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Mother Sekhmet – February 19, 2009 teleconference



February 19, 2009

Transcribed by Patricia Andrews

[Feb. 20: The Dow is currently at 7288.90]

Mother Sekhmet: Greetings, wondrous beings of Love and Light, Peace and Joy!

Indeed, there are new days unfolding, where the darkness has indeed fallen, and the snakes and the dregs are still hanging about.  Ashtar has said that there are more days of light, love and peace unfolding, in spite of the fact that what we are witnessing in Gaza, all of this is coming full circle, with accountability.

The crimes that have been perpetrated by Hitler and his henchmen are coming full circle to be prosecuted and dealt with according to your laws.

We have to say – Justice is not blind, nor deaf, as indeed it has taken quite awhile for this to come about.

And still and yet, the energies are moving at the speed of light, and faster.  This is why everything is a little hot around the collar.  Folks are a bit, you might say  – bark, bark, bark – testy, a bit nippy as it were. Has to do with all the frequencies amping up in the sense that whatever you got on the table, you better deal with it, because [you’re] up to your third eye in it, and it’s up for hearing.

This is what is going on with all these folks who seemingly are free of crimes, yet the black holes of how many inter-galactic crimes this bunch has done across your universe of Nebadon are all coming to a closure right now.  Hmmm….  Indeed, the Nameless Ones told us today. This is why Mr. Lavender Lad, who is the trustee of the Trust dealing with the whole pie, has the final say-so, on the Royal Family, who think they are Royal.

Only royal in the sense that they are of a very ancient lineage that has dignity and grace and has been lost in the mists of time, with the stain of the blood that has been spilt in conquest, across the galaxies.  And we would have to say, the sun has already set on their empire.  As it has been said, make peace with your God as you leave your stage.  So be it.

These are the events that are unfolding, and rather than cheering the executioner on, we would love these Ones who have chosen to do a role that you didn’t do, and at the same time, yes, we Praise,  Respect, Thank and Love the executioner, as well.  He had a job to do, and that double bladed axe is not there for show.

We understand Anubis came and told this one in the last few days.  This is why we bring it up. There has to be this full circle of what you as a nation brought forth when you said these three words: “We The People”.  Don’t ever forget it.  That is what this is about.  A Republic you can keep it, and it is for keeps.

These ones do not want you to keep it. That is why they are creating the atmosphere for something other than a Republic – a fascist state in which Der Fuehrer rules, and that deleted program has already been put in the trash.

And at the same time, they came seeming to revive it in a certain way with this rhetoric coming from the right side of the aisle that has nothing to do with reality, except fear and trauma.  Get over it.  That is what we have to say on the matter and make peace with your God, for it has already been foreordained.

You exit this dimension.  It is already coming to pass, as events that are speeding up are causing the royal blood lines to run thin, as it were.  No more time.

It is simply that things are going to start popping all over your planet.  And, hmmm…. interesting, rich folks are going to be showing up dead.  It has to do with the fact that they no longer can withstand the frequencies.

We are not making idle threats; we are saying they are making the situation as such that we come to the conclusion that what has occurred, that we are already in Sat Yuga and they have to comply with the quantum physics of how Sat Yuga works.  It is the frequency of love and balance and wisdom.  It isn’t anything else.  So be it!

We know many folks have many burning questions about reality.

Tara:  Mother, Mark wants to talk for a minute.

Mark: I’d like to ask you a question on behalf of the people out there who have not yet had a chance to ask a question.  Rama talked with the King of Egypt [Mohammed Al Fayed] a few days ago and he told him that the Zero Point Modules in the Ziggurats had reached 99.80 % of full power.

MS: That is correct, and the funny issues going on with your stability of the holographic matrix where it is warping, and you can see entire fields of energy in certain areas where it warps out, and what you see is the stars.

It is not the blue sky.  It is quite interesting that they cannot control this.  No one is talking about it, yet it is part of how we move from 3D to 5D.

Mark: Mother, didn’t Ashtar say that when it got to this point – 99.80% of full power – that he would add the last two tenths in himself?

