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Mother Sekhmet – February 12, 2009 teleconference



February 12, 2009

Transcribed by Patricia Andrews
Edited by Steve Beckow

MS: We are witnessing what is unfolding here, called your Aquarian Age.  It is unfolding right now, in the midst of the – Hmm…. – That’s funny, shall we call it dirty dust? or sky?  Hmm….

There is a definite change in what is unfolding here, where you are going to get what you have been waiting for.  It is already unfolding now, which is why so many folks say:  It is over!

And this guy is the one, here, taking on the world by talking on a man [Lincoln] who … got all the people together and wanted peace rather than war.  Hmm.  Was the house divided against itself, issues about going to war based on lies?  Just like now.  Hmm….

Issues about race and color, and maybe ETs?  We are all from the same DNA Petri dish; we’d better get over it.  Otherwise, Q has a different plan.  We don’t want to bring up what his plan is.  No more Borg.  No more.  We are only speaking about confining the civilization to the Petri Dish known as Earth.

It is in this time frame we are speaking about the fact that you are witnessing the age that you have to follow, called the Sat Yuga [Age of Truth, following the Kali Yuga or Age of Darkness].  It is already unfolding as we speak, at the Zero Point which is in our midst.

Everybody feeling a little funny around the gills, … in the sense of ascension symptoms.  Not knowing what is what, and can misdiagnose the different ailments.  It has nothing to do with disease, but has everything to do with ease, and grace, and beauty, in the sense we are witnessing our transformation from the duck to the swan.

Even Helen Thomas gets to have her day and tell Bill O’Reilly where it’s at; first, in the sense that he should think twice about speaking in such a manner about her.

We would just say that there are so many events that are unfolding right now, the moments of the ascension.  And the moments are very quickly unfolding, and the word of the day is accountability.   We must move forward by dealing with the past.

How we deal with the trauma-type states of awareness, in the sense of all nations that have been traumatized for the last eight years.  Hmm….  Stories of holograms and clones, and fake wars, the [scourge] of the clones this war is called – still going on with a fake entity called Taliban.  They created them — the Pentagon.  It is almost back to 9-11, which is why it has almost come full circle.

The American people, whom we have been hearing on your wires across the – what is it called: wireless, broadband, as well as your other track – emissions of living light, living love.  We would just say that the time is now, where we move forward by bringing peace.

War criminals get ousted, and here is what we would say: it is the way of the world that has to be called our foreclosure, and how the trauma can be brought back into balance, as we praise, respect, thank and love these ones, as Ashtar said, just two days ago.

Embrace them.  Give them the White Hat, and allow them to put it on, try it out, see what it feels like on the other side of the coin.  As they were in the story, that we were told long ago, about how this Golden Age is already coming to pass.  Even these Dark Ones will have to take the Cloak and Capes and Mask off, and put the White Hat on.

And if they refuse to take the White Hat, then the Cane will just come out on that stage and just pull them off the stage.  It is simply their choice, as they are choosing to be pulled off the stage – quite, Hmm… ceremoniously, as we recall, by this so-called character named [inaudible] saying he’s very unhappy with the stimulus bill?

These folks.  What is stimulus?  We create quadrillion.  That’s what needs to be talked about, instead of billion.  Anti-up here, and bring it all the way up.

Tara:  It’s up over $60 billion just here in the United States, and $2,000 trillion world wide.  This has to be NESARA and nothing less.

MS: Well, of course!  We would say that the CEOs who think they would take a swallow and walk away with ten million, while Henrietta is begging for a house –  Uh uh.  It is all coming full circle, where the energy has to stay in itself, in the sense that circles and cycles complete themselves.

This one [Obama], today, on Lincoln’s Birthday, is bringing closure to an uncomfortable act that has to do with the healing that comes in right now.  When people of color get what they need, all people of color get what they need, all colors, all races.

All we are saying is – give Peace a chance.  Now.  This is what this is about.  And it begins already.  You watched the 7 minute deals, you heard the guy who said the darkness is done.  Now time to pick up and heal each other, while we deal with our war criminals, and we love them even more for what they have chosen – to put off their cloaks, and look out at the white, on the outside, looking in.

Remember that song?   Moody Blues?  Had something to do with Timothy O’Leary [LSD].  Hmm….  Quite interesting, on the outside, looking in, but maybe not; may be on the inside looking out.  Depends on your point of view in terms of the matrix, and how you fit into the matrix, or if you’re out of it.

