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Mark on Jupiter and Stasis…

First off, let me say that I was a little confused with this whole Jupiter thing.  I was under the impression that Jupiter was going to head behind the sun and turn into a sun anyway and it was the Galactics that were going to hold it in place so that it wouldn’t cause the pole shifts and other disinformation that is out there.

I was actually totally off base and wrong about the whole thing.  Jupiter ignited on July 4, 1976.  Anyway, my apologies for the disinformation.

Here is Mark’s take on the whole thing, answering two questions:


1. Is that post that I put on about Jupiter a crock?

Mark: As written, [the Youtube video] is a 3D crock, and I would suggest that you remove the Candace Frieze disinformation.

NO Stasis. NO 3D ignition of Jupiter. It happened on 7/4/76 but occurred on a higher dimensional level and involved Hyperdimensional physics and quantum effects.

I sent Steve a more extensive answer and he will be posting that tomorrow, I imagine.

The YouTube video is taking ‘stuff’ from Candace posters and building speculative scenarios around that.

Large craft are photographed on S0HO satellite and are not named craft for obvious reasons.

Niburu is NOT  there. It is in earth orbit now. So are 9 WingMaker craft. All are using Hyperdimensional Physics principles which neutralize their mass and also anti-gravity principles, so the earth and other planet’s orbits are not disturbed.

Remember that Interdimensional is larger than multidimensional, yet they mirror each other. They just don’t take up much ‘space/mass’. It will all become clearer as we expand and remember. That’s how it really can all be ‘within’!

As we ascend, we will appear to disappear, yet we will simply be vibrating beyond 3D visual senses.

The 3D husk of this planet is designated to be wrapped around Herculobas which is Juriassic Park III and is where all the Illuminati who aren’t erased, will go for 25, 826 years to work out their karma.

We won’t notice that as we are upshifting our frequencies and migrating our essence to that reference point as crystalline beings of liquid light.

2. Okay, I must have been absent from class the day the significance of Juipter changing to a second sun and transferring energy to our main sun was discussed within our group. :)  Please tell me if this was in the plan from the beginning and what impact this has on ascension and our changes? Of course, assuming this is a reality.

Mark: First of all; the YouTube ‘graphic’ is just that.   Secondly, Jupiter ignited back in 1976.

The Jupiter Ignition was a higher dimensional event.

All the other comments and questions are about other matters.

Earth physics and Universal physics deal with different principles.

On that level you have to incorporate Hyperdimensional Physics principles in which mass is neutralized and utilize quantum effects to be involved in ways we do not yet understand.

Several scientists are now writing out these principles which involve angular rotation, neutralizing mass among many factors including SuperLight principles, which can penetrate the earth in microseconds…without damage. I didn’t say there are no effects; just no damage.

In fact, quite the opposite.

All of these will accelerate our ascension readiness, and are telling us that we are now becoming galactic and need to begin to see things from that level and use those principles.

As to the very large objects seen in Soho photos, these have been occurring for years and especially since Hale-Bopp appeared and Niburu was photographed just behind it.

Niburu is NOW in earth orbit…using Hyperdimensional Physics and quantum effects. It used those principles when it was photographed behind the Sun on

What is called Planet X (Sitchen) or Wormwood are all Niburu.

There are speculative stories about what will happen when this/these –all the same thing–appear. The answer: Nothing except planetary Ascension.

Niburu and Ashtar Command represent Intergalactic Time Cops who have come to arrest and remove the renegade ETs who are Intergalactic criminals operating outside their space-time continuum.

Same thing is true for Star Gate Aden and the large craft from Telos/Agartha Network and St Germain’s Amethyst Fleet and Shamballa, the greater craft, appearing over Tibet–Sanat Kumara’s Fleet.

All of them are large enough, if they were 3D craft, to disrupt our planet. Yet no such thing has or will occur. Same reason as above.


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