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Mark on the DOW dropping below 7200…


UPDATE AGAIN – The DOW closed today at 7,114.78

UPDATE – 12:18pm PST (3:18pm EST): The DOW is at 7,169.98

Since the market dropped below 7200 at almost exactly 1:00pm EST (just one day after Mother had suggested that it would happen), I asked Mark what his thoughts are on why the markets haven’t been shut down.

1.  Just a curious thought… What if the markets shut down because they hit 7200 BEFORE you leave? The timelines are swinging so fast.  I just had that thought while I was nodding off to sleep last night.  As is the DOW is now under 7200.

Mark: KOS may have decided to let it fall further—for other reasons—he isn’t sharing with us as yet.

7000, Hmmn.

Unless they shut down the banks, I’ll go anyway.

The news about the possible Nationalization of Citi and BofA, may be what’s spooking the traders.

I think they should be nationalized. Those toxic–ie, worthless trillions in derivitives means they are well and truly bankrupt–however, I think they intend to use them for some positive purposes…after NESARA is announced…especially B of A and Wells FargoBanks who are paymasters for the programs.

Interesting developments. I think they talked about this in the meetings they had on Friday AM, knowing that today could easily drop the market below their old target of 7200.

It’s for a good reason for them to set it lower. I feel it has something to do with Rove and 911 events which have to come out so we can have all those arrests.


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