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Mark on Ascension and the New Age…


Here are a couple of questions to Mark about Ascension and the New Age.

1.  What is the connection between the “gold dust” and the “photon belt”?

Mark: The gold dust and the Photon Belt are two aspects of energetic facilitation for our ascension. The huge hole in the electromagentic shield between us and our Sun is allowing plasma pulses to directly hit the Photon Belt which then positively ionizes it before it hits our atmosphere. The synergistic effects on both our KA (etheric) body and on our (BA) Spirit body above our crown chakra are raising both the frequency and amplitude of those transducers before they reach our Pineal/Pituitary glands and Hypothalmus master regulator gland.
This is speeding up our ascension activation process.

The Gold Dust is the physical manifestation of Ormus (white gold) that is changing our atmosphere back to its original pristine vibration and complexion.

Nothing can resist this as it will soon be a worldwide phenomenon and it is also going to be joined by the Great Watcher energy that has been dormant on the ocean floor since the planet was created awaiting this time to awaken and is moving up from 7 miles below Star Gate Aden. When it emerges through that Star Gate it will start spinning golden merkabas all over the surrounding area and that will join and add to the ZPM quantum effects generators in the Ziggurats throughout the mideast that will quickly generate the twin shield arms around the planet that will force peace to be declared by making all weapons non-functional.  It is also happening out in the galaxy and universe as Rama clearly saw when he went OOB on Thursday night and watched it fall from an astro-physics  observatory aboard a starship outside our solar system.

We heard a report tonight that General Motors is filing for CH 11 Bankrupcy by 2/17 Deadline. They think that they can write off $28 Billion in debt and get a $17.4 Billion federal loan. However, Mr X told Rama today that President Obama has said that NOT one dollar more will go for bailouts! That was put out as bait and they have now convicted themselves by their own criminal actions and will be removed.  Other information was heard that suggests that Hillary (clowny-clone-double) may be ‘retired’ from public view within the next 7-10 days, permanently.

This is the start of a cascade of events that will blow our minds out of the Matrix fog. Ashtar said that Feb came in like a Lion but will go out as a Lamb. This is all bringing that about and is all supporting NESARA’s Announcement. And watch out for the ‘Nuclear Option’ if the Republicans balk on the important changes Obama is going to bring to the floor of both Houses of Congress. The Republicans created that option during Bush’s last reign and they may now see that used by the Obama. There is a new sheriff in town and he is gonna clean up the District of Criminals.

We are all privileged to be actually watching this unraveling of the Cabal’s best laid plans as they go awry.

Very important that this was announced on the the First Day of the Aquarian Age.

2.  As we have entered officially the age of aquarius today [February 14, 2009], what exactly does this mean for the future?  Do we now have access to energies that enable our 5D reality to manifest and was this something that needed to transpire before full manifestation could occur?  What exactly has changed as of today?

People that I am working with in regards to coming changes feel they are not feeling anything different in their being and are frustrated that they also see no physical changes happening.  My response, at least to the lack of energetic feelings to the incoming energies, is that being receptive to the incoming energies and allowing their influence is key.  They are likely not fully believing, therefore not gaining the benefits of the energies.  Would this be accurate and when do you think irrefutable changes to humanity as a whole that cannot be denied will manifest?

Mark: We have opened portals and synchronized planetary with galactic conduits. It is all going to get transformed. If you take a heavy vehicle and try to push it a lot  of energy is required to overcome inertia or to neutralize and reverse the current spin. We have weakening forces that used to be strong forces and vice versa. It will appear not as flipping a light switch but as a gradual lightening of our heaviness and more inspirational awareness.

The resistant will have to go through their own process before they will look around and see a different quality in others. If they are not willing to let go of their disbelief and fear habits it will get worse before it seems to get better. All the old guard is resisting with every once of energy they have.

For those who are more open, they will feel a new quality percolating up from within themselves and from within the inner earth and from the outer galaxy and universe. In the Galapagos Islands there are now cones that have recently expanded and there are two layers of consciousness that are combining their energies. They are actually glowing with superlight and lighting up the ocean floor with light coming from the inner earth sun and from within these life forms on the ocean floor, the higher one of which is a form of deva.

Unprecedented synchronicites are occurring worldwide as Richard Hoagland are documenting. David Wilcock, today wrote a very long treatise on before going to his LosAngeles, CA weekend workshop. That 3Hr MP3 will be on his website next week, for free downloading.

The resistant will always be the naysayers and will change when they are overwhelmed by the energies…or they will simply leave due to their own resistance to opening their hearts.


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