MS: We would neither confirm nor deny.  We would just say that the Captain knows entirely to the nanosecond when to push it.  We will leave it up to him.  We aren’t going to add to that.

Mark: Well, that would suggest though that it is very close—not to take anything away from him.

MS: No.  We will let him speak for himself, in the sense that it is at a point where, no pun intended but, the US troops had better back off from the Ziggurat at Abraham’s ancient city, because it is no longer welcome to them.

MARK: On a related subject matter, Mother, the StarGate Aden activity, could you speak to us a little bit about what is going on there?

MS: What is going on are these golden spirals of living light, living love, of DNA energy coming up out of the StarGate.  Within them, is a living, woven stuff, and it is coming up, out of the StarGate from about thirty thousand light-years away, maybe even thirty million light years away.  It is shifting this reality and raising it up in which we can interact with it in a most loving way.  At the same time it has increased the… hmmm… those that have not come into balance with the right and left hemispheres of their own compartmental life.  Brain is going through a hard time, with the frequencies of the living Yahwehs of the voices of the names of God.  Hmm…..

That energy has to do with raising everybody’s frequencies to the point where you are living suns, which is what your planet is to be.  And you want to play with the Lion and the Lamb in Paradise. That is already coming to pass again, and yet, GI Joe would see it in other ways.

We are not making rude comments; we would only wish to say – your Congress, your elected officials, as much as they are worth, we would say that the truth is coming forward now, where the lie based on 9/11 and everything else is going to come full circle, and you will have your game to come and have closure. And we thank this moment for this coming to pass.

Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame may be in that courtroom on Monday.  Don’t know. Anything could be so. Hmmm…..  We’ll just say the crystal ball knows.  We pass the talking stick.

[This portion comprises the questions to and answers from Mother Sekhmet.]

Shirley: I read that Obama was asking John Conyers to delay Karl Rove coming to testify for two weeks.  That they were going to try and make some type of an agreement with him on the side.  Do you have any thoughts on that?

MS: What we would say about that is that the tenor of the energies is that there are no more free passes.  It is time to get down to the hard bare wood of the speech and pass it on for the answers the entire world is waiting for.

And we have to say that Rove is in the hot seat and at the same time if he talks he knows full well that … hmmm….there is going to be some final say so whether it is the dark or the light that takes him out.

Our actions are charged and in tune with the civilization at hand. We have to say “yes” he is, in your terms, considered a war criminal and accountability is fully on the table.

We are no lawyer yet we understand the universal laws of how things go about.  As you generate energy, whether it is positive, negative or neutral, it follows itself and is part of that reality of the thought energy process.

If you are working within a frequency that is energy with a signature called evil it comes back and takes you out whether it is by the light, the dark or neutral. We will just say that Karl Rove is going to meet his maker.

Tara: Mother do you think they are going to extend it or is that…

MS: No.  We don’t think so.  Not the way [inaudible] is talking.

Tara: No, I don’t think so.  I think all of that got recalibrated.  Is that what you mean, Mother?

MS: You might say pushed forward in a hurry.

Tara: Yes. Barack was trying to ask for that.  It had something to do with the pressure of still being a double agent.

MS: Yes.  Also, we have heard many folks, including Mr. Vince Bugliosi, say that if Mr. Obama and the U.S. do not solve this, the World Court and ICJ will give the O.K. and will override the U.S. and it will be done.  Accountability, war crime tribunals.

We are not a wolf waiting for the dinner.  We want to see closure like everyone on this planet.  How you do that in a way to bring peace and move forward– it has to be in a logical way so the heart can heal.

Jacqueline (Canada): President Obama came and met with Prime Minister Harper and they had a private meeting—just the two of them.  May we ask if they discussed NESARA and its implementation?

MS: We would say that that may have been one of the topics, indeed, as well as the issues dealing with the fact that first contact is extremely imminent.  How that gets brought about for the people could be what they discussed.

It has to do with how these different countries will come forward with the truth about all Presidents — which is one of the key ingredients — how peace gets declared and how NESARA gets announced.  …

Shirley: Thank you, that’s wonderful.