There is quite a dance with all of these colorful metaphors of your language.  And they have taken your language and twisted it and used it to control you with every word, these last ten years.  This is why you cannot joke about something as serious as genocide, and war crimes, and a monkey dancing around looking for weapons of mass destruction, and national [inaudible] for trillions of dollars.  And it is not money, it is life.

Today, we heard Bruce Fine say – Accountability needs the war crimes tribunal.  It is the only way this can be healed.  And we are not parroting what was said; we are saying we are agreeing with your timeline, and we want to come to closure with your most traumatic stress disorders – as a nation, as a globe.

Here is how you heal it, by coming and healing it with each other in a circle.  And we must praise these ones at the highest order in their dark hats, and their time, it is over.  Here’s the door!  Don’t let it hit you on the way out!

MARK:   Everybody is asking about an update on the Gulf of Aden Stargate.

MS: Oh.  Oh my, what is unfolding there?  It is our crafts that have been coming out, that are from the Inner Earth.  Three large cigar craft came out here this week – Anton’s Silver Fleet.

There were more stories about the Somali Pirates, and that there has to be a beefing up of the army down there, or the navy.  They are out there on the great ships watching, and observing, and taking information and data down, recording and witnessing the unfolding of something they have maybe not witnessed for 6,500 years.

For the ancient legends have seemed to think they are Marduk and the Class of Cass (?), and that is not the case.  This is all about healing; it is not about war.  War trumpets being blown, and they need to get this one.  They don’t seem to understand peace. Because already that has been put up across the Galaxy, and these ones are the only ones who haven’t thrown in the towel, and hit the showers.  You will show them to the door.

MARK:  Can you tell us more about the Entity that is coming up from 7 miles down?  Is it the life of doom?

MS: Ancient, Ancient of Energies, that was here before the beginning.  Within the mind of Creator Source, All That Is, as the sparks of life flew around Him in cosmic, orgasmic joy. You could also say that the Watchers [the Nephilim] were also part of this.

And what you speak of, are these ancient ones called the Watchers.  They are, in a sense, in the nature of, like the Angels that sit before the throne of the Father.  That is the closest way we know how to put it into your language.  They hold that they could be that power, the Ancient, Eternal, Supreme of Days.

Tara:  So what are they sitting there for?

MS: The Energies that are coming up out of the Stargate from within, have to do with a total transformation of Dark to Light.  They know it and they are witnessing it, and they cannot do anything about it, except witness it, and they will surrender.  That is what has already been ordained.

Tara:  Well, the Queen of England surrendered when she didn’t go to pick up her part of the divide of the $14 trillion.

MS: Correct!  And she’s going to have to give up the fake stones, the fake Throne of Scone, and the fake Robe.  She is not a good Christian of a good lineage.   She is the nature of a Reptilian Renegade that chose to rewrite the history, and not to tell you that truly they came from Niburu, like we all did.

It is just part of their own cycle of healing, and it is already coming, and we say, they do not want to give up the link

And that is why there is such a fight in your congress.  They know the heat is on.

Most of the Republican Party is so corrupted that you do not even need a Republican party.  Maybe start over and call it the Light Party, as your friend used to call it.  Not making jokes.  It has to be that reality that you need to be, bringing in Light instead of paying each other off in the back room.  No more smoking cigars the size of your foot.

MARK:  One more question – about the satellites we heard about today?  They met in a funny kind of dance. (CNN: Russian, U.S. satellites collide in space)

MS: They are desperate in the sense of whatever 9/11 they could pull off, in order to subvert the plodding of the ox, which is plowing the fields.  They were going to do their ‘yes, we did’, and they want to create another 9/11, and the satellite is falling, and oh, my God, Chicken Little!  Look out for the iridium and radiation.  Ha ha ha.

We would say, no joke.  It is already being cleaned up by the Ashtar forces, as if it hadn’t been.  And the debris cloud they are sighing about, it is a fact that these billion dollar satellites are made up of all these transistors and silicon chips.

What is going on in Palestine is ethnic genocide; no different than what the Nazis did to the Jews.  In a sense, there are souls that… and it is only in this sense that you people can wrap your brain around this one….  Understand, at this time, what is unfolding.  They [souls] are clamoring to come in to make a difference, and to shift the energy – even if it is for one brief shining moment.

