushy guy was still bulling himself around with the government over there, and that was duly noted, right?  They didn’t get by with anything, yet that is why we say no dates, because there are multiple deadlines.

MS. Everything is coming full circle.

Tara. Everything is coming full circle, and when it is time to eat that root, like Tricia said, Mother, it is a big root.  It’s a blood root.  Right?

MS. We would just say, everything is coming to full circle to the profits of war crimes tribunal, and accountability now.  We heard somebody on Rachael Maddow today, very high up in the Seven, that is directly sitting with Mr. Patrick Leahey, and he said there are still issues that have not been answered about 9/11, and it has nothing to do with Afghanistan, and everything to do with the Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rummy [Donald Rumsfeld] and that one, [Condaleeza] Rice.

Tara: Oh Boy.  And that one, Hillary.

MS. And it is coming completely in full circle right now, with the energies of how these ones are going to be dealt with in the moment, and it was already brought up again, today, that, Hmm, Stephanie Miller’s father was a Prosecutor at the Nuremburg trials, and this is not just casual talk.  It is being brought to them that 63% of Americans want these ones to be prosecuted and dealt with.  It is already in the process of being right front and center.

It has everything to do with the last 8 years of the fake story on terror.

We heard an interview with the one today, the man whom Robin Williams played in Good Morning, Viet Nam, based on a real being, named Mr. Cronin.  We heard Mr. Cronin today, speaking about the reality of the MIA [Missing in Action], and the POWs, and what has not been told about Panama John, and the other issues of the big war on terror, and how they use these wars for diversionary tactics to move men and technology across the planet, and nobody seems to be the wiser.

And yet, Hmm, then pre-emptive strikes seem to show up. It is at this point now, where all of the energy that has had to do with the fake war is coming full, front and center, this is what we have to say.  The war tribunals are being dealt with now.

Tara: Well, Mother, so what else?  So Sibel Edmonds is now –?

MS: Kill the Messenger.  This is the latest that has come forward….

Tara: And being in the wings for two years is not a long time at all, correct?

MS: No.  We would have to say that we are extremely lucky to even have her speaking up at this time….

Tara: And making that whole documentary film quietly.

MS: This documentary has not been seen by the world yet, in the sense that it has only been on Google Video for a few days.

And we remember there has been talk of this in production to tell the story about what it is to be a whistle blower, where you are considered an enemy of the state, aye?  Just like all of us?  Enemies of the state until proven innocent?  Hmm…..

Tara: Mother, the stock market.  Something has been done, when it went below 7200, and it is not the same ordinary plunge protection team procedures this time, because –

MS: This galactic protection is being….

Tara: It’s called the Violet Catchers Mitt with another Galactic in that mitt, named St. Germain. Right?

MS: …and we would say that he ultimately has the say-so of how this gets done.  Not anyone else.  You would not attempt to second guess the Lavender Lad, because he would kindly say, If you know better, open the door, if you are so bold.  He will even let you open the door, and, Hmm, as you open the door, look out, because you may just be meeting the key master on the other side of the door, and the enigma will continue ad infinitum, because it has to do with the healing of your own soul matrix….

Tara: Yes.  And so the Catcher’s Mitt has multitudinous things that are being caught in it, all at the same time, and if you were to describe it, it’s all of those 50  –  what did you call those 50  – ?

MS: Oh – 50 running scandals, called still bushed.  There are your 40 children running around with the traumas of genocide, war crimes.  In the very fact that you had to learn to live in the urban jungle, having to fend for yourselves within a bureaucratic system, where you are an enemy of the state, classified by your slave number, aye?

Tara: Along with the children and everything. Yes.

MS: And if you don’t answer in the right way, there is a big buzz….

Tara: Yes.  So, Mother, I know this is hard for you, yet in all Galactic timing, there is a moment where you can say, the now of it, and recognize it, and if you were to help people with that, so they don’t take things literally, and see that there are things that take priority over some things.

For instance, they aren’t going to make Carl Rove stick out like a sore thumb, because they are going to arrest them all together.  So just because he needs to be arrested and dragged out and shackled, doesn’t mean it is going to happen in an isolated sense.  Right?  It’s just take note of all the different things that have been coming up, and wait for the shoe to fall next that it has been decided upon.  Correct?

MS: Yes.

Tara: And that’s where we have to sit back and understand that the wisdom of the Galactic realms is beyond even – as Cynthia said – it’s beyond solar.  It’s stellar in its origin, and always has been.  Therefore, the wisdom that we have, has to be a stellar wisdom about the divine timing of what is supposed to come first, second and third.

Is that not correct?

MS: We would have to say, without the wisdom of understanding what you are about to receive in order to set this planet on the right course, and you are in the place of  guilt with these 40 children, but of the trauma of what is going on, how do you do this?  Hmm?  It is that reality we are not saying that, Hmm, not happening overnight, and still it is in that sense, that were it occurring here, in the transformation of an entire race, joining with the other races of the confederation of worlds….

Tara: It’s time, Mother, though, I think, Barak is rolling back all the secrets, the ET secrets all the way back to Harry Truman, so those pieces that have been kept secret, they make milestones when they are revealed as actual fact.

MS: What is unfolding is according to divine timing, and we do not believe anyone [inaudible] for any issues going on, even though it may seem as though it cannot go any further.  And it is in the place where, yes, the world is desperately needing one of those life preservers to throw out, and still and yet, we have to say, even though it may not seem like there is none there, there is definitely all around you, already unfolding in the midst of what is seemingly not there….

Tara: Well, Mother, you know, we are at catastrophic levels, according to the environmentalists that’s not much different than when we’re at catastrophic levels with this economic….

MS: Economic treason….

Tara: Yes.  This makes the economic treason be dwarfed with what they are saying, because the solutions are not singular in terms of our environment, either.

MS: We would also say that they are not taking into account what the Altamarians and the other galactic beings that are here are taking care of, the issues that are rapidly deteriorating….

Tara: Yes, although that is why this is really where we are starting to unravel those secrets so that the people know that this is part of it.

MS. It is the biggest issue that needs to be brought first and foremost forward.

Tara: Yet these speak back, and are very easy for people to understand.  There are two things that are going on in the environment.  The force of us pushing the environment in terms of the place where we already know we have pushed enough, and this administration has pushed us possibly, into such a dangerous overlooking of true oversight, and action, that the second thing that is going on, is feedback that Earth Mother herself is giving back, even to the certain point where Mother Earth, herself, will actually spew methane gas, which she is doing from the floor of the ocean. She will spew C02 even more to cause something to trigger a rebalancing, which could be very extreme if we don’t, as a species, take action now, to assist this rebalancing, because the flip could be polar and physical and at that point we wouldn’t be here.

MS: We would just say that those issues are at a point where they are already being mitigated, yet your media are not speaking about this.  It is only being spoken about in various areas where, Hmm, the exobiologists are speaking about this, first and foremost that our presence needs to be revealed, as we have ways of helping you, that you haven’t yet even begun to dream of….

Tara. Yes.  And so what does that mean?  It means that the interest group in Washington are the guilty partners who still don’t want any regulation on the environment, or any regulation in Wall Street, they don’t want any regulation.  They just want to continue to go down the wrong road.

MS. We want you to meet them with the path to publicity, yet they are being deleted from the program, even as we speak, yet they are still blindly going, and it is up to them, no skin off my yani….

Tara. Well, yes and no.  We who have been answering the call, and literally whistle blowing, then you are obligated as a galactic group to come in.  And I know you’ve already replied, and again, as there is just a small group of us who are intelligent enough to know what will be good for the planet, and the true conservationism comes back, where we don’t need to go overboard.

There are over 1000 technologies right now that need zero energy to produce energy, and the scientists have stayed underground with these thousands, ready to go technologies, until you Galactic Ones do the final stroke and come in here, and clean the slates finally for good.

MS: Already coming to pass.  This is why Dr. Stephen Bassett, is out there as the lobbyist speaking for us, in the sense that we cannot speak ourselves, according to your laws, that we would be considered alien invaders.  And in that, there are things being done that are being taken to the level in which, in the past 2-3 weeks, almost 4 weeks have gone, in February, there have been in the high-level meetings going on.

All the top-level class of your military, including the national guards, and there have been a few interesting moments of talking about the very fact that, a presence has walked in, in their minds, and they are very worried, to the point to where they are frazzled about our presence, and they do not want to do the right thing, yet they cannot do anything else but the right thing.

And it is reaching out that there are many that will reveal our presence even, as they are wanting to hold this back.  Whistle blowers will be very much in the moment coming forward – like Valery [Plame], like Phil [Schneider?], and have to discuss the hundred or more years of what has not been told about our presence here.

Tara. Yes, Mother.

MS: They have to do with how you heal, and how we have come in and helped in that healing process.  And also how we heal, as speaking in the sense that there are many that had interaction with different races here, and karma has been created, but all of that is being erased in these moments as well, as all of this is coming full circle.  No accident.  All of these issues are coming out to the surface, and in a way, it is like your own demons having to surface and having to deal with them.  For they are creatures that are shadows that have not been dealt with for eons and eons of time….

Tara: I really liked that Golden Compass movie, because they demonstrated the demons as animals.

MS: In your personality, you learn how to use that aid in a way that is not power without love.  It is power with love, and it is done in a way which you can witness – magnificent   snow leapard in front of you.  Hmm….

Tara. Well, yes.  But also sometimes the demons act out of control within us, and that’s how come there were scenes where the demons ended up siding with each other.  That represented to human beings that had a part of personality issues between them, or even if it was the intention or mal-intentions with one, and the other has a good one, they show how that attack mode comes into play.

So every time we want to blame something, we have to pull back and remember as in the Ho-Oponopono, that we really are everyone and everything there is going on, including people, places and things in this entire big story.  Therefore there is no blame.  There is no shame, there is no guilt.  There is only fluid, you might say, nagual experience.

MS: Fluidity.  It is that place where that nagual, where death walks with you on your shoulder, and you know not, the next moment of what would occur.  That is how we are at every moment, dealing with these reptiles that have usurped this plane of existence, yet it is only seemingly that they have usurped it, and they have not.  It is that they are drunk with their power, and they already are sobering up and realizing that they have nothing, only a memory, ancient memory.  They do have power, but it is without love, and they are finding that and it is taking them out each moment….

Tara: And the other thing truly is, is that we aren’t terrestrials, we are extra-terrestrials.  Correct?

MS: Everybody is not from this place.  There are few that they are….

Tara: There is no such thing as earth-bound individuals.

MS: Right.

Tara: We all came from another extraterrestrial location in the Universe.

MS: Yes.  There were so many that volunteered to come in and be part of this incredible diversified experiment within love….

Tara. Yes, and now, within how to traverse, in a transitional period, from linear time to completely zero point where we enter into a field of timelessness.

MS: How you do that within the quantum field of energetics, is you work with your energy as you visualize yourself like the star fields, that are drifting across the magnetic waves across time and space.  It is very much like the way the spores move, and get filtered down into an atmosphere, and get pulled in by magnetic waves.  Then the spores sprout, and you have mushrooms.  It is very much in the same manner that energies of like-minded consciousness move in the same way, throughout the starfields of the Universe.  It is quite magnificent to behold….

Tara: Well, aren’t the mushrooms stellar in their origination?

MS: Yes.  And we are just saying that the magnetic waves of the energy of the collection of all of what is going on of all these civilizations, are moving in quite a similar pattern, with the energy fields that are coming full circle now….

Tara: Oh – and the common denominator that brings our extra-terrestrial presence is in that mushroom, and it is produced by the brain as well.  Right?  DMT.

MS: Yes.  DMT in the Pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus.  It’s all within there.  And the Adam Cadmon was designed by all of you.  You inserted all of these chakras, energy centers, power centers that are like what you see in what is unfolding like your heros, and the others, the watchmen, the folks that have the ability to transform your reality with their energy, and both time and space and remove the darkness, if you will, an energy out of this time-space continuum.

[This portion comprises the questions to and answers by Mother Sekhmet.]

Shirley: I was wondering if you could comment on what Benjamin Fulford shared last night on his interview that the Queen of England is ready to surrender – meaning that she is willing to help the earth.  That was actually quite a surprise to hear him say that.

MS: We would say that there is a certain part of that soul matrix that is very much in remorse in a sense of what she has witnessed and we would just say that there are some in that reality, we are speaking of the cells in that body, that know that they cannot continue in that manner.  They have to transform, or cease to exist.

And what we are saying is that she is coming to that place of making that decision and we would say that she is not long for this world, so she is trying to make peace with herself, and her subjects in a graceful way.  It is like Ashtar said – the white hats. Hand them the white hat gracefully.  They will put it on.  Love them, hug them, send them off the stage to Home.

Tara: And the way in which this is completed will still be that it is completed in the manner in which it is appropriate.  Is that not correct?

MS: Yes, we do not see her body lasting .  Will not give any dates.  We will just say that she is not very much long for this world.

Tara: Well, that doesn’t mean that she’s not going to be held accountable before she leaves the planet.  That wouldn’t work at all.

MS: No it would not.  There will be time enough for that.

Camille. When we shift, and we are completely within the 5th deminsion,  those who are reptilian shape shifters, will they be seen in their true form?

MS: We would say everything is completed.  They will be shown in their true form.   It has to be revealed to the people of this planet that our wayward children did something that we do not condone, which was to turn a planet into a xenophobic  world.  This is not according to galactic protocol.

Question: Mother I think I got hit by a light bulb.  You have been telling us to think with our hearts and feel with our minds.  In order to feel with our minds, we kind of have to have feelers.

Lately things have been getting really crazy.  I mean the energies and things.  I went through a thing yesterday morning, where I felt so spacey in my head.  It was like my head was so empty, and there was no equilibrium, and there was nothing.  It was just empty.

I turned on my feelers in my mind, and immediately all that went away.  So I’m thinking that when we feel with our minds, we are actually letting ourselves move up in the consciousness, and that is the way for our consciousness to grow and become more stronger.  Am I correct in this?

MS: Yes, as you do this, the mind becomes finely sharpened, like a tool.  And when you think with your heart, and feel with your mind, what is occurring, is the energies are in balance, and it creates this conduit of cosmic energy, where miracles can happen.  It is just everyday miracles – what Sananda has done, you can do, and more.

I pass the talking stick.

[end of transmission]


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