Heidi: Thank you for being here.  Many of us are working on a healing journey.   Is there a way to invite these wonderful energies in to help us clear many of our problems.  I thank you for this answer.

MS: How you work with this would be with the frequencies of the violet flame where you bring this up through your chakras and see it extend into every cell, every atom, every nanite particle of your being.  As you explore that you will see universes upon universes within your own body if you just use the 9 beat per minute healing with the spirit doctors, Lady Master.

Magic Mary (Portland, Oregon): I want to thank you for being here.  Especially what I need to know is—all the chemtrails and all the frequencies that are being sent are very damaging to many bodies, especially mine.  I was just wondering if there was a way to make that better because I’m not getting very well from all this energy.  Is there a way to help?

MS: We would say do you know anything about the chemtrails busters or the cosmic hand grenades?

Magic Mary: No.  But I would like to know.

MS: These are the Cosmic Cupcakes with the metal and you place these underneath the cell towers in your area or underneath the high tension power lines and the telephone poles that have the PCB cylinder containers on them.  Hmmm…..if you have an email we will send you a website where you can find out about these.

Magic Mary: Thank-you because I am surrounded by four of those.  I’ll tell you what.  It’s been very difficult.  Because the energy is so strong that sometimes you can barely stand in your skin.

Tara: Why don’t you give Rama’s to her so she can email you and then she’ll have it.

MS: It is KORAN999 at comcast dot net.

Deanna: [PyroClay information given to Magic Mary and group for infusing light and healing.]

Contact information:
Michael King
(541) 482-9633
and also
Clay Product Catalogue

Gretchen: About the possible significance when President Obama went to Denver this week.  The three people who introduced him at that document signing ceremony used the word Namaste 11 times and in the President’s first few sentences he used the word Namaste the 12th time.  Would you say that there is any significance in that?

MS: We would say that that energy that is coming to pass, indeed, it is no accident that the word of energy and transformation is being shared by the Sirian commander whose duty it is to bring peace at all costs.

[It is] no accident that “Namaste” was said.  It is a sign that we are moving into a realm where all we are saying is “give peace a chance”.  Thank-you.

Arizona: What about that ball of flame that went across Texas the other day?

MS: Ohh…..interesting.  Interesting little ball of light.  Could be a meteorite… could be a probe of sorts.  That was an interesting probe that is……hmmmm…… we would just say that there are events unfolding where………. there is a new comet that has showed up.

Comet Nibiru has everything to do with the imminent portent of our arrival with Nibiru and all of these comets, all of these energies, these fireballs that seemingly are comets or afterwards, not necessarily just that–they are, maybe, probes that are coming to check out the situation at hand and find suitable landing areas for our craft as first contact is imminently approaching.

Arizona: Also there was another sighting down here.  This guy was driving down the road and a great white ball with a kind of turquoise light with something behind it.  It exploded and dissipated just before it hit his car.  Do you have any comment on that?  Thank-you Mother.

MS : We would just say there are all kinds of interesting events being done with various members of the civilizations coming to make first contact with each other as we re-member our roots of how we got here and how we are rising up out of the ashes like the phoenix rising.

Jenna: I have heard that Mr. Obama has been in training for this job for a thousand years.  Could you comment on exactly what that training entails.  Was it here on the planet or was it on off planet venues?

MS: We would say that his training has been both here as well as Sirius A and Sirius B. Understand the Intergalactic protocol for how we negotiate/mediate rather than reaching for the finger or for the gun at the hip. It is very refreshing to see someone who is willing to negotiate/mediate rather than declaring preemptive strikes and we have to say [interrupted; the rest was inaudible]….

All that we will say is all that is coming to pass is that [Obama] knows how to bring about peace through the form of negotiation/mediation and keeping your enemies closer than your friends and at the same time hidden amongst the pack of wolves who would devour him in a second, talking to them, praying with them, feeding them, clothing them.

It’s like what the man with the plan [Jesus?] said he would do.  And we have to say he has been trained for both the left and the right eyes of the mystery school of Horus.  He knows.  He might be only in his forties; not wet behind the ears but an ancient master that has been overshadowed by El Morya, Akbar the Great, and we would say that he is no slouch…

Has to do with the healing of the great schisms that occurred long ago when the original story began with Lyrans, Vegans, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Sirians.  How Adam Kadmon would be formed. Would he have this?  Would he have that?  How we put this, the temple of the living God together, and how everybody had a choice and a piece in the proper playing of the story of how we created the first creation ourselves, Adam Kadmon.

How we work with different civilizations and how we interact in a loving way. Whether we have different colors or different beliefs, different understandings, we come together in peace and unity in oneness.  This is not being taken on a higher level.  This is how terrorists get eliminated.  All the false ideas based on fear and fascination with the dark no longer are needed.  It is a new day.

Cindy: I read on the internet about a week ago or when Saudi Arabia one of the upper level men, he’s been doing a reorganization of all the ministers of schools, health and everything.  He’s been getting rid of the people that have been there for, let say, 40 or 50 years.  They’ve had very strict beliefs—you know, women couldn’t be next to men unless they were married to each other.  So my question is, is he eliminating some of the dark cabal out of the Saudi Arabia political seat?

MS: Yes.  We had a little talk in the last few days with the brother of King Fahd as far as another man connected—one of the coven and yet there is a shake up in the land of Saud where things are being done in a different way and the darkness is being cleansed out of the cobwebs that have been there for many, many years.  It is a good thing.

Shirley: Mother do you think there is going to be any real shakeup in the stock market tomorrow?  There is somebody who is posting that they think tomorrow could be…..that the   markets could be closed down early.  I just wondered if you saw anything like that happening.

MS: I would concur, ditto, there is a possibility that 11:00 a.m., maybe 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. Eastern time, they’ll take a long lunch break and things are going to get a little chaotic from that point on.

Tara: We only have 236 points left at the point where the plunge protection team to come on in and that’s called St. Germain so…

MS: We would say that as you are witnessing all of these events, know that on a divine scale you are all, in a way, experiencing a transformation that has occurred many times on this planet–only this time we are doing it in a different way.  And it is with love.

It is a unique way in which the energy changes and the timelines are changing.  Therefore, the darkness has already fallen.  The only way to go is up and the GOP [Republican Party] is making up stories up about this or that– that is why there is….. hmmm….nothing really tangible to hold on to anymore–with the fake war on terror, just have to clean up the huge mess that has been here for the last 8 years.

Called The Patriot Act 1, 2, and 3 and the return of Posse Comitatas, Habeas Corpus and the football-fields worth of evidence of Afghan massacres; a carnival of death, that is continuing to this day, based on the lies called 9/11.  This is why it is all coming full circle right now.  That is why Mr. Rove is sweating huge.

Sharon: Mother it has been reported that many states have already declared sovereignty from the federal government and many more are doing so; which means from the 10th Amendment that we cannot be subject to Martial Law.  I am in California so we cannot be subject to Martial Law or gun confiscation or anything that the federal government is trying to put or push into our lives.  I’d like to know if this is going to lead to secession from the Union of the United States.

MS: We do not see a secession of states in the sense of what you witnessed with the Civil War.  We see, in a sense, more and more states declaring their sovereignty and how this is returning to a true Republic and [inaudible] are very worried that their webs of deceit are being exposed to the noon day sun and what they have–twilight has come to smash the vampires, to put it mildly.

Samantha: I’m new to this and my question is I feel very lost.  I have children so how do I better ground myself or get connected or find out more of what I am supposed to be doing with a purpose?

MS: We would say how you [inaudible] show up here wanting the light and answer to questions about the universe and everything so soul matrix is calling for divine answers for you, Lady Master, as you and your indigo, crystal children are awakening now to zero point.  We would say, listen to what the children are saying in their soul matrix of their indigo, crystal vibration.  They have the answers maybe you are looking for, eh?

Samantha: I understand a little but I don’t know a whole lot about this soul matrix and all of that.  I’ve always been drawn to UFOs and aliens and about God and the families but I haven’t gotten anything more.  Does that make any sense?

MS: Yes, what we would say is that on a higher level your soul is asking for remembrance.  And as you go to sleep at night, ask to go up on the ships and re-member his-story or her-story…..your-story of how you fit into this divine plan of how we bring her back to wholeness and peace and your answers will come exactly as fast as you ask.

Samantha: Do you know if children are more aggressive now?  I have a 3-year old that is very, very aggressive.  I was just wondering if this has to do with the vibrational change?

MS: Yes.  We would say, indeed.   Animals and children are affecting the frequencies and they are affected by them as well as affecting it and it is with interaction that we are moving up in octaves at an exponential rate.  Very interesting how that is intertwined right now.

It has been said as we approach zero point already the animals are acting a bit funny, so we have to say, respect them and approach them at a great distance. Allow them to come to you and they will come to you and you can see it in their eyes.  Very soon they will begin to communicate and you may actually hear them speak to you.  It is not a joke, it is for real.

Tara: Also, if [the children] have an indigo vibration yet they are not aware of, exactly how to work with those energies at this time, it could create that kind of feeling coming from within the child—especially since the outer environment is in such flux and transition.  I don’t know if you live in the city or the country.  Do you live in the city?

Samantha: In the country/city.  It’s like we live out in the country but we’re right by the city.  We are right down the road.

Tara: I was just going to say that your child get outside and get to be in nature and sometimes that really does help to be in a more natural environment where they can run through the forest or something.

Mark: Samantha.  I might make one suggestion with the children.  They don’t understand because they’re not interested in “head talk”.    But they’re very interested in “heart talk”.

MS: Yes

Mark: So if you speak to them from your heart and say, “tell me what you are feeling in your heart”, they will not only hear you but they will check to see if you are real and then they will share with you from their heart.  And they also know how to speak to you telepathically but you may not yet be able to hear them but they will give you time.  But the main thing is to make it a heart communication—not about 3D because they’re not interested in 3D.

Dottie: Mother it’s always been my understanding that the biggest interest that the U.S. has in Afghanistan has always been the poppy crop yet nothing is hardly ever said about that or the drug trafficking or anything.  That must be gorgeous growing there, you know?

MS: Yes it will [inaudible] Already there is a process that is occurring and there are many folks from non-governmental organizations that are working with the Center for Constitutional Rights and Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders.  There’s a group of women called RAWA [Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan].

What is happening is that all of your black ops on this planet use the drug trade to fund their operations (i.e.  Black Water, Eric Prince, tie ins with other multi-level-marketers, ways to invade or evade tax situations, tax shelters.  How do you say? With your money how it is invested—arbitrage… are we making sense here?

How phantom economies are created from money for nothing……chicks for free….and drugs as much as you want.  The riches of Solomon are laid at your feet.  Read the book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, and you will understand what we speak of and this is why there are all these NGOs that are privately going around in Afghanistan enriching their lives, teaching the people how to grow hemp instead of poppies.

Yes, and they are using this, making the medicine out of the female and taking the males and using it for the clothing, for the fiber, for creating an infrastructure based on an agrarian society.  After all, Afghanistan has always been an agrarian society.

We have to say for thousand and thousands of years, Afghanistan has withstood armies and it will withstand this little incursion that had nothing to do with 9/11 and had everything to do with the perpetrators of darkness called the Bush/Clinton crime family.  It will come.  Afghanistan will be restored back to its proper state of royalty on the planet . Along with all the other countries that have been turned into nuclear dumping grounds.

Dottie: I really knew that.  That all of that drug money was funding this stuff that we’re not supposed to know anything about.  It sure has created a big revenue here for them too.  It fills up the jails.

MS: Everybody gets a cut from the judge down to the cop on the street.  It is coming to an end now.

Marietta Roberts: Someone told me that they had heard about Obama speaking about releasing all of those from the prisons that were there just for possession and putting them back to work.  Can you validate that?

MS: We can and we are saying it is being implemented as NESARA gets announced.  All these non-violent people that have been arrested–everyday good citizens and they had a toke or two will be released.  No reason for this, all political impersonators.

Mumia Abu-Jamal  will be released from death row.  All of these things are coming to pass.  We have to say that Mr. Obama, in negotiations with the Justice Department concerning Leonard Pelletier and Mumia.  Already these events are unfolding and it has caused quite a stir on the right side of the isle.

It’s upstart monkey.  They are very upset.  That is why they have created such nasty energy in the form of political satire.  It goes to the level in which in World War II, Hitler had a very orchestrated way of, shall we say, demoralizing the Jewish people, using the symbol of rats with the Jewish people– playing mind games with people– with the fascination with the occult just like now only it is being used in the wrong way and now it is coming full circle.

That’s why {inaudible} wait for a thousand years to walk in and say, hmmmmmmmm….. we need a house here, we need some food here, we need some money here.  It is already coming to pass.

Ruth: I didn’t hear anyone mention Hillary Clinton tonight.  Is there any talk of her being on that trip?

MS: We understand that she may have shown up in China to talk about the economics situation and we all know that the village idiot from the former administration [Bush] made a complete shambles of China.

The Chinese are not very tolerant of us and at the same time there are things being ironed out and we would say that this look-a-like doing what she knows how to do in the form of communication; yet and still, it is false promises and the Chinese know it and there will be a meeting of the minds first rate in front of her first trip abroad as Secretary of State trying to weave her web and it is not exactly sticking.

Ruth: Well, she never speaks to the public or anything.  I wondered, is she a look a like now, or what?

MS: Yes.  A look-a-like.  Bye Bye.  We are saying that the one of which you speak, there is a look-a-like at the present moment in your 3D dimensional reality.

Tara: And that one is a clone of a look-a-like and Hillary was confirmed executed on the 9th of November and Barack Obama ordered her execution along with the 10,000 bankers back then.

Ruth: I see.  Is she going to come back from China?  From this long trip…this look-a-like?

MS: Yes.  She will be back.  We will just say it will come full circle and it will all be healed.

Ruth: O.K.  Thank-you.  That newspaper today or yesterday, the New York Post, who owns that newspaper?

MS: Rupert Murdoch owns that newspaper.

Ruth: The New York Post is the paper that mocked President Obama with that monkey cartoon.

MS: Yes.

Tara: It wasn’t much of a cartoon.

Ruth: Yes, but I couldn’t think of the right word.  It was horrible.

MS: Mr. Rupert Murdoch is the owner and we have to say it is interesting that Mr. Rupert Murdoch may seem like he is a mogul but at the same time when he is back home, it is a different story.  His wife wears the pants and she cracks the whip and she tells him how to do things and he, we’ll say, answers to her.  We do not know if she is of the Royal Bloodline.  We just think that she may be a larger dragon than he is.

Tara: No.  On Keith Olbermann today, Mother, he said that that is not the case at all.  He said because of his wife, the second wife, that he has a place in his heart for Barack Obama and it wasn’t that way before her and that I just wanted to point out that last year in November Rupert Murdoch—October/November– was able to meet with Sibel Edmonds and they made another arrangement with a paper he owns in London called the London Sun Times and he granted her two interviews in a row—or two Sundays in a row—both of them in December.

That’s a major White Knight little interventive modality that he supplied for her, so I don’t know Mother—if she is a bigger dragon or not.  I’m just saying what I heard today from Keith Olbermann—that it was because of her that he was not happy with the editor who actually got it into the paper and that [the editor’s] days were over—the editor that got it into the paper—that was probably his last day.

MS: But he may have to retire and give it up and we would just say that the whole drama going on in terms of how your media has been owned by five corporations after deregulation—all of these games trying to bring back and remove all of the Reagan tax cuts.  You must go back 30 years as if Mr. Reagan never existed.  Erase that era from your memory circuits in this reality and you will see a different shift in the timelines and it is already coming to pass.

Ruth: Do I understand you to say that Murdoch is going to fire the editor or Murdoch is done?

Tara: The editor.  They apologized except for one thing:  the editor was a very, very good friend of Rupert Murdoch and they just said he pushed the river too far this time with Rupert Murdoch.

MS: As they say, talk is cheap.

Tara: Yes.  Talk is cheap.  Apologizing after the fact for that kind of atrocity doesn’t quite cut it.


Dottie: Didn’t Keith [Olbermann] say on his show that the editor would probably be returning back to Australia?

Tara: Yes.  I did hear that and if he is an Australian connection, Australia than Australia is in deep trouble.  I mean, they are cooperating with 9/11, so that person is probably trying to disappear somehow.

MS: As you witness this, the last final moments of Sat Yuga, it is most auspicious how we work with this in a loving way in spite of how things are unfolding. The darkness has indeed fallen.  We rise up to the occasion and transform it by transforming ourselves.

Right now, it is occurring.  The energies here are on the planet lending themselves to transform each and every one of us and we ask and work with this in divine neutrality.  So as you are witnessing the transformation here and things get a little fuzzy around the edges, just remember to call on the Ho’o pono pono and to praise, respect and love.

It is a great reality that is occurring. This is the full circle that is coming to pass.  We expect miracles in the next few moments and you are witnessing events that are unprecedented each and every day as this planet is shifting from one- it used to be called [inaudible] terra nova.

It is already coming to pass.  It is inevitable. You cannot stop it.  It is in flux.  And we love these ones who have played the role as the Empire.  Now it is time to kick the leggos away and be back to where you came from in love and joy and peace and bliss.

[End of Transmission.]

Pre-Mother Sekhmet E-mail Exchange Between Mark Huberand Susan Leland, Channel for Commander Ashtar

Since Susan Leland’s answer to my inquiry is quite relevant to our CC Transcript in the light of Mother’s statement about a ‘possible break’ in trading tomorrow around 1PM, I request that this exchange be appended to tonight’s transcript.


——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: Today’s Update…A Question
From: ashtarontheroad@XXX
Date: Thu, February 19, 2009 6:21 pm
To: markh@XXX

Hi Mark,

Fran, Elise and I have just finished a fabulously empowering workshop, and the consensus of our collective intuition is that it’s all possible.  I have asked Ashtar to comment, but all he says is, “Verrrrry close, but no dates.”

He also says for us to keep going with our intuitions, that “we’re on a roll.”  He’s really determined to keep us light, which is usually a sign that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

There are BIG meetings going on right now, for the purpose of evaluating the readiness to go to the next step.

The ziggurats are completely symbolic of the steps we have ahead of us.  As we go higher and higher, the steps diminish in size, which symbolizes that there is less and less to do as we proceed.

Collectively, we are about 1/10th from the top, but there are many lightworkers who have literally skipped or flown ahead.

Anyway, Commander Soltec is measuring the percentage of completion and will report to Ashtar at the exact now moment, in our time, of reaching the 99.8%.

There are also BIG meetings going on in the financial sector and the exact date for Nesara’s announcement depends on several factors, among which are the total housecleaning of the darkside personnel, the readiness of the people to accept NESARA in a peaceful manner, and, based upon the evaluation of the current step, what the next step will be.

All steps DO ultimately lead to NESARA’s official announcement. Picture a maze with NESARA in the middle.  There are any number of ways to get there, and the next step will be determined by the present one.

Love, Susan, Fran and Elise  :)

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Hi Susan, In today’s update, KOEgypt told us that the ZPMs are now at or very close to 99.80%. Ashtar has indicated that when they reached 99.80% of full power that he may choose to ‘turn the knob’ on the Bridge of the New Jerusalem to take us to 100%, Full Power and generate the shield around the planet that will end hostilities.

It would be great if you have an opportunity to ask Ashtar if he will do that in the coming week? The skillet has been greased and is popping water drops up in the air, so it feels like it’s time to put in the pancake batter.

The Dow Jones Stock Average dropped to 7552 today so that puts us into being only 352 points of 7200 which is where KOS has indicated that he will ‘Halt all worldwide market trading’…and we can have our Announcement.

We will appreciate anything you might want to add to this from your intuition.




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