They come in. They are a 3-year-old. And they are in God’s arms and they get their head blown off.  They have transformed trillions of years of Karma in that single second.  We understand that it is heart-breaking to watch.  We have no words to describe the sorrow we feel, yet we would say – rejoice, for the end of time is now.

The road has already been destroyed, and the new land – what was it the man called it?  The Promised Land.  It is already here, and you are already tilling it with your friend, the Ox.

So how do we deal with this – we gotta get rid of the Borg, by dealing with the past issues.  Hmm.  We would not wish to be the arbitrator in this war crimes tribunal.  We will leave it up to Mr. Fitzgerald.

And we pass the talking stick.

[This portion comprises the questions to and answers by Mother Sekhmet.]

Marietta Roberts: Well, Mother, while we’re waiting for someone else to speak, this is Marietta Roberts.  Talking about how much is coming out, a Reader’s Digest I was looking at today, was just very blatantly talking about all the billions of dollars that were sent to Iraq and who some of the people were that were collecting this and the fake companies that were put together.  I thought about how much truth is coming forward.  Is this, say, an accurate way and a good way for people to begin to be aware of it?

MS: We would say much more will come out and more of the billions, trillions  have been taken from the Iraqi people; {$800 Billion} estimated for the US Embassy complex and private contractors compounds.

Tara: {All kinds of multiple voices and sounds continued to over ride Mother’s comments.}I’m not sure what is happening here but there is a lot of interference.  If you think it might be your line, you might mute out. …

Cheryl (New Jersey): As far as Obama saying that he was going to get our troops out of Iraq and those shenanigans over there, I saw the other night on the news, the new embassy, U.S. Embassy, which is gigantic, that they’ve been working on for four years or so, just completed; which looks like it was built because they had planned on staying there for quite awhile.  What do you have to say about that, Mother?

MS: What we have to say, with all due respect to our military and the men and women who are over there [who] were led to believe information that was less than, hmmmmm….correct concerning the events of 9-11, which is why they went to war.  And always on the fake War On Terror called 9-11. We did 9-11.  Not us, we are saying the unelected criminals who have usurped the throne of power [did it] and they are going to be brought to justice for what they have done.

The enclave in Baghdad called the “Green Zone” already…..Let us just say already that the Jinn are taking care of the “Green zone” and they will clean it up.  In a sense, the technology that the Americans installed in the “green zone” is malfunctioning at a rapid rate because it was placed over sacred ley lines and grid systems that have to do with the ziggurats and the energy systems of how things are powered in a different way{using quantum effects generators or ZPMs} .  So therefore, it is without a doubt that, of course, people are going to be electrocuted and technologies are not going to work right….just like in The Amityville Horror story.

Yes.  This is why we have to say, in spite of  Michael Mukasey and others….. General Robert Gates,{Chrairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff}, General Petraeus, that we ask out of Baghdad now, out of Afghanistan.  Boycott Israel.  It has to do with the healing of all that has occurred where these Reptilian ones have usurped the so-called “thrones of power” across your planet.  The thrones, are being, in a sense, the thrones themselves have thrown out the unelected leaders and are going to have to deal with their crimes.

Shirley: Mother, can you give us some insight, since you can be a “fly on the wall”…..what is Bush Jr., or Bush Sr……what are these people doing right now that we can’t see, but that you can see…..that you can share?

Tara: Or the three that went over to the Hague?  Paulson, Bernanke and Greenspan?

MS: We can tell you that what is unfolding in Dallas, wherever the [group] is, they have been trying to “create a huddle,” to rework it with their think-tanks concerning the…..hmmmm…..born-again evangelical movement, that has to do with how they are putting up … the ones they want to put on the chopping block or the sacrificial alter called Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, {to take the fall for all the Bush’s errors.}

What we would say [about] Bush [Jr.] is that he and the [Bush] Sr…..all of these ones have been in deep conversation trying to figure out how they are going to evade the so-called legal issues that are about to unfold like the story {of the CitiBank theft} coming down, quick and fast.

