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Mark on Obama & NWO dis-info & Afghanistan troops


Here are a couple of questions for Mark in regards to the dis-information that is all over the internet and media about Obama and his ties to the NWO.  The second question is in regards to why Obama is sending troops to Afghanistan when he’s supposed to be stopping war.

1.  Would you please give me some explanations and verifications that all the negative internet messages that Obama has caved to the OneWorldOrder, Illuminati, and the Clinton/Bush crime families,  etc., that all those publishings are false, and just what is going on that these lies are being put out, and by whom.

Mark: It is not our intention to dis other posters [who claim that Obama has gone over to the New World Order].

I can say that those ones seem uninformed as to the larger picture and strategies involved.

In no way has this President caved in to anyone or any single ideology.

However, he has an administration that encompasses all factions and speaks to all countries and all peoples.

Many of these ones are being given an opportunity to upgrade their orientation to a higher path. If they do they will find common cause with us all. If they choose a path of division and opposition then they will experience the results of that instead.

At this time all on this planet are facing ourselves and the choices we have made and being invited to examine our positions and goals. Anyone who does not honor a path of unity, openness, accountability, truth and Peace will soon–very soon–find that they have chosen a dead-end path.

That moment is fast approaching and the gap between the two different directions is widening in every second. A separation of the paths is upon us now.

No longer will deceit, greed, and domination of others prevail.

We will all see the evidences of this in the coming days. Our ‘secy of state’ is one of those who is at the end of her rope. Karl Rove is another.

911 revelations that will compel war crimes trials are already rising to the top of the list which involves most players in the past administration, and quite a large number that are remaining in the current administration. Indictments will shortly be released on most of these and others will follow.

These ones are convicting themselves and revealing their agendas in every moment now. Approximately 400 members of Congress are so corrupt that they have already been ‘removed’ and only a few of them are even clones, with most being ‘place-holding, solid-holograms’. When their indictments are revealed, the holograms will be de-powered by the King of Swords.

This also applies to those media and intelligence agents and conduits spewing forth vitriol against Obama, NESARA and Galactic Light forces.

As was readily illustrated in our 2/17/09 Update, the time is truly here where every moment is most precious

and should be used to make any course corrections before it’s too late.

We do not know the exact moment of change and yet the conditions for those changes have increased to the point where they could be announced individually or in concert with each other.

Our role is to find the positive direction that incorporates truth, accountability, unity and healing for all who choose it, and then to celebrate with each one who stands in their own light and truth and shares.

2.  We are trying to digest 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. It has been said for awhile now that war is over.  We have enterd the Age of Aquarius and are moving into 5D, with Obama at the helm.  This troop deployment, now dubbed by the news media as Obama’s War, escalates war rather than ending it. It is opposite of what Nesara is about.  How can this be happening now?  Is there something we are missing here?  Please, if you can share any insights as to what is going on here we would deeply appreciate it.

Mark: Do not be concerned with decisions that reflect the mix of old and new powers.

I’m not saying to ignore them.

There are ones who are in their last moments on the stage. Look to the content of what was in the update posted yesterday.

You will see that while the surface has not yet fully reflected the new direction, it is so imminent that it could occur at any second.

When weapons and aggression towards others will no longer be tolerated or functionally possible–due to the ZPMs reaching 100% of Full Power–and the force field deployment that comes as part of that, the troops will come home.

Already all Nuclear Weapons on the planet have been made ‘inert’ by the Ashtar Command.

This is not theory or fuzzy, wishful thinking. All the major navies in the world are in the Gulf of Aden watching the events unfold.

It is upon us now, by divine decree, and backed by all the “Host of Heaven”, which includes higher aspects of all of us.

Great Masters are back on the surface of the planet and that is the realization that Massive Changes are ready to happen that will improve the lot of all open-hearted beings on or within or above the planet.

All conflicts will cease to go forward. That includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Gaza-Israel, Africa or any other place.

When that happens, all the troops will come home with the assistance of the Galactic Ships overhead now.

We are each and all a part of this unprecedented experience.  Ashtar told us that while “February came in like a Lion, it will go out like a Lamb.”  Ponder the meaning of that phrase.

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