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Mark on NO STASIS & the Mayan Calendar…


This is a recent question sent to Mark about stasis.

1.  Are we still going into stasis since this comment is not clear to me [the previous question listed on the site here about whether stasis is going to happen], can someone please explain to me?

NO need for Stasis. Everything is going to be seamless and smooth.

Nine Wingmaker ships: 3 around each pole and 3 around the equator will ensure all stability will be within nominal variations and balance will be maintained.

We will neither be going to live in the inner earth nor be evacuated to the ships.  No catastrophic physical happenings are necessary.

Mankind has awakened and is raising vibratory and conscious cooperation with the planet and each other, so that those scenarios are not required to achieve planetary ascension.

There is a wonderful DVD on the internet by Ian Xel Lungold – who partnered with Carl Johan Calleman to integrate the 260-day personal Mayan calendar with the TUN or 360-day galactic cycles – made just before his death, that corrects the Mayan Calendar end date.

One of the most lucid explanations of the Mayan Calendar cycles as they pertain to current events we are now experiencing.

The latest Google Video, MP4, deals with the Mayan Calendar.Evolution.Continues_ part1.avi , culminating on 10/28/2011.

I highly recommend this to everyone. You will be richly rewarded.



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