Hmmmm… if we were a fly on the wall watching the Bush/Clinton crime family, [we would say that] they are trying to regroup and lick their wounds.  And yet and still, like Mr. [Benjamin] Fulford said, “peace is inevitable”.  Already, it is unfolding.  …

You have to just say, as great beings of love, we have to love them and forgive them for what they have done….and what is being done right now is that they are trying to figure out how to evade the hangman’s noose.  They cannot.  It is inevitable.  So love them even more.  We would say they will try anything they can to delay the hangman’s noose as witnessed in the result of the{Russian Spy} satellite ‘falling out of orbit’  and crashing into a US Spy Satellite that occurred 500 miles up….  Over Russia. {Ashtar sent a command to the Russian Spy satellite to shut down and then guided it into the US Spy satellite spying on Iran, which the Cabal would love to attack. That destroyed both satellites leaving quite a debris field which Ashtar craft have now cleaned up. It was intended to send a message to both countries to stop agitating for war.]

Shirley: Mother made me think of something else when she said the word “crash” because today the stock market was down like 258 points and then by the end of the day it was only down 6 points.  So who is in charge of that?

MS: Plunge Protection Team.  *

We would say they are getting ready.  Maybe, gently pulling on the plunger. [Mother is interrupted.]

Tara: Yes, well, the only reason that goes up is because-guess how many more people lost their jobs today everybody?

Shirley: Yes.  Well, to go down that much-like 258, right almost at the close, and then all of the sudden it went all the way back up to only lose 6 points.  So when you say the “plunge protection team”, are they the “good guys” or the “bad guys”.  I thought they were the “bad guys”.

Tara: The good/bad guys? }

MS: It is a mixed bag. *{They are both Fed Reserve, Citibank Options traders, SEC, and US Treasury members charged with moderating the market’s volatility. Mark}

Tara: Yes.  In other words, Mother you’re accurate that the plunge protection team is around, yet the market going up like that is not the plunge protection team? {*Executive Order 12631} It is intervention, which can be ‘good or bad’ depending on whether you lose or gain as a result. The favored insider traders’ always win, either way.}

MS: Well, they always buy in the last 20 minutes.

Tara: Ah.  They always do that. The last twenty minutes.

Mark: Because the other people can no longer trade.  Then they can make some quick profits by pushing them up {by buying stock options} so that it looks good.

Tara: At your expense…….and mine…..and the whole worlds.

MS: [Mother’s words are drowned out in inaudible cross-talk.] …

Reggie (Tennessee): Earlier in the call tonight it was stated that Henry Paulson and two other people were recently arrested and taken to the Hague.  I forgot who the two other people were.  About a year or so ago, Christopher Story reported that Paulson had been shot and killed.  So what I am asking you is that the report that Christopher Story made a year or so ago-is that a misinformation report or was that a clone that was killed or was the clone taken to the Hague just recently?

Tara: It gets very complex but that’s a very good question, especially since we know what we heard today.

{We received a report that Paulson, Bernanke and Greenspan were arrested and (supposedly) sent to the Hague last week. The report also indicated that 40 more CitiBank officers had been arrested by the FBI, in the last two days. We are waiting for further confirmations of this information}.

The first thing that happened was that in November of 2006, Paulson went over to Germany and he was supposed to sign off on the large settlement-and he did not.  And so then he went again in December of 2006-and this time the good Lady Master from the Solar Tribunal [Lade Master Nada] sent Angela Merkel [German Chancellor] a subpoena which said that if she did not arrest him and put him in shackles, that she would be considered equally as guilty for all the crimes that he committed.

Now that was a cover for her so she could take an action of goodness because she is a double agent.  And so what she did was she handed over the real Paulson to the King of Swords and then a clone replaced him.  They left a clone there.  Then the clone came back to the United States and then on the 29th-the night of the 29th and the 30th of December, the clone was shot point blank in the chest and he lasted about three days in the hospital.  So it was in the New Year, around the 4th of January, and the State Department actually confirmed the clone’s death.  They didn’t say “the clone” but they confirmed his death.

And then in a week or a few days after that, there was a Press Corp conference and George Bush was asked by the Press Corp, “Well, where’s Mr. Paulson?  Where is he?”  And Bush said, “Well, he’s sick right now but I’ll bring him out in a little bit and so the next day or so, he was out there sitting on that big long table.  Paulson was at the far right and Dick Cheney was at his left and Bush was chatting and the same old holographic image of Paulson has shown up ever since.  It was proven that very day by digital computer analysis that that was a hologram.  So you’ve been watching a hologram all this time.

Now Mother……….is that still a hologram that was taken or is that the real Paulson that was incarcerated three years ago by the King (of Swords)?

MS: The real one.

Tara: So see how they did that?  Same thing with Hillary.  You know Chris Story said she was arrested the summer of 2007….June/July and she sat in there a whole year and a half and that was the original one.  And then for the whole time she was on the primary campaign, that was a clone of her.  And then they put a hologram out of her for awhile and that was after the 4th of November when Barrack Obama actually ordered the execution of Hillary and the 10,000 bankers, who were both already over there.  As I said, a year and a half for Hillary.  And then, this one that we have now is not a clone.  It is not a hologram of Hillary.  It is a look-a-like clone.  Another person that looks alike that is a clone. But you can really tell if you look….you can hardly see her anymore.  It’s very obvious.

MS: Secretary of State……..hiding in her own office.

[Inaudible as everyone talks over each other.]

Reggie: Real quickly.  Who were the other two people?

Tara: [Ben] Bernanke and [Henry] Paulson and Alan Greenspan.

Reggie: Thank-you.

Tara: You’re welcome Reggie.

Charles: Yes.  My question is that Helen Thomas asked President Obama a question.  The question was, “Is there any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?” Was it the strategy of his to dance around and not give the answer?

Tara: Remember Charles, that he has to remain as a double agent-which means that what is going on behind the scenes-he has to NOT talk about that at all.  He has to expose what he can.

You know it is Hillary all the way.  I mean, Pakistan has had nuclear weapons for all this time.  They have 12 of them and that’s enough.

MS: And even Jimmy Carter was interviewed about this and he said, “Oh yes, absolutely….everybody in the world-including the Israeli leaders – have acknowledged that [Israel has nuclear weapons].

Tara: That’s right.  In other words, thank God.  The only ones we really have to worry about are the ones that keep telling all the rest of them that we’re going to go bomb you if you do anymore of this nuclear stuff.  It’s us.

MS: We will just reiterate what the captain has just said.  There are no nukes.

Jill: Last weekend we thought there could be a big surprise on Valentine’s Day.  Am I right in thinking that we have to get the accountability out of the way before we get any real surprises or could there be miracles on the horizon?

MS: We would say that accountability has to be first and foremost and we will not rule out simultaneous events in the sense that Ashtar knows full well, as well as the Admiral [Sananda], how to make people smile.  We’ll leave it up to them.  We can not say what will happen on Valentine’s Day.  We are just saying-that the whole world is saying, “Time for peace.  Let us do this now”.

Tara: [When 911 arrests occur there will be] a rash of announcements, and then within 72 hours {after arrests and NESARA’s announcement} Lady Master Nada will deliver our blessings.

Big Will: Mother, when will we see the first physical landing in DC, a physical craft landing on the lawn of the White House?  When will we see that?

MS: Oh, what you are thinking about is an aerial landing like [reference to Commander Kla-Tu, in the original Day the Earth Stood Still]. He would love that, yes, on Valentine’s Day, that would occur.  We cannot say that.  We will say that Ashtar and Sananda know full well how and when the time is unfolding and it is now [inaudible] now and we would say, [inaudible] expect a miracle.  A miracle in the sense that contact creates the doorway for new energy that [provides an] opportunity to walk in here [inaudible].  [There is echo on the line from someone leaving their phone unmuted.]

Mark: Mother, didn’t you say once before that we could have landings 10 days after NESARA will be announced?

MS: Yes. …

MS: If you are saying about what will happen on February 14th, [it will unfold] as you watch the energy rise. It could be quite interesting. The Saturn day called Saturday, where the old energy of Saturn{now retrograde and weakened} gives way to the wild energy of the Uranus.  We will just say that it is time for a shift in the wind where the wind of change can come and peace is brought to the table. It could suddenly be- all of a sudden – a cease-fire [is announced] between Israel and Gaza. Comes 24 hours from now?  We don’t know.  We are just putting something out there that fell out of  Rama’s mouth.

Tara: It sure feels like there is so many things lining up, Mother. There are so many things lining up right now.

MS: It has to do with the overwhelming energy that the people of the world have said, “We want peace instead of war.  There are a lot more of us {6.7 Billion vs 10,000} than there are of you.  Get over it.”

Tara: Mother:  we’ve got about 8 minutes left here.  Do you want to make some final comments?

MS: We would just say that as you step into this vortex moment of the Age of Aquarius that we are up and waiting for so long, we only have words of ecstasy and joy.  All we are saying is, “Give Peace A Chance”.  So Be It.  We pass the talking stick.


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