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Mark on releasing the old and allowing the new…


Question posed to Mark today…

Lately more than ever, I am feeling everything in my life is falling apart and don’t know how much more I can take.  The worst of what my life could be is happening to me.  I feel I am sometimes dying with my insurmountable problems that are burying me each day deeper and deeper.

I have never been a person to call out for help so desperately  and am usually a holder of the light for all the people around me.  I normally pray, envision, and hope for NESARA each day, but am starting to lose hope, and your last e-mail seemed to imply that it is definitely not in the near future.

I am at crossroads or who knows what and sometimes pondering whether I should just erase this hope entirely.  Could you please offer me some words of encouragement?  Although I have never met you, you and your messages have been a part of my heart family.  I thank you so much for all that it means to me.



Some of your symptoms are the clear evidence that the old is falling away and you are in an in-between migration gap. That is excellent news. Since it is what your soul and heart yearn for, that is what will rule.

The new is what you are migrating to and the old must be released so that it won’t burden you in the higher crystalline body to which you are now shifting.

There are many stages to this. We have been in the overlapping center of these two circles for quite some time. That has allowed a loosening up and a free circulation between the two.

Now, most of the mixing of lighter and heavier particles has completed as much as 80% of the work and the two circles are separating with all the active light energies having migrated to the higher vibration crystalline matrix.

In the coming weeks the final migration to the higher form will take place and you will no longer feel the ‘death grasp’ of the denser particles.

Your spiritual consciousness/soul-spirit have already up-shifted and the activation of the new codes will accelerate the process.

It is a little like when you moved from one school to a higher school. At first it seemed a little confusing but then you began to study more interesting subjects, meet new friends and learn how to discipline yourself to live more independently from your old friends and family who would kind of pull on you to go back to the ‘old you’ which no longer satisfied your soul’s desires.

By keeping your vision fixed on the new direction and higher purpose, to which your soul is guiding you, the old habits will get modified and some new friends will begin to enter your life.

They may also be experiencing many of the same symptoms and yet they will all be determined to achieve the higher and more unlimited opportunities that we are about to see unfold.

Anything that attempts to convince you that you should ‘give up the new vision’ and come back to the ‘asleep’ state, won’t satisfy you. That is just the ego’s fear of ‘death’/fear consciousness…which is an illusion.  I’ve crossed that line many times in expansive movements upward and near-death-experiences and it is all bunk.

We know from whence we come and it’s not death; quite the opposite. What you are in the expanded state is where you’re headed now and nothing or nobody will convince you to accept less.

It’s OK for anyone who wants to stay in kindergarten to do so but that isn’t the path that you’ve chosen for yourself.

You already have a higher goal and you are perfectly situated on your path. If you’re going to get off a mule and get into a shuttle craft the space in which you’re transferring from one to the other is a little anxiety-producing to the ego.

You, as a soul, are already ‘aboard the shuttle craft’ and I can assure you that that is your destination and you won’t want to use that old ‘mule’ after you see how fantastic a vista that the ‘shuttle craft’ opens up to you.

I can tell you that 9/11 is the key that will open the NESARA door to all that goes with it.

Karl Rove will be testifying tomorrow and we’ll see what comes from that.

Several others are right behind him in line. Everything is ready to be coordinated and you won’t want to miss the action once that key log comes out of the log-pile.

We are talking days, not months. Bless those feelings of disintegration and thank them for showing you the progress you’ve made and just let those feelings know that you acknowledge them and want them to move up to the warmth and joy of the heart space.

Use the violet flame coming up from below your feet and surrounding and flowing through all your levels and centers to assist in dissolving the sticky stuff that is having difficulty in moving as fast as the rest of you.

Go out in the water at dawn and or at sunset and allow the new codes to hit your eyes as the sun updates your system. Let any feelings come up and flow into the waters.

Call on the cetaceans–dolphins and whales–to help your emotional body to flow with the upliftment.

Joy, abundance and remembrance will fill your heart. You are simply expanding homeward without leaving your body. That is where you came from and you are already there welcoming your return.

It will happen in easy steps so there is nothing to fear. You are destined for